June 26th 2013 6:31 am PT

Arcade: Spartacus Legends

Spartacus LegendsContent: Spartacus Legends
Price: Free (In game purchases)
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Dash Text: Developed in collaboration with the critically acclaimed television series from Starz, Spartacus Legends invites you to experience raw, visceral combat using multiple fighting styles and thousands of different weapon combinations. Follow your gladiator’s journey through multiple arenas and watch as they strive to reach legendary fame, or meet death at the hands of another. Compete with friends online and see if you have what it takes to kill them all.

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Arcade, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Dennis Crosby

    We all should boycott the game until ubisoft fix the problem with the servers it been like this all day

    • Does Not Equal

      And by boycotting the game until Ubisoft fixes the server problem, you mean refuse to play the game until the servers are working, thereby allowing you to play the game?

      A bold move.

      • Liquidfx Xboxdude


  • TwisTd


    • Costas

      Are you watching porn?

  • Volitar Prime

    Is this an indication of what is going to happen with every major release that uses the “cloud” on the XBOne?

    • Lucas Sanches Cestari

      this game is running on my HD….soooo nope… and xbox 360 don’t run things by the cloud dude wtf!!

  • TK

    Is anyone able to play this game? I got back from work, hoping to play it but I can’t connect to the servers. This is such a bummer.

  • HPT

    Yeah im upset, because i can’t even play it because it can’t connect to remote servers.

    • Jorge Garza

      Sadly, you get what you paid for.

  • HPT

    I been trying to play this game all day i so mad that i can’t play one game, i was hoping after hang out with friends and after work it would work and it still is not working

  • theyellowwombat

    Fix the game ppl dang been wanting to play all day :(

  • csxdeathcsx

    can y’all

    please fix the freaking game……!!!!

  • theyellowwombat

    Its working y’all :D for those awake

    • fsdfg dsfds

      Yeah its working now, but for how long…

  • fsdfg dsfds


    Finally we can play again and my best gladiator is Dead/missing

  • http://twitter.com/GekzOverlord GekzOverlord

    I thought microsoft had quality control? This should’ve been released as a beta to the public, also a news feed should be on the main page before actually connecting to there servers (To inform users of issues, maintenance, upcoming updates etc).

    They should just scrap this game. The quality of the TV show is obviously not represented here.

  • L0RDSku11

    TO ALL THOSE THAT DASHBOARD ON THIS GAME TO AVOID LOSING YOUR SLAVE,BUGGER OFF!!!! It angers the crowd in the game and if U do this too much YOUR SLAVE will FOR-FIT his LIFE to the CROWD,So if you do this, This game might NOT be for you. Maybe a good BOARD GAME would be more your speed….

  • L0RDSku11

    P.S. it also FOR-FITS your opponents life TOO..

    • Michael Burden

      I believe the word you are looking for is “FORFEIT”. Spell checker is your friend.

      • L0RDSku11

        Thanks Man, but for your info that was one of the choices it gave me and I liked it. What is it with people that insist on correcting other peoples spelling or grammar ????

  • Brady Nickell

    As of 730am the servers are still down uggghhh.

  • Shawn Springer

    This is why online DRM is awful!!! This is what UBISOFT is known for. They have to connect to their servers and before you can do anything. You cant play it offline or do much with it. No wonder its free.

    • Mr XBob

      You’re kidding right? This is nothing to do with DRM. This is a multiplayer-only game.

      It’s like complaining that the Halo servers are down and not being able to play a multiplayer match. The very idea is that you have to connect to play.

  • teoshd

    This game has the poorest online game play ever. it lags far too much so all someone has to do is get a fast attacking character and mash in X to win because you cant do anything trategic because it lags to much. everything about this game is poor worst game ive ever played. they should pay us to play this game if thats what you can call it.

  • http://www.majornelson.com Major Nelson

    Follow https://twitter.com/SpartacusLegend for updates on the game and server status.

  • Liquidfx Xboxdude

    well i tried to play it for like 5 min on 360 and didn’t work so gave up b/c i am not going to waste my time. same thing with dcc2 which i was able to play some but it sucked. lame. this whole free to play thing is just not for me. i never like the games so i am done with it.

  • Nick Peck

    It looks like there were a lot of people playing, and even more people having issues connecting at all. I’m sure once ubi fixes the server issues it won’t be as bad….hopefully lol.

  • Brady Nickell

    As of 1030 am still down

    • Derrick Hoard

      Its not good.

      • TonyLN

        This is why the new Cloud service they are rolling out with will be awesome (for developers/games that take advantage of it) — the could will scale to give the games that need it the correct amount of servers which most publishers don’t seem to be able to do right at the moment.

  • Andrew Giusto

    i rather wait for Ascend or World of Tanks.

    • Din Taylor

      I still want to play Spartacus to kill some time before the more superior World of Tanks and Ascend come out. The servers should have been fixed by now.

  • gary munghen

    I was excited for the free downloads from XBOX. Now it seems that what they’ll do is release a series of half baked, micro transaction driven hence money grabbing, unreliable games. All by way of showing their appreciation to loyal gold members. It would have been less insulting to only give free avatar items. Claiming lack of server space when they knew how many people being offered the game, demonstrates either complete ineptitude or absolute indifference towards the end user. This clinches it for me, I’ll stick to disc based games as long as possible as well as avoiding “free-to-play” which several others had warned me would be sub par at best.

    • Landsharkk

      This game was released on PSN at the same time.

      Also, Ubisoft is responsible for hosting this game on their servers – the game server issues are not the fault of Microsoft. When the Azure Cloud is used for next gen/Xbox One these type of server problems will no longer exist (because it’s only minutes to spin up new servers with Azure vs hours to days with the current clustered server setup).

      If you don’t want to play a microtransaction game then don’t play the microtransaction game. Spartacus Legends is a free-to-play game, allowing you to play with zero effort on your part. If you want to complain about it, don’t spend any money on it – or better yet, complain to Ubisoft, because they are the one’s controlling the business model for the game.

      • gary munghen

        You are missing my point. My expectation has to do with XBOX and what they are offering me as a gold member. This game is part of that. Hence my criticism is valid regardless of who’s servers they are. The game was offered me because I am a gold member- this is my frame of reference. I gave no indication that people are compelled to pay, only that the game is driven by such transactions. This isn’t the only game that XBOX will be offering in the coming months, my comment was general to that point as well.

        • TonyLN

          It’s not part of that Fable III is the current free game – and next week we should get another one. Every two weeks we get one free game. This is a Pay2Play game released by Ubisoft. It was released at the same time on the Playstation. Use your brain and think about it.

          Also, and I am not 100% sure, but I don’t think you even need a gold membership to play this game.

          • gary munghen

            Gear down turbo. I pay for XBOX Live. Everything they offer me on XBOX is how I decide whether or not to continue supporting them. Ubisoft and Kung Fu are separate issues. Now tone down the Fan Boy Genius routine and use YOUR brain.

          • TonyLN

            ” was excited for the free downloads from XBOX. Now it seems that what they’ll do is release a series of half baked, micro transaction driven hence money grabbing, unreliable games.”

            “My expectation has to do with XBOX and what they are offering
            me as a gold member. This game is part of that.”
            I could go on quoting you but — well I’d just quote everything you said. Every problem you stated had nothing to do with MS. It’s not their game, it’s not their servers, it’s not the free game for gold members. Nothing you said was valid.

            You are attacking Xbox based on a game that was released on it (and the PlayStation). So it does have to do with Ubisoft and Kung Fu.

            It would be like me saying that I’m mad at Netflix because they have some crappy shows on there I don’t want to watch. If you don’t like this game don’t play it… But complaining about MS because Ubisoft & Kung Fu made a game that didn’t turn out the way you wanted is ignorant.

          • fm

            I think the point he was getting at was that XBL is a closed community, microsoft are responsible for all content available through XBL, its Ubisofts fault about the content and the delivery but in the end it was up to XBL to ensure the game was fit for purpose, especially as they are actively promoting it.

            However its a mute point considering the announcement for Xbox one, and the fact that there servers will be available and avoid this problem.

            on a wider note about Free stuff…..it does seem that this game is a “free game” but actually is going to cost you a fortune if you really want to play it properly, VS PS PLUS who i believe have just given BF3 away for free to their subscribers!!!! amongst many many other games…….

          • TonyLN

            He was arguing all sorts of different points and changing his view as he went. These are the only posts he has ever made so I am guessing he was trolling. Right off the bat he starts talking about how this is one of the free games he gets for being gold, then he later he says that’s not the point.

            Our first free game was Fable III — don’t know what is going to be next. But they are giving us free games now so why complain.

            Troll or Idiot — I’ll let you decide.

        • CassyBee

          You said: “The game was offered me because I am a gold member- this is my frame of reference.”

          That is not true, the game was offered to you because Ubisoft released a Pay2Play game on multiple platforms and the Xbox was one of them.

          How does Ubisoft releasing a Pay2Play game have anything to do with Microsoft and gold accounts? It is only Gold Exclusive because it is an online game and online games require a gold account

          It is a free game, enjoy it and get off your entitlement horse.

          • gary munghen

            I would not get this game without my membership is an accurate statement. I did not mean to imply this is part of the Fable III downloads. The fact that it is offered on XBOX Live means it is part of that content which effects my decisions about XBOX Live. Nothing about this statement should surprise or offend anyone. Nice job trolling though.

          • CassyBee

            So, because there are some games that don’t run well on the PC, Mac, iOS, PS3 those systems all have negative connotations in your book too correct?

          • gary munghen

            No, my point was only meant to be that when games like this are on XBOX it affects how I look at XBOX Live that was all. I don’t play PC or Sony but if I did, the content would affect my opinion there as well. I know XBOX didn’t make the game I get that, I get that they aren’t responsible for the business model. But I access the game through them. Those that don’t agree, all the power to ya.

          • CassyBee

            So, not knowing what you do with your life, lets say you watch movies on Blu-ray or DVD. So because there are some bad movies released you think Blu-ray or DVD are not as good?
            What about reading – if there is a book that you don’t like that is available at the book store does that means that the book store is not as good?
            Just because you do not like this game and micro-transactions does not mean other people do not like this game. For some people the micro-transactions may work better or they are fine with it.
            If you think only games that you like that follow the payment structure you agree with should be released on the Xbox then that just shows how shallow you are.
            The beauty of the world is that we have choices; if the Xbox only had choice that YOU liked most people probably would not own one.

          • gary munghen

            Are you intentionally trying to misunderstand? Your opinion is fine with me. You like the game, great. You like the transactions, great. You like Microsoft, great. Have a nice day.

          • CassyBee

            How am I misunderstanding? You are harping on Microsoft for something that has nothing to do with them. Also, I don’t like the game. I think it may be one of the worst games I have ever seen released to the Arcade. But I don’t blame Microsoft for that.

  • Does Not Equal

    You know this game is also on PS3 and has the same requirements, right?

  • Lucas Sanches Cestari

    yes but that is fault of ubisoft not of microsoft, the xbox one will use the azure cloud servers, so those kind of problems will no longer exist on xbox one

  • gary munghen

    If you want to presume, by all means. Read what I wrote. My concern is with XBOX. This is a free game offered by them. If it is not part of the 2 per month they announced the point still stands that what they release on XBOX Live reflects on them. It is a cop out for them to say “here’s the service but that’s the end of it for us”.

    • TonyLN

      It’s not offered by them — I’m done with replying after this – you are either trolling or stupid.

      • gary munghen

        Is it on XBOX? Yes. Do you have to have gold to get online to play it? Yes. Does this reflect on XBOX in my opinion? Yes. Am I entitled to that? Yes. You replied to me, not the other way around. And you’re right we are done.

    • CassyBee

      So, by your standard then we should actually be blaming our internet service providers for the problems the Ubisoft is having with their servers because ultimately that connection is offered by them, not Microsoft.

  • TonyLN

    Agreed the game is good – but the servers are super slow — only single player is worth playing at the moment.

  • Laszlo Zizics

    kool game. but 90% server was offline ERROR.

  • KinjoTeck

    Both verison of the game for xbox and ps3 are going through the same problems. Blame ubisoft for server errors. I’m still trying to get this to work myself.

    • Liquidfx Xboxdude

      lol i wasn’t sure because i was able to play on ps3 but not on 360 until today so i thought i might have had problems with the console but what you said makes more sense.

      • KinjoTeck

        I got the ps3 verison to work for a little bit then I got an error after returning to it after a slight break. So I gave up on it. Haven’t tried since.

  • TonyLN

    If you want to get in on the Beta for Ascend: Hand of Kul you can sign up here: l.aunch(dot)us/gBBv

  • Liquidfx Xboxdude

    ok earlier while i was still at home i was able to connect and play this game. it is very basic but fun if you like upgrading things. lol however, if you want to pay for things you can spend up to $150 or 12,000 points for 3000 gold coins and not have to put in any work. $150 for this game? that would be crazy. it plays like one of those games you might play on a cell phone or tablet. i won’t be paying to play. it was fun for a minute though.

  • Liquidfx Xboxdude

    20 won’t get you too much with this game. i don’t think its worth that. just a heads up.

  • Luke

    So you had all this time to make the game, But you can’t even fix these Problems on the game? wow is all I’ve got to say.

    • Landsharkk

      Ubisoft made the game. Ubisoft is hosting the servers.

  • gary munghen

    New on the Spartacus FB page XBOX servers offline for next 2 hrs

  • lan

    The sever is out I got it today and it won’t work

  • Chase

    Good maybe in those 2 hours they’ll fix the teething Problems..This is Ridiculous..I won’t be spending a dime of real money on this game until I’m assured of no more server problems..

  • https://twitter.com/DISLIKESQUADGLO bill gates

    Hey guys.. I’m retired from Microsoft

  • AzNBoY92

    It’s free to play people acting like its retail game or arcade they just spent $ on and it’s not working .

    • Shawn Springer

      Its like someone giving you something for FREE and it doesnt work. Isnt that low? Seriously. Who does this?

      • Does Not Equal

        No, it’s like someone offering you the opportunity to take something for free. It wasn’t given to you, it was made available, and you chose to take it.

        • BlessTheKid

          Assuming it would work!

          • Does Not Equal

            Worked last night. Managed to get to the point where the computer routinely murdered me.

  • ElvisWolf

    Who cares about a damn cell-phone free-to-play-model game? 260+ comments of people complaining that the servers aren’t working? WHO CARES! I hope to gawd nobody actually pays for microtransactions (pay-to-win) in these type of games and they just go away. These Farmville/Smurf Berry games are a blight on gaming right now.

  • fsdfg dsfds

    The price of buying gold is RIDICULOUS , this game is still 100x better then the paid deadliest warriors games tho

  • Mark

    Game works every time i try to connect now and honestly the most u would need to spend is like $5 and that’s only if u wanted to completely dominate almost every boss fight. Just need to beat the first boss with skill then buy him in the recruitment place.

  • givemedaROC

    how i play the friends on my friends list

  • Luke

    Here’s something you didn’t fix yet. When ever you get done playing a Single-Player match and you Accept you Victory it Loads to the screen then it FREEZES it, It happend to me 4 times allready on ” City District” And no theres Nothing Wrong with my Xbox so I know that’s not the issue, the issue is your game still.

  • BlessTheKid

    Yeah, I though that was hilarious. 12000 Microsoft Points. WOW. Fun game, however it gets old FAST!

  • Shawn Springer

    I have had problems and Micro Transactions are ridiculous. I dont support this model, I dont support it on android marketplace. Rooted droid, blocked ads, and no stupid games requiring gold coins.

  • Luke


    • Luke

      They see my character when It’s loading the game, then it says connection Error. I look on the recent players and it says ” This player is on the DASHBOARD” Ubisoft – I WANT MY REFUND BACK NOW!! my gt is: HIGH ZOMBIE1

    • fsdfg dsfds

      Learned your lesson on junk over priced things on xbox live yet?

      • Ron

        same thing happens on the psn too…its ubisoft’s fault not ms or sony’s

  • fsdfg dsfds


  • MrVicciV

    I would have bought a few in game purchases just to support those who put out a good product, but I certainly won’t for this game. You can tell when a game is created simply to be a cash grab. The only thing that works flawlessly and feels complete is the gold buying.

    If you are reading this please don’t buy any in game gold. It will only encourage more crappy, half-made games designed to feed off of impulse buying. Support games created with you in mind, the gamer.

  • Simon Larsson

    “compete with friends online” yeah right! how the heck do i do that? oh no you can’t it doesn’t have co-op even though it says you can.