June 24th 2013 12:27 pm PT

A look at how “Titanfall” will use the Xbox LIVE Cloud

Read the article over at Respawn Entertainment and find out why it’s going to make games better.


Xbox One By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Blank3k

    Xboners right, that made basically no sense…the 3 OS’s has nothing to do with anything cloud wise, the 3 OS’s are basically TV, Middleman, Game…. it has nothing to do with Cloud services in any way.

    The “Middleman” allows for switching from “Game” to “TV” instantly, and enables the two to interact with one another in various ways.

    However having 3 OS’s is actually worse from a performance point of view, where as Sony has just one slim line OS running it means more resources are freed up for gaming.

    But Yes, the Xbox One is built with “cloud” services in mind, so provided the cloud services work as advertised Xbox One has enormous potential compared to the PS4 which at best will have similar features patched-in at a later date.

    But currently we are still waiting to see proof of concept on the advertised features.

    Sorry if my posts are reflecting negatively on the Xbox One, I’m staying neutral from a technical point of view… and I’ll say again, Xbox One is the console I’ve personally had on pre-order since the reveal.

  • Blank3k

    In order for Kinect to work during a “Kinect” game or for facial recognition etc it would need to be facing you, Kinect 1.0 has extension leads though so I have no doubt Kinect 2.0 will too.

    • StudioMultimédia Gon’Interacti

      the lens is more of a fish eye kind of thing so “facing” not as much as kinect 1.0.

  • http://www.youtube.com/love4musicuk Jason

    Wait, was all of that footage online gaming? WOW! I thought I was watching a campaign story! Really impressed with this cloud gaming! I can’t wait to see how other games make use of it.

  • disqus_icUCvMAJ5v

    I think MS has a lot to prove with all it’s hype about the cloud. Functions in a game need to run in real time. The servers in the cloud may be fast but the internet isn’t.

    Of course you can run dedicated game servers in the cloud and I’m all for that. However I’m wondering why games like Titanfall don’t have many more players if there are dedicated servers?

    Actually running game processes in the cloud to enhance a videogame beyond the capabilities of the box??? MS is really going to have to prove that works.

    • Jason Renfro

      They haven’t said how many players per match yet.

      • Jason Renfro

        I believe a ton of my game processes are run on Blizzard’s servers when I am doing arena and rated battlegrounds in WoW and it is far less laggy than any console experience I have had yet online.

        • StudioMultimédia Gon’Interacti

          wow doesn’t really trigger a lot of calculation in term of attack where it is “shot at a lock target” without any aiming without any physics and with quite large delay between attack compare to a FPS. Of course the lag is less noticable in Wow compare to a FPS but that doesn’t proove anything. That being said, i think the cloud will expand the one experience to a much greater experience than ps4.

          I like it to be mmo friendly

          • TonyLN

            AI in the cloud would be no different that a real person playing on another console (co-op/MP). In fact it should be slightly faster.

  • Bob Van Den Heuvel

    You know, Microsoft, buzzwords were all fashionable in the ninties as were those managerial courses to look all popular and cool on stages with those fake smiles, heavy arm movements while spouting lies and fairy tales. It worked then. It just doesn’t work now, Stop using ‘the cloud’ as being something new. It’s been around for decades and we gamers just like to call it a network. THIS is why the Xbox fails: the wrong people are at the helmet. Why haven’t Mr. Mattrick and Mr. Spencer left already? They are beyond incapable of running this show and are certainly cause for all the disloyalty and mistrust among their fans.

  • Lucas Sanches Cestari

    after searching more on the internet i see that microsoft will support dedicated servers… soooooo…. that means that the xbox live players of xbox one will have more lag-free multiplayer games than on the other consoles? awesome!!!

    • DarkMaturus

      I know right. The next Black ops game is gunna be siiiiiick! screw lag

  • JustAnotherGamer

    I still don’t buy it.

    While I’m sure independent research on the cloud has unveiled some pretty interesting results, I just don’t believe Microsoft’s PR hype. Your implementation of the cloud has very little to do with boosting gaming, but rather to tie your fans into a system that can be easily boarded up, closed off and DRMed.

    • TonyLN

      The cloud it-self wont be able to boost gaming – but being able to offload resources (like AI & physics calculations) to the cloud leaves more resources for the console to do a better job with graphics and what-not.
      Future-proof? no — better than not having it? yes

  • Smegtasticus

    I’m not really a huge fan of mecha, but I have to admit this looks pretty tight!! How the Cloud powers and enhances, I’m still no clearer on after having watched this video, however…

    This looks like the kind of thing capable gaming PCs have been doing for some time now.

    • TonyLN

      The video doesn’t go into the Cloud Stuff — that data is in the link. Basically they are using the “cloud” for dedicated servers and off-loading AI & Physics.

      • Smegtasticus

        Ah, okay. So they’re using it for dedicated servers and resources. That makes sense.

  • TonyLN

    Almost every time I read a post by you I worry a little bit about your generation and the future… Then I remember that you will probably be flipping burgers or working in a call center and I don’t worry so much anymore.

  • Guest

    I just received the latest copy of Xbox Mag today and on the page
    advertising Forza 5 it says 12GB required. Is it safe to say this is the
    amount of space it’ll use on the hard drive once installed?