September 23rd 2013 9:17 am PT

Announcing Surface 2, Surface Pro 2, and new Surface Accessories

The Surface team announced new hardware (Coming Oct. 22nd) and some pretty nice accessories today.

Full details on the Surface blog.

Gadgets By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • bat0nas

    Makes me smile :D I don’t know why.. but… somehow I lost my trust in Surface. Hope v2 will bring that trust back.

  • Sledg

    I still love my Surface Pro but v2 looks great.

  • Please Clarify

    Pity about the pricing…

  • mightywombat

    If MS wants to give RT a fighting chance at least give the flagship tablet something that the cheaper Atom tablets won’t have, ie the digitizer pen. It looks like a nice piece of hardware, but the price compared to what other manufacturers are bringing doesn’t scream “Success!” to me.

  • ElektroDragon

    First of all, continuing with Windows RT is just silly. Second of all, you should have used AMD chips. I was able to buy an 11″ Lenovo Lynx full blown Windows 8 tablet for $300 just a few months ago. So $449 for the Windows RT tablet is silly.

    • roozbeh, again

      You AMD fanboys… ‘nods head sideways’

      Almost as bad as the nvidia ones.

  • theConstruct

    So excited. But that white is revolting.
    Also; Is this the gadget Albert had in 487?

  • O Mosqueda

    First this blog stops covering the 360 and focuses more and more on XBO. OK, it’s understandable considering is the successor. But what do we care for Surface? I come here for XBOX news and now it’s Surface? What’s next? More posts about Office, Bing and Windows? When Outlook or Skype has some changes, I’ll be seeing news about that instead of upcoming games and offers? Nice going.

    • xPutNameHerex

      I don’t think the gaming industry is keen to make announcements today based on the fact Valve is starting their week of announcements. No one wants to go head-to-head with that.

      • O Mosqueda

        Who cares about Valve? Who cares about Surface? I come here for XBOX news, not Microsoft products and certainly not for Valve either. If Steam if such a threat, why sooner or later their hits go to consoles, and the console hits take over a year to go to Steam?

        • Does Not Equal

          So why open the link to complain? The header clearly indicates it’s about the new Surface, not anything about the Xbox brand.

    • Jorge Garza

      Don´t like it, don´t watch it. Thank God for freedom.

    • ElektroDragon

      Because SMARTGLASS.

    • Nick Peck

      It’s a blog site, not an Xbox only site. We / He / They talk about a lot of different things. If you don’t want to see anything about the Surface, why click and type here then? Just ignore it and move on.

    • O Mosqueda

      OK. You win. Talk about anything that’s not XBOX. With such upcoming items to the XBOX store, I’d rather like to hear more about that Surface thing.

  • Dennis Crosby

    This cool but I have tunnel vision I really want GTAV to come out on the marketplace already im 1/40000 + people waiting to play

  • Kazaam

    I think i will buy it, Surface pro 2 – 64GB version. I dont need more. I like the lighting keyboard.
    Nice trailer, is it made with Cinema4d and AfterEffects?

  • evilfangs .

    I understand smart glass is going to be a popular thing for Xbox one but the Xbox one isn’t out yet so why do any of us care about a product which isn’t Xbox?

    Off topic: Just saw on marketplace they’re already selling the season pass for Call of Duty: Ghosts, £34.99…..Yeah, so £5 less then the actual game.

    • Nick Peck

      I’ll just copy and paste my last comment to the same questions lol:

      “It’s a blog site, not an Xbox only site. We / He / They talk about a lot of different things. If you don’t want to see anything about the Surface, why click and type here then? Just ignore it and move on.”

      As for the season pass, it’s always $50 (well in the US it’s always the same price). That in turn saves you like $10 overall if you bought everything separately. Plus you get some bonus stuff for pre-ordering if you care about that.

  • Dennis Crosby

    This website is for video games and gadgets and anything tech savvy but it be nice if he updates on on the marketplace and GTA V

  • fastharryDOTcom

    are we gonna have more apps or be able to run FF on this?…if not, no go

  • hiruu

    Errr….the video is “private”, Major.

  • UNSCleric

    I’ve wanted a Surface for a long time, but I ended up going with a Lenovo Yoga last December, since I needed more of an ultrabook than a tablet. These look so good though. I still really want a Surface RT just for the fun of it and hope to see the prices for them go way low on eBay. My Yoga had a new model come out this fall too, but I’m not letting myself get down about that. :) I still love mine and it’s perfect.

  • Digiadam

    Too bad we cannot see it because IT SAYS THAT IT IS PRIVATE!!!!

  • MrRadiolips

    I know that this isnt the place to announce this but im a gamer and not a fan boy. For all the GAMERS out there reading this Microsoft and Windows is going to have some strong competition coming up with what Valve is going to be doing with Steam OS. Google it look it up this is some exciting stuff!! I will be buying both PS4 and Xbox one if that makes the fans feel any better… :)

    • Steven K

      Don’t be fooled by what Valve and the press tell you about SteamOS. Gabe Newell has been very good at criticizing Windows 8 these last months, saying it’s not good for gaming and other stuffs like that when actually Windows 8 is the best Windows release out there for gaming or general purpose computing. Truth is he’s just afraid of the potential the Windows Store has over Steam since it comes bundled with every PC or tablet running Windows 8 as he doesn’t want t share his PC gaming cake with anyone else. Now if Microsoft plays it good, they should strike back with an Xbox OS bundled with every Windows PC that will replace the failed experiment that was GFWL and offer great deals a la Steam. But good thing with Microsoft, they’re too lazy to do that so they will wait for Steam to eat 80% of the PC gaming market share to come with an half baked initiative to try to get some market share back but by then it will be too late

      • MrRadiolips

        Im still excited because im a gamer and its still great news to me. For me personally i have always loved Windows but i appreciate the fact that we have even more choices as a gamer to decide.

        • Bush O Connor

          don’t know why you’re getting down votes, as a gamer you’re right its better for us. the more competition the cheaper stuff gets.

          on topic: i cannot see the video it says its private.

      • Death Dealer

        ^THIS! MS shouldn’t sit on their lazy bums to make PC gaming on Windows more attractive. They have an Xbox ecosystem that is hard to compete with, but need to make sure Xbox for Windows becomes what GfWL failed at (it doesn’t need to be an entire OS).
        Linux is still a pain for the less IT experienced user and finding the correct drivers for certain hardware can be a nightmare so I don’t expect SteamOS to take off, but MS shouldn’t wait for it when it does.

      • boe2

        Gabe dissing Windows 8? It’s mostly BS, his arguments make little sense as Steam runs nearly perfect on Windows 8 (in fact, the only problems I’ve had with win8 gaming are with GFWL games…).

        Still, I agree: The latest steam developments should be (and most likely is) closely watched by Microsoft.

        As hypocrite it may be, Steam gets away with stuff MS can’t: Online requirements and the inability to resell both disk-based and digital games have been present on Steam for multiple years now and do add a great amount of comfort. People idolize Valve, so Valve can do stuff that other companies would be mocked or even lynched for.

        I don’t know the numbers, but appearantly Valve is approaching gamestudios and saying “hey, provide us with a linux version of your game and we’ll take a smaller cut from your sales”.

        They’re saying to everyone: “We will provide you with the tools to get a great living room gaming experience out of the box. Where you go from there is entirely up to you”. This means: 3th parties can make standardized steam hardware. It’s only a matter of time before the mediacenter box vendors sell their own steamboxes (WITH xbmc or other mediacenter software ofcourse) that can play linux games, stream from other sources and allows you to install pretty much any extra software you want. It’s the ultimate synergy between a PC and a dedicated gaming console.

        These guys HUGELY defined PC gaming in the last 10 years, I’m pretty certain way more people would be gaming on consoles without them. Valve may be small, but they are certainly not to be underestimated

    • Arminator

      Unless I see it running on my PC supporting my soundcard properly as well as my WLAN, I’m sceptical about Steam OS. I use Linux at work, and it works great on our servers. But as soon as I use Ubuntu or other distributions, at least one hardware component that I need in my PC doesn’t work properly, or only after hours of fiddling with config files and whatnots and a lot of Google-Fu.

      If Steam OS wants to succeed, it has to provide console-like compatibility for the most obscurely tuned high end gaming systems with exotic hardware combinations.

      I sincerely hope, Valve can pull it off, and can coax the hardware makers to provide hardware support for Steam OS like they do for Windows. That way it will also benefit the “normal” Linux community.

      But until I see Steam OS functioning like a plug and play console like Xbox or Playstation, I’ll remain sceptical.

      To be more on-topic: I installed Steam on my Surface Pro, and playing McPixel or “Papers Please” with the touchscreen is A-WE-SOME!

      As for “Papers Please” it would be great if some touch gestures could find their way into an update, like for example wiping the stamp-lever from the right instead of tapping it. But moving the documents around on the surface feels absolutely natural.

      However the Steam application itself is not touch friendly. Big Screen mode seems like it would work great with touch controls, but unfortunately, it doesn’t.

      • MrRadiolips

        Im sure they have set it up to where it is going to do everything they say it will. Just read up on it and hopefully you will be impressed. Its seperate from the latest Linux and it is far superior. People can down vote me if they want but im a gamer that loves all gaming systems not just a fan of one single system. Hence a GAMER!

  • Daniel Aleksandersen

    It seems a bit overpriced for such a restricted platform. Then again, so does every other product these days.

    • Death Dealer

      For the RT version I agree (and still no digitzer or integrated GPS either).
      I’m curious to see what the rumored “Mini” brings to the table though.

    • Daniel Aleksandersen

      The hardware is nice, but the capabilities of Windows RT seems like such a huge step backwards. No browser choice? Only one — well now two of the same — crappy email client? I hope Microsoft will loosen it up just a bit. Allow apps to integrate with hardware and allow for innovation.

  • KellyNUTS

    How old is the first Surface?

    • Gazza!!!

      Nearly a year, I think I got mine back in November last year.

  • StudioMultimédia Gon’Interacti

    tells me the video is private !?

  • Gazza!!!

    Does this mean the RT will have some decent apps in the store? I’m willing to bet…no.

  • Death Dealer

    For all the people not seeing the video:

    • StudioMultimédia Gon’Interacti

      thanks, i hope the downvoter just burn in hell lol

  • roozbeh, again

    I just bought a surface pro and I’m using it right now.

    A fantastic device, hopefully the pro 2 will be just as great

  • Bennijin

    MS lost $900m on the Surface 1 yet they’re doing the exact same thing with the Surface 2. Definition of insanity.

    • Wael Hasno

      Lost on the Surface RT. Surface Pro was a success. I’m buying a Pro 2 for me and Surface 2s for my mother and brother.

      • tenbob1972

        i would not call 1.1 million unit a success. i suppose it a better figure than the 400,000 RT that were sold but remember Microsoft were expecting to sell 2 million of these things. to put that in to contexts. apple sold 65 million ipad’s last year and even google with the nexus 7 sold 5 million in like 2 months so i would use the word success so lightly if i was you.

  • tenbob1972

    and another one down ,and another one down ,another $900 million loss.

    M$ just don’t get it do they ,when it comes to tablets you have Apple ipad and Android tablets and that’s it . blackberry made that mistake with the playbook so did Motorola with the zoom.
    i have said it before M$ just don’t listen to their customers.
    they just create product that few people want and then stupidly think that we will all run out to buy them well it’s your loss M$.

    • roozbeh, again


      • tenbob1972

        no Microsoft are not idiot it just their lead by and idiot name MR Ballmer

  • baconcheeswhiz89

    the surface 2 is cool and all, and i like the little stand it has…..but does it blend?

  • theConstruct

    DO WANT!

  • Knives_and_Faux

    Microsoft seriously need to look at their advertising campaign on the first surface and do the opposite. I have a surface and love it but the dancing teenagers was the epic fail and cost you big in sales.

  • tenbob1972

    yes am aware that the zoom is an Android tab but the point i was trying to make is that it was a flop because of it price tag being much more than other Android tabs.

    now regarding the Surface RT:

    it had a 10.2 inch (1366×768 res ) screen and its internals apart from the amount of ram were the same as the 7 inch (1280X800 res) Google/Asus nexus 7

    internals are Nvidia Tegra 3 CPU/GPU soc chip and 2gb of ram /1gb on nexus

    the Surface RT £399.99 for 32gb model ( were the nexus 7 cost only £169.99 for the 16gb or £199.99 for 32gb

    so if you bought the 32gb nexus you would have around £200 left over and have a tablet that you could do just about anything on and have access to millions of apps .

    if you bought the Surface RT it would cost £200 more ,have only a hand full of apps ,and have a tablet that run a version of windows that can not run windows 8 applications.

    now if you looked at the Ipad (which is what the surface rt was trying to compete with) for around the same money you could get a 32gb Ipad 2 or a 16gb ipad 3 (AT THE TIME) both of which it could be argued are better tablets than the RT and with better build quality too and not to mention that the Ipads app store that is second to none.

    so if Microsoft listen to their customers so much how the hell did the Surface RT ever get green lighted it’s a bit of a no brainer if you think about it.

    in the face of the competition the RT has little going for it that justifies it’s cost and maybe that’s why it lost $900 million.

    o but am getting a head of myself here as i forgot to mention the Surface Pro and it’s bargain price tag of $899.99 .
    well before it even hit the shops Lenovo released tablets that although they had less powerful cpu’s they did every thing the pro did but with more affordable price tags of around the $400 mark. So did HP with it envy range and Asus has as well.

    at the end of the day it’s like this ,it not the hardworking staff at Microsoft that’s at fault, it’s the upper management and mostly Bullmer.

    when gates was in charge Microsoft did listen to it’s customer and made product that were practical and affordable .
    well Bullmers is going next year and am keeping my fingers crossed that the new guy restores Microsoft to the company that i used to love and that they get back on board with what consumers want instead of coming up with pie in the sky ideas and trying to sell them to there customer at sky high prices.

  • tenbob1972

    no it’s call rolling the dice and if they use the same pricing model they will end rolling snake eyes.