September 2nd 2013 11:26 am PT

Watch The Halo 4 Global Championship Live Stream On-Demand

In case you missed the Halo 4 Global Championship yesterday, here is the Video On Demand Stream for your viewing pleasure.

Edit: I replaced the full stream above with the 3.5 minute highlight video.

Events, Halo By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Ivanx360xpira

    I watched it…and was a great battle. Congrats to the winner!

  • Major Nelson

    If you have not seen it, I don’t want to ruin the end…but wow.

    • todd Wright

      i just spiked to the end lol

    • Dylan

      That was pretty amazing.

    • Swat

      Why did you make it auto-start?

  • DarkNightRJ

    Don’t have much interest in watching but that is a cool song at the start. lol

  • The Yankee

    Since this is the newest post I’m making this comment here…With the promo “every 2 mins” from Mountain Dew and Doritos in which someone will win an Xbox One every 2 mins starting Nov 5th does that mean that is the release date for the Xbox One?…just a thought…..

    • Ivanx360xpira

      it would be great if they give us a date…not liking this wait!

    • StudioMultim√©dia Gon’Interacti

      it just mean you can win on november 5th not that they are going to ship it or that your going to receive it by that date. Just like you can already pre-order yours now. Soon is the safe word right now

  • The Yankee

    I skipped to the end …Major Nelson was right….wow!!!

  • ZappyKins

    Wow, great, exciting, edge of my seat, and good sportsmanship too.

  • Death Dealer

    Congratulations to Ace, that was intense.

  • Jorge Garza

    Another week without “Coming to Xbox Live” blogpost :(

    • Disturbed_Court_Jester

      I think it’s normally posted Tuesday mornings, doubt we will see it this week tho.

  • StudioMultim√©dia Gon’Interacti

    the final match was really nice.
    That announcer need to learn another word to describe event than “insane”

  • kx81

    You know what would be great, Major?

    – A release date for the Xbox One!

    Why you folks at Microsoft are keeping it such a secret is ridiculous. Announce it already.

    • boe2

      Microsoft IS pushing it quite a bit. I can’t imagine game publishers being very happy about this too.

      I I correct in assuming that this is entirely due to time shortage on finishing the OS? 2 months till deadline and they still won’t let anyone but a select group of MS reps touch the OS interface in front of press.

      From what I heard that dashboard is hiding some really impressive features, so why are they still not showing it to the public?

      I am from one of the countries that has been pushed to 2014, and I think I am going to wait instead of ordering from a neighbouring country. Hopefully, we get several new features/voice languages by the time we have a release here. Because I’m really doubting the november release will be feature complete (aside from the external storage thing).

    • DC_Nemesis

      Why would Microsoft have passed up the opportunity to announce a release date at one of the many gaming conferences that have already passed? Because that isn’t the market they’re looking to reach. You don’t need to reach hardcore gamers with a launch date, they’ll find out, you need to reach the mainstream. So, what event is coming up that involves a lot of people, an opportunity to showcase to a general audience the features offered on Xbox One, and a key partnership for Microsoft? Thursday’s NFL Kickoff game.I don’t think the number of stories coming out tonight on the Xbox One’s partnership with the NFL are coincidence. They’ll be in print tomorrow, giving Microsoft the opportunity to follow that up with the big splash on Thursday.

  • roozbeh, again

    well that was intense

  • John Titus

    Great match! Congrats to the winner!

    Got to play all the Xbox games at PAX and was impressed with what I saw of Ryse, Forza, DR3 and TitanFall. Even though TitanFall was only running on PC’s everything else I saw in the Xbox area was running on Xbox Ones.

    Was disappointed in how tight MS was with their giveaways, no swag to be found unless you were able to wrestle for a few T-Shirts. I don’t know why MS wouldn’t want to advertise Xbox One in the form of swag but there was the annoying Doritos Giveaway that was more of a distraction from the show than actually fun.

    I hope your marketing folks are listening. Sony had a much better run booth and their marketing swag was better. There didn’t seem to be any shortage of people lining up for the booth however but that could of been the poor people management.

    I held off ordering any games since we still have no idea when the One is coming or if will even make it out this year.

  • Thranx

    Why does Pistola remind me of a young Bill Gates…