November 6th 2013 11:07 am PT

How fast is to redeem a code on Xbox One?

Xbox One By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • ae69ae

    OMG! This is awesome. I hate typing in the codes LOL
    This is the Xbox I like.

    • GmailIsDown

      now just bring this feature to
      SHiFT codes for Gearbox’s next title

      • MrRadiolips

        That is what would make this a good idea.

  • Steve

    Any of you guys know if digital downloads are region coded ie: NTSC/ PAL… Son changed my region from US to UK on me and now I don’t know how long it will take xbox support to fix. Want to buy COD Ghosts digitally…

    • GmailIsDown

      you can change locale in the console settings

      • Steve

        He changed it through my account on the computer. Now if I go to purchase something it shows me British pounds instead of dollars. And asks me for a UK address. I purchased a digital combo codefor Ghosts from Walmart and want to make sure when I input it in, it doesn’t download from the UK and then be useless when my account finally gets migrated back to the US. Xbox Support is incredibly slow.

        • roozbeh, again

          Can you make a new account based in the USA?

          • GmailIsDown

            i think his son did an account migration across regions… and this is limited to once per 3 months or something. he could but he’d need to add money to his new account.

          • Steve

            Yes, but I want game attached to my Gamertag

          • roozbeh, again

            When did you exactly migrate to the UK?

          • Steve

            My son migrated my account on Monday thinking he could download game sooner since they are 6 hours ahead of us while I was at work… He didn’t know he couldn’t change it back. Needless to say he’s grounded now.

          • roozbeh, again

            Okay, well that is quite a sticky situation. Do best solution for you if you want the game now is to use an unconventional method via VPNs based in the UK. But you before you that, see if you can buy the game regardless of your region. If you can’t buy it you will need to either wait 3 months and lose all your money on the account and migrate back to the USA or use the VPNs or go to the UK and download it there. I think these are all your viable options to get the game.

          • Gazza!!!

            Lol I like your sons way of thinking.

        • Ash2X

          You can change it every 3 Months,so you just have to wait a bit.

        • Anex

          It won’t download it from the UK and the UK version would NOT be useless on your account. These aren’t region locked in the way you’re thinking.
          However, the problem is you will NOT be able to redeem that code because those codes ARE region locked and your account no longer matches the region of your code.

          I don’t know the age of your son, but I do not know why he would need access to the xbox live account via the computer and official password. Maybe it’s time to change the password. :/

  • ryder4life22187

    wonder if anyone will save this video to try to pull the code thru the video onto their kinect

    • MrRadiolips

      It was just used so i hope people arent that stupid to try.

  • Kazaam

    I´ll not use the Kinect, but this is realy cool. But I´ll typ the code in and I´m fine with this.

  • eAbyss

    About time!

  • Anex

    It is cool, as long as we still have the option to NOT scan things. It’s still nice to send gifts to friends online via codes.

    • Tyler Beale

      Look closely – there is an option that says “Or enter the 30-character code”.

      It would make sense not to, as places like Amazon sell digital downloads as codes. And hell, Microsoft themselves – as well as gaming sites like IGN – use codes in giveaways, prizes, and such.

      • roozbeh, again

        I thought they were 25 digits.

        • Death Dealer

          It still looks like 5 blocks, but maybe their 6 digits a piece now, I don’t know and it’s too low res to make it out.

  • Scot Mackay

    Does anyone know: When I make the move from 360 to XB1, will I be able to download my movies that I have purchased through the Xbox live service? I understand the games wont work (different architecture) but I figured the movies would. Just looking for confirmation. Thanks

    • Death Dealer

      Hi Scot, that depends on which service you downloaded them through. If they were through Xbox Video and were full licenses, then yes. I think rentals should do this too, but I haven’t seen any confirmation of it so far if those were Platform specific (in theory they should work as well).

      • Scot Mackay

        Thanks man. Hopefully we get confirmation soon. I know that Blu-ray quality downloads will be available but just wanted to see if my movies were coming with me. I got them through the Xbox Video so should be okay.

  • Roberto Merino

    Just as fast as QR codes have always been, nice adition though.

    • MK20051

      How about once you purchase a code online, it displays a QR code that you can use your smartphone to take a picture of. Then you can show it to your Kinect??

      • DrToker

        Or, just copy paste the code into your smartglass app.

  • Nintendo Tim

    I’m so glad this is going to be on both platforms; I absolutely DESPISE entering those 25-digit codes.

  • NicCage5000

    Cool…. makes me think though… how about a bar code scanning feature using SmartGlass as well, so these things can be redeemed via smartphone/tablet too?

    • Alphapapa

      If the phone can see a bar code it can see a QR code.

  • Andrés

    It takes 720 milliseconds lol xD

  • Jason

    I know this isn’t on topic for this update, but I am so confused as to why Microsoft continues to not think things through.
    You are, in video game media coverage and internet fanboy wars anyway, fighting for sales of your brand new console 15 days before launch. Fighting for hearts and minds…..and then Microsoft goes out and gives away things to only their “most diehard customers” and alienate any other customer who may be a die hard and play whenever they can, but just can’t get that gamer score that high. Why? Why not just make it random and include everyone? You know because you love all your customers and you want to thank them for supporting you….. I would have to guess that somebody who has been a Live member for like 7 years and has a 75,000+ gamer score aren’t the people you need to court at this point in time. So now, you just told everyone else that they just aren’t that important and aren’t worthy enough to be entered into a stupid drawing for unlocked characters….wow…I just don’t get it.
    Now, I understand rewarding long time members…..but it is the internet and video game news media…..this is like whoever that is on the Walking Dead feeding rats to the zombies at the fence. You are leading them to straight to your door and your people are already dealing with a virus about resolution and power.

    • BoA Wrath

      My mate got a code for unlocking all characters in killer instinct and he’s not even getting an Xbox one but a ps4. I’m a 10 year veteran of Xbox live and ordered Xbox one back in May and heard nothing. :-(

      Still looking forward to launch though. Booked the day off of work. The scanning of QR codes is a nice touch.

  • Andy Hudson

    my 2 cents (or pence as I’m from the UK)… Xbox one to me is going to be a game changer. There are so many new innovative features which makes this next gen more exciting. Can’t wait. Only 2 weeks to go!

    Anyone know how much digital copies of games will cost in the UK? I quite like the idea of telling my xbox which game I want to play without the need to change disks.

  • uss_liberty

    So how will that work for the countries that doesn’t have voice control, like you don’t allow Swedish people to use today? Not even in english.

    • Roberto Merino

      How do you think?, use the gamepad to go to the “Use a code” option and show the card to Kinect.

    • DrToker

      We will get Swedish voice control when the console launches officially here. If you import the console or buy it from one of the many retailers that are importing the Xbox, then you can still use it in English (the region will be set to UK or US however, until an update is rolled out for the Swedish region including Swedish language).
      I don’t know where you’ve gotten your info from, but it’s wrong.

  • Generik420

    That’s pretty awesome right there!

    Totally off topic of this, but does anyone know if NHL Gamecenter will be available on Xbox One at launch?

  • shawnpickett

    You know, when they first announced the Xbox 1 with it’s once every 24 hr mandatory check in, I was not interested, as I live in a rural region and going a couple of days without internet is fairly common. With Microsoft rescinding that policy, and cool features like this, I’m going to have to buy one of these…

  • Donald R. Valverde

    So glad I hate those stupid codes.

    • Does Not Equal

      I’m glad you hate them, too!

  • karlbacha

    this is the future

  • L4lefty

    Jeez, this must’ve been boring to keep doing over and over like that, I’ve been watching this for an hour now and he still hasn’t stopped!!

  • ae69ae

    Major, We should be able to add codes by reading them to the kinect.

    • Does Not Equal

      Because that would be easier than showing a QR code… ?

  • Korm Leam

    Well, I’m into the games for their quality, not for their graphics, but lots of games on the Xbox One have 1080p like Forza and Fifa. Many other games in 1080p are coming out in 2014 as well. About the pay walls, there was Xbox Home Gold as announced, which means you only need one gold subscription to cover all your accounts. Unlike in PSN where you need to buy a PS+ for all your PS+ accounts. Well, it’s your opinion about the Xbox one being the worst system in history, but at least they have lots of games (tons of launch titles), features and no original restrictions which is what I’m excited about.

    • Andy Hudson

      Don’t forget the PS3 has advertising on it’s dashboard too. SingStar the game was the first thing you saw when you view games.


      Ok, your right when it comes to the xone there is 1080p games and you only need one live account, But your wrong on PSN. Sony already laid out PSN on the ps4. It’s the same one PS+ account for all, with a few differences PS+ is only for online games, you don’t need PS+ for apps and you can play free to play games online with out PS+

  • roozbeh, again

    Congratulations, you have made a very productive use of your time.

  • Caught_an_FPS

    I’m glad these misterious paywalls are there, keeps people like you off.

  • Ted Summers

    Ferenc, you really look desperate. When Sony has you post a reply like this, they are basically saying: “Yes, we know the PS4 is lame but don’t pay attention to that.

    • Ferenc Illesy

      Are you saying Sony made me post? What proof do you have I’m connected to Sony in any way? Leave the baseless accusations for the fanboys please.
      The only console I own right now is an Xbox360 and have been on Xbox Live Gold for 3+ years so no one can accuse me of being a Sony fanboy.
      My issue with Major Nelson’s post is that it is basically damage control. They know their hardware is less powerful (20-30-40-50% doesn’t matter how much but it is) and they try to distract people from not being able to run games Full HD (which should be a requirement for next gen IMHO) with useless features like this. As I’ve said, I have an Xbox and I did redeem plenty of Xbox Live points, Live subscriptions and preorder bonuses to know that it’s a non-issue.
      Hardware performance is an issue. A “Major” one.

  • Ted Summers

    Dragzilla66, you really look desperate. When Sony has you post a reply like this, they are basically saying: “Yes, we know the PS4 is lame but don’t pay attention to that.

  • BigBernard

    So the Kinect has some use after all.

  • Salen Stormwing

    I think that’s probably the best use for the Kinect ever. Why hasn’t this every been implemented before? It’s GENIUS!

  • Brian Ghattas

    I’m sure this gif gave many young men here a rise in their pants.

    • roozbeh, again

      God, that is disgusting.

      • Brian Ghattas

        Why? Lots of males here center their social lives around Xbox. Talking smack to 12 year old boys daily in CoD supersedes all else.

        • roozbeh, again

          Oh, you meant Xbox.

          I thought you meant Major Nelson.

          • Brian Ghattas

            Yeah, I meant seeing how easy it is to validate codes. I’m sure they could implement this with Kinect and 360 right now but chose to make this a selling point with Xbox One. Though honestly, how many codes are you going to validate every year. 2 or 3?

          • roozbeh, again


            20 something, maybe more.

          • Brian Ghattas

            I’d probably only validate Xbox Live and the occasional in-box DLC. I won’t be using Xbox One as my entertainment hub. I already have a PC that does that already. I only want to play video games on it.

    • Does Not Equal

      It’s a Vine. Says so in the lower-right corner.

      • Brian Ghattas

        Whatever. I’m not somebody who worships social media and their apps like many young people and celebrity attention whores in the civilized world do.

        • Does Not Equal

          I don’t even own a smartphone. I just know what Vine is.

          • Brian Ghattas

            OK. I’m sorry for generalizing.

  • Steve Of The O

    Just like how they’ve blacked out the Sony logo on that 4K tv.. ;)

    • PawnSacrifices

      HA!! Didn’t even notice, sad thing is I did the same with my Mutiki system

  • Kazaam

    Realy, thats your answer, you small minded rassist.?