November 8th 2013 5:05 am PT

A look at Xbox One in action

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Xbox One By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • DerpieDutch

    Free Moonlightswami! (The first man banned on Xbox One)

    • Kieran

      He was great i followed his twitter last night. He replied to everyone he could and was very polite. Learned lot about the XB1. He was 99 per cent happy with the XB1 he played and was very positive before he got banned. I agree unban him, he actually helped Microsoft. But, i do understand why they banned him it could have been negative press, but in the end, it was mostly positive. Can’t wait for the 22th now.

      • evilfangs .

        Who is he and what happened?

        Edit: Never mind I found what was happening. He seemed to give only praise to the system I don’t understand why he got banned? Even Larry twitted him asking what happened.

        • Dylan

          A guy who received an Xbox One early. He started confirming every game’s download size and showing the dashboard.

        • Nick Peck

          They just banned the system from using XBL for the time being because NO ONE is supposed to be on it yet as there is still last minute tweaking going on. They don’t want early people getting on, finding something wrong then blasting them over something that is already fixed, but the patch isn’t deployed yet because again, no one should be on it yet.

          They already said that once it’s closer to launch they will let him back on, it’s just temporary. If this happened next week, they probably wouldn’t have cared as much since it would only be a few days away. Two weeks though is a bit much, so I don’t blame them from doing what they did. Honestly, if I got mine early I would have expected it.

      • Din Taylor

        That is something between MS, Target and Mr. Moonlightswami. Hopefully it’s a temporary ban till launch day cause i got some nice info and makes me look forward to the console.

    • Death Dealer

      I agree here. It wasn’t even his fault that he got it shipped early and didn’t badmouth the system. Come on MS!

      • Guest

        I think everyone is overreacting. Of course they banned him before the launch date because they don’t want anyone on it yet. This guy is not perma-banned. Just internet overreaction… the norm.

        • Death Dealer

          I hope that’s true and unban him on the release date. That would be fair I guess if there’s still some things MS is changing before launch and don’t want things getting out of hand with false info about bugs and all that.

        • Jason

          Tried to delete this because I replied to the wrong person.

    • Jason

      I think everyone is overreacting. Of course they banned him before the launch date because they don’t want anyone on it yet. This guy is not perma-banned. Just internet overreaction… the norm. They don’t want him on. That is all.

    • DarkMaturus

      Major Nelson has guaranteed Swami will be freed soon. Check his Twitter :)

  • fastharryDOTcom

    i’m kind of wondering, with all the hype of kinect…why he has to use the controller to go sideways in the menu from Pins to Games…

    • Mitchell Hall

      He doesn’t have to… . you can use hand gestures if you so wish . He just chose to use the controller

    • beardyman3218

      I think it was just to show people the controller is still there if you wish to use it.

  • HGamer

    About the disclaimer at the end, why the Game DVR feature requires the game to support it?

    • Death Dealer

      It has a developer toggle. They can enable and disable it at will.

  • Charles Walton III

    I think that was a great demo. They appeared more natural, and they showed off some of the features. I think that is what was needed from the beginning. It helps people to understand what is going on. And I like the features. I have enjoyed the 360, but at times I wanted it to switch faster. Now the new Xbox One improves that a lot. So that is really cool. And I’m surprised they’ didn’t show it, but I’m really interested in the snap feature. I could imagine having a game on one side with like a guide on how to get a difficult achievement on the other side. That would be great multitasking. But again great vid!! Just a few more days to a whole new generation!!!!! I’m really excited! Yeah!

    • evilfangs .

      Yea I agree with the snap feature. Many a time I have my laptop open with a map guide showing me features or treasure etc. Now I can snap that to my TV.

      • Charles Walton III

        Yeah I usually have my phone or tablet right there while gaming. So I think Microsoft was smart to notice that people do that and integrate that into the new Xbox One.

        • Nick Peck

          Agreed, I do that a lot myself so this will be a very welcome option :D

      • DarkMaturus

        I do the same for some harder to get Achievements

  • Greg Fellmer

    Great demo. Will I use all features? Not sure yet. But, the demo reinforced what I had hoped since June, that Xbox One will grow into an incredible system over time.

  • Ryan

    Will we be able to download themes for the dashboard from the Marketplace like we can now?

    • evilfangs .

      As it stands now, no, we can only use the black background and choose our colour for titles. I’m sure later down the road we will be able to get backgrounds

      ( Go away Google, trying to tell me colour is spelled wrong. Americans…. )

    • Nick Peck

      Like what evilfangs said, no for now but from what I have seen “around”, we will be able to at some point. Though to be honest, I don’t really care about that anymore for some reason :p

  • J A

    Did anyone else notice that when they brought up live TV it had pause, skip forward, skip back options appear at the bottom? Perhaps we will be able to at least pause and rewind live TV.

    • HGamer

      X1 is totally capable of doing that. It’s a simple feature of DVR machine, and X1 has DVR feature. The problem is just whether MS wants to do it or not.

  • Tim Lewallen

    It can interface with a DVR that you already have from your cable company. There is not one built in.

  • paul rolland

    Bring back the slide dashboard

  • Nick Peck

    Very nice, got to see it at the MS store on sat and loved it. Got to play some KI and Forza 5 with my son, good times. Two weeks is still do long!

  • Stephen Seymour

    Ok, I am American and my wife is German, will her account have the German channels and language support? Please say no…..I want the Xbox One the stay in the man cave!

    • evilfangs .

      Your account will have been setup in American English, and hers into German. So when each of you sign in you will get your own profile in your own language.

      Then it depends on where you live to what apps and channels you get.
      If you live in America you will get stuff like NFL and pizza app, but in Germany you will get European apps like maybe Sky player.

      • Stephen Seymour

        Thanks for the reply. Then it is the same as the 360. If you guys ever fix it where she could set her xbox home in her native home, myself and others married to someone from another country will have to share more or buy a second one.

  • Vince

    I refuse to watch this as I want to be amazed on launch day.

  • Scot Mackay

    Would like to see the NFL app on the UK Xbox one list, also shouldn’t some of these apps come under our gold subscription? The need to have multiple subscriptions + live does add up in cost each month. Would be nice to see a price reduction or some form of Sub-saver deal.