August 26th 2013 10:00 am PT

The Next Xbox Live Update for Xbox 360 is Here

Today, we’re announcing the release of the Fall (or Spring depending on where you are from) 2013 Xbox Live Update for Xbox 360. It brings several features for Xbox Live members, chief among them the ability to buy content on Xbox 360 using local currency.

What do you need to do to get this update? The next time you log into Xbox Live, you will automatically be prompted to start the download. After that, when you go to initiate a purchase or redeem a Microsoft Points card through your Xbox 360, we’ll add to your Microsoft account an amount of currency equal to or greater than the Xbox Marketplace value of your Microsoft Points. We’ll also continue to accept purchased Microsoft Points Cards and codes until further notice. It’s that easy.

For more information read this FAQ on

Xbox 360, Xbox Live By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Ian Harvey

    and it took us 5 days and 9 hours on twitter to put a 2100 points card on.

  • Ian Harvey

    but in 3 months of having PS+ I have 28 free games. For the same price as live

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  • MayaAyala

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