December 11th 2013 6:19 am PT

Xbox One sells 2 Million Units in 18 Days

Some solid numbers coming out of the global Xbox One launch last month:

  • 2 Million Consoles sold through in 13-markets in the first 18-days
  • Over 83 million hours in games, TV, and apps on Xbox One since the system launched
  • 39 million Xbox One achievements unlocked
  • 595 million total Gamerscore achieved on Xbox One
  • At peak demand, customers were ordering the Xbox One console at over 1000 units per minute on


More details on Xbox Wire


Xbox One By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • BlessTheKid

    That’s awesome. Xbox is here to stay. Now if Microsoft can just iron out some of these issues, all will be great. Also what’s the deal on how game invite to friends work this time around. Nothing like previous gen!!

  • Adam

    Awesome! Enjoying the X1 tremendously.

  • coldfusion167

    Glad to hear that the Xbox One is doing really well! I’m excited to see what is in store for the future.

    • alchemistx24x7

      Can say for certain Titanfall, Quantum break, Halo, Sunset overdrive, Elder scrolls online, fable legends, watch dogs and the list goes on the future looks good..

      • evilfangs .

        I can’t believe people are actually going to pick up that Elder scrolls game on consoles.

        Internet + gold subscription + $60 game + $15 a month subscription for the game.

  • Guest

    No, it just seems that many Xbox fans spend more time yapping about games online than playing them. Always has been that way. What do 12 year old boys talk about nowadays anyway?

  • Brian Ghattas

    @ RossageSausage

    No, it just seems that many Xbox fans spend more time yapping about games online than playing them. Always has been that way. What do 12 year old boys talk about nowadays anyway?


      Because other people in my house are taking turns on the X1. P.S., with the TV functionality and all the movies and stuff it rarely ISN’T being played.

      • Ilovegoogleglass


      • Brian Ghattas

        How were you able to afford this machine? You live in Arkansas.

        • Ilovegoogleglass

          Your downvotes…XD

    • RossageSausage

      You’re on an xbox blog. Most sites are dominated by fans of other consoles. Is the X1 logo next to your name ironic?

  • Brian Krol

    Oh, boy oh Boy! Great news! Keep it coming!

  • Alex Forsyth

    Good work, Microsoft.

  • AkiraX

    This was just on my local 5 o’clock news with video of an Xbox One and a brief mention of PS4 selling $2.1 million dollars…..yes I/they said $2.1M dollars of PS4 sold..
    Also mentions MS says they sell over 100K Xbox Ones per day.

    • extermin8or2

      no PS4 sold 2.1 million consoles… lol I don;t know how much $ that is htough

  • w1ngnut

    Nice guys, congrats to you all. Hope this helps your tem to bring even more content to the console. Great job!!

  • István Cs. Bartos


  • Shawn Springer

    I dont see how. You are buying an unfinished product. They say you have all this, yet at release they state that you will eventually have it.. Its not broken or have any problems with it and we are aware of it but just buy it okay. I havent bought it and glad I didn’t. Rush to get this to release for the holidays and delay many features, exclusive titles, run games at 720p native and then have a collapse of chatting with friends.

  • Socal71

    Not too shabby… congrats on the success so far!

  • YoGabbaWrex

    Loving my X1 just finished Ryse son of Rome.. If you have an X1 and haven’t played this game, your missing out tremendously.. Story is good can be better hope it gets the chance, and congrats MS on all the hard work. Loving the console and much like 360 it will only get better.

  • peterpansyndrome94

    2 million, hey/Another one of their Aaron Greenberg fabricated lies?
    Ill take the billion hour zombies killed nonsense over this.

  • peterpansyndrome94

    MS you sore losers!
    You cant handle the truth!

  • peterpansyndrome94

    You can’t handle counter arguments, hey?
    Where is your proof?

  • Robert Distefano

    Xbox Won.

  • Time Will

    when will grand theft auto v come to X ONE

  • arrow2010

    Pure awesomeness. Sony is so PWNED! MS made $1 billion compared to $840 million for Sony, NOT counting cloud subscriptions and games!

    • extermin8or2

      Can I just point out-the ps4 spent 3/4 of the month only out in two territories. Xbox one is doing very well but I don’t think you can compare the amount earned in 18 territories for 3 weeks with the amount earned in 2 for 4 weeks and I think it was 12 territories

    • Liquidfx Xboxdude

      Alert! Alert! Fanboy on the loose. where there is one more are sure to follow. j/k its ok to be a fanboy with all of the nonsense and what not. its actually funny. its like you sleep better at night knowing the ms fairy is keeping the mean sony monster at bay. maybe i should just go back to pc gaming. lol they are the most obnoxious gamers of all.

      • roozbeh, again

        He actually was posting anti MS stuff like a week ago.
        Bipolar syndrome could be the cause of this.

    • Vulcanproject

      Well Sony sold more PS4s in its 48 hour launch weekend in the U.S than Microsoft sold Xbox Ones in its entire first week.

      Sooooo……yea. About that pwning………

  • estique360

    Good for you, but it’s hard to think that Microsoft and the Xbox team don’t give a damn about the gamers in Asia. Get your act together Microsoft, we just want to know a time frame. I’ll definitely get an X1 this time round provided if it EVER gets released here. I’ll wait patiently. But if this happens to the next Xbox, Microsoft, I really hate to say that I’ll be jumping away to Sony.

    • roozbeh, again

      Might I ask your exact location?

      • estique360


        • peba12

          Wow, st*pid ppl downvote your location? That´s the problem of M$, they talk about sold consoles ( i don´t believe this numbers anyway), but don´t care about ppl in other countries.

          • István Cs. Bartos

            It’s not that they don’t care it just doesn’t work the way you imagine.

  • Ganon255

    only 98 million more to go

  • TheRedButterfly

    So happy to be a part of this number! Xbox One Day One FTW! With Halo Spartan Assault coming in a few days, then Tomb Raider in January, Thief in Feb., Titanfall and Watch_Dogs in March… This launch keeps looking better and better! Not to mention Project Spark and all the other games who’s dates I either can’t remember or haven’t been announced.

    The only thing that’d’ve made the launch better was getting Dark Souls II on Xbox One instead of Xbox 360… :P But I guess it gives me a very good reason to keep my 360 hooked up to my entertainment setup.

    • Chris Stevens

      agreed, can’t freakin wait for Quantum Break too, gonna be a killer exclusive title along with Titanfall

      • DarkMaturus

        I’m soooooo excited for Quantum Break! Viva la next gen!

  • Guest

    $0N¥ paupers are desperate because they know $0N¥ is going to hell and fast and they enjoy wasting their money on a product they know is going to lose in the end.. They’re fighting a losing war, not just for the console they’re desperately trying to defend, but for an entire company that hasn’t been working properly since the beginning of the century. They’re squirming and it’s absolutely fun to watch though, especially on GAF and their wannabe N4G.

    • BigBernard

      Would you ever just fúck off?

    • Chris Breseman

      I am a XBox One day one buyer. I hope that if there is a clear cut winner, the XBox One is it.

      HOWEVER, we will not know if there is even a ‘winner’ until a year or two from now. The developers need time to develop for both systems for them to have a preference. Further we need to see what the developers pull out of each system.

      I have this inclination that because both systems are so high powered (to console standards) that there will be no clear winner. And that would be awesome for the gaming industry. See rhooper’s post a few above this one for a great explanation as to why it would be great for the gaming industry if there is no clear cut winner.

  • Jon

    I’m honestly not sure what you’re trying to say here…

  • rhooper

    Why are people discussing which one sold more?
    They are selling and this is good for EVERYBODY!

    This means that we will have more consoles… having more consoles, developers will feel comfortable to make more (an better) games, not being afraid of losing loads of money; indie developers will be able to spread their work among a larger amount of players; it’s a healthy competition, where each brand will dispute the attention of the consumers, offering better services and exclusives.

    So, please, stop and think rationally. At least for a moment.

    • Chris Breseman

      100% agree on everything you said.

      However, I do have to point this out: 9 out of 10 people that are posting on the internet are not rational. They hide behind a screen name that doesn’t reveal their real name, so they can act out however they want without fear of reprisal. So we get the irrational fanboy/fangirl that wants to post about how whichever console is better than the other because of their irrational arguement.

  • thebigzeus

    2 millions isn’t very many…

    • evilfangs .

      Yes it is. These new consoles are selling like hotcakes. No console has ever sold so many in such a short amount of time.

    • Michael Burden

      Considering that the WiiU has managed to only sell approximately double that number IN A WHOLE YEAR, it is a good number. Also it is the second fastest selling console during that time span, falling slightly behind the PS4 launch numbers.

      • thebigzeus

        wii’s are garbage everybody knows that.

    • Nick Peck

      No offense, but you are clueless how things work lol :p

      • thebigzeus

        lulz ok my gates

        • Chris Breseman

          2 Million is 4x what the PS3 and XBox 360 did in sales in the same time. It is GREAT for the gaming industry that BOTH consoles are doing so damn well.

          It is even better that Microsoft and Sony realizes it needs that much product to be on the shelves for the consumer to buy. That way the demand isn’t so pent up and they can get their product to their fans faster after the day one/week one pre-orders are done with.

          Anyone who says that PS4 or XBox One sales are crummy compared to one another isn’t facing reality. Reality is: This is awesome for our community that the sales are so high. Also, the even bigger reality is this: There will be no “winner” until at least a year (possibly two years) because we need time to see what console the developers are going to prefer to develop for and how they take advantage of the consoles themselves.

          • DarkMaturus

            And how well exclusives turn out: Titanfall, Quantum Break, Project Spark, etc

    • Kieran

      `Do you live in cuckoo land? 2 million consoles sold in weeks is amazing. Consoles aren’t like games, it will continue to sell better after launch.

      My country has 5 million people. For Sony and Microsoft to have nearly sold that many consoles in less than a month, is a phenomenal achievement.

    • Jesus Sanchez

      Is not? 2 million times 500 is 1 billion dollars in 18 days which isnt bad at all.

  • Nexures

    im actually very glad xbone sold this much :) i honestly thought it was going to be worse than that :)

    • sebastianboehm

      It’s Fanboi time. On both systems. The real struggle begins at the moment when both systems are available in stores permanent. Right now, both Systems seem to be sold out almost everywhere.

      • Nexures

        i know.. and youre telling me this because…?

  • Nick Peck

    Lol, that’s like 5 months old and was just rumor and nothing has come from it. Take a hike loser :D Sony lied about the problems with the ps4 (and ps3 for that matter)… /rollseyes.

    • Guest

      There’s about 25+ different documented problems with the PS4. The DS4’s rubber falling apart on all the sides and the analog sticks has happened to mine. It’s truly poor quality.

      • Nick Peck

        Ouch, yah I have seen some stuff on the issues. Sorry you had to deal with it but hopefully things get figured out and fixed down the road.

      • Phaedrus Nova

        Poor quality like the 360 54% failure rate. You guys really take the cake.

    • Phaedrus Nova

      Oh your right that was like so 5 months ago so that makes it all better. Great logic buddy.

  • baconcheeswhiz89

    and half of those consoles are posted on ebay with a price tag three times as much.

    • DarkMaturus

      Demand is high bro

  • Sanpei

    If you didnt give that stupid Kinect, use system resources for only games and make the price $400,Then you would be much better…Until it’s price or Kinect thing drop, i’ll continue with my 360 and PS4…I am sure you’ll have to drop its price soon…Even if an Xbox fan like me since 2002 buy a PS4 instead of XO, then something is wrong

    • DarkMaturus

      I love, love, love, my Kinect. Go enjoy Knack lol

  • Anonymous

    Not buying an Xbone until all your games can hit 1080p as standard and drop that Kinect