July 1st 2013 9:59 pm PT

Xbox Live “Ultimate Game Sale” Starts Today

The Xbox LIVE “Ultimate Game Sale” I posted about last week begins now. Each day between now and July 5th, there will be a new set of titles on sale – in addition to the persistent offers at the bottom of this post. The special prices will be available to all Xbox Live Members (Gold and Free.)

We start with the following Xbox 360 Games On Demand titles on-sale.
These titles will be available at the special sale price today only  Grab ‘em while you can:

July 2nd Offers Regular  Sale Price Save Savings
Assassin’s Creed 3 $39.99 $14.99 $25.00 63%
Borderlands 2 $39.99 $9.99 $30.00 75%
Far Cry 3 $59.99 $19.99 $40.00 67%
Max Payne 3 $39.99 $9.99 $30.00 75%

There will be a new set of titles on sale every day between now and July 5th, so come back here for the daily post I’ll make or follow me on twitter to be first to find out what goes on sale when.

In addition to the daily deals, we’ve also go the following offers available until July 8th,  2013.

Games on Sale now through July 8, 2013 Regular  Sale Price Save Savings
Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway $29.99 $4.99 $25.00 83%
Far Cry Instincts Predator $19.99 $4.99 $15.00 75%
Crysis $19.99 $4.99 $15.00 75%
Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 $14.99 $4.99 $10.00 67%
WWE ’13  $59.99 $14.99 $45.00 75%
Mass Effect $14.99 $4.99 $10.00 67%
Prey $19.99 $2.99 $17.00 85%
Bulletstorm $19.99 $4.99 $15.00 75%
Perfect Dark Zero $14.99 $2.99 $12.00 80%
Dragon Age Origins $14.99 $4.99 $10.00 67%
Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga $29.99 $4.99 $25.00 83%

Hit the post I made last week to see what titles to expect over the next few days.

Note: Prices show in USD. Sign in to your Xbox 360 or Xbox.com for your specific local pricing.

Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Craig Burns

    Sounds about right that the only one I’m interested in isn’t on sale in the UK. Not on .com nor on the dash. DKS, y u no cheaper?

  • Matheus Bica

    i would love if this games be available at Brazil Live, seriously guys?

    Mass effect is available but its at the normal price($15)….And plenty others are not available…

    I have an xbox and ps3, you guys just dont wanna win this fight right?

    • rod_z

      Just create an US account, like I did. I don’t even have a BR account.

  • MrStorm

    Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga is always to 19.99 euros in France and 19 in Switzerland SFr.

    It should normally be 4.99 euros, following your ad. : (

  • Bryan2Blazed

    @XboxSupport Still a lot of confusion around whether or not an online pass is needed with WWE13 GoD in the sale. Some say it’s included.

    Xbox Support ‏@XboxSupport14m
    @Bryan2Blazed It would not be included ^JG

    • Damian

      When I bought it saturday I didn’t need online pass it let me in right away

      • E.Nich

        Yup, digital games doesn’t need online pass.

    • roozbeh

      Okay I take back all my insults and redirect them to xbox support I just testet and it didnt need a pass.
      Sorry For the Insults. Your werent at fault.

  • Jonah Falcon

    Let’s talk consumer friendliness:

    Sony: DualShock 3 won’t work with PS4
    Microsoft:Xbox 360 controllers will work with Xbox One

    Oops. That $100 difference was just made up in a hurry, huh?

    • roozbeh

      Proof please. Cause I heard it doesnt work

      • Jonah Falcon

        I was told that Xbox One gamers might want to hold onto their 360 controllers. Stay tuned.

        • Bryan2Blazed

          By whom? It took you 2 hours to come back and tell us that? You are full of it Mr.Falcon. If that is your real name.

          • RampageDeluxe

            Apparently someone puts too much stock in what their next door neighbor, Joey, the precocious 11 year old scamp, who also is in the know about what goes on at MS, has to say.

        • roozbeh

          Yeah as in stick with your xbox 360 for a while

    • Pete

      Unless there’s been some new announcement then I’m afraid not. Microsoft have already confirmed that 360 controllers won’t work with Xbox One ;-(

    • Bryan2Blazed

      Where did you read that because that’s totally not true. Did you miss the whole headset not included with xbone deal?

      • roozbeh

        This is about controllers not headsets. But your still right

    • Brian

      Uh, no the 360 controllers won’t work with the One. And what does this have to do with a games sale?

  • Scott

    Borderlands 2 or Assassins Creed 3, both 9.99 each. Now THAT’S a deal. Which one should I get peeps? Never played Borderlands 2. Did play AC3 a bit when I rented it and it was ok but wasn’t convinced….?

    • Jonah Falcon

      Borderlands 2.

      • Scott

        Is it really that good? I got bored of the first one fairly quickly….

        • Brian

          if you have friends to play with, BL is an awesome game. If not, it’s boring.

    • Brian

      well ACIII isn’t 9.99, it’s 14.99.

      • Scott

        It is 9.99 euros, I just bought it. You Uk and us people really think you’re alone in the world huh.

  • EnyOne

    Is Borderlands 2 that good? Should I consider getting it? I never played Borderlands 1 and would likely play Borderlands 2 alone because I don’t know anyone who has it.

    • David Drummond

      The first one was good. Played it mostly solo. I am finally getting the 2nd today.

    • RampageDeluxe

      I loved 1, but I don’t really care for 2. They made a lot of changes that I just don’t find appealing. For $10, you should still get it, unless that is going to be a sacrifice for you. Also, If you are going to solo one of the games, the first is better for that as well.

  • roozbeh

    Bryan blazer. It doesn’t have an online pass. But u can still play online free of charge. You were right no online pass. But you can still play online. Sorry for the insults man. Xbox support sucks.

    • Bryan2Blazed

      Well I am trusting you. Buying it now.

      • roozbeh

        I hope you enjoy it. Not really my type of game but not bad. I got to get off the internet for a while. So cya

    • Brian Whittington

      Yes thy do. it’s all about the wording with them.

      • Pete

        I’m just trying out AC3. Annoyingly it’s really hard to tell. The online pass is available for 800MSP in the extras menu but online works fine without.

        Problem is it’s supposed to, up until level 10 anyway. Am I going to hit level 10 and then find it grinds to a halt?

        My mates have bought Far Cry 3 and they’re currently playing co-op in it without any trouble so that bodes well.

        • Brian Whittington

          Well from what i could find on google games on demand don’t request a pass. I can tell you i have downloaded over 20 games and not one has asked me for a pass.

  • Connor Tumbleson

    Where is Halo 3 like it was hyped up to be?

    • baconcheeswhiz89

      we don’t know yet, they didn’t give out dates for the games you saw at e3.

      • Car

        They lied to us and gave us defense grid!

        • Xhawk27

          Growup child.

  • Guest

    are you doing this in Europe at some point? or is it a case of “where’s Europe”????

    • Pete

      Working fine in the UK (PDZ still not reduced though) and apparently the prices are just plain ridiculous in Hungary.

  • jose

    i’m loving this sale just got borderlands 2.

    i prefer sales over free games.

    i’m not cheap,desperate or pathetic leave that to sony fanboys.

    we spent 30 yrs without free games and now you got a bunch of cry babies cuz they didn’t get their 5 yrs old free game they wanted…pathetic.

    • Car

      You prefer sales over free games? Sarcasm? or are you just a brainwashed Microsoft idiot?

      • Bryan2Blazed


      • Xhawk27

        They are not free games you have to pay to rent them. Are you just brainwashed or Sony Idiot?

      • dibils

        i think the point he is making is that sales usually mean better newer games are available at ridiculously good prices… free games are really old games that you can get for cheap anyway. also PS+ doesnt give you free games lol you pay £40 to have access to SELECT titles. you would be better off signing up to a rental service

        • Dylan

          50 dollars a year. Plus a ton of other perks.
          Soon on the next gen, XBL will look even worse, since psn will still be doing these things, including multiplayer, and not increasing the price.

          20 dollars a month for a rental service, one where you don’t get online passes and such.

    • Dylan

      You do know PS+ offers discounts and sales all the time right?

      • dibils

        yeah thanks for all those £1 off discounts sony

        • Dylan

          Discounts from this week.
          1st number is normal price, second is PSN sale, third is extra discount for PS+
          They do these kind of deals all the time, some go 75 percent off.

          Call Of Duty: Black Ops II$59.99$41.99$37.79
          The Amazing Spider-Man$49.99$29.99$20.99
          Batman: Arkham Asylum$19.99$9.99$5.00
          The Lord Of The Rings: Aragorn’s Quest$9.99$4.99$2.50
          Mortal Kombat PS Vita$19.99$9.99$5.00
          Mortal Kombat$19.99$9.99$5.00
          Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands$19.99$7.99$4.00
          Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game$9.99$3.99$2.00
          Shadow Of The Colossus$19.99$7.99$5.00
          Ratchet & Clank Collection$29.99$14.99$7.50

        • roozbeh

          Not that low discounts actually. But its not as good as u think. Im former user I know

    • Schultz

      Steve Ballmer? Is that you?!

    • Bryan2Blazed

      We also didn’t pay a monthly fee to play Atari, NES, Sega, SNES and so fourth. This has to be the worst comment on this entire page.

  • Darío Tórtola

    I just tried to buy assassin’s creed and since I’m on other country on holiday and I don’t have access to my cellphone, but since you won’t let me login with an alternate email address since you need A MONTH to change security information you just snatched that sale out of my hands. This is the second time I feel scammed because of xbl

    • Darío Tórtola

      And just today I was thinking that xbl rewards’ birthday present could have been that. So much for my birthday
      I don’t even understand how xbl can send the security code to the alternate email as it did, and don’t let me use it as it should

      • Car

        Xbox let us all down…I can give you 30 cents…that’s 10 more then they will give you for your birthday.

        • roozbeh

          And that is if you join xbox live rewards. Some regions dont have that

    • Dan Baerga

      Yup, same thing happened to me because I’m in Afghanistan right now. Exact same thing. I was REALLY looking forward to taking advantage of those sales. Seriously, how can I be locked out of my own account for 30 days!? Let alone the fact that when I request a new code to be sent to the current email, the code never actually shows up. So I tried added an alt email and now have to wait 30 days. This entire event will be long gone. And yes I can still download the games being over here, it’ll just take about 4 days and that’s if the power doesn’t go out. But the price I pay to be a gamer over here.

  • Thranx

    X-Com isn’t part of today’s sale

  • uss_liberty

    Thanks for not letting me buy anything.
    “this item is not available from your current location”
    Cheers idiots. :-)

    • Chango Ortiz

      ok… so is region restricted!.. jmmm

  • RampageDeluxe

    I bought my copy during Amazon gold box sale last November. I paid $25 for it. I was going to sell it on amazon for around 25, but I dropped it when I went to check the disc for scratches. Now it has scratches lol. I’m just going to keep it on disc and save the $15.

  • Daniel

    I’m very disappointed that almost every game is rated “M” for mature. I’m a family man and was really hoping to get something with decent content this time around. Maybe next time…

    • Colorfulchew

      Check back each day. Major posted a list of the games that will be going on sale throughout the week, which included Lego Batman, Hasbro Family Game night, Kinect Sports 2, Forza Horizon

      • Daniel

        Ah, I missed that. Thanks for pointing it out! I see them in his other post now. I’ll be back. :)

        • Colorfulchew

          If you’re still up, the sale is on.

  • Kyle

    Okay, now that there’s actually a section for the sale on the dashboard… In the UK it says Perfect Dark Zero is £2.49 but when you press it it’s £11.99. Could you please get this fixed?

    • Davide

      also in italy!

    • Holymarine

      I have tweeted Xbox Support about it but don’t know if that will do anything

  • Scott

    It’s 9.99 Euros in Spain……

  • Thranx

    Go on the website?

  • this_is_my_humble_opinion

    I turned on my console just to take my virtual avatar’s hat off.
    Nicely done Microsoft. Let’s hope that the stats will show you how eager customers are to spend money when they feel that you give them a good bargain.

    And now… decisions decisions.

  • Alejandro Morales ☠

    I’ll pass, better I’ll save my MSP and wait for a deal on SR the Third or Catherine

    • Costas

      Catherine was on sale a week ago.
      Got it for 12€

      • Alejandro Morales ☠

        Not in the mexican’s bazar

        • Liquidfx Xboxdude

          does it say “bazar” ? that seems awesome.
          how bazar how bazar.

          • Alejandro Morales ☠

            Bazar is the spanish word for Marketplace

          • roozbeh

            Actually its persian that migrated to the rest of world. The spanish got it from the arabs

          • Alejandro Morales ☠

            Is true mate

  • ward09

    Same here, just the demo… I hope they fix this.

  • ward09

    Same here. Not sure where you are from, but it seems seems some of us in Canada have this issue.

  • Holymarine

    An update for those who are hoping for Perfect Dark Zero outside the US to be reduced. Xbox is aware and are looking into it according to their support staff.

    • Din Taylor

      Cool I just hope they put PDZ available in Canada :)

    • Antarael Dulacre

      what about Divinity? It’s 20€ here will this also be changed? =O

      • Roby Knapen

        Here in Belgium also a problem with divinity 2, sitting at 20 euro, plz fix

        Edit: Fixed it seems, THX!

  • Spazicle

    So what kind of savings will we be seeing tomorrow?

  • UnderDC

    “Your purchase cannot be completed at this time. Please try again.” When I try to download Assassin’s Creed 3. Anyone else having this problem?

    • Costas

      A friend got the same msg ,but he made it after the 4th try.
      Keep trying

      • UnderDC

        Thanks! I tried several times to no avail. In my case, it seemed to be a region problem, apparently not available where I am, but Far Cry 3 is…

    • Sicarius123

      Is your payment type set to Paypal? It’s always having issues with XBL, try credit card instead.

      • UnderDC

        I tried PayPal and MS points. Thanks!

  • StudioMultimédia Gon’Interacti

    5$ game is nice =) good move

  • ɾosɥ ɥɐɐs

    It’s hard to say. You’ll have until at least 3am EST, but usually things take a while to change. Heck, Defense Grid took over half the day before it finally showed up as free.

  • dante

    Next time ms give us a uav so we can save some money 4 the sell. some ppl are not on gaming sites all the time

  • Vince

    Which games were on sale on July 1st? I missed it….

    • Holymarine

      The sale started officially on the 2nd. So you missed nothing.

  • Voreo Sabrae

    bah i knew this would happen 200 points short for BL2

  • dark freedom

    RockStar Table Tennis 2,99€ or 240MSP in Spanish Store.

    • misterSLR

      Just 80MSP in Swiss Store :)

  • TrillGod

    Dang it! Two days ago I bought Ac3 for $35, and now its 15 on xbox? A heads up would have been nice, anyway I bought Borderlands 2 and Max Payne 3 for 10 each. Just happen to be going camping for the next 3 days, so whatever is on friday better be good.

  • http://sondreb.com SondreB

    I was unable to find the Borderlands 2 offer on Xbox Live in Norway. The sales through July 8 was available, but not Borderlands 2, Assassin’s Creed 3, Far Cry 3 nor Max Payne 3. It’s unfortunate that those offers was not available, was it for US only? I purchased Bulletstorm on sales, but I would very much like to buy some of the other offers as well but they was not available in Norway yesterday.

  • RampageDeluxe

    I think you need to read this whole conversation again. You just further backed up our whole point.

  • gamericHM

    Wait so games like Bioshock Infinite will be on sale soon, right?

  • hiruu

    Wow…these are some serious savings!

  • Travis Boswell

    The Games on Demand version of Assassin’s Creed 3 doesn’t include a Uplay Passport, so your online play is limited. You can only reach level 10 without that.

    So, just buy a new boxed copy since the digital copy is basically incomplete.

    • roozbeh

      Damn it.

  • RampageDeluxe

    You might want to read the conversation again. You are correct in your message, but you are agreeing with me.

  • John Smith

    remember microsoft is not to be trusted for their digital games. look for these games used and keep the disc plus you can resell that if you don’t like it.

    • RampageDeluxe

      Why is this?


      Yes but the AAA games on here cost less then the used disc + you would have to buy the online pass with the used disc. Not to mention games on disc games on disc lose value.

    • roozbeh

      No way man. I ain’t gonna miss this offer.

    • http://twitter.com/SuperEpic1 John Apeli

      Are you retarded?

  • Chango Ortiz

    why is the Brother in arms still at 29.99?… I don’t have the sale price.. :'( (I’m in US)

  • Shane Illusive Existence Brand

    why is bulletstorm not on sale anymore? its not in the ultimate sale section

  • roozbeh

    Actually the newer models of the ps3 weren’t backward compatible.

  • http://twitter.com/SuperEpic1 John Apeli

    Yes it was

  • http://twitter.com/SuperEpic1 John Apeli

    Those games are past, you missed them

  • Bill

    I can’t believe I missed out on July 2nd offers…