November 27th 2013 6:00 am PT

Xbox Live Gold Members get “Gears of War” and “Shoot Many Robots” Free in December

Gears of WarShoot Many Robots

The next set of free games for Xbox Live Gold Members in December will be Gears of War* and Shoot Many Robots.

Starting Sunday (December 1st)  Gears of War (Normally US $19.99) will be free for Xbox Live Gold members through December 15th .

Then on December 16th, Xbox Live Gold Members can download Shoot Many Robots (Normally US $9.99) for free.

The “Games With Gold” program gives Xbox LIVE Gold Members 2 free games to keep each month. A new title will be available the 1st and 16th of each month.

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*Germany and Japan will receive “Halo Wars”

Xbox 360, Xbox Live By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Guest

    It’s funny watching the $0N¥ PauperStation fanboy desperation on here and on the rest of the internet too. Sooo desperate to advocate their support for a dying company and waste of $400.

    • Some Guy

      There’s a difference between being a Sony fanboy and an Xbot. I’ve owned the GameCube (solely for REMake and Resident Evil Zero), PlayStation 2 (Again, for Resident Evil titles), and own all three Xbox consoles. I am a disgruntled consumer in a capitalist society. Microsoft is ridiculously cheap and treats their customers as slaves. The sad thing is that they make the better hardware so they can get away with it.

      • ImTheMetalLord

        OMG you didn’t just say that Microsoft customers are treated like slaves. I’ll have you know you are free to use it or not use it and a slave had no freedoms!

        • Some Guy

          Not true at all, if we want to play say “Dead Rising 3″ we need an Xbox One. If we want to play “Titanfall” we need an Xbox One. If we don’t want horrible hardware with a network that gets hacked 3+ times per year we are stuck with Microsoft. Microsoft knows this and takes advantage of it.

          • ImTheMetalLord

            Of which you have the freedom to buy or not to buy. Slaves NEVER had any freedom of any choice. You need some history lessons son. You are only a slave to your own desires! Anyone that don’t agree with me also needs some history lessons on slavery. I’m offended by these comments and so should everyone else be.

          • Some Guy

            I’m a history professor with a concentration in matters involving the Southern United States. I do not need a history lesson. Slaves were sold off by their own people for profit. Stop playing the “angry black man” card it’s truly pathetic.

  • TheRealArgonaut

    MS, a word of advice! I think you should allow those hard drive mods on the Xbox One as long as you can verify that there are no modifications to the file system and no cheating can be done.
    Most of the core gamers want bigger sizes than 500GB and now that it has happened and with both SSHDs and SSDs, many will probably do it even while voiding their warranty.
    Also: What is taking so long in releasing larger hard disks for the Xbox 360 and removing the 32GB limit on external devices?

    • GmailIsDown

      i think it is a design flaw. you can replace the hard drive on xbox one but it is messy, and of course it voids the warranty. it seems that Sony took a step forward while Microsoft took a big step back regarding to storage, as it is incredibly easy to replace a xbox 360 hard drive.

      http://www geek com/games/you-can-replace-the-xbox-one-hard-drive-but-its-hard-1577953/

      • TheRealArgonaut

        True, but the Xbox 360 forces people to remain within artificially imposed volume size limits, which just sucks too because the file system can go much larger. The Xbox One already accepts much larger hard drives and the file system allows it too.
        It doesn’t have to be a step backwards if there is no limit on external storage. It’s easy to take your entire collection on the go then.

    • Nick Peck

      I think they are protecting the system doing it this way instead of making it easier for morons to mess around with it. Just a guess but I’m sure it’s something along those lines. It won’t be that big of a deal once they add the external support which will allow full drive size formatting for storage.

      I do agree that I’d love to toss in another HD, but I have a usb 3.0 2tb drive ready for storage once they allow it.

      • Elan Gabriel

        I don’t care for the storage space (as one can add ext. drive) as I do for the day the drive will die, and most of these small OEM drives lasts for 3 years tops… It would be much easier to just replace it with a new one, than sending it back to repairs…

  • Jared

    GOW 2 is not 9.99 it’s 14.99 in Canada fix plz MS
    And GOWJ Fix the dam pirce Now.

  • Dirasyaj X

    I swear Microsoft is full of dumb asses how do you expect me to Que from the web if you dont let people do it without credit cards i miss the point system

  • lawjestaw


  • lawjestaw

    i am from Jordan and i can’t download gears of war, plz can any buddy help me??

    • m1nh0ca

      If you don’t live in a country with Xbox support, you need to use VPN and that’s the only way.

      If you have Xbox officially released in your country, you can just migrate your account (but you lose all your credits, they don’t transfer the money).

      • lawjestaw

        if i used VPN will that help me

  • m1nh0ca

    Well, as predicted, I tried to download Dark Souls and it’s locked.

    “But why don’t you migrate your account?”, you may ask…
    I don’t migrate just because I have credits on it and the money doesn’t
    transfer. I want to use it, but when there’s something I really want to
    buy, I just can’t.

    It’s not the first time this happens and I guess it will keep going on like this. What I can’t understand is that the games are available for both countries (the one I am in and the one my account is
    set up, as I lived and bought my console there). Where is the sense?

    Damn, I don’t know why I do even care…