October 25th 2013 9:27 am PT

Preview of the Xbox One “Invitation” TV Commercial

It will start airing on Television this weekend but here is a sneak peak at the new Xbox One commercial we’re calling “Invitation.”

Then head over to Xbox Wire for a bit more about the production of the commercial, or watch the “The Making Of Xbox One’s Invitation” below.

Warning: The one below contains spoilers if you have not watched the one above !

Xbox One By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • King_Acid

    We need to be able to play 1st persone shooter with mouse and keyboard on the xbox one without using xfps interface as we did on the xbox 360. The xbox one is a computer and it software can be unlocked for the use of keyboard and mouse. It’s up to microsoft to decide if they want pc gamers to buy there console !

    • Nick Peck

      No we don’t, just plug a pc into your tv and do it that way. It will be really fun and comfy trying to play with a kb/m on a couch / coffee table lol. They won’t do it for many reasons.

  • King_Acid

    And i have to say that PS4 is selling more than X1 at the moment in my erea and by far.

    • DerpieDutch

      MS still has not given us a launch date. Importing is no option because of warranty. So no launch in 2013 in my country, yet they seem to have enough One’s to give em away at contests in Northern America. Needless to say support for Xbox is getting less and less each day.

      • EldritchWarlord

        Launching in a country requires more than just having hardware available. It requires localization which can be a great deal of work (especially with voice controls). They can give away consoles in North America because they have the consoles available in English.

        I assume you’re from the Netherlands, unfortunately Microsoft is it seems still working on their Dutch translation. However since you seem comfortable with English you could import from the UK if you do not want to wait.

    • Nick Peck

      Just the opposite here, I can walk into 2 stores and pick up ps4 preorders, but the XBO has been sold out since the 2nd day they started taking preorders. It’s not the same everywhere.

  • bill

    Yeah just watched it twice wow buttery smooth just like babs!

    • Dylan

      Lower your expectations. It won’t be like that at launch. Just saying, lower them or you’ll probably just get angry in November.

      • bill

        If sony released that video it would be fact. They do no wrong!

  • Senses Failed

    This thread is about to get busier..

    • Nate Welles

      Not many people on this site browse gaf it seems.

  • Guest

    The rumors are swirling. Battlefield 4 will be 720p on Xbox One, and the rarely-seen 900p on PS4. Call of Duty: Ghosts will
    be basically the same, but 1080p on PS4. The list of next-gen game
    rumors and speculation over frame rates and resolutions goes on and on.
    And nobody’s talking thanks to various contracts, NDAs, and so forth.

    As Paul mentioned earlier, if there is a difference in resolution for the Xbox One and PS4 versions of a game like Call of Duty: Ghosts,
    most people probably won’t notice or care. The better textures and
    animations will make next-gen games look decidedly better than their
    current-gen counterparts regardless of their resolution. On a big-screen
    TV the difference is certainly going to be hard to spot.

    To be honest, I was among those who believed next-gen
    signaled the dawn of 1080p as a standard in video games. But if this
    doesn’t turn out to be the case, I’m not sure it will actually matter.

    More to the point, if you’re the type of gamer who really cares about
    resolution you should probably not be too attached to consoles to begin
    with. There are videos out there already showing Battlefield 4 running in 4K resolution on a gaming PC. That’s four times 1080p, all packed into one (very expensive) desktop monitor playing on a (very expensive) gaming rig.

    I’m sure it looks awesome, too, though my 1080p desktop monitor can’t
    really show me how good a 4k game looks on an internet video. Then
    again, I did see the Battlefield 4 reveal played on a decked
    out gaming PC and projected onto the big screen. And it was monumental,
    graphics-wise. It’s not every day you get to see (alas, I didn’t get to
    play) a video game at a movie theater.

    But I digress.

    The point is that consoles aren’t really about graphics. The Xbox One
    and PS4 will make games look much better than they do now, but they
    still won’t hold a candle to gaming PCs. In two years graphics cards for
    PCs will leave the new consoles well in the dust.

    Consoles are about three things: convenience, exclusivity, and the
    couch. They’re convenient because they simply plug and play. There’s no
    fuss. All games made for a console simply work without fiddling, drivers
    updates, and so forth. They have exclusive games that can’t be found on
    other platforms, and they are designed to be played in the living room
    or at least away from a desk on a television.

    PC gaming is much more diverse both in terms of what’s on offer and
    how and why people play. And one of its benefits is being able to buy
    cutting edge hardware and display games at ridiculous resolutions with
    graphics settings pumped to the max.

    To make a long story short, this is why I don’t think that any minor
    differences in hardware power between the Xbox One and PS4 will matter.
    If there turn out to be major differences, maybe I’ll whistle a
    different tune.

    In the meantime, consider building yourself a PC. It’s fun, not
    terribly expensive, and you can play some really amazing looking games
    at resolutions much higher than 1080p, let alone 720p. I think both
    next-gen consoles will have great things to offer, and both will likely
    be plagued with launch issues.

    It’s really more about the games than about their graphics, in my
    humblest of opinions, even though I enjoy amazing graphics just as much
    as the next gamer.

    • http://matejgottwald.wordpress.com/ Matěj Gottwald

      “To be honest, I was among those who believed next-gen
      signaled the dawn of 1080p as a standard in video games. But if this
      doesn’t turn out to be the case, I’m not sure it will actually matter.”

      • Nick Peck

        Yah pretty much. Like I have said since forever ago, I’m more excited for games fully utilizing physics that having cgi type graphics. Nice graphics are good and all but I just don’t care all that much about them anymore. I want full on destruction and the like, which I’m sure we will start to see a year or two into the next gen on either system (and pc).

    • boe2

      The games will look nice, we already know that, I don’t get it why people keep focussing on that. The Xbox One is promising some really cool features. Whether they can keep those promises is the big question.

      I really don’t care about the resolution of a shooter I won’t play. I care about voice support in my native language, how well kinect will deliver it’s promises in general. I care about how budgetfriendly they will be in the long run, how/if W8 app-support will be expanded, how well MS plans to partner with European content providers in the future. You know, all the frikkin’ stuff that sets the Xbox One apart from the PS4 with it’s social networking focus. If I was THAT focused on 1080p60, I could just stick to my PC, invest in a new 200 euro videocard every 3 years and ignore the consoles.

      For me it’s a big reason to wait at least half a year and see how this thing turns out in reality (because as a Dutch speaking Belgian, we get really poor support around launch). Heck, wait until we get some genuinely good games worth buying a new console for.

    • roozbeh, again

      Eric Kain is one really swell guy.

    • Nick Peck

      Except that the dev’s of both games already stated 1080p / 60fps for both games… so I’m not sure why everyone’s panties are in a bunch. Honestly I could care less, as long as it looks better than current gen and is smooth, that’s good enough for me.

  • ae69ae

    If the PS4 is more powerful, and cheaper than the Xbox One. Why would someone buy the more expensive and slower of the two?

    Xbox made a huge gamble with the Kinect, and instead of putting better hardware to play games better. They decided to put a less powerful graphics card, and a slower RAM chip and use the money to cover for the Kinect’s price.

    On top of that, the Kinect, incresed the console’s price by $100.
    Seeing how the PS4 is the better console. The Xbox One should be priced below of that of the PS4 without the Kinect. Xbox One should be $350 without a Kinect and $450 with the Kinect. But hey! That’s just common sense.

    This Console war might be close[in America], but the next will be all about the PS5. Same thing that happened when the first xbox came out. People knew that Xbox was better, but it wasn’t until the 360 that people moved from PS2 to 360. When X1 owners see the PS4 on a big TV, next time they will probably switch. This is just how normal people buy consoles–unlike everyone here reading about specs.

    • Nick Peck

      That’s nice, most people here don’t care about the ps4. No one comes here (that’s not a troll/fanboy) to talk about the ps4 since it’s an Xbox “site”. Move it elsewhere.

      • MrRadiolips

        What if you own Xbox Playstation and PC….am i aloud to come here?

      • Nate Welles

        So using your logic, Xbox fanboys/trolls talk about Xbox on this site?

        • ae69ae

          people like Nick don’t get that the real point of us complaining. isn’t about just trolling majornelson–major is good for xbox, it’s about us being bothered by all the common sense stuff. You can’t become an apple fanboy of xbox. They’re a business and if they want our money they need to do things right.

          • Nick Peck

            I do get it, but you don’t come to a site like this to complain, goto the xbox forums and enjoy. This is for FANS, not for complaints (though all “gamers” do these days is complain about everything). Also, since when will a games HD resolution ruin your fun of a game? Honestly, buy it or don’t buy it, most people here don’t care what you do.

      • ae69ae

        Or people that care about playing on a better system. At the end of the day, they can either listen to us or they can keep acting like everything is okay.

        I bought a Kinect when it came out and I never use it. It’s disconnected somewhere collecting dust. This is Xbox feedback even if I get the better console…which is the-you be the judge of that ;)
        Games must have a standard way of accessing menus with kinect. It seems like every game either makes you put your hand on your head, wave around, or do some other weird movement. Why? Make a standard way of accessing the menus. I think another problem is that it has no clue how big your TV is, so it also has no clue of the ratio of your movement related to what you think you’re doing.

        Anyways if you dont like the feedback, you’re only secluding your mind from reality. All you wanna hear is OMG X1 is sooo awesome! 720p is okay because it has great up-scaling. And the RAM is sooo fast because we made stuff more complicated instead of adding ddr5 we went with ddr3. EHHH! WRONG!

        • Nick Peck

          If it’s so wrong, why do the games look identical then? eeehh wrong again :D Why is this a Kinect feature with you? I said nothing about it lol. I agree there should be a standard for that but unlike all other consoles the 360 had the best start up standards, set it once in the system and every game booted up with your control scheme in mind (like invert / uninvert and the like).

          However, give your feedback on the Xbox site, not on a semi -fansite about the games and whatever…

    • EldritchWarlord

      Since Xbox One’s specs have been improved prominent game developers have said that they are essentially the same as PS4’s.

      However I wish to correct you on the RAM issue. DDR3 and GDDR5 work at the same speed more or less, GDDR5 is just optimized for solving vector computations. Basically PS4’s RAM is better suited for graphics. X1 incorporates an eSRAM buffer which serves to decrease overall memory access time, because of that I believe X1 actually has a RAM speed advantage.

      You might have a point in terms of price though. Xbox One is likely to have a slow launch due to being more expensive. However Microsoft is hoping that the console’s new features (which rely heavily on Kinect) will be in many people’s eyes a selling point worth the extra cost. I think they’ll gain some traction with that idea as well as Xbox Live’s reputation as “the best” online network. Sony has no such advantage, PS4 is unapologetically nothing more than a more powerful PS3 as far as user experience.

      That’s why I think X1 and PS4 will perform fairly equally in the coming months, one has interesting new features and one is a little cheaper. Though I will admit I’m no analyst (not that they really have a great track record either).

    • Nate Welles

      The short answer to your question is; Exclusives. There you go.
      If people prefer Xbone exclusives, they’ll go Xbone. If people prefer PS4 exclusives, they’ll go PS4 ’nuff said, it’s black and white. If people like what both bring, they’ll buy both.

  • Lucas Sanches Cestari

    can someone tell me where do you guys saw that xbox one will be 720p native?

    • EldritchWarlord

      There was a gameplay video that was in 720p resolution. Based on this some speculated that the game was only in 720p.
      Microsoft does not comment on rumors or speculation, so they never explicitly denied this.
      Thus in the eternally cynical view of rumormongers: “Lulz xbone 720p cnfirmed!!!!!!!!!111″

      • Lucas Sanches Cestari

        they never denied or CONFIRMED… at least now i know that those are all rumors…

        • EldritchWarlord

          Infinity Ward is already on record saying that CoD: Ghosts on Xbox One is in 1080p.

          • Lucas Sanches Cestari

            yiiiissssss, i was worried about some people saying that xbox one will only play games at 720p ^^

  • Hit Man

    Only on XBOX. I love it! I can’t wait to play Titanfall!