November 5th 2013 6:15 am PT

ID@Xbox Announces Free Access to Unity

Today we have some great news for Xbox One Independent Developers. We worked with Unity and we’re pleased to announce that, when released in 2014, the Xbox One add-on for Unity will be available at no cost to all developers in the ID@Xbox program, as will special Xbox One-only Unity Pro seat licenses for Xbox One developers in the ID@Xbox program.

More details in this blog post from Chris Charla, Director of ID @ Xbox

Xbox One By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Mr XBob

    Not only was it already super cheap to develop on Xbox One (versus the massive price of PS4 development kits – even for indies), but now this?

    There’s now no reason for independent developers to ignore Xbox One. If they do, it’s down to bias or Sony paying them to be exclusive.


      Thy dropped the price for the ps4 development kits it ant massive like it was on the ps3…. it ant free like xbox one but it ant out of reach for indies..”PlayStation 4 development kits cost $2,500″…

      • Fred

        It’s not the cost that is the issue, it is the approvals. Xbox 360 kits went down to $2500, but you still need to be a registered developer. You don’t want to give those away to just anyone….there’s already too much non-quality content as it is.

    • paul rolland

      Look what happened to Oddworld, hence why Indies don’t want to make games for Xbox

  • Mik3t
  • Skrilla

    Now just drop that Kinect as you’ve got no reason to be bundling one with every console

    • ZeRoLiMiT

      If you dont like the kinect why dont you just NOT buy the system or wait till a non kinect system comes out? Its an experience to have it. That why they are adding it on!

      • Skrilla

        There isn’t even 1 launch Kinect game proves my point it’s a waste

        • Mr XBob

          That you think Kinect is only there for games is concerning. Do you know nothing about Xbox One?

          • Skrilla

            I want a Games Console not a Entertainment system

          • Jeremy Anderson

            Get an Atari then. Consoles have been for more than just gaming for 8+ years now.

          • Skrilla

            I got a Smart TV no going to waste my time using the Xbox apps they’re pointless

          • Jeremy Anderson

            Well, good for you. But you do understand that you’re not the only one they’re designing for, right? There are other people out there that are interested in these things. And poo-pooing on them is quite ridiculous. The system plays great games. It also can snap in context-sensitive apps using voice commands, record gameplay with a voice command, let you navigate with a wave of your hand, or use head tracking so you can look into turns in Forza. It provides all of that while still retaining its ability to play great looking games. As to why it seems to bother you that devices tend to perform more than just one function now, I’m not quite sure… but your cell phone says hi.

          • Roberto Merino

            Do you realize smart TV apps are usually… umm… well.. not good at all?

          • tech

            you failed so hard lol.

          • Roberto Merino

            Buy a NES, then go to another website to post your opinions

          • Corellianrogue

            Ironically NES stands for Nintendo ENTERTAINMENT System, lol!

          • evilfangs .

            NES = Nintendo entertainment system. He doesn’t want an entertainment system :)

          • MrRadiolips

            Im absolutley with you. Seems the lack of gamers on this certain section is making it difficult to get your point across.

        • Jeremy Anderson

          Battlefield 4, Crimson Dragon, Fighter Within, Forza 5, Just Dance 2014, Ryse, Dead Rising 3… all using Kinect. Plus the entire dashboard is geared toward it. So… how did you prove your point again? Or are you just making assumptions about a thing you haven’t even tried yet?

        • Roberto Merino

          I think your assumption proves you are a waste.

    • Dan

      As a programmer the hardest part of writing a application is the fact that computers have literally thousands of combinations of hardware and software… well done to Microsoft for standardising the formats around the kinect (at least in the beginning…)

      • Death Dealer

        I just hope they shift some of the computational requirements off the main GPU. They could put it on the compute units as many think compute still has a way to go before it becomes truly the next big thing. MS should give as much of the hardware that is currently widely used to developers and worry about the rest later. If it’s true that the next cycle will be as short as 5 years, it probably won’t matter anymore for GPU compute to be a problem on the Xbox One.

        • Dan

          I like the plan, but when running the kinect as well, for the features like applications, the OS or even in game commands, you going to have a lot of background applications running and processing power taken up by the system…
          It worries me slightly that their only using DDR3 ram… I’m not sure what to expect in real world terms when the One becomes 5-7 years old…
          Can it really run so many systems in the background without having issues with latency… and what about the reliability of cloud processing… :/

          I suppose the only way to know is to ‘suck it and see’ and be thankful that being a dev is cheaper on xb one than on ps4… (let’s hope we have a market to deliver to after this launch…)

          • Death Dealer

            Judging by my Windows 8.1 PC going along with less RAM (6GB) and only 4 cores, it should very well be possible. But we’ll just have to see how it turns out.
            A lot of background apps can remain completely static with little RAM unless they are called for (like Skype for example), but even then RAM usage is low and CPU+GPU are reallocated for both instances on screen.
            I hope it gains traction among developers to develop for the Xbox One. Cost should not be a burden this time and I only hope MS opens their minds a little more as to what is possible on the application front as well so that we can see all kinds of apps very quickly as well as games.

          • Dan

            Here here…

          • StudioMultimédia Gon’Interacti

            i see no problem with ddr3 on my current render machine

    • roozbeh, again

      Is there anything else you can talk about?


      Kinect Kinect…. ether live with it or move on….. MS ant going drop it any time soon if at all…..

    • EldritchWarlord

      I’m glad MS is including Kinect with every Xbox One. Developers might actually find some nice uses for it.
      Like BF4 using head-tracking for peeking out of cover.

      • ae69ae

        Kinect is the reason why Call of Duty Ghost and Battlefield 4 are running at 720p. It’s hugging resources, I don’t know how much, but enough to renamed Xbox One the Xbox 720…

        • Tree Dude

          Kinect is NOT the reason. The PS4 has a higher end GPU, plain and simple. Please stop spouting nonsense.

          • ae69ae

            Google: Kinect is the anchor that sinks the xbox one’s resolution

            Digital Foundry dove back into the Xbox One and found that, actually, the console is powerful enough to reach that output and frames-per-second, but the Kinect is actually sapping the power the console needs in order to reach that desired output.

  • ungeheier

    Very cool, i just hope theres going to be a quick and easy way to find the games you WANT vs games you DONT WANT on the X1.

  • Thiago Façanha

    Nice. How can we join the ID@Xbox ? Being a windows 8 or windows phone 8 developer is enougth?

    • Major Nelson

      This page on Xbox .com will get you pointed in the right direction:

      • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

        Hello, “Major Nelson”.

    • M_1

      Unless you have recognized shipped titles to your name, you basically don’t have a chance at this point in time. The rest of us won’t get a crack at it until next year (according to the rumor mill).

      • Fingleberries

        Which makes sense, sort of. It means that priority is given to those devs that might be able to turn around something quickly for Xbox One because they have a proven history (or something to port).
        The rest of us will be able to join next year when Retail Xbox One units can be used as Dev Kits. :)

        • M_1

          I assume it’s mostly an attempt to ensure higher quality for the roll-out. They don’t want any of those idiots pushing apps that turn the controller into a vibrator, or the other obvious junk titles that somehow make it through the Indie Games gauntlet today.

          Personally I wish they’d opened it up to everyone, but restricted things at the deployment end. Between this decision and the big ugly cable going to the Kinect I’ll never use, I canceled the two I had pre-ordered. My 360s will keep me entertained for at least another year.

  • roozbeh, again

    Exactly when in 2014?
    I might know someone who is interested

    • Death Dealer


      • roozbeh, again

        Perfect timing.

        • Death Dealer

          That could still be as late as March though…;).

          • roozbeh, again

            I know, but it is easier for me to contact him in that quarter.

  • Death Dealer

    Excellent! Well done MS!

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

      Agreed. :)

  • Lucas Sanches Cestari

    ok… someone have to make slender for xbox one as soon as possible!! AND THE GAME MUST BE FOR FREE!!! WITH NO ADS!!!

    • Lucas Sanches Cestari

      i hate ads, specially on android, on free games and free apps,and gameloft… they are worst than activision to win money, with their freemium games… ok that’s all…

      • StudioMultimédia Gon’Interacti

        you hate add but you also hate to pay 1$ for an android game… you have to make choice in life ! lol not trying to rude against you, but most of the thing on android are 1-2$ and those developer really deserve it.

        • Lucas Sanches Cestari

          i know about that, but have you seen where they put their ads in the games or apps?? they block 1/3(or 0,5/3) of your screen and when you are playing a game like angry birds… you touch the ads alot of times accidentaly!!! IT IS HELL!!!

          • ae69ae

            buy the app you cheapo

          • Roberto Merino

            There are Android games that even after paying they still has ads. And also there are games that has no paid version to remove ads or stop the riculous notifications, like latest EA or Gameloft Games. It seems they get more through ads and collapsing your phone with notifications about new DLCs, than actually selling the game for money.

            And then EA wonders why people gave them the worst company award.

    • beardyman3218

      I would love a slender game with kinect integration, imagine peaking around trees by leaning and kinect reading your heartbeat so the game knows when your getting scared so the gameplay intensifies.

      • roozbeh, again

        THE HORROR

  • ae69ae

    Major, could you put a video or an article on how exactly the 300,000 servers are going to make games run better. A video would be great. Showing the difference with and without.

  • Caught_an_FPS


    • James Rock

      lol, I know. WTF did I just read?

      • ZEISMAN

        He talks about a German online shop. They won’t get as much consoles as they ordered, so many customers are very upset, because they will not get their console at launch.
        I think “entäuscht” (which is wrong German, too… ;-)) translated his German text via Google or something…

        • Roberto Merino

          I think he tries to say that the first eight consoles the shop received are day One editions, and the rest are standard editions. Maybe?

  • Death Dealer

    Off-Topic but Episode One of Ryse: Son of Rome – The Fall is out now.


    • Nick Peck

      Nice thanks, I didn’t know it was out. I liked it :D

  • bill

    First episode of ryse was awesome but short.

  • avi

    so all xbox one units are dev kits and free access to unity and the dedicated servers??
    the x1 should be a developer’s dream toy

  • John T Greene

    so glad im in the dev program for x1 cant wait to use this