November 26th 2013 6:00 am PT

Xbox 360 Game Store Black Friday sales

We’ve got so a lot of stuff on sale for the US Thanksgiving Holiday so we thought we’d start today. We’ll also have more deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday that you’ll see further down this post. Since Xbox Live has moved to local currency for Xbox Live Game store purchases, I’ve just included the percent off for each offer.  Check your local version of or your Dashboard for pricing in local currency. More on

Be sure to check out the Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers that are one day only

Update: There are some good deals on Xbox Video. See that list here.

If you can’t see the video list at the bottom of the post, here is a direct link to list I created.

Persistent Week-long Offers (26, Nov. – 2, Dec.)
Content Type % off
The Bureau XCOM Declassified Games on Demand 67%
Deadpool Games on Demand 40%
God Mode XBLA 50%
Skyrim Games on Demand 50%
Skyrim: Dragonborn Add-on 50%
Skyrim: Dawnguard Add-on 50%
Fallout 3 Games on Demand 50%
Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta Add-on 66%
Fallout 3: Point Lookout Add-on 66%
Fallout 3: The Pitt Add-on 66%
Fallout 3: Operation: Anchorage Add-on 66%
Fallout 3: Broken Steel Add-on 66%
Wolfenstein 3D XBLA 75%
The Cave XBLA 75%
Rockstar Table Tennis Games on Demand 66%
Tomb Raider Games on Demand 50%
Sleeping Dogs Games on Demand 38%
Mark of the Ninja XBLA 66%
Mark of the Ninja Special Edition Add-on 66%
Runner 2 XBLA 50%
Sacred Citadel XBLA 50%
Deadblock XBLA 75%
Motocross Madness XBLA 75%
Dust XBLA 66%
Metro Last Light Games on Demand 50%
Puzzle Quest Challenge of the Warlords  XBLA 70%
Puzzle Quest Galatix  XBLA 57%


Black Friday 1-Day Offers (29, Nov. only)
Content Type % off
Diablo III (US, CA & MX only)  Games on Demand 33%
WWE 2K14 Games on Demand  Games on Demand 33%
WWE 2K14 Accelerator DLC  Add-on 50%
Halo 4 Champions Bundle  Add-on 50%
Rayman Legends Games on Demand 50%
Magic 2014 XBLA 50%
Spider-Man: Edge of Time Games on Demand 67%
Spider-Man: Friend or Foe Games on Demand 67%
Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Games on Demand 67%
Spider-Man: Web of Shadows  Games on Demand 67%
X-Men: Destiny Games on Demand 50%
X-Men: Origins Wolverine Games on Demand 67%
X-Men: The Official Game Games on Demand 67%
Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisien Games on Demand 66%
Onechanbara  Games on Demand 80%


Cyber Monday 1-Day Offers (2, Dec. Only)
Content Type % off
Far Cry Blood Dragon XBLA 75%
Red Dead Redemption Games on Demand 75%
The Witcher 2 Games on Demand 75%
Dark Souls Games on Demand 75%
BattleBlock Theater XBLA 67%
Rayman Origins Games on Demand 50%
L.A. Noire Games on Demand 75%
Fast and Furious: Showdown  Games on Demand 75%
Men in Black: Alien Crisis Games on Demand 75%

If you are in the US or Canada, you can save on the following video content

Deal, Xbox 360, Xbox Live By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • StudioMultimédia Gon’Interacti

    well they gave a game to what they called “loyal member” forgeting a great load of long-time member and they also gave a game to those lucky/unlucky who got a deffective drive. (i wish mine was broken too lol)

    • evilfangs .

      Some people have got three free games.

      Fifa 14 / Forza 5 then KI and another Microsoft title for having broken console.

  • Tim

    While these deals are pretty good, a lot of these games were a part of the weekly summer sale (like Dark Souls and Witcher 2). The best deals are probably WWE 14 and Diablo because they’re relatively new. Anyone who hasn’t gotten RED DEAD or TOMB RAIDER should definitely get them, both beautiful games.

  • Skrilla

    Is there any way to auto log in when you turn on Xbox One without the nsa kinect plugged in?

    • evilfangs .

      You do realize while you browse the internet all your details of what you do is going straight to your ISP and any government agency that so wishes to get it’s hand on it? And that when you entered all your details and made a Microsoft account to play on your 360 / X1 that Microsoft can already see what you’re doing online? Also that every smart phone is tracked by GPS and you’re watched by at least 200 CCTV cameras each and every day you leave your house.

      Seriously, if you’re going to be a paranoid head at least do it correctly.

      • HGamer

        Yeah, if so afraid of NSA, stop using your cell phone now. (Turning it off is not enough. You need to remove the battery.)

        Kinect does not follow you into meeting or toilet or bedroom. Your cell phone does.

        • Nick Peck

          Exactly, every time you use certain words while talking on the phone it will get recorded and listened to lol. It’s amazing at how much most people really don’t know about how things work in the real world.

        • Skrilla

          Don’t own a cell phone and I use a VPN

        • Ärmätèsz

          There are phones out there that you take the battery out of it that it still functions for a long while.

    • CoonDaddy

      Not with those tits.

    • Michael Burden

      Since there is no such thing as a “nsa kinect”, you just have to hook it up as recommended with the included Kinect – and start taking your medication again.

  • TheRequiem95

    Can we use our account balances online yet? I’m away from my console for the holidays and I don’t want to enter a credit card if I don’t have to. I have account credit. This new way of doing things on the web site irks me quite a bit.

    • MobileVortex

      You can at least in the xbone store, havent tried for the 360

  • MobileVortex

    How you figure?

    • Nick Peck

      Because MS is the “ONLY” company that has DLC for their games, so he thinks you just buy the partial game and have to buy all of the DLC to make it a full game. Which is total BS as they have explained how it all works and the DLC is not needed for anything.

      Typical fantard that never bothers to read and update their info before spouting off and looking stupid. His name pretty much says it all. Wonder if he realizes how much all of the F2P games can cost you on the ps4 lol.

  • CoonDaddy

    Can’t wait for Men in Black: Alien Crisis

  • Money$oft really?

    this is disappointing as always

    • Guest

      Only for $0N¥ Paupers, like you.

      • Money$oft really?

        I only own an xbox, fanboy

  • CoRaMo

    I’m going to cry.

  • Lunalicrichard

    Are these sales are only for the US ???? Or can Europe have a go as wel ?

    • Kokuyama

      Just follow the links to the store and you’ll see. It seems the sale is worldwide except Diablo III

      • Lunalicrichard

        Okay ,thanks !

  • Elan Gabriel

    For all of you saying that they won’t discount X1 games because they’re new – Amazon took 10$ off… If Amazon can do it, so can Microsoft.

    By not doing that, they’re making me – again – choosing disc over digital, it’s the same 360 dance again. In order to prove that the digital copies are as good – if not better – than the disc based copies, they need to treat it as a first class citizen.

    Why would I choose a non-transferable, 10$ higher copy of the game ?

    • Kokuyama

      I Agree. digital should always be cheaper, even the cost for the publisher is way less with digital distribution. And the value for player is less.

    • BlinkFandango

      Hopefully Amazon comes out with a digital store for XBL like they did with PSN. They match the digital prices with the disc prices, so any deals would be for both.

  • gerblanski

    Well, looks like my wallet is saved for the steam sales then.

  • E.Nich

    I guess it’s time to get Fallout 3 + DLC, and… AMY.

    • マリオ

      I’d stay away from Amy. I’ve bought so many game at a good deal that I don’t even like just because it was such a good deal. I have yet to even play those games for more than 10-15 mins.

      • E.Nich

        Yeah, I’ve heard that many times. A patch was released though, so I guess that must be playable. Thanks for the advice.

        • Vinícius Nunes Menti

          I played Amy’s trial after the patch, but it is still laughable. Better checkpoints, no glaring bugs (in the trial), but still a joke of a game.

  • Meadowlark Lime

    The different markets have different pricing and currencies so the percentage is the simpler way to go. Very global of Major.

  • Nick Peck

    Maybe most people don’t mind spending a few $ more for digital copies?? Not everyone likes physical media.

  • Legion

    feedback always appreciated

  • Jamie Putnam

    Nothing for me here.

  • José Netto

    can you guys (who played it) give me some feedback about Dragon’s Dogma… been very insterested in it…

    • マリオ

      Someone give us some feedback please.<3

    • Dylan Davis

      Good game Imo. Kind of a beat um up rpg. I think it’s good for 66% off. Any particular thing you’d like to know about the game.

  • x$NIPERx

    Good sale but of course I was hoping for a game that isn’t on the list. GTA V. I already own the disc copy of course but I so would of bought that even at 10% discount. Heck 5% discount. You know what I’ma go ahead and buy it at full price again… As for whats on sale I’ll have to hold out till Monday and download Red Dead Redemption, The Witcher 2 and Dark Souls. Hmmm… I might go ahead and get that Halo4 bundle as well. Ah, black Friday.

  • José Netto

    3rd time trying to post..

    this time around it came out really early…

    Games w Gold December – Gears of War & Shoot Many Robots

    expecting at some point for Alan Wake… maybe another time :)

    • マリオ

      Everyone I know has Gears of War or is trying to get rid of it. haha

      • José Netto

        quoting “usrev”

        hello, I really liked the game. and the sale is for the dark arisen addition which has a big expansion pack included.

        the gameplay is sorta like dark souls but not as hard, but it’s more fun imo.

        it’s an RPG, kinda open world, lots of big monsters too. every enemy
        has a weak spot that isn’t blindingly obvious like most games. example,
        there are these lizard looking monsters, and they are very had to kill
        BUT if you cut off their tail they are a lot weaker.

        there are 9 classes, 6 of which are “pure” and 3 are “hybrid”. a
        pure class would be like a mage, who has magic, and a hybrid class would
        be like a magic archer, who has it’s own skill set but has a magic bow.

        each class even hybrids are unique and each are worth playing, you
        can switch at just about any time after a certain point in the game..

        they have a unique AI team mate system which I thought was cool, you
        personally make an AI partner called a pawn. this pawn can be hired by
        anyone else in the game, you can hire anyone else’s as well. up to 2
        pawns + your partner at once iirc. you can hire friend’s pawn for free
        too so if you have afriend with the game with a good pawn it can be
        very helpful.

        I have a few complaints too, the AI is stupid, as in, your team
        mates. the system is cool but the ai is so stupid, I had a warrior pawn
        who WOULDN’T MOVE IN FRONT OF ME. he would sit on top of me ( a mage) so
        it was hard to fight big monsters as I would die very fast compared to

        also, things in the game can be missed ever to be seen again (until
        new game + anyway) so you ca miss certain items or quests by
        progressing, or doing a mission differently. an example: one mission is
        silly, you babysit a spoiled brat of a girl. she challenges you to a
        race in that mission. if you beat her badly, she gives you 1 item, if
        you let her win by a mile, she gives you another, and if you BARELY win
        you get another item. and they aren’t unique in their own way, only 1
        of those items are really good the other 2 are junk, but you would never
        know that without looking up an online guide.

        anyway, enough talking.

        7/10 minimum, will be buying the sequel day 1 especially if it has online co-op. the lack of co-op is the games biggest flaw.

        • マリオ

          I guess for the Black Friday price it’s worth it? Sounds like a mix between Skyrim and Dark Souls that has a few flaws. So are you going to get it then José?

          • José Netto

            yes I am… it’s truly worthy for the price… personally I’ve managed to play through Dragon Age which has a magnificient storyline but gameplay is dull and boring and it was like eating 3 days old bread to get through to the end :) ,Dark Souls is far beyond every battle mechanics in every RPG, so this is gonna be definetly a “fun” purchase :) also getting Skyrim to play after finishing Oblivion, so… I’m definetly gonna get my hands full with many hours to rpg around!

          • José Netto

            also I’ve played the availabe demo on LIVE and enjoyed gameplay.. I was worried for the storyline but for what it seems it doesn’t get repetitive and story is acceptable… but honestly come to think of it and all these questions start to seem a lot to ask for when paying 10€/$10 for it, no? :)

      • José Netto

        sorry posted on your wrong post …it’s the feedback 4 Dragon’s Dogma this guy answered me on the GwG December MajorNelson posted…

  • Skrilla

    can u make an update so xbox 360 controllers can work on the xbone? the bumpers and triggers are garbage where the triggers made for the index finger? cause i put that finger on the bumper and my middle fingers on the triggers and the sticks are way to small

    • EgC_Awake

      rest your finger on the side of the bumper while you have your finger on the trigger. You can just roll your finger to the side and activate the bumper without taking your finger off the trigger.

  • マリオ

    I got Skyrim/DLC & Mark of the Ninja/Special Edition so far. Gonna get Magic 2014 and probably Dragon’s Dogma Friday if I come across some positive impressions or experiences.

  • killpeek

    good excuse to get RDR again… THE GAME of the “PAST CONSOLE GENERATION”

    • マリオ

      I’d just get the GOTY edition from Amazon.

      • killpeek

        how much?

        • マリオ

          Right now it’s only $15

  • Some guy

    I was hoping for something more flashy like Double Dragon Neon, Phantom Breaker battle ground or Charlie Murder.
    But I guess BattleBlock Theater will do.
    As always, 67% off games that are already 5 times their real prices is not much of a deal. (Mostly the Spiderman games)

  • Mikael Soltaniha

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let these offers stay until the fourth of December. I requested one of those deposits from XBL Rewards, and I’m only missing $.50 to buy Wolfenstein 3D.. DON’T REMOVE THE OFFER, YOU SONS OF BANJOS.

    • Grady

      I think I’m going to have to start using “YOU SONS OF BANJOS” in my daily life. that’s a good one!

      • Mikael Soltaniha

        Ha! It’s not copyrighted so please, use it on everybody.. mom, dad, sister, brother, friends, dog, cucumber.

        • lanmanna

          Can I use it on yo mom?

  • Karl Cramer

    Going to pick up the Halo 4 Champions Bundle. Maybe Wolfenstein 3D, just because it’s so cheap and it’s a classic.

  • Tel Prydain

    Any news of upcoming games for the XB1?
    The lack of arcade titles is stinging right now.

  • Derek D

    These will most likely be some of the last purchases I ever buy from Xbox. I love my 360 so much, but after receiving a bad Xbox One and dealing with Microsoft’s awful phone support who don’t have any answers and can’t even provide a simple tracking number when shipping a $500 replacement console, I am throwing in the towel. It’s back to the PlayStation nation for me.
    I was at least hoping the Major would have tweeted me back when I begged for help from him, P3, and Mark Whitten, and not one of them responded. :(
    I’ve had @yosp respond to me within seconds when I had questions about the PS4 even before it launched.

    • Dylan

      Weren’t you pissed before at them and were going to get a Playstation at launch?
      What changed your mind back to them?

      • Derek D

        Honestly, the thing that changed my mind was my friends. I have many loyal Xbox Friends and I wanted to play with them. That and my great experience and memories with my 360. But I guess that experience doesn’t necessarily transfer from gen to gen.

        • Dylan


          Except all my friends saw the same thing I did, the 360 was an awesome console for a long time, but lack of support past 2008 ruined it. That and Microsoft isn’t really interested in games as much as a home system. It is a shame.

          So we all made the switch. And PSN is just as good as XBL was on the 360. Thank god for party chat.

          • EgC_Awake

            PSN blows. I like the PS4 but come on… PSN is horrid.

          • Dylan

            For the PS3 I completely agree.

            But I’m not seeing a difference between the 360’s XBL and PS4’s PSN (except now there’s an ability to play every game in a minute or less).

          • EgC_Awake

            Play the Xbox One.. you’ll see a HUGE difference. Also the game is available quickly but not fully downloaded. I’ve been stuck waiting for load times on KZ: SF.

          • RedSVO

            I DO love the ability to start playing a game way before it is finished being downloaded (either over the net or via disk).

          • Dylan

            I don’t doubt that. But to say the new PSN is horrid is to say 360’s XBL is horrid.

            Also, games are available in 40 seconds. It takes 40 minutes on XBL. And there have been serious issues with chat among other things on XBL on Xbox One.

            But I don’t doubt it has more features. I’m merely comparing 360 to ps4’s online service.

        • roozbeh, again

          I hope this is the end of these long series of changes.
          I honestly do.

    • Some guy

      Have fun with Sony’s superior phone support, we’ll see you back next month.

      • Guest

        Ha, indeed. $0N¥ have the worst support of any company.

        • EgC_Awake

          Still trying to get a refund for PS trial that changed to a 1 year without my consent.

    • Guest

      Why would you beg support from people NOT in support? Desperation at its finest and smells like BS.

    • EgC_Awake

      Funny how you think that its actually Yosp using his twitter account.

    • Clattus

      When you get a new system at launch you’re asking for trouble in the first place. Problems with the system are common as they were last generation. The same is often true for any electronic device. Basically a guinea pig.

  • JoseAntonioHernandez


  • Vinícius Nunes Menti

    Got Metro: Last Light after some struggle to download it (it kept giving me the can’t download message, but i was able to resume it from history). I’ll to try to get DD Dark Arisen, as the price will be very tempting.

  • Nas Naseer


    Things that NEED FIXING with XBOX ONE
    – Show me when friends log on.
    – Battery Status for the Controller.
    – Hard Drive Space.
    – Streaming Music.
    – Friend is online notification!
    – Where is Private Chat?
    – I want to play Music while I am playing my games!
    – Ability to voice chat with friends on the 360.
    – Game in the digital store should be cheaper!

    • RedSVO

      You can see your friends log in with the snap feature, although I agree the 360 way of doing it on the 360 was nice. However with the friends list capable of being 1000, can you imagine the distraction that might be for some…
      And you can play music while,playing games by using the Xbox Music app while snapped to the side of your game. Maybe not the way we used it on the 360, but I think positive feedback to th Xbox team will be listened to. The rest of your points are good ones.

    • beardyman3218

      The only thing that cannot be done is chat with 360 as it uses a different codec, changing that so late one in the cycle would probably cause some stability issues. everything else i agree with.

      • Some guy

        Can’t they just update they 360 with a new codec like they did a few years ago?

        • Death Dealer

          Yes, they can. But it’s more than just the codec that needs to change for it to work. Skype needs to be there in some kind of form on the Xbox 360 too (which should have happened ages ago IMO).

    • Getsuga_Tensho

      You could just have a closed party for a private chat and if you want to dip in and out of a party every now and then I’m pretty sure Skype has replaced the need for a dedicated private chat function.

  • QBRT55

    Xbox One use has been generally positive….

    EXCEPT the one thing that really irritates me: Why is there only a single old-school voice command keyword to make anything happen?

    What happened to the natural language interface? It doesn’t count when you just program ONE single natural phrase to make something happen. Why aren’t there 5 ways to start a game in the disc drive? Disregarding the improved level of accuracy, I could do the same thing on “Dragon Naturally Speaking” almost a decade ago. They also used single keywords to control the computer.

    The very LEAST MS could have done was to program a couple of ways to do the same thing, even if it wasn’t an intelligent system, just a few pre-programmed alternative phrases to make something happen. (go to / open / open up / start / run / play / play some / bring up / launch / ETC.) It looks really lazy for something that was supposed to be this big launch feature.

    • Some Guy


  • Superman64

    I believe around $7.50…that’s for America at least.

  • Chris

    Skyrim is only 25% in NZ.

  • TheRequiem95

    Shattered Dimensions hands down.

  • ギャビン

    Please fix the scaler on Xbox one, games look washed out and the black levels are no where near as good as Xbox 360. Thanks.

    • Maxim Baeten

      You should be able to adjust your contrast and brightness in game
      Also your tv settings might have something to do with it

  • Guest

    Dawngaurd is not 50% off in the Netherlands.

    • Guest

      Dragonborn is though.

      • Death Dealer

        Yeah, I fell for that one this morning with Dawnguard. Saw it at $4,99 and proceded through the links here and bought it, not seeing it had been billed as €9,49. Clever digit displacement, LOL!

    • Nik Best

      on steam skyrim is £3.75 and dlc cheap aswell

  • baconcheeswhiz89

    only thing so far that interested me that was a good deal was the champions bundle for halo 4, if the other games were 10 dollars less i would of picked them up (diablo 3 and wwe 2k14), ill just have to wait.

  • EldritchWarlord

    Dark Souls looks boring if the guy you’re watching is playing perfectly. If you don’t play perfectly it’s quite harrowing. It’s not terribly difficult to be flawless though since the enemies telegraph fairly generously and just being cautious will let you avoid most traps.

    The game is much more about exploration than combat though.

  • Jared

    How Much well Red Dead Redemption cost from $30 to 75% off =

    • ant

      like 7-9 bucks. I need this game.

    • Spazicle

      It’ll be $7.50 which makes a savings of $22.49.

    • KrisXX

      Seriously? You couldn’t figure this out? LOL!! Try to pay attention in school more and grow up to be an adult that can do simple MATH!!

    • Nexures

      but you can buy a whole goty version with all DLCs on ebay for cheaper

  • Bl4ckSh33p

    Wow! Great offers, but too many of them. I spent all my money for my Xbox One and a few games. ;)

  • Death Dealer

    C’mon MS, we need bigger internal hard drive and external storage support for the Xbox 360 now with these proper GoD deals. I’m tired of buying 32GB USB sticks.

    Are you going to ban people for modding their internal hard drives to bigger ones on the Xbox One (which apparently looks to be possible according to some)?

    • Some guy

      Since they allowed people to use external usb 3 hard drive, I’d say opening the console to change the HDD Inside will get you banned if they find about it.
      But, you can’t actually use external storage right now from what I read, you’ll have to rely on the POWER OF THE CLOUD until then.

      • Nik Best

        ha the power off the cloud

    • Nexures

      you do realize that since youre tired of buying so many usb sticks, youd be well off buying a proper hard drive xD?

  • KrisXX

    Wolverine: Origins is quite fun. Prolly one of the best “movie” games.

  • KrisXX


  • Nik Best

    shame all these games n more are are way less on steam
    rayman origin £17 is a joke