June 24th 2013 9:18 am PT

“Project Spark” beta registration now open

Beta sign up for Project Spark is now open over at https://joinprojectspark.com/ 

Learn more about “Project Spark’ in the above video or this Q&A done during E3


Windows, Xbox One By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • D Knight

    Cool, this game looks fun.

  • Vince

    hey major I pre ordered the xbox one in the first week of it’s announcement and all I get is a thank you letter and a dinky achievement worth 0g? come on give us free game

    • dibils

      dear lord the entitlement of this guy…. sorry i mean kid

      • Nick Peck


    • Nick Peck

      Really? No one OWES you anything… Hey look, I bought a new car, now you OWE me 4 extra tires…. right?

    • avi

      a free game??

      i can understand asking for some avatar bonuses or gamerpics, but a free game ain’t going to happen.

    • Dennis Crosby

      Project spark is gonna be free

  • Blank3k

    Unfortunately not, the Day One 12-Month Xbox Live Gold thing is a separate purchase.. I believe its 12 months Gold + Killer Instinct.

    It would of been nice to have it put in with the Day one console package, might of made the bank balance hit of console + controller + headset (!?) + a few games a less painful.

    I’d love to hear confirmation on weather a headset is included with the console or not, I’m under the impression its sold separately which is a pretty low blow when paying a premium.

    Anyway back on subject, Signed up for spark – was an interesting game at E3 so I’m looking forward to “hopefully” trying it out.

    • dibils

      no headset, but you can use the kinect as a mic lol

      • Blank3k

        Just what Xbox Live needs, a million users on speaker phone.

    • Chuck

      No headset which is sad for a console that was supposed to be so focused on the internet.

  • Gábor Tóth

    I registered to the beta, but I thought it will be on Xbox 360 too. I don’t have Windows 8 nor can I afford an Xbox One. Does this mean I’m not qualified for the beta or will it be available on 360 at a later time?

    • Jonah Falcon

      It’s Xbox 360, too. I just don’t think the beta will be 360.

  • kingcrusher

    Definitely looks interesting. Will be great if they can make it as good as they make it sound.

  • Glen Patrick

    I am really looking forward to this game :)

  • Z4M0

    Beta before x1 hits the market ? Somehow I understood Spark was going to be a launch title… I’ll keep an eye on this.

  • Charles Walton III

    I’m excited for this game. I really am. It was one of the highlights at E3. Does anyone now when the full version will be released for Xbox One?


    Another level editor that tries to be a game? No thanks, I have about as much interest in what I saw in this game as I did with Minecraft… Absolutely NONE!

    Oh wait a sec.. I almost forgot I’m not buying an Xbox One anyhow.. I’m smarter than that. :)

    • Does Not Equal

      Then why bother saying anything? Unless you just like complaining to strangers, that is.


        Since when was stating a personal preference complaining? Only on the internet I guess..

    • usrev

      well, this is why your opinion doesn’t matter to anyone. instead of having a BS linear game like cod people want to be creative and actually do something cool.


        And this is why your opinions have never mattered to anyone here. You were a PS3 fanboy troll way back when you posted as Curtis Isabelle and you still are a troll.
        I’ll leave the creative minds to the developers not the amatures here like me, you and everyone else. :)

        My father produced and animated nearly all the Hanna Barbara cartoons you watched as a kid.. Jetsons, Skooby Doo, Flintstones, Pac man, etc. Unfortunately the creativity in the family and artistic talent died with him and wasn’t passed on to me. :(

    • fsdfg dsfds

      Then why post here dichead?? enjoy your lame PS exclusives and crappy dual shock


        Why do you post here you little spammer? Not only that but how dare you sport The Trailer Park Boys in your Sig! I met those guys out here in Los Angeles a few years ago on their tour and I don’t think they want you representing them pal.. Especially not Julian..I’m sure He wouldn’t mind spilling his rum shoving you off the stage. Meanwhile me Bubbles, and Conky will be playing our superior PS3 exclusives laughing in your face while Mr. Lahey looks on at the storm we’ve created.

        • fsdfg dsfds

          Ricky is my idol

          • PSN_IS_GARBAGE

            I just love the boys and their show.. Really wish they would continue it after “Say Goodnight To The Bad Guys”.
            Well, I guess that’s something we have in common man. Even that “Drunk and On Drugs Happy Funtime Hour” isn’t as funny as TPB.
            Mr. Layhey owns.. with is you know what analogies lol!

        • Bush O Connor

          you might want to change your name on this if thats the case :-)

          i dont know how people like that show, it looks like a cheap piece of unfunny garbage to me haha my younger brothers like it tho.

          • PSN_IS_GARBAGE

            It’s a mocumentary cult classic really Bush, it isn’t for everyone. It’s got to be approached in a way similiar to Cheech and Chong. I can’t say I’m part of the culture myself.. but I can relate to it as I’ve done plenty of partying myself in my younger days! :)
            Anyhow to each their own, I found it hillarious though!

    • boe2

      We get it, you don’t like minecraft. Millions of people do though.

      Still, that’s hardly a reason to hate on a FREE game.


        Not my cup of tea… same thing as RTS, Music games, sports games and motion games.

      • fsdfg dsfds

        Lay off the cheese burgers mustard tiger

        • PSN_IS_GARBAGE

          Haha, have another burger Randy!

  • Blank3k

    I’ve seen this video (well, the demonstration) a few times, its impressive and should hopefully stop the sound issues that the current Kinect has & improve voice command reliability during noisy scenes etc (current Kinect forgets I’m even in the room if my amp is above Volume 18)

    However, the voice once filtered is clearly echo and has a metallic sound to it, as is common with processed audio – therefore not suitable for “telephone-call like clarity” (as advertised with Xbox One’s new wide band audio) – as is even further clarified by the voice volume/clarity differences between the presenter (mic) & the demo (kinect), So it’s still certainly not up to a quality where I’d say they are justified to remove a headset from the box and force the customer to go buy one that’s sold separately.

    I think forcing people to use Kinect as a microphone will result in everyone buying headsets, or a serious degradation of public VoIP communication on XBL.

    • ZappyKins

      Just curious, did you run the audio calibration on Kinect? It usually fixes those kinds of issues.

    • John Forrester

      I can’t tell from the video that the voice sounds metallic, although it may. I have some problems currently getting the Kinect to recognize voice commands at times also, and I’m hopeful that the new system be as responsive as it seems to be from the demos they’ve shown.
      The headset was never a big issue to me. With the 360, you can actually plug in any headset with a standard headset jack. I’ve used earbuds with a microphone with the 360 as I prefer that to the headset. The One seems to use a usb connection. I’m guessing you could probably use any headset with a usb connection on that one. It might be nice to have the headset included, but I just don’t see that as an essential part of the system especially if the Kinect works as demonstrated.
      I’m pretty sure the PS4 won’t include a headset and the Wii U doesn’t.

      • Dylan

        The PS4 includes a headset, basically an earbud.

  • Xenokai

    Signed up! this game reminds me of little big planet but just a more mature and seriuos version of it. Prob one of the best games shown at E3 IMO

    • Lucas Sanches Cestari

      i signed up too! this game seems awesome xD

  • Bush O Connor

    why does this remind me of Kameo before the 360 launch.

  • http://www.youtube.com/love4musicuk Jason

    Wouldn’t mind giving this a go. It looks fun, but not sure how long that’d last for. I’m usually not the type to play these kind of games.