November 12th 2013 3:43 pm PT

Xbox One Gamerpic Contest

Design an Xbox One Gamerpic and you could be a part of Xbox history. 100 winners will be selected by the Xbox team and Xbox Community and will have their art featured in the Gamerpic Gallery of Xbox One for players worldwide to select as their Xbox One Gamerpic.

Winning designers will receive a Xbox One controller to commemorate their win.

Interested? Head over to to get started

Xbox One By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Ilovegoogleglass

    I’m gonna try to do this…

  • No One

    Gonna totally start working on something. I love contests like this.

  • Beau Nidle

    US only… #SadFace

  • James

    Entered :D

  • tabicat

    1080×1080? How is that a Gamerpic? That’s two-thirds the size of my TV!

    • Miles Taven

      Well that’s what it’ll be used for, your TV!

    • shinji

      I’m sure that they just need a high resolution version for sampling and shrinking.

      • tabicat

        But if they shrink that image down to normal gamerpic size, then it will be an unrecognizable blur.

  • Miles Taven

    Please can we have some GAME related stuff! That would be awesome! Don’t understand why there aren’t any :(

  • cris178

    Fresh Paint for Windows 8 users.

  • Pasajero82

    Only United States Resident??? Thank you very much Microsoft!!!!!! ¬¬ I just a poor mexican boy!

  • Vijayant Singh Saini

    Lol That’s the same thought I was having after knowing what the prize was. A controller… -_- also, its hilarious to see blind fanboys giving the true statements like yours, a “dislike” lollll..

  • Vijayant Singh Saini

    As long as it meets size requirements, and MS contest regulations

  • roozbeh, again

    Damn it,why is it always US only.

    • Yanck Noel

      Damn you right, can we have at least a contest for other country or aera, like northern europe, southern europe … etc !

      • HerX

        How about whole EU, I don’t see them splitting US to separate states like they always do for EU.

        • EldritchWarlord

          Because the States are not individually sovereign with their own international trade laws.
          It’s a legal nightmare getting contests to go in multiple countries and the US has the largest population of any country they’re likely to want a contest in. Maybe if the EU was an actual country instead of a confederacy they would jump through all the hoops to get it in both the EU and the US more often.

          • HerX

            hm, but the whole EU idea started as a notion to make a trade union. For that matter I thought it’s a unified market on that side. Seems like there’s more to do on that side then.

          • EldritchWarlord

            The EU is a trade and migration union of it’s member nations. How any EU member treats trade with non-members is completely up to them.
            It probably would be better for everyone (more or less) if the EU reorganized itself as a federation imposing upon it’s members a unified set of trade and immigration laws. Most members are very hesitant to give up their sovereignty though.

          • HerX

            yeah, I kinda thought it was somewhere along those lines. Thanks for explanations kind sir :)

    • Martin Davies

      It really bugs me when “US Only” appears at the bottom of most competitions / articles! – it’s like the rest of the world does not use their products!

      • HOTROD25

        No, its like the rest of the world is run by crazy governments with too many rules and too many people trying to control the lives of their citizens. Don’t worry though, the US is headed that way FAST.

        • Dennis Fluttershy

          Eh? I can’t agree with a single word of what you just said.
          The reason is simply that Microsoft is an american company. A lot of paperwork to do when having it international.

    • Guest

      Yeah, it’s p*ssing me off.

    • tabicat

      Because Microsoft is an American company, and creating a contest in your own country is relatively easy. Creating contests in the other countries is more difficult, sometimes very difficult. It would have to be a completely different contest for each country.

      • StudioMultimédia Gon’Interacti

        i thought America was made of more than 1 country…

        edit: that being said, it is true that every country and even state have their own set of rule, making every contest a marketing nightmare.

  • Skrilla

    1080p Gamerpics but only 720p Game play

    • StudioMultimédia Gon’Interacti

      oh come on, get a life or something interesting to say please.

  • StudioMultimédia Gon’Interacti

    too bad this is open only in the USA, any chance to get skill base contest soon in Canada (including Quebec please) ???
    Major, can we still submit outside of US if we don’t care we cannot actually win a prize ?

    • redrabbit333

      I’d like to know this too! I submitted 2 designs anyway hoping that they can be accepted and I’ll just not get the prize.