December 13th 2013 6:07 am PT

Forza Motorsport 5 Content Update Q&A

This morning, Turn 10 Studios announced a number of impactful changes coming to Forza Motorsport 5, including alterations to the amount of credits you spend for vehicles and earn for racing, as well as a pair of new race modes (full details on Xbox Wire). This week, I caught up with Turn 10 Community Manager Brian Ekberg, who explained the changes, as well as the community feedback that guided them.

Forza 5 Games Preview

Jeff Rubenstein, Xbox: With this upcoming content update, you’re making some pretty significant additions to Forza Motorsport 5, including some noteworthy adjustments to the economy. Tell us about those.

Brian Ekberg, Turn 10 Studios: I’m really excited about this content update for Forza Motorsport 5 because it involves a huge number of improvements across all aspects of the game. First of all, we’re adding two modes to the game – drag racing and multiplayer Tag. Drag racing is a no-brainer – we already have traditional racing and drifting events in Forza Motorsport 5, so the ability to pit cars against one another in quarter-mile, half-mile, and full-mile sprints just makes sense. We’ll have support for full 16-player drag racing lobbies, with one-on-one heats, as well as eight-player drag races, where all eight players are on the track at the same time.

We’re also introducing “Tag” to Forza 5; a multiplayer-only mode that’s unlike anything else in the game. If you’ve never played a multiplayer Tag event in an older Forza Motorsport game, you’re in for a treat. It’s about as far from traditional racing as you can get; this is pure mayhem on the track, where huge wrecks are the norm and aggressive driving is its own reward. We’re bringing three variations of Tag to the game:

  • Keep the It: One player begins the match as “It.” The goal is for the “It” player to keep “It” status for as long as possible. “It” status transfers each time someone makes contact with the “It” player. Once the match timer has completed, the player with the most “It” time wins.
  • Tag Virus – One player begins the match as “It.” Each time an “It” player makes contact with another car, the “It” status spreads like a virus. The last uninfected player standing wins the match.
  • Pass the It: Similar to “Keep the It”, one player begins a “Pass the It” match with “It” status. “It” status transfers each time someone makes contact with the “It.” At the end of the match, the player with the least amount of “It” time wins.

As you mentioned, in addition to these big feature additions, we’re also making some significant changes to the Forza Motorsport 5 economy, based on player behavior we’ve seen in game as well as feedback we’ve received from the Forza community. With this content update, we are dramatically increasing the rate at which credits are earned in the game. For example, the bonus amount earned when you level up in Forza 5 has more than doubled. A player using average difficulty settings will see approximately a 60 percent increase in credits earned per hour – a number that can be further increased by upping the difficulty settings.

The flip side to awarding more credits is lowering the price of the best cars in the game. Cars like the Lotus E21 grand prix car – one of the fastest, most desirable cars in Forza 5 – has gone from 6 million credits at the launch of Forza Motorsport 5 to 2 million credits with this content update. Now, that’s still a lot of credits but, when combined with the reduced price with our increased credit payouts and features like our Forza Rewards loyalty program, even the most exclusive cars in the game are now within the reach of all Forza Motorsport 5 players.

Forza 5 Games Preview

Xbox: It’s not just race payouts and car prices that are changing – Forza Rewards is also paying out millions more credits. 

Turn 10 StudiosForza Rewards is our loyalty program, where people can earn in-game rewards like credits and cars just for playing Forza games. Players are ranked by “Tier” in Forza Rewards and you can increase your Tier by playing Forza games – doing things like driving a certain number of miles, earning achievements, increasing your driver level, and so on. The higher your Tier level, the better the rewards you can redeem each month, making it a great way to keep your credit coffers filled when that dream car comes around. For example, in December, a Tier 1 player earned 1 million credits in Forza Motorsport 5, while a Tier 6 player earned 6 million credits. In all, since the launch of Forza Motorsport 5, Forza Rewards has gifted more than 500 billion in-game credits to Forza 5 players.

The best part is, everyone can get involved and start redeeming rewards right now. If you’ve played any Forza game in the past, just head over to the Forza Rewards site (make sure you are logged in to the site) now and redeem your December rewards.

Forza 5 Games Preview

Xbox: This is the first major post-launch content update.  I’m assuming we’ll be seeing more post-launch support for some time?  How does Xbox One change your approach to post-launch content?

Turn 10 Studios: The beauty of the Xbox One is that it enables game developers to easily update and evolve their games over time. We are now able to be more nimble and reactive to in-game behavior as well as the feedback from Forza players from all over the world. The economy adjustments we’ve made are an ideal example of that – we were able to make some sweeping changes to the economy that will be a huge benefit to every Forza 5 player out there, just a few weeks removed from the launch of the game.

This is just the first content update for Forza Motorsport 5. Over the coming months we’ll be making further improvements to the game, including more new content, feature additions, and gameplay changes. I can’t go into detail about those now, but players are certainly in for a treat.

Xbox: What role does community feedback play in the post-launch roadmap for the Forza franchise?

Turn 10 Studios: Community feedback is crucial to every step of the Forza Motorsport series. We value the passionate fans we have and welcome their comments about every aspect of our games, whether positive or negative. You can see examples of this throughout Forza 5. For example, two of the new tracks in the game – Spa-Francorchamps and Bathurst – are probably the two most requested tracks by the Forza community in the history of the series. Open-wheel cars – another new addition to Forza 5 – have also been requested by fans for years.

We’re always interested in hearing what the community has to say – from the cars they want to drive, to the tracks they want to race on, as well as ideas for new modes and features and feedback on what’s working and what isn’t. The community is a crucially important aspect of the Forza experience, and their feedback is what helps us continue to make Forza Motorsport games as good as they can be.

Forza 5 La Ferrari

Xbox: What’s the best way for Forza fans to get on Turn 10’s radar with their feedback?

Turn 10 Studios: There are lots of ways to get in touch with us. We’re on Twitter and Facebook and, if you have a specific technical question, you can reach out to us via our customer support e-mail address. You can always reach us at the official Forza Motorsport Web site: if you want to find out more about Forza games and what’s happening in the community.

Xbox One By Jeff Rubenstein

  • Nick Peck

    Nice, think I’ll play this game this weekend. Got the LE version for my son for Xmas, though I have let him sneak a few games over the last several weeks lol.

  • Liquidfx Xboxdude

    Great. Keep them up. I haven’t played this since the first day I got it because it had no auction house and lacked car clubs. yeah its pretty and all but it feels like a hollow shell for some reason. i’m still playing forza horizon so maybe when I do play f5 again it will be all better.

  • Hail V

    Credits isn’t the problem for me – its lack of tracks. Its been my goto game since getting the X1, and I’m already feeling like I’m grinding to get the golds for the series racing, because it just seems like there are only about 4 tracks. The game has been a little bit of a disappointment for me – and I’m a pretty big Forza fan…

    • ravenchorus

      how can 14 tracks feel like 4 tracks!?

      I’m also a big forza fan and love it!! sure, more tracks and cars would be welcome ;) but I see F5 as a fresh start on a new console

      • Hail V

        You’re right – I know, maybe its that we were spoiled with the 25ish on F4… Maybe I just miss Nurburgring and Maple Valley (my favourite, and one which would blow my mind in 1080p)…

        • ccharla

          I would love to see Maple Valley make a return, but I have been so focused on time trials on the Indy oval, I haven’t even run that many other tracks since I earned the DW-12 IndyCar…

        • Amkof

          Turn 10 seems really passionate about making a great game. It’s probably a tough choice to make going for quality over quantity. Not gonna name names, but there’s another game out there which has been reusing assets from 2 generations ago and its really feeling like a detriment to the game now. I will happily take really high quality over quantity after experiencing these two recent releases.

        • Andy

          No. you are absolutely right. 14 tracks feels like 4. When you play a game as much as a lot of us play this game, track variety is paramount.

          • ravenchorus

            Andy, so with your thinking 25 tracks would feel like 6-7 tracks, not alot more…stop comparing numbers with forza 4, it’s a new gen and there is no way they could have replicated those nr of tracks and cars without sacrificing some quality…

            If those nr are that important to you, you could always choose another racing sim…I know of one that has spewed out and reused assets like crazy just so that they can claim some sort of superiority….

            I much rather have quality than quantity…I do also understand what you are saying so hopefully we will have both in forza 6 :)

          • Andy

            All I am saying is I know exactly what he means and it feels the same way to me. Quality usually trumps quantity but tracks in a racing game may be the closest thing to being the exception. For me anyway. As long as more tracks are coming, i’m fine, but I agree with his original statement.

        • Rykin

          Yea a track pack with Nurburgring is a day one purchase for me as is one with Fujimi Kaido in it. I miss drifting around that masterpiece.

          • BAGPUS

            Hurray – paying for DLC that should just be on the disc!

            Forza 5 is a cut down rush job for the Xbox one release date, as poor as the Gran Turismo Prologues! (At least Sony had the decency to sell it at a knock down price)

            MicroMuggings and DLC that is complete at launch of the game; go to the naughty corner Turn 10, shame on you! They’ll be collaborating with EA next!

      • billy middleton

        4 tracks
        mirrored = 8 tracks
        reversed = 12 tracks
        mirrored AND reversed = 16 tracks.
        that’s how 14 can feel like 4
        but he does have a point, racing the same tracks over and over again is mind numbingly boring and when I found out the tracks we normally get in forza have been with held to be sold as DLC really got me p’ed off.
        also 60 cars in 6 DLC car packs, hell there’s NOT even 60 in the game right now, WORK THAT OUT

  • Anonymous

    Forza Microtransactions 5

  • dibils

    can we get more tracks?

  • evil_santa

    In multiplayer we need to be able to watch as spectator while we wait for a race to finish. Also key is be able to watch best moments replay after a race is over. We are missing big part of the game as we can’t review or be part of the race we just finished.

  • Dennis Crosby

    Honestly microtransactions should bother fans of the series you don’t have to buy them they were put in the games because people cry about having to grind to get that car they wanted or just don’t have time to grind to get it also. Games like racer sims, and Shooter are made for you to grind to get what you want that’s why there so enjoyable

    • ElektroDragon

      If that’s the case, then why are the cars much more expensive than previous games? I’ll tell you why, to justify and entice you to pay for credits with real cash! So I am glad they are backtracking on those horrible choices after seeing no one is taking their rotten bait.

      • Michael Burden

        The cars were EXACTLY THE SAME PRICE as they were in Forza 4. They just removed the gifted cars for winning races and had lower race payouts, which is to be fixed with the patch.

        • ElektroDragon

          No I did not realize. I guess I was making SO LITTLE per race even on Hard with Normal AI that I felt like I was never going to afford any fancy car. I basically decided to give up on the game last night because of this, so this patch is well timed.

          • Michael Burden

            I was making my statement based on what Turn 10 had said yesterday, but when I actually did compare prices it does seem that most are about 10% more than what they were in Forza 4 pre-patch. But I also saw instances where the same car was more expensive in Forza 4 than 5, as was the case with the ’57 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa (8 mil in 4, 5.8 mil in 5). But with the reduced payouts and no gifted cars for winning, it probably does seem like they cost more. At least Turn 10 has seen there is a (perceived?) problem and making corrections to the game economy, but it seems like their knee jerk reaction swung a little too far the other way.

        • billy middleton

          Ferrari dino in forza 3 = 2 million, forza 4 = 4 million, foza horizon = TEN MILLION, forza 5 = 6 million

          yeeeaaah getting cheaper my backside.
          also Veyron has gotten real cheap…so cheap they doubled its price.
          sorry but they also had the car level rewards dropped, the level cash rewards are ALWAYS 31,000 regardless of the level you get, I hit level 72 last night and all I got was…………31,000.
          they have removed almost EVERY incentive to play the game to force us to buy those awful tokens at super inflated prices.
          seriously…£65 for 10000 tokens ((promotion giving 10,000 free for a LIMITED TIME))
          given that 10,000 for £65 works out at £1.53 for EVERY 100 which is almost DOUBLE the price of 100 which is onlu 80 penny’s.
          sorry but micro transactions should belong to ONLY FREE TO PLAY GAMES and NOT FLL RETAIL GAMES.
          anyone remember mass effect 3 multiplayer, people cant do a certain stack of missions unless they have a certain weapon which is ONLY available in the EA store.
          the same with other games. sorry but the cars are still far to expensive for the pay outs in races, I only average 4000-7000 PER RACE and after a series is finished I only get 12,800.
          oh FYI those cash amounts ARE THE SAME no matter the level you are.
          I cant post of the forza forums as phredesign banned me until 2164 for “no-reason” ((that’s what it says when I try to post here)) I cant even talk to the forza support as It wont let me as I’ve been banned globally from the entire site ….. even the rewards page, on a side note ….. I just got banned from the forza 5 servers for “modifying in game money” which ironically is IMPOSSIBLE on the xbox one
          anyway the main issue here is the race rewards don’t match up the level of the race or the player.

          • Michael Burden

            LOL, no. If you are going to try to dispute my post you should at least get your car prices in the right ballpark as you aren’t even CLOSE in your example.

            Ferrari Dino

            Forza 3 – 57,000 CR
            Forza 4 – 55,000 CR
            Forza Horizon – 0 CR (Unicorn)
            Forza 5 – Not in game!!!

            If you were posting unsubstantiated nonsense like this on the Forza boards, I can see why they banned you and shouldn’t be a surprise to you either.

      • Dennis Crosby

        just grind it out if you spend more time enjoying the game instead of watch your credit you will be able to afford the car you want

  • Andy

    The credits aspect feels like an overreaction. I really appreciate that they are trying so I wont kill them over it but this feels like a bit too much the other way.

  • ElektroDragon

    Changes are good!! Most cars are WAY too expensive and the game is sadly a little boring compared to Forza 4 and especially Horizon. And let’s be honest, I’m never going to buy extra credits with real money. This isn’t a free tablet game, Microsoft.

    • Michael Burden

      You do realize the car prices were the same as they were in Forza 4 before these changes take effect, don’t you? They did have lower payouts on races (to be fixed in the patch), but the car prices were EXACTLY THE SAME.

      • ElektroDragon

        No I did not realize… I guess I was making SO LITTLE per race even on
        Hard with Normal AI that I felt like I was never going to afford any
        fancy car. I basically decided to give up on the game last night
        because of this, so this patch is well timed.

    • Dylan

      I loved Horizon so much. Definitely a sleeper hit for me.

  • Ryan cooper

    More street circuits would be nice, I like race tracks but street tracks are just so nice to look at. Night racing would be nice, imagine the alps or praque at night. Never been fussed by weather but would like to see it .

  • Mitchell Hall

    While I’m really happy about these changes, and will definitely enjoy forza more as a result of this.. I can’t help but realize just how out of wack the economy was to begin with. It really was set up with the type of economy a free to play game would have. The fact that they had to up the payout 60 percent as well as lower the cost of cars by as much as 4 million credits is just absolutely ridiculous. I paid 70 dollars for this game at launch taxes in, and I got home to find out I had to grind like crazy to even get decent cars. He even says in the interview now all cars are within reach of all forza players. Isn’t it a little scary that these cars weren’t realistically attainable without microtransactions to begin with? Anyway I’m glad they’re listening and changing.. but I’m still quite sour about this.

  • MIDI

    Now that the Xbox one is here devs need to come up with a happy medium between free to play, micro transactions, retail price and DLC. While we all want greater game experiences on our next gen hardware we don’t want studios closing either. I’m happy turn 10 is ears open on this.

    • TonyLN

      Agreed – they also need to figure out a way for those of us that want to go all digital to be able to do so at the same price as those that buy a disk. It’s better for the publisher and the developer if we go all digital (no used games) – but more expensive for the us.

      I was planning on going all digital this gen, but at launch there were a ton of deals for getting games at about 33% off; hard to pass that up.

      • MIDI

        I agree with you it was hard to go all digital because of pricing. You know even if they work out a deal where if you go digital you get all of the DLC for a price I could go for that. Like 79.99 USD. Just to see game switching on Xbox One I bought some digital titles but it was not cost effective your right.

      • jamie

        I will never go digital not at the current pricing bloody con artists, £15 extra for digital I don’t think so when I can get hard copy’s for £39-42.99then market place sell them for 54.99, when they don’t even have production costs packaging costs delivery costs printing costs, but yet they want to charge us more I don’t think so

  • István Cs. Bartos

    I only have one league left to complete and then this happens haha, oh well.

  • Royvin

    Thank you Major Nelson and Turn10 for listening to your customers. The game definitely had a screwy economy since launch and they did a lot for us on Thanksgiving weekend with Forza Rewards and 50% off cars. I never had a problem with the cost of the cars just how long it took to earn credits to buy them and I drive with most assists off and higher level drivatar. I think they are doing this as the quick fix. I really wish they could implement the paint/tune storefront and auction house and maybe a Reward Car for every 10-20 levels you increase but it’s a great start and heck of a Christmas Present Turn10 and Microsoft.

    • Dylan

      Customers: Hey Turn10, we love your work, but having 300 less cars and 12 less tracks than the last game is ridiculous! Having them as on-disc DLC is even worse! Stop nickel and diming us after paying for a 60 dollar game.

      Microsoft: Here, now the microtransactions are 50% off. Isn’t that better now? Oh and we’ll make it easier for you to grab credits.

      While this certainly is a change, I don’t think this tackles the problem.

  • Danny Hogan

    Brilliant ! Im so glad the credit system is being tweaked and i look forward to the future support for this game THANK YOU !

  • MIDI

    There is so much going on with the industry right now that I think its important to stay tuned into the experiences/games that interest you before you make a purchase and after. The studios/devs that are open to listening to feedback and interacting with their fan base will have my attention and get my hard earned dollars.

  • István Cs. Bartos

    You’re acting like Forza 3 or 4 didn’t have this or gta 5 or need for speed or gears of war judgment or Injustice Gods amongst us or fifa 14 or spartacus legends or forza horizon or .. and the list goes on my friend.

  • Johnno Saunders

    I’m not doing too badly, the changes wont effect me a lot. I dont want the f1 cars or any of the other expensive ones. l want to see things turn 10 will never actually put in forza lol

  • billy middleton

    for once turn10 have actually listen to the gamers.

    when forza first introduced tokens we saw a spate of bans when people bought the 10 million credit ferrari when T10 claimed they used hacked credits but was in fact bought with legit earned in game cash and in a lot of the cases ….. tokens.

    with the increased level payouts, in some cases huge price reductions in the rest of the in game cars and with more tracks and cars being added this month i can say ….. good.

    but i do still have a serious issue with turn10’s forum moderators.

    they have access to peoples microsoft accounts as you need your microsoft account to log into the forums and this could also explaine why people who get banned on the forums can find themselves unable to access there forza account online.

    a ban on the forum should only be the forum and NOT the game.
    i got banned from the forum after a moderator took offence to my legit complaint about some developer vs player games and the dev’s making in game racist remarks to players then i went onto forza and i was banned from ALL forza games with an in game message saying “modified profile” then a second in game message saying “modified in game credits” then a 3rd in game message sayiung “player harrasment” and the forth and final one “verbal abuse” i recived ALL 4 of those messages at the same time in ALL forza games …… except forza 5.