July 1st 2013 9:00 am PT

Xbox 360 Special Edition Chrome Series Gold Wireless Controller

Today we have announced the Xbox 360 Special Edition Chrome Series Gold Wireless Controller. Featuring the transforming D-pad and available for $54.99 USD in August,  the controller will be available in the U.S. exclusively at GameStop and Microsoft Store locations in addition to select regions worldwide.


Xbox 360 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • sergio meza

    Im the biggest xbox fan you will ever meet, i was at e3 WITH A F@#K PS4 SHIRT. I just dont like these chrome controllers

  • Nimportant

    Can’t wait to play this on my Xbone! Oh, not compatible with it? Well darn.

  • StudioMultimédia Gon’Interacti

    why not promote xbox live gold by giving away or reducing price of a game pad for long-term commitment on xbox gold.

  • Alejandro Morales ☠

    Love it, it’s like my C3P-O Controller, but without the wires.

  • Holymarine

    Hey Major. I know this is off topic but Perfect Dark Zero is in the sale today for $2.99 in the US but here in the UK it is £11.99? Are we not allowed a discount on it? I know it was not perfect but I still enjoyed it…But not at that price. But I will enjoy Assassins Creed 3 at £8.99 thanks.

    • Antarael Dulacre

      Looking at Divinity II we have to pay 20€ instead of 400 MSp same happened to Dungeon Siege III before where we had to pay 25€ instead of 800 MSP…

      On another note we always end up paying more then US for GoD lol a LOT more…

  • registradus

    Is the original silver controller with the transforming d-pad still available? It was the best looking one imo

  • Bert

    Word is Don Mattrick got one of these as part of his severance package along with a submarine with an internet connection.

  • ZachAlden

    I have bought 2 controllers with the transforming dpad and each one the dpad has snapped off mid transformation. So, I guess you mean it transforms into a piece of garbage?

    • Bush O Connor

      my fingers keep slipping off the analog sticks with these new pads.

  • Thranx

    Doesn’t mean they should stop supporting the 360. When they stopped producing things for the original Xbox as soon as the 360 was announced that pissed off so many people

    • CW

      How does that justify investing in a new controller, unless one is needed, for a system that will lose support sooner rather than later? Look at MS history of phasing out support and also keep in mind the desire from the third party developers, XBLA, and app updates which are driven by demand for them. Sure there will be holdouts… hell I am one of them hoping that the X1 price will drop after the holidays… but I would imagine within a year, maybe two, you won’t hear much about the 360 in the way of new development. The gaming and entertainment community in whole is already being robbed of an awesome advancement in home entertainment and gaming through the loss of the online sharing and other networking opportunities with the changes announced for the X1. I am in the military and have been for almost 15 years now… when we want to game, its a release and it is common to find us playing all sorts of systems. If you are investing 500 bucks into a new console and don’t have a regular or constant internet connection….

  • Michel Van Lingner

    Keep on milking until the last cent before XOne… good Microsoft…

  • Does Not Equal

    … so you’re not buying the controller, then?

  • JaeeTV

    failing to see the point of this..

  • ryder4life22187

    Correct me if im wrong but didn’t they have a gold controller in the star wars console. Probably just extra controllers that they have to get rid of.

    • Raylz

      they did

    • kabal_test

      but those had C3POs wires on the bottom… so theyre not the SW controllers

    • guest

      yeah, it looks better without C3PO’s guts spilling out…

  • Dylan

    Its going to be Steve Ballmer.

  • fsdfg dsfds

    This would have been be good with Golden 007 HD … you know the only thing good Rare has ever done on xbox,and it was never allowed to be released

    • mightywombat

      Guess you never played Viva Pinata.

      • Dylan

        It makes me sad when I think about the downfall of Rare.
        They were making classic after classic for a long time.
        Just like Naughty Dog has been.

        And it makes me sad to see Bioware currently on course to suffer the same fate as Rare…

      • fsdfg dsfds

        I have, its alright, still nothing like the class of games they put out on N64, all the talent has left ages ago, they should really change there name

  • Xhawk27

    Buying one to play GTA V!

  • Dennis Crosby

    Am I the only one who noticed that the controller has the Xbox one sticks on it

    • kabal_test

      WOW… *facepalm* and another facepalm for everyone who upvoted your comment.
      you all live under rocks or something -_- omg! EVERY CHROME CONTROLLER HAS THOSE AND THEYRE NOT LIKE THE XBone STICKS!

  • Trevor

    Larry, this would be a sweet parting gift for Don Mattrick now that he’s leaving microsoft. You guys in the office should all pitch in for one! Pure Energy

  • Trevor

    I feel you pain – RROD console out the door for repairs, scratch and dent refurb returned back to me which bricked later down the road… (3) RROD episodes in my household alone. Thanks MS indeed.

  • Daniel

    Anyone that buys this is an idiot.

  • http://techgage.com/ Rob Williams

    The profit would be equivalent to $0.00125/hour… doesn’t seem quite worth it.

    • Areen Khachadouri

      well that escilated quickly

  • fsdfg dsfds

    007 was by Rare and i knew all that durp head

  • André Svensson

    $50 is too much aswell and the PS3 controller costs too much also so I stand by what I said and intervention is needed

  • Rory Brady

    I think you’re reading into things too much, Derrick.

  • Jorge Garza

    You mean I should learn to read in another language, since english is not my first tongue, and since I live in a non-english speaking country, sometimes I still get confused with some words and sentences.

    I wonder how many languages can you speak, because I bet you live in a bubble where you believe english is the one and only language.

  • Jonah Falcon

    Oooh, shiny. :p

  • John

    Tell me MS…Why aren’t the new D-pad controllers replacing all the controllers as default?

  • Joshua Guss

    That controller looks like it should also be sold in a jewelry store. lol

  • chanandler

    What was it Mattrick said… “we have a product for people who can’t get online, it’s called Xbox 360″. This controller is clearly for all those who will buy the new 360 then, to help make up the loss in revenue from not buying a One :)