November 22nd 2013 7:25 am PT

Xbox One Controller Design Contest

The Xbox One era has only just begun, but it’s not too soon to leave your mark on the next generation of gaming. Show the world your artistic talent and you could win up to $1,000 in the process. Your canvas? The new Xbox One Wireless Controller.


From now until December 31, 2013 you can submit up to 3 unique designs for the Xbox One Wireless Controller for a chance to win up to $1,000 and more. A panel of blue-ribbon judges, including Xbox Live’s Major Nelson, will sort through the entries and put the top 10 up for a public vote in January.

How can you get started? Visit the Contest website and follow instructions to download the Xbox One Wireless Controller design template. Then put your creativity to work designing the Xbox One controller you’ve always wanted.

Good luck – we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Contests, Xbox One By Jeff Rubenstein

  • Oscar Olim

    Is this open to everyone or is just US?

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      Open to legal residents of the 50 United States and District of Columbia, Canada (excluding Quebec), Australia, New Zealand, UK or Ireland. Hope that helps you!

      • Death Dealer

        Grrrr…why not every country with Xbox Live or every country that has Xbox One launched? ;) C’mon, a little bit more effort for that guys, please.

  • Anonymous

    $1000 is not worth it considering Microsoft will make a lot of money off of the winner’s design.

    • Caught_an_FPS

      ” win up to $1,000 and more”

      • Anonymous

        Whatever the “more” is I’m sure it’s still not worth it.

        • baconcheeswhiz89

          who gives?…would be awesome to see your design on the shelf.

          • Anonymous

            It would also be awesome to get a cut of the sales.

          • baconcheeswhiz89

            if you aren’t satisfied with it then don’t enter :)

            you can start you own business and make 3rd party accessories with all your designs and make all the profit.

  • Mitchell Hall

    Hey Larry aka majornelson I just wanted to say I got my day one edition last night and even though I preordered I still stood in line since 10 am yesterday morning and I am so impressed and happy with my xbox one its crazy. Every feature works absolutely amazing and ive been having a blast with ryse and just threw in forza and ive got to say looks bbeautiful I still have several other games yet to play my most anticipated being dead rising! ! I added you to my friends list it would be super cool if you could accept ;)but I understand if you can’t. . my gamer tag is Misanthropymask

    • evilfangs .

      We can follower Larry and he will still appear in our friends list. He would have to follow us back for us to appear in his.

      I also agree, I’m loving X1.

  • Skrilla

    $1000 REAL CASH or Microsoft Cash?

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      A Visa or AMEX gift card. Buy whatcha like.

  • beardyman3218

    How do I stop xbox one sharing my activity in the friends feed?

    • evilfangs .

      I tried to look in privacy but couldn’t see it. Maybe if you appear offline it might stop your activity in friends list. ( short term solution )

  • Ganon255

    Great launch, Major! I love it when I say, “Xbox, On” and my receiver, TV, cable box, and Xbox all turn on.

    Do you know when those free Killer Instinct unlock emails are coming?

    • fastharryDOTcom

      so if you leave the xbox on standby….are you still able to manually used the remote on your cable box and TV?….In other words, does the HDMI pass through if the xbox is off or in standby?

      • Ganon255

        I am not sure if it does pass through while in standby, but you can use your regular remotes like normal and if you can a universal, like I do, I found it best to program a mixture of xbox/cable/receiver/tv commands into. I can access my DVR via the console, which is great.

  • evilfangs .

    Will Microsoft be patching in the ability to play music in the background while playing games? This was on the Xbox 360 but not on X1?

    Only way I know to do it atm is snap music, then turn the volume down on the game. I don’t want to do this.

  • Chris Breseman

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the XBox One!!!! I can’t wait to see the future of it and how it improves over it’s already great launch!!!

  • Scazza

    If I’m reading this right, there is a prize for the best use of the “Fresh Paint” app that comes loaded on Windows 8 systems. However I can’t seem to get that app to open any of the templates (seems it only reads .png files) and in the submission faq it says they ONLY accept submissions in .jpg or .pmp file types, of which Fresh Paint doesn’t save. So how does one win this prize?!

    • DrToker

      Have you updated to Windows 8.1? Maybe you need the updated Fresh Paint?

    • baconcheeswhiz89

      did you extract the folder before you tried opening it in paint?

      open up “file explorer” and search for the template you downloaded, highlight the file, right click and hit extract, then drag the template to the desktop, open up paint, and open the template from your desktop.


  • Steve

    All I want to know is, where are these dedicated servers these games were supposed to have? 300,000 new servers my a$$. Power of the Cloud, lol… Such bologna….

    • evilfangs .

      Which games are these you think don’t have dedicated servers?

      It’s also up to the developers to use these servers.

      • baconcheeswhiz89

        need for speed rivals

        • evilfangs .

          I swear I heard the outside Xbox team talking about dedicated servers with that game.

    • Voreo Sabrae

      Blame the people who didnt want the DRM, the original XBL architecture was based around that, somethings are delayed because of whiners

  • beardyman3218

    I received my xbox one yesterday. Im really enjoying it but some things really need changing, allow us to manage our own game saves and delete files such as dlc and view what is currently downloading. Allow us to choose whether we want to save games to the cloud or to the hard drive.

    • evilfangs .

      Go into your “My games and apps” to see what is downloading / installing.

      To delete DLC you need to go to “My games and apps” hit the menu button ( start ) on the game then select “show all add-ons” then on the DLC hit menu again and the uninstall DLC screen will be there.

      The same can be done to delete games and show how much each game takes up. “My games and apps” menu on selected game and uninstall.

      I don’t know where are game saves go yet, and don’t know if we can select save to cloud or hard drive.

      • beardyman3218

        Thanks evilfangs the dashboard seems to hide stuff more than make it available for you to see, hopefully this changes over time.

        • evilfangs .

          No problem.

          Seems like Microsoft likes to hide stuff. I had manually search for some apps as they weren’t even showing up on the app page.

          • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

            Its “easter Eggs” we gotta find them

          • Anonymous

            Do you even know what an easter egg is?

          • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

            Do you know Sarcasm is ?

  • evilfangs .

    Does anyone know how I can check to see if my TV supports 30 / 36 bits per pixel in the colour depth settings? To me when I change the settings it looks the same be it 24 bits per pixel or the highest 36.

  • roozbeh, again

    Congrats on the one million units sold, I didn’t think you’d make that milestone this soon

  • roozbeh, again

    So, how are the xbox ones people? Any issues or inconveniences?

    • Does Not Equal

      The controllers need some unique designs.

      • roozbeh, again

        We meet again…

    • evilfangs .

      Small details are wrong but nothing major.

      Small details being no battery indicator to tell if and when we need to charge our controller.

      It doesn’t tell us how much space we have used up on our hard drive.

      Nothing major my end tbh, and everything I dislike can be patched.

    • Ivanx360xpira

      No problems for me. Everything working really fine. Initial update worked at the first time and took for me about 5min (no problem to connect xbox live). Some tension when the system booted the first time (took about 2min) but worked fine. The system is solid, for now I didn´t experienced any freezing or overheating. It´s fast, very fast. The system is super quiet (it´s barely audible) and runs cooler than my 360. kinect is not 100% accurated but it´s VASTLY improved than the first version, snap works like a charm, and “use a code” works just like MN showed. Blu-ray drive is very quiet and took about 10-15min of instalation to run the game. I didn´t test TV stuffs once I´m not going to use it right now. I was able to change the region to download Dead Rising 3, it worked, I hope they keep this once one of my complaints with 360 was limited region content (games).
      The UI is clean and fast but several points (in my opinion) need to be polished. I think achievements interface needs to be improved as well notification system (once you get no notification when yours friend sign up, and no battery indication for controller). Some features seem to be hidden in the system, I was wondering if the system continues to download games while on instant-on mode, is seems not, because I noticed no progress in DR3 while the system was in this mode, I also didn´t find an option to enable downloading while in this mode…if I´m right this needs improvements. There is a lot of things I still need to learn about the system. I really enjoying it and in my opinion it has a HUGE potential.

      • evilfangs .

        Do you find that the Kinect actually runs hotter then your X1? My X1 is super cool, I think Microsoft could have put the brick in the box if they wanted.

        • Dylan

          I think the box is big enough as it is.

      • Anonymous

        Ever heard of paragraphs?

    • PawnSacrifices

      I had some issues (mainly due to a bad internet connection at the time) but had an installed game frozen at launch screen, I tried opening another game to ‘unblock’ it but it froze every game & app from opening. (Started working after some resets) but,
      Q, does anyone know how to clear the cache on xbox one?
      Or where to find the HDD, so I can uninstall ‘selected’ games or apps?

      I know on the 360 it could be done thru the system options or the cache cleared by a series of buttons being pressed and held on the controller, but I cannot find the options for the X1.

      • evilfangs .

        No place to view our hard drive or what space we have / used yet. So I guess without that we can’t also clear cache too.

        To uninstall games and apps you have to go into “my games and apps” then hit menu on the selected game or app you want to uninstall.

        • PawnSacrifices

          Yeah, I did do that. Tho a 40gig re-install is a pain in the A.
          Hopefully the HDD function will be opened up for us, if I were to make room down the track, for a new game I’d like to delete only an old games map packs etc rather than remove the whole lot.

          • evilfangs .

            You have to hit start on the game then go to DLC to delete the games DLCs.

  • Pegelo

    How do u get a free KI code?

    • evilfangs .

      Are you talking about the free demo or the free full game that most “loyal” fans for in their email?

      • Pegelo

        What defines loyal?

        • evilfangs .

          Nothing, it’s just a way for Microsoft to give out copies of KI to random people.

          I know a friend who got KI with less games, gamersocre, two years on Xbox live and aren’t even getting the X1 who got KI.

          Yet my £10k+ spent on games, points, 6 years live, over 60k gamerscore and brought day one X1 didn’t even get KI.

          • Pegelo

            I know how u feel with 8 years instead of 6

          • Anonymous

            By “royal” they mean new xbox users and those on sliver memberships. They only gave that away as an extra encouragement to buy the Xbone.

  • Trag3dy

    Hopefully the design comes with a rework for the body. Microsoft screwed those of us who preferred the “Duke” already when they made the S controller and carried it over to the 360. This new one is borderline unusable. I have to hold it in an incredibly awkward way to be able to do anything with the shoulder buttons. Yet another, FAIL, Microsoft.

    • evilfangs .

      I found the RB / LB awkward at first due to where my finger placements were but I have got used to it now and it just feels like a better 360 controller to me.

      • Trag3dy

        Unfortunately, I can’t shrink my hands. Altering my finger placement makes the RB/LB buttons easily reached… while simultaneously making the controller even more uncomfortable to hold.

    • TonyLN

      So they should make the default controller right for you and not the other 99%?
      The controllers have to work for the average not the exceptions, they also have to work for women and kids… The size of the controller is just about right; or maybe spot on considering how money time and money MS put into creating them.

      The fact is that last gen (360) companies didn’t making controllers larger than the S controller (but you could find ones smaller). This should tell you that consumers like the smaller controllers and there is not enough interest in larger controllers to warrant production.

      If you REALLY feel that a larger controller would be better and think there are people out there that agree with you — plan it out and start a Kickstarter campaign and get a product on the market that resembles the Duke (could make you a decent amount of cash if you are right). Or if you are not that ambitious contact some of the 3rd party companies out there that make controllers and try to convince them to do it.

      • Trag3dy

        No, they should have left the controller alone that “99%” (nice arbitrary percentage btw) already enjoyed. There’s always this feeling that, because something is “new,” everything needs changing. Except it’s really bad, really stupid logic and it leads to this sort of problem.

        As for what they SHOULD do, they should have left things the way they were when the Xbox was originally released and the “S” controller was released, at which point you could buy the “Duke” or the “S” controller. Now, you may feel free to THINK that the size of the controller is “just about right,” but you’d be wrong. Opinions do not equate to fact.

        And actually, the fact of the matter is that companies did in fact make controllers that were larger than the S controller. Also, skins were made specifically to make the controller a little “larger.” I should know, because I have one. Better to have your facts straight before peddling this brand of nonsense you’re trying to push off.

        Also, it goes without saying that there are people out there who agree with me. There are posts in many places by people even with “average” hands who just don’t like the new controller design. Complaining primarily about, you guessed it, the awkward shoulder buttons. Also, seeing as I doubt you’ve been around the Xbox brand as long as I have, I’ll go ahead and inform you that plenty of people complained when the “Duke” was done away with. So I’d say it’s pretty obvious there are people who agree with me.

        Now, as much as I like to sometimes waste what little free time I have doing random things, one thing I won’t be wasting it on is trying to pitch something to random companies about something that will, more than likely, be done again as it has in past generations. Which is of course, one way or another, making a larger controller.

        For future reference though, smartassery is usually best reserved in situations where experience is on your side. Clearly, this is not one of those situations.

  • Anonymous

    You’re so sad.

  • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

    Was trying to find this myself it looks like for now it not there, I can’t even looking at xbox 360 history.
    my guess is there still upgrading parts of the site

    • Kenzibit

      Thanks Lee

  • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

    I think reason you can’t see anything is they wont be on yet plus they will likely look at the images and make sure there age appropriate