August 8th 2013 6:00 am PT

Unboxing Xbox One

Although we are still a few months away from the official release of Xbox One, I wanted to do a quick  unboxing to show you what you can expect when you open your Xbox One.

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Xbox One By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Jason Owens

    Major Nelson im telling you this now i would get a xbox one IF we did not have to have the KINECT pluged in 24/7 !!!! i feel this way and so do alot of others feel this way. i hope that somewhere down the line that Microsoft will fix this buciuse i dont like haveing things pushed on me i dont want !! You guys fixed everything other now fix about pushing this KINECT on us .

    • Eric Braden

      I doubt that they will ever make the Kinect optional. It is probably going to be your main input device on the console when not playing a game that uses the controller (or joy stick as my mother likes to call them). As for privacy with the Kinect. Turn it off in the options. If you don’t trust that, I suggest you get rid of your cell phone, lap top, tablet, web cam, computer, TV, and any other piece of electronic equipment that has a microphone, camera, GPS, and or accesses the internet. If the government wants to watch you, the Kinetc isn’t the only way to do so.

  • Vince

    Major, did you know, that when the PS3 launched it already had a slot loading Blu-Ray drive, wireless networking connectivity (built in), and touch sensitive on/off switch? Yep, all of this was available back in 2006.

    • Morris ヅ

      and your point is?

    • Major Nelson

      I did know that.

      • roozbeh

        wow! lol.
        vince just got owned

    • Andrés

      Ok, let’s check the latest Ps3 model.

      -Slot Loading Blu ray drive – Gone.
      -Touch Sensitive on/off Switch – Gone.

      Yep, all this isn’t available anymore now in 2013.

      Let me check further…

      -Backwards compatibilty. Gone ( well you can purchase emulated games on the PSN, that’s something… But you can’t still playing your disc based games even if the emulator is present in every console.)
      -Linux. Gone
      -High quality materials, Gone. (Wellcome chinese plastics)
      -70 Million PSN accounts, Gone, ( well at least compromised)

      Should I continue?

      • Death Dealer

        So much win!

    • roozbeh

      did you know the ps3 controller at launch(sixthaxis) had no rumble?
      and all of this was not available till 2008

  • Morris ヅ

    them features are most likely to be there

  • Brian Michael Wiest

    Can you now share a video on the Kinect being placed on top of an LCD TV? Or will it require a mount like the first one?

    • StudioMultimédia Gon’Interacti

      since the lens is more fish-eye i would expect better flexibility with where you place the kinect. That being said, i wouldn’t put it on top on a tv…

  • StudioMultimédia Gon’Interacti

    is it me or it wasn’t clear in the first place that the chat headset was coming with the unit. Is this a recent change ?

    • killerfirefly

      Yes, before the going rumor, which was helped by coming from some microsoft employees, was that the headset would not be coming with the console. So this is a pretty welcome change in my opinion. And I think including headsets with every console is part of what lead to the huge success of Xbox Live.

      • StudioMultimédia Gon’Interacti

        well exactly if you want to advertise competitive and serious online gameplay, of course you allow people to chat with headset. It’s just very annoying that i won’t be able to use my turtlebeach headphone since i must play with them to not wake up my family :O)

  • jagheterfluff .

    I feel sad that the box are all in black.
    Thinking of the earlier happy boxes with motives and colour.
    Now it’s just black.
    Who designed the box Major?
    It’s Sooo boring and uninspired!

    • StudioMultimédia Gon’Interacti

      that arguable, i prefer it black so it look less like a toy and more like adevice that fit in my living room. But that just me. I’m pretty sure they will have funky version in the future, but it is safe to start with black

      • Izzy Bozz

        Couldn’t agree more.

        • jagheterfluff .

          To me this explains the way Microsoft has changed.
          It used to be so happy and colourful, now it’s all black.
          Will be curious to see if the system and menues will be black as well.
          Few of the recent boxes are white and green, the colours of Xbox.

    • roozbeh

      you saw the supposed white dev kit? what you think about that?

  • LoboTheSequel

    How do you charge the controller? From what I understand the battery pack is not removable and there didn’t seem to be a charging cable in the box.

    • roozbeh, again

      its battery compartment is removable. plus you can use a micro usb for wired gaming

  • Fabiano

    Major, will be possible use fanatec wheel to play forza 5 in xbox one??

  • Christian Morales

    great system can’t wait Day one preorder

  • Kadeen Brown

    I really hope Microsoft stop changing stuff, bcuz I like that’s its different from the playstation 4. That being said more they change stuff the more my statement becomes untrue :(.