December 9th 2013 9:22 am PT

Halo: Spartan Assault Release Update and New Achievements

We are now just over two weeks away from the first Halo appearance on Xbox One! Today, 343 Industries in conjunction with Vanguard Games announced that Halo: Spartan Assault will be available worldwide for digital download on December 24th for $14.99. The Xbox 360 version will follow in January 2014.

Good news for those that have already purchased Halo: Spartan Assault for Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8 – anyone who purchases the game on one of those platforms before December 15th will be eligible to purchase the Xbox One version of the game at the discounted price of $4.99.

As an Xbox One title, there are 1000 Achievement Points up for grabs, which means new Achievements and higher values to gun for. In case you missed it, Halo Waypoint published the full, updated Halo: Spartan Assault Achievement list here.

For more on Halo: Spartan Assault, including Q&A with the Executive Producer and details on the new all-new co-op mode, head on over to Xbox Wire.

Archive By Jeff Rubenstein

  • AlphaOmega83

    A ‘new’ view of the Halo universe. You know, the one from Halo Wars.

  • Anonymous

    Where’s the Games for Gold for Xbox One you said you had more information to share in December

    • ImTheMetalLord

      It’s still December. In fact December isn’t even 1/3 over yet.

      Patience is a virtue my Anonymous friend!

    • Michael Burden

      I believe the wording was that there would be details in early 2014 – there was never a mention of a December date.

      • mcmax3000

        Yeah, he said information would be coming in 2014 (I don’t even think he said early, just 2014), not December of this year.

  • Alex

    should be cross buy since i already bought it on PC, just another way to empty out my wallet eh microsoft.

  • SecondOne

    So no discount for buying the Xbox360 version :/ ?

  • Giovani Rodriguez-ceja

    I have $25 from bing rewards :)

    • Marcus Roof

      yay? want a f*ckin cookie?

  • m1nh0ca

    Would get this game… if Windows Phone 7.8 was not abandoned.
    Or, even better: if there was an update for Lumia 800 to run Windows 8.

  • ElektroDragon

    Thank you for the Cross Buy discount Microsoft! You are learning! You have now ensured that I purchase the X1 version as well!

    • Ed Harrison

      Likewise! Maybe I’ll actually get around to finishing it on the X1!

  • Allan

    Not wanting to criticize the news but I always thought, why I have to buy the same thing twice? Why not see what I already bought? I already did my part buying the product and now I have the right to use it wherever I want right?
    So why do I have to buy something for Steam, them Xbox, them PS3, them Windows 8… it’s the exactly same thing, is not like I’m buying the “New Version” with all the DLC’s included and all, it is the same thing.
    Just saying…

    • Danilo Viana

      Different platforms, so it’s not “the same thing”. If what you said was true then going to the theater to watch a movie would entitle you to get the bluray and watch the Netflix version for free.

      • Allan

        Not at all, when I go to the movies, I’m paying for the experience of watch the movie in a big screen… when I buy the DVD I’m paying the right to watch the movies whenever I want, Netflix, is for the right of have options.
        The game, is a product, just like the DVD, yes, I know, is another plataforma, but the question here is about digital product, why do I have to pay for the same thing?
        Is just a question, I’m not criticizing Microsoft or another company because of this kind of business, but have you ever thought that this is just another “DRM” since I do have the product but only on their terms?
        It’s digital after all, it’s just a key and the right to do a download, why not a download in a plataform that really belongs to me? They can see that since my windows phone, my xbox one, my 360, my Windows 8 laptop have all the same user…

        • Guest

          If you buy Borderlands 2 on the 360, you don’t get the PS3 version as well.

          • Allan

            That’s my point…

        • Danilo Viana

          You may think you’re playing for the “experience” of going to the theater the same way you’re paying for the “experience” of playing on a console instead of a computer or smartphone. The fact is that you’re paying for the right to use the license. Movies are the same thing, nor the game or the movie is yours, the company just sold you a right to use it as they see fit. Wanna experience it any other way? (Bluray for a movie, console port for a game) then you have to pay again.

    • NarcoSleepy

      This might be a possibility once the platform APIs and marketplace are unified. Here’s hoping, anyhow…

      • Allan

        That’s what I mean, na unified marketplace for your user.

  • Jonathan Lee Kort

    Fantastic! First Peggle 2, and now Halo! Great “arcade” releases for Xbox One in December. Going to be a fun Christmas break!!!

  • gamer04

    anyone know if the co-op mode is the full campaign? or just a seperate mode?

    • gamer04

      sounds like a separate mode, wonder if it has any story to it or if it is just levels.

  • mcmax3000

    I was already planning on picking this up, but for only $5 since I bought the WP8 version? Bonus.

  • Ed Harrison

    Being in the UK, I assume the use of dollar pricing is just convenience. Can you confirm that folks across the world who have already purchased for WP8 (and, in my case, Windows 8) will be able to get a discounted price on Xbox One, too?

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      Yes, this is a global offer. The prices vary by region, so for the UK specifically, the discounted price is £3.99.

      • Sebastian Gorgon

        $2 more than US, seems fair.

      • Bennijin

        What’s with the price increases on digital content in the UK recently? We were already paying more as it was.

        $5 content used to be £3.39 ($5.57), now it’s £3.99 ($6.55).
        $15 content used to be £9.99 ($16.41), now it’s £11.99 ($19.69).
        $20 content used to be £13.49 ($22.16), now it’s £15.99 ($26.26).

        We’re not getting any more, so why are we being asked to pay (even) more? It seems really odd you’d do this to your UK customers, aren’t we the only European market the 360 sold more in?

        I’m not happy with this, not happy at all.

        • todd Wright

          i think uk has more taxes is why

          • Ed Harrison

            You’re right that VAT (our equivalent of sales tax) is 20% in the UK, which is clearly a factor. I think Bennijin’s point, though, was that our tax rate hasn’t changed recently, but the dollar -> pound conversion of MS content seems to have done.

        • WARLORD

          European taxes is why you pay more…..

          • Bennijin

            Which would be a valid point but the tax hasn’t changed.

  • EldritchWarlord

    Just so everyone knows: the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 versions are $7 so with the discount it’s actually cheaper to buy one of them and this version rather than just this one.

  • ae69ae

    $15 is a great price.

    BTW: If your Xbox One Network setting doesn’t move from Strict and you cannot join other parties and turn on party chat–change your Xbox one. Microsoft store has consoles to swap. Just trying to help ya’ll out.

    • A. J.

      Those settings are most likely dependent on your router or firewall. Changing your console shouldn’t help.

  • IvanCD(MaidenLOKO)

    I was waiting for that one!!Once I got it on W8 it´s great to see this discount!!Great news!Halo Christmas!!

  • Charles Smith II

    Already bought for my surface but I’ll definitely pick it up for $4.99 on the Xbox One. Thanks!

  • morpheus2n2

    Sweet can’t wait

  • MrAdun

    No local co-op…? :( Why are modern consoles moving away from local co-op action games… I will not be buying this unless I can play WITH people sitting in my living room, a-la Gauntlet.

    • chex_mix

      I am totally on your side here but obviously the future is more geared towards XBox Live and online play. Like I said, I enjoy actually having friends over and playing locally but apparently it is not a required feature for the majority of people. If it was, game developers would see a drop in sales and be sure to include it as a feature of the game. But, if people, are buying your game like hot cakes and you DON’T have the feature, why add it in? Peggle 2, which just came out today, also does NOT have local play and, I thought, that was one of the more enjoyable features of the game.

      • MrAdun

        I agree. I mean, I know why this feature isn’t included anymore, but it’s just kinda depressing. I can understand developers not wanting to decrease the playability of a game by split screens or 4-boxing it. But top-down shooters were pretty much designed for local co-op play.

        What bugs me about it here, or like you said with Peggle, if you watch the gameplay trailer, the camera zooms out and pans to keep both players in the field of view. There’s no split screen dilemma.

        My girlfriend wants to play games with me, I know people who have kids who want to play with each other, but modern consoles just don’t encourage people playing together anymore. Well, unless you don’t mind shoving your couch out of the way and playing dance games…

        • A. J.

          This is a game my wife would actually play since it is simple and not full of gore. But since we only have one X1, it isn’t going to happen.

          More games should have local co-op. I agree split screen is a drag, but this type of game should be fine.

      • A. J.

        Actually, I think it has been announced that local co-op is coming to Peggle 2 via an update.

  • Fred Bloggs

    So whats the full price going to be in the UK?

  • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

    Nice one this is a great idea with discounting games if you had previously bought it if it happens more in the future id happily double buy games for the different experiences

  • Giorgio Tsoukolas

    Windows version is $7 while the console version is $15? Why would I want to pay double for a port?

    • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

      it not just a port it has co op and other features

    • Bennijin

      And yet buy the Windows version and the console version on top comes to less in total! Utterly ridiculous.

      I’d have bought them for WP8 and W8 the other day when they were 50% off too but you can’t purchase games for those platforms if you don’t currently own a device that runs them. Mind-bogglingly dense.

    • Nick Peck

      Well they are adding in all of the DLC and making a few changes, but they should have capped it at $10 at most. It is a fun game though.

      • Bennijin

        The DLC was free anyway.

  • Justin Stewart

    What the F**k why is the 360 version not coming out till January 2014? I think this is bulls**t!

    • Giorgio Tsoukolas

      agreed. and twice the cost of the original.

    • ryder4life22187

      Probably because they would rather you buy it on the One first, so they could see hopefully theres no interest in supporting the 360 that long i bet.

  • evilfangs .

    You know you want to allow my moderated comment Larry, do it! :)

  • MrRadiolips

    Weakest gen yet. Has anyone else not felt the excitment like the other generations? So let down.

    • Calmosity

      How can you say that when it’s only been out for 2 weeks? Have you tried out all the games yet?

    • Dylan

      Patience, Watchdogs, Infamous, TitanFall, The Witcher 3, and The Division are all coming soon.

      And that new “No Mans Sky” game looks AWESOME for a 4 man team. Oh and a GoT Telltale game?? Count me in.

      Also, compare the beginning of this gen to last gen. Idk, it feels like miles ahead of what we had at launch back then.

      • MrRadiolips

        This gen just doesnt get me excited as others in the past….not saying the games wont be any good. Im sure there will something that blows are minds coming soon. Hoping it will be VR.

        • Dylan

          I hope these consoles can strike a deal with the Oculus Rift. If we can get that thing integrated with all games and seamless with consoles, there’s no telling where gaming could go.

          • MrRadiolips

            I havent actually tested out the Oculus but i have a couple friends who have and they were very excited about it but i think Valve already struck up some deal with them. Microsoft will probably make one of their own anyways.

          • Generalkidd

            If they can combine Oculus Rift with the Kinect, it’ll be a near perfect virtual reality game and it’ll also help Microsoft legitimize the Kinect as more than a gimmick.

          • Dylan

            It already exists actually. Is called the Virtuix Omni, its a sort of treadmill that uses the Oculus and the Kinect. It had a kickstarter. Was also on the reality show recently where you convince billionaires to invest in your company.

            They didn’t bite.

          • MrRadiolips

            Oculus isnt coming to console: http://www gamespot com/articles/xbox-one-ps4-too-limited-for-oculus-rift-says-creator/1100-6416153/

        • Bush

          whats up guys, not been here in a while(still waiting for a Kinectless sku and media streaming).

          im the same MrRadiolips, cancelled my ps4 only 2 weeks before launch from lack of interest for next gen, the people in gamestop couldnt believe it lol.

          got myself a Rift instead, easily the best gadget i’ve bought in years. everyone who had a go of the rollercoaster has been blown away by the tech. absolutely amazing!

          hope the consoles can handle it because its going to take over.

          • MrRadiolips

            Welcome back! I read an article on Gamespot saying the Oculus was too powerful for this gen consoles but Microsoft and Sony are working on their own. I look for the link and see if i can post it to you.

          • MrRadiolips

            Here you go Bush: http://www gamespot com/articles/xbox-one-ps4-too-limited-for-oculus-rift-says-creator/1100-6416153/

    • Does Not Equal

      Less than a month into the current generation and you’re whining about it.

      • MrRadiolips

        You love not being friendly dont you. You won the weird person award along time ago.

    • Nick Peck

      Wow, you do realize getting into another gen is an investment (of time and money? You don’t get everything day one and that’s it. You do realize it takes many, many years for a new generation to really take off right? Not being mean, but you need to be realistic here :D

      Sorry you aren’t as excited, but you can’t really tell how things will go down the road this early on, just be patient, the games will come (along with apps and another add ons and the like).

  • Bennijin

    $14.99 for people who haven’t purchased it already is a bit of a piss take.

  • Calmosity

    This post is about Halo Spartan Assault you posted your question in the wrong section, why don’t you tweet Major or contact customer support I’m sure they will answer your questions!

  • ryder4life22187

    So i take it they will make you pay full price for the 360 version then even if you bought it on your WP8

  • MrRadiolips

    http://www metacafe com/watch/cb-FSL_rwoCnYGA/gs_daily_news_nsa_spying_on_xbox_live_wow_fallout_4_website_is_a_hoax/

  • usrev

    I think the idea is the camera angle was the same

    I’d love a halo wars 2 though. game was awesome, it needed some balancing though.

  • Nooblade

    Any chance to pay it only once and get all versions of the game for Xbox 360/Xbox One and Windows 8?

    You know like it should be made nowadays with next gen and cloud stuffs.

  • IvanCD(MaidenLOKO)

    this was your “moderated” comment?It´s a good question though, I heard people got it full with 350gb, which is kinda disturbing to imagine that the OS uses around 150GB. It´s also weird that the system do not show the hd use, such a basic feature. But I think we need something official about this subject, before taking conclusions. Anyways, they need to update the system asap and provide support for external storage…Don´t take me bad, I loved the XB1 and all, but this is a thing (among others) they need to address/improve.

  • Ilovegoogleglass

    Nice but the $14.99 price point turns heads…

    • Nick Peck

      Buy it for win8 now and then you only pay $5 for it on the XBO :p Comes out to like $11-12 then haha. Well it’s a few $ off anyways.

      I have it already so it will only be $5 for me which will be worth it, fun game.

      • Ilovegoogleglass

        I don’t appreciate the down vote you gave me…

        • Guest

          Damn, you must be a loser if you can’t take that, take another one then and go back to your PoS troll site.

          • Ilovegoogleglass

            Leave me alone Death Dealer…Go back to playing Xbox like everyone else here. While everybody else is having fun you’re no-lifing

          • TheRealArgonaut

            I’m not Death Dealer you poor troll schmuck. But I guess with your low-life troll brain you still haven’t figured who is betraying you in your little no-life troll circle. How’s the crappy websie coming along?

          • Ilovegoogleglass

            You have to be evil fangs…

          • Ilovegoogleglass

            Why did you guest comment? What have I done to you?

          • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

            It is NOT “crappy”. We also support “Microsoft”, despite some troll comments we post sometimes.

          • Guest

            “Some”? Don’t make me laugh, your entire site is a PoS and so is your staff.

          • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

            We apologise for any trouble we have caused you. Now can you accept us? Please?

          • Ilovegoogleglass

            Why did you guest comment?

          • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

            Watch yourself. He supports Xbox One as well, so you should NOT have to down-vote @ilovegoogleglass:disqus.

            If you wish to contribute to our group, please reply to this comment.

  • Innocent Dingo

    If I have purchased this on Surface Rt will I get the discount on Xbox One?

    • Bennijin

      Yes, anyone who purchases it on Windows 8/RT or Windows Phone 8 before December 15th will get a discount on the Xbox One version.

  • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


  • Isaac Quinonez

    If you buy the Nokia Lumia 1520 you receive Halo: Spartan Assault for free. Anyone know if you would still qualify for the $4.99 upgrade on X1 version? Thanks in advanced.