November 11th 2013 5:45 pm PT

How you can get your hands on a super rare white Xbox One

In honor of Veteran’s Day here in the US I was able to snag one of the super limited edition white Xbox One Consoles and will be auctioning it off to support the Wounded Warrior Project. This is the same limited edition console that will be given to Microsoft IEB employees and isn’t for sale anywhere else.

The winning bid will not only receive the extremely limited edition white Xbox One (console, Kinect and controller) but will also receive one year of Xbox Live, and a copy of each of our first party launch titles including Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse: Son of Rome, Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct and Crimson Dragon.

Bidding will be open until November 18th with all proceeds will go to the Wounded Warrior Project. 

Full details on the official auction page on Ebay



Xbox One By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Warablo

    If only I was rich…

  • StudioMultimédia Gon’Interacti

    no buy it now option ?

  • No One

    Xbox Luanch Team – “I made this”
    Me – “You made this?”
    Me – “I made this”

    That console and controller look amazing in white. To bad I am either rich or have enough to attempt to bid on it.

    • StudioMultimédia Gon’Interacti

      i wounder how the white is going to react to hand sweat after couple of years !? i guess that in 2013 we can produce plastic that can stay white dispite uv, sweat, etc.

      • No One

        Yeah, I got the silver controller with the turnable d-pad and the side of the contoller are already plain grey but I also have acidic skin so that doesn’t help either. But I play it everyday and it deosn’t look that bad.

        • StudioMultimédia Gon’Interacti

          i guess that if you pay 15k for a console, you don’t really care if it worn out, you just buy a new one. Or maybe, you will buy two x1 and you will never play with that white one… The white xbox is definitly a purple item with ethereal stats.

  • Seth Parmer

    Time to cancel my Xbox One and PlayStation 4 pre-order for this… haha

  • evilfangs .

    If only I was rich.

    • Dylan

      Over 11,000 now

  • Nathanzz

    $10,000. [exhale] Boy, that escalated quickly.

  • Nintendo Tim

    =Pfft. I have $10k in my sock drawer. Whatevs.=

    I’m getting a PS4 at launch (let the downvoting begin!), but I do plan on getting the X1 when Titanfall drops.

    Want me to buy an X1 right now? Let me buy the white X1 for a price that isn’t one that I can also buy a freaking car with.

    • winter

      I would so get this if I were rich… Why would people downvote you tho? Wait, the answer is simple… Anyways, I can’t believe how much it’s at already… It would be cool if he got one (or a few, 10, etc.) and randomly chose followers and those lucky people would win one. Barely anyone can participate in this auction. -.-

    • Does Not Equal

      It’s a charity auction. If the system were affordable to everyone, it wouldn’t do much for the charity in question.

      • StudioMultimédia Gon’Interacti

        he aint going to get downvote for ps4, but for misunderstanding the purpose of a charity auction…

    • Jorge Garza

      We don´t really care what console you prefer, 1 person more 1 person less, whatever! Xbox One all the way!

  • Jay

    people really bidding lol

  • Nick Peck

    Glad to see you guys doing this as it’s going to a great cause.

    • Dylan

      The Wounded Warrior Project is as good a cause as you can find. I hope this gets over 15K.

    • xbox_gamer

      and what did u do for this country to be able to say what you want and dog out people here. nothing. well some of us are vets
      your down vote shows your true colors

  • tabicat

    Please keep in mind that for rich people, this is no different than buying a normal Xbox One and a bunch of games, and then donating $10K (or whatever) to some random charity and then writing off that amount as a charitable donation, which many of them do anyway.

    • AlexFirth91

      True, if only I could this lol.

      • Nick Peck

        Exactly, if I had the means I would do it myself. Once I get my CC’s and new furniture paid off my GF and I are golden!! I hate bills :(

        • Nate Welles

          Cool story bro

  • baconcheeswhiz89

    11,000 dollars wow, so much for bidding lol…but glad its for a good cause.

  • MrRadiolips

    Good cause but ugly as fffff…..sin! lol

  • beardyman3218

    It’s OVER 9000! …. sorry couldn’t resist.

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t think the Xbone could get any more uglier but looks like M$ did it.

  • roozbeh, again

    Surely it would be a good idea to sell this as an SKU as well. I personally would rather have this white xbox one

    • evilfangs .

      I’d like that Zebra X1!

  • fastharryDOTcom

    i’m gonna laugh when the thing breaks…he sends it in for repair and MS sends him back a black one….I remember the RROD repairs….thats why I am selling my DAY ONE edition and using profit from that and PS4 to buy a regular edition ONE//

    • evilfangs .

      Day one edition and regular edition consoles are the same.

      It’s the achievement, and controller which are different.

      • fastharryDOTcom

        yep, I know….but if someone wants that special edition, it’s going….

    • Nick Peck

      So you need to come here and say this? No one cares, move along. However, I so hope the ps4 has a massive melt down problem just so I can laugh hysterically at people like you lol :p

      The XBO won’t have a rrod so take a hike please.

      • fastharryDOTcom

        you wont be laughing at me…I sold my pre ordered PS4 last night on CL…paifd my Day One…selling that and buying a regular edition ONE…

        • Guest

          They just took out the lights the

      • xbox_gamer

        But they are the only ones that did and it cost them over a billion dollars to fix. Don’t have an american company using chinese parts

        • xbox_gamer

          down vote whatever, Did you read sony wants Nintendo to do well but American Xbox , nothing, Ww2 for losing sabatage


      I agree changing out a intergrated motherboard that fast on billions of consoles your asking for issues with the system …they should’ve just delayed it so they make sure they got it right….but its all about the profit …think about how much they made off RROD …Ppl just went and bought another when it broke… remember the original Xbox Bill Gates had the company then and the console was solid…he ran that company right…too bad they forced him out of the company…


    11,000 seriously you could buy 22 of them for that and plus you know they’ll more than likely release it later on… but its anybody who knows about CPUs knows that integrating DRM into the motherboard and then only having 5 months to fix it its bound to have issues …millions not buying it because of that reason don’t want and x360 fail again…everybody switching to PC or ps4 and all the other are waiting for the next xone model to be released or Christmas 2014 ….but who has the cash to pay 15 grand on this…rich ppl and gonna use it as a write off….

    • Nick Peck

      I’m pretty sure from what I have read EVERYWHERE that the XBO is selling just as good as the ps4 so if you are here to complain about it, cancel your account and move on as no one here cares.

      As for the charity, why does it bother you who buys it? Jealous someone has more money? It’s going to a good cause so leave it at that.

      “…everybody switching to PC or ps4 and all the other are waiting for the next xone model to be released or Christmas 2014″

      Wow, exaggerate much? LOL. Get out of here.

  • Anonymous

    Guarantee they will make more of these in the future.

  • xbox_gamer

    Wounded warrior is a great cause ., Iv’e done some fund raising for them in FT Hood Tx.
    But what is more rare is seeing an xbox 1 to play at retail. Game stop has ps4 to play and xbox1 has a fake cut out behind glass

    • Nick Peck

      Or you can goto the MS stores and play it. Not to mention they have been doing this a lot longer than a few GS stores having a ps4.

      • xbox_gamer

        A few stores compared to thousands. As I said before never in the past have you not been able to see any system weeks out in many stores, Toys R us, Blockbuster, Hollywood video, Gamestop, Game crazy, Target, Kmart, Sears,.You get the point. Ps4 and wiiu was available weeks out to test out. Seeing the ps4 yesterday at game stop playing fifa(Dont like soccer) was amazing to see. Then I walked over to Xbox1 and it was sad not to see.

        • xbox_gamer

          The line was huge and out the door, guess what they were buying or still pre-ordering? MS has deep pockets and like Nintendo could make failed systems forever. I hope not. But it’s still odd.

      • xbox_gamer

        Your like a person that hangs on to the past. like the wii. You defend. but Ms blew it worst than new coke.I know you weren’t around for new coke. worst campain ever that almost killed coke. After all the debate and lack of xbox in stores the wiiu wil sell more in the end and they are dead. but the ps4 which i bought will kill the American company. Thats what you get for wanting not american made.They want the us to die. But its people like you that help it along instead of telling the truth

        • xbox_gamer

          Today fan boys kill the system. Truth helps them all and we need them all or its dead like 1984, They will sell 3 or4 mil like the wiiu did first 3 months and then die like the wiiu. they compete within there own systems. wii still selling and 360 and ps3 will sell over ps4 and xbox1. sony said they will release 300 games on ps3 by dec. 360 just doesn’t do anything. but theres 100’s of games over xbox 1

        • Ivanx360xpira

          Wtf you´re talking about dude?Who wants you to die?It´s all about videogames for Christ sake!

    • xbox_gamer

      fake down vote for vets what losers

  • StonerSmurf420

    Just has to be said…. that white model reminds me an awful lot of the original nintendo.

    • Generik420

      Lot of good memories of the original Nintendo

  • DavidinCT

    $11K ? Dam… Sure I would love a white one but, my wallet cant afford that one…

  • stephen sisemore


  • No One

    Have fun, I’m goona have to wait a while to get it, but at least I got some game DLC still coming to keep me occupied.

  • MacPh1sto

    So why isn’t the Kinect white? You’d think that since the controller is white to match the console that the Kinect would be too.

  • Charlie B

    Will the Day one patch for the Xbox One be live at 12:01 Am EST November 22nd, or do we have to wait for PST?

    • Anonymous

      There will be more than one update on the first months of the Xbone.

      • Charlie B

        That is not the question I asked Troll….try harder

        • Anonymous

          Wasn’t trolling. It’s the fúcking truth.

          • Charlie B

            See your just an idiot… seriously, look how stupid you are. I would kill myself if I was as dumb as you. You can not even read. WILL THE DAY ONE PATCH, not will there be more patches. This is regarding the required patch on DAY ONE, as in the release day NOV 22ND!. It is really a shame your mother doesn’t swallow, because if she did, we could have avoided this conversation. You waste of life.

          • Anonymous

            Someone has anger issues.

          • Brandon N.

            I believe that the patch is already up for download.

    • evilfangs .

      It will more then likely be available on the 21st at about 10:00 / 11:00.

  • Matt

    Buy a can of spray paint.

  • Brian Ghattas

    I wish I could make a bid but I live in Canada and are therefore ineligible. I would have bid $20,000. I have a deep respect for the men and women who fight our wars and allow us to enjoy our freedoms and be safe. I saw the UFC show last week and many soldiers suffer from traumatic brain injuries and they need to be given an opportunity to be rehabilitated at no cost as a reward for their bravery and valor in serving their countries.

    BTW, console wars don’t belong in this thread. Take them elsewhere.

  • xxmixedxtapexx

    Most of the time it’s a legal thing, I doubt it’s Microsoft deliberately ignoring customers outside the US

  • dracomilan

    Good cause, beautiful hardware. I’ll wait to buy a new xbox until a regular white is on the market (with a white kinect). See, all my devices (tv, decodgr, loudspeakers etc) are white…