October 22nd 2013 2:10 pm PT

Next stops: Orlando, Atlanta and Edmonton, AB, CANADA

I have a bit of travel coming up this week, and some great opportunities for you to see and play some Xbox One games. Here is a reminder of the schedule of where I’ll be headed. If you are in any of these areas, I would like to personally invite you to join me to see and play some Xbox One games.

Plus, I’ll be attending the Grand Opening of the Edmonton Canada Store on Saturday …so if you can’t make the Sunday event, I’ll be on site Saturday morning as they swing the doors open for the first time.

Here is a list of the Community events this week . I look forward to showing you Xbox One,

Loation Event Date Major Nelson Xbox Community Meet Up Event Time
Microsoft Store Retail Location: Mall at Millenia – Orlando, FL 23-Oct 7:30PM – 9 PM
Area One: Atlanta (200 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30303) 25-Oct 1 – 4 PM
Microsoft Store Retail Location: West Edmonton – Edmonton, AB, CANADA 27-Oct 12n – 2 PM

There are more Xbox One Community events schedule for next month. You can see that list here

Xbox One By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • http://www.ReadyUpLive.com Greenskull

    Ahh Edmonton! It’s close, but I already have plans. Hope it goes well, Larry!

  • Jordan Dunn

    Thank goodness it’s the day after pitbull does his performance at the mall for the windows store opening. Was going to avoid it with all the crowds and screaming people, but now I will probably head out tomorrow night.

    • http://www.richalot.com Rich Alot

      I was under the impression it was tonight too. Traffic is bad enough without Pitbull so I’m glad it’s tomorrow night.

    • Gazza!!!

      Pitbull actually has screaming fans, yikes.

  • tabicat

    Major, why are some of the locations still TBD? For example, the November 2nd stop in Austin is TBD. I was hoping there would be a stop in North Austin so that I can attend, because the other two stops in Austin are on the other side of town from me.

    • tabicat

      Apparently, it’s not even TBD any more. All events in Austin were just cancelled! Why?

  • http://www.theblacktechreport.com Jayson Flint

    I was at the store today an thought you were in the house. Then I found out your in the office tomorrow, so now have another reason to come out to meet you. Take care see ya tomorrow.

  • Nathanzz

    So you guys are hitting Orange County before launch. Cool. I was worried L.A. proper was getting all the SoCal love.

  • GmailIsDown

    Sony already opened their digital preorders for the PS4 launch games. When can Microsoft do that with the Xbox One games?

    • Jorge Garza

      Is not like digital versions are going to sell out…

      • Liquidfx Xboxdude


      • Jeremy Mattsen

        True but I am looking forward to seeing any bonuses for doing so.

        • Jorge Garza

          Major Nelson posted weeks ago that you will get “pre-order bonuses” if you buy the digital game from the Xbox Games Store (Marketplace) on the first two weeks after release date.

          Also, every game is going to be available on the Marketplace Day 1, so no more waiting for digital versions.

          • Jeremy Mattsen

            Sure I knew that Jorge was just pointing out to (Nerd Rage) that this is the reason I am assuming the op was asking.

          • GmailIsDown

            I preordered all 3 Day One edition games (Forza, DR3, and Ryse). i’d be happy to switch to digital if digital offers the same Day One edition special bonuses.

          • Jorge Garza

            They will give you those bonuses IF you buy the games from the marketplace on the first two weeks after release!

          • GmailIsDown


  • Dasoulink

    Hey Major should we still be expecting a Xbox one surprise announcement this week or was that the Titanfall release date?

    • bill

      I think that came and went I remember them drumming it up also.

    • Death Dealer

      It was the Titanfall release date.

  • https://www.youtube.com/ButtonBros TheRedButterfly

    > ^ < Damnit!!!! I'll be at the Area One: Atlanta event on the 24th and the 26th, but I have work on the 25th. ; n; So sad that I won't be able to meet you in person Larry! </3

  • Death Dealer

    FM5 is 1080p and good graphics are more than just resolution.

  • beardyman3218

    Are there any plans to open up microsoft retail stores in the UK?

    • Death Dealer

      Yes, AFAIK there are a couple of small ones planned. I think I saw an article on Eurogamer about it some time ago.

  • Bk

    Can someone clear the air. Battlefield 4 release for the Xbox One on Nov 19….. Anyone else seeing the issue here.

    • Dylan

      EA is releasing their games a week before each console’s release. It is to encourage people to get the game early (either online or in store) so they can play day 1.

      I’d say this is useful if you’re using Amazon. Free shipping!

  • http://thenewtech.tv/ James Denham

    Heading to Orlando in 4 hours! See you there!

  • Jeremy Mattsen

    after reading a rumor? A rumor mind you that shouldn’t be happening since Mark Rubin confirmed months ago that Ghosts will run at 1080p and 60 fps on both systems.

  • roozbeh, again

    That is not how they spell my name you idiot.
    And now that you believe rumors are facts you are a complete idiot.

    • http://www.majornelson.com Major Nelson

      And these are classic example of the type of comments that I do not want to see. Personal attacks are NOT welcome. Knock it off.

      • roozbeh, again

        Sorry, knee jerk reaction. Won’t happen again.

      • Nate Welles

        But lying to people is ok? Whatever you say, God.

  • James Michael William Robson

    Sweet! Dealio.:D Maybe now I can show someone how to *properly* migrate saves from ‘classic’ Xbox to Xbox 360!

  • fastharryDOTcom

    has anyone on these forums actually played the ONE at an event?

    • Bk

      Yes, I went to one they had in Indiana. I got to tell you, it is an amazing piece of technology. Forza looked so sick. The detail amazing. Controller feels great.

      • fastharryDOTcom

        that is awesome….I really do think that the reviews on the ONE will be great….and I also think MS’s ability to write software and do different things with the ONE will set it apart from the PS4…especially a year or two down the road…

        • Bk

          Oh for sure. I believe Microsoft will be able to do a lot with this console. Better integration with smart glass, dashboard updates, ect. Very excited to see whats in store. The best is yet to come.

          • fastharryDOTcom

            yep, you get it…in a generation defined by software and servers…SONY has shown me nothing when it comes to those 2 things on the PS3….and the gap is gonna widen even more in the next 5 years…

          • Bk

            I gave PS3 a try and for me it just lacked so much. I don’t think their dashboard has ever changed. No cross game chat or anything really innovated. What i like most is the diversity of the Xbox service. People are complaining that they a focusing more on TV then gaming. I have to say that just opens the options for every family type. The gaming power is still their and i believe stronger then ever. Microsoft doesn’t need to sell me on the gaming ability because they have already showed me that they can deliver with the 360. I don’t expect any less from them. Anyone who plays Xbox 360 should know that by now. (Re posted replayed to myself haha)

          • Bk

            I gave PS3 a try and for me it just lacked so much. I don’t think their dashboard has ever changed. No cross game chat or anything really innovated. What i like most is the diversity of the Xbox service. People are complaining that they a focusing more on TV then gaming. I have to say that just opens the options for every family type. The gaming power is still their and i believe stronger then ever. Microsoft doesn’t need to sell me on the gaming ability because they have already showed me that they can deliver with the 360. I don’t expect any less from them. Anyone who plays Xbox 360 should know that by now.

          • gtx

            ps3 uses linux interface,so more diffrent vs xbox metro UI

          • Bk

            Did you copy and paste my post?

          • GmailIsDown

            it is going to change in PS4. PS3 dashboard sucks. it has a lot of great exclusives.

    • Guest

      I have, at Gamescom. Was awesome!

  • Jordan Dunn

    Went last night to the one in Orlando, I’d warn anyone going that if you are, get there very early. I got there after work and the line was 300+ deep. The policy for ms stores is to not have a time limit in the store, so after an hour and a half only 50 out of the original 130 had come out of the store. In the end the mall closed and well over 150 of us never got to touch a controller.

    • Bk

      Must have been the one you went to, and your location. The one i went to we got 20 mins. But the crowd wasn’t 300+. They where pretty good about getting people though to give it a try.

  • Bk

    Off topic- I just wanna say for those that have shun Xbox one. You guys are worried that Microsoft is more worried about TV then gaming, about the specs being worse then ps4 and several other things as well. Well, I am here to say you guys are gonna miss out on an amazing generation that Microsoft is bring to the table. This is just the start. Sure there will be issues at the start, but no different from anything else, just like ps4. The TV part is just an added bonus. Anyone who plays Xbox 360 now, knows that Microsoft can deliver gaming and the social experience. My question is why do they need to sell that aspect to you? You should already know. Well for most part I hope you reconsider you opinions and give it a try. I believe this console will be the defining moment for Microsoft and it is gonna be Xbox – One hell of a ride. Question is will you join us.


      I think its a matter of trust for the people how shun Xbox one and of cores the fan boy how cant see past the brand. To the gamer it was there handling of there policy before the 180 thy did. Give it time after the gamers see thy can trust MS again thy will come back. Me I was one of those gamers and at 1st it was, I’m getting the PS4 only. I did not like the DMR and was not going to support it, but now things have changed and I think MS did a good job of fixing things. Don’t get me wrong I’m still getting the PS4 but now I’ll have a xbox one siting wright next to it :)

      • Bk

        What if that DRM policy was in place to make games cheaper. How would you have felt if top games where $30 vs $60. Steam has DRM polices at look at the prices of their games compared to console. You guys jumped to consultation before MS had time to explain how it worked. Granted they did go about it the wrong way. Had they had more transparency at the time people would have gotten a better understanding

        • Dylan

          It wasn’t designed to make games cheaper.
          It was designed to decrease their value while keeping the same price, and to create an oligarchy on the games industry.

          It was very clever actually. Luckily it didn’t happen.

          • Bk

            I would like to see your source. Other then writers who think they know it all.

          • Dylan

            Most of my conjecture about the oligarchy is due to the pricing system they would have controlled, as they would control the price of the used market. They would dictate the store pricing, due to fees.

            Otherwise Steam, that’s known history.

            Also Microsoft has Games On Demand, which has had inflated pricing since it’s inception. 8 year old games are still 20 dollars. Also, Microsoft pulled that shady business practice with MSN music, and when they shut down the servers, everyone who paid for the music was ripped off. Guess what would have happened when the next Xbox came out.

            http://arstechnica com/information-technology/2008/04/drm-sucks-redux-microsoft-to-nuke-msn-music-drm-keys/

            Anyway, here’s a source about some of Microsoft’s intentions with the DRM
            http://www polygon com/2013/6/7/4406170/xbox-one-internet-trade-policy

            While I’m writing this, I should mention the TRUE reason for Kinect in every box, and the reason behind it originally forced plug in. Medhi was the guy talking on stage at both E3 and the reveal.

            “Mehdi, at the Association of National Advertisters’ Masters of Marketing Conference, in Phoenix yesterday, said Microsoft can see whether people are paying attention to ads and evaluate how their bodies respond to them….

            “It could have a big impact on pricing,” he added. AdAge agrees: “If even a fraction of likely Xbox One users could be persuaded to share data, the technology could create the world’s largest panel for measuring biometric responses to advertising.” ”

            http://kotaku com/xbox-ones-top-marketer-brags-to-advertisers-about-kine-1441807229

          • Bk

            I did post a link i wanted you to look at (or maybe already did) and give your thoughts on it . It was waiting Moderator approval, but i don’t think it got approved..

          • Dylan

            I read it. Hear me out here. An anonymous source isn’t enough for me to change my mind. Past history and Microsoft’s disjointed message is enough for me to see where it was going.

            It’s about trust here.

            Microsoft says one thing and means another. Microsoft means one thing, and says another.

            For example, years ago in an investors meeting, Microsoft told investors that Kinect was going to be huge to sell info to advertisers.
            Then Microsoft issues a statement that that isn’t happening, that their intentions are pure.

            Then Medhi says 3 months ago the same thing about advertisers! He basically showed off about it. So much for intentions being pure. I mean, how am I supposed to believe that anonymous developer? Trust is earned.

          • Bk

            Yeah but do you believe that for sure. Or is this something that every company of this sort will be doing. Facebook, Google, Yahoo. All these companies target you searches to sell you the ads. I for-see Sony doing the same thing.

            For all we know they could be targeting the gaming community, and before to long adopt ads as well. I haven’t seen the dashboard for ps3 in a while. So as far as i know they are or are not.

            Plus its not all bad. Most true gamer’s are on the Xbox all the time. If the ads where game related. It wouldn’t be that bad. Cause it is where we get a lot of insight for new content, ect. But like selling cars. Yeah, that’s just plan ridiculous.

          • PurpleBunny

            They decided against going with plan ridiculous.

          • Bk

            Can you explain that a little better.

  • Timothy Monica

    What you guys showing there? a racing game and two stupid games? cool… bring Titanfall and Halo! COME ON!

  • beardyman3218

    I keep seeing articles mentioning that xbox one records videos when im playing every 5 minutes can I turn this feature off entirely?

  • gtx

    is possible to release xbox one non-kinect bundle on DAY ONE?

  • gtx

    by the way according to EA official announs that BF4 will work on 1080p 60fps on X1,thanks to fronstile 3.0 enginee

    • I_Walk_The_Dead

      I would like a link

  • PurpleBunny

    I posted this on a well known gaming forum, and wondered if you would respond:

    “Will Microsoft reimplement the 24 hour check-in during the One’s lifecycle?

    There seems to be a fair few people, myself included, wary about the Xbox One due to their (former?) stance on used games and the infamous 24 hour check-in.

    The Xbox One will require an internet connection at launch, and statements such as the ones made by Phil Harrison (below) suggest they are still looking at implementing some, if not all, of their previous policies.

    “Microsoft has “really exciting things” planned for the Xbox One after its launch next month, corporate vice president Phil Harrison told Edge in a new interview. Despite policy reversals this summer, Harrison said Microsoft’s “fundamental vision” for a digital-based future remains in place, though the company has “reordered priorities a little bit.”

    “Our long-term vision hasn’t changed at all,” Microsoft corporate vice president Phil Harrison told GamesIndustry International. “We haven’t diluted our long-term vision, which is all of the benefits of a connected ecosystem and what that means for all of the stakeholders–us, developer, publisher, and crucially, the player. None
    of that has changed.”

    Taking these statements at face value and the fact that the Xbox One will require an internet connection at launch. Do you think it is feasible that Microsoft will reimplement the previous policies?

    Myself – I would welcome a press release from Microsoft that directly states there will never be a requirement to check-in for offline gaming during the Xbox One’s lifespan. I would also welcome a statement/reversal/reiteration of the policies regarding digital content – bringing back family sharing, trading, and loaning of
    digital content – and I do think there is every possibility that these policies will come back at a later date.”

    • PurpleBunny

      I’m not sure why this would be down-voted. It’s a serious question from an Xbox customer. Gamertag: danabo

      • Guest

        I didn’t downvote you, but I guess it’s because it’s been discussed many times before and we’re tired of the BS coming from GAF, where it’s likely where you posted this but are afraid to say, no?
        The answer is NO, that once in 24 hours check in will not be reimplemented during the life of the Xbox One. Why? Because it messed up almost 6 months of development time since the “180” and would do so again.
        When Family Sharing returns you’ll be seeing almost exactly the same system Steam uses, which is a permanent online verification of the license use when somebody wants to play a shared game. The sharer can theoretically still disconnect and play his shared game offline.
        You people at GAF got your wish when the 180 was made, instead of 10 people able to play a shared game with only a once in every 24 hour check on your main console, that has now been reduced to only 2.

        • PurpleBunny

          It was actually Gamespot, and I’m genuinely interested in opinions either way. Microsoft have IPs I want to play – mainly Rare IPs – but as stated above, with the console requiring an internet connection at launch, and with their attempt at DRM, I am wary of supporting the console.

          • Guest

            EVERY console nowadays requires an internet connection for updates and it’s foolish to believe MS was the only party going for DRM. Almost every digital store has DRM, without it, a company loses money. That’s just the way the system works.

          • PurpleBunny

            No, that’s the way they want the system to work. It’s a disc-based console, not a digital only console. The current model is working fine, judging by the size and scope of the industry.

          • Guest

            Why you’re getting downvoted is because we are laughing hard now. You’re supposedly saying the PS4 doesn’t require internet at launch. IT DOES. It requires the massive 1.50 patch to be able to do anything, otherwise it’s as barren as all the other consoles. It’s the internet age, DEALWITHIT!

          • PurpleBunny

            I’ve not mentioned the PS4. I have genuine concerns about a brand I’ve supported for the past twelve years.

          • PurpleBunny

            Also, my console gets updated from discs, as do many other 360s –

            Install from a game disc

            If you haven’t connected to Xbox Live in a while, your console software might need updating. If a game disc includes a newer version of the console software than you currently have, the game disc will prompt you to install the update when you start the game.

            Note If you choose to not update your console software, you will be prompted to update the next time you start the game. Some Kinect games require a console software update to work properly.

            This solution is provided for the 3/8ths of 360 owners that don’t connect to XBL.

    • boe2

      It’s a weird question because you got your concerns backwards.

      Nobody WANTS the 24-hour checks re-implemented. They want the trading/family-sharing re-implemented, even if it comes with the price of 24-hour checks.

      If we take a look at Steam’s family sharing (currently in beta) it seems there is no way around making being online obligatory. You can’t share anything with steam in offline mode: When a friend is playing your shared games, steam REALLY wants to check what the owner is up to. As long as you don’t use the sharing feature though you are free to pull the plug for as long as you like.

      It’s a compromise that could work very well for the One as well.

      • PurpleBunny

        How are my concerns backwards? I’m wary of them reimplementing the decisions they reversed. Microsoft admitted fault:

        “You told us how much
        you loved the flexibility you have today with games delivered on disc.
        The ability to lend, share, and resell these games at your discretion is
        of incredible importance to you. Also important to you is the freedom
        to play offline, for any length of time, anywhere in the world.”

        But their recent statements contradict the reversal, as they try to suggest the customer just wasn’t ready for their “vision” – which is incorrect. There was never a gripe about the policies for digital only titles. This is a question of DRM for discs on a disc-based console.

        As an Xbox customer, my concerns were valid. Specifically this part “Also important to you is the freedom
        to play offline, for any length of time, anywhere in the world.” Once again, Microsoft agreed.

        I also see no problem with reimplementing the check-in for digital content.

      • Bk

        I believe if someone wants to share their content with family. Then they need to connect. If you put it into perspective, without internet you cant do a lot. We would not be having this conversation if we didn’t have internet. The family share could be there. They just need to do it another way.

        For example, I order for the family share the Xbox must remain connect in the so called airplane mode. If not oh well.
        The 24hr check-in. I don’t believe they thought that through. Every console didn’t need to connect. It should have just disabled the share feature, but not the disc game.

    • roozbeh, again

      Well, they started to advertise the fact game lending and offline play is now possible. So I doubt it will return.

      • PurpleBunny

        I would hope so. I haven’t seen any official adverts for offline gaming. Some sort of official re-confirmation would help build back up trust in the brand.

        • roozbeh, again

          The homepage of the xbox site clearly shows it.

          • PurpleBunny

            “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

            “Found it – “link removed”


            Something from a PR rep, Phil Harrison in particular, wouldn’t go amiss either.”

      • GmailIsDown

        well they also advertised that microsoft points will never expire. now they do.

  • gtx

    xbox one can funcion without kinect as well,same as current xbox

  • Bk

    I don’t know about anyone else, but the function of being able to except party invites without having to stop what i am doing is gonna be nice.

    • Does Not Equal

      I except party invitations all the time specifically by doing nothing.

  • Jason Lafitte

    good luck going to this in Edmonton, first of all its calling for a high of 0 with up to 10cm of snow, the first snow of the winter, which means chaos on the roads. Second, its at West Edmonton Mall, which used to be the largest in the world, which translates into major crowds, third theres a free concert with a popular country singer, which means a boatloat of screaming fans.

  • https://www.facebook.com/iblamesocietyband TheSmugCanadian

    Bit of an odd road trip isn’t it? Two stops in the Southeast and then one in the Northwest?