December 13th 2013 9:05 am PT

That’s a Lot of Blocks: Minecraft Creeps Past Ten Million on Xbox 360

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition has just reached a tremendous milestone: 10 million copies sold!

Minecraft Xbox 360

To thank our loyal builders, we’re offering a one day only 50% global discount on all skin and texture packs (excluding Mashup packs) this Saturday, December 14th:

Congrats to Mojang, 4J Studios, and Microsoft Studios, and a huge thank you to the 10 million of you who have built, explored, and fought through the night on Xbox 360.

Game Add-on, Xbox 360 By Jeff Rubenstein

  • Hogwild333

    When I saw “That’s a lot of blocks” I thought you were going to tell use how many blocks have been mined in Minecraft. I think those sorts of numbers are useless so I congratulate you on telling us how many copies of the game were sold. Its a very impressive number!

  • Death Dealer

    Very impressive and Notch must be very happy!

    • avi

      he’s swimming in green bills.

  • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

    impressive, odd thing is when it comes out on the X1 ill buy it again

  • Anonymous

    Still a load of cráp.

    • Marcus Roof

      not sure i agree, but upvoted for the yucks and the lulz…

  • Giovani Rodriguez-ceja

    I wanted Skyrim Edition for $2 =(

  • Jason Lafitte

    I don’t get this game at all, I tried it, I was bored after a few minutes.

    • Matthew Timms

      Try again with friends who play it, its like playing lego without the frustration of it falling apart if after that you still don’t like it then I guess they’re other games out there for you.

    • AaronionRings

      It’s really just about exploring, creating and building the tools to help you do that and survive with your own end goals in mind. I find it really appealing but it’s not for everyone.

  • Matthew Timms

    I didn’t know the Fantasy texture pack existed till now, glad I bought it. =]

  • m1nh0ca

    I bought it and tried to like…
    But, no, it’s not a game for me.

    • Big Brother

      It’s horrible on console, play it on PC, Minecraft was made for mods.

  • AaronionRings

    I’m glad I waited on buying the Fantasy Texture pack now, it looks like I’ll be buying a few skin packs alongside it tomorrow. Anyways, congrats 4J, very impressive numbers there.

  • ElektroDragon

    Where is the Xbox One edition?

    • Pikachief

      considering they barely just recently got anything running on next gen hardware, and how slowly 4J seems to work, its far, far, faaarrr away.

      • ElektroDragon

        Well then why did they announce it at E3?

        • Aaron Giddens

          They announced it at the reveal of the console first of all. Second, they did it to get you excited for it. It will be here before you know it.

      • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

        it wouldn’t take long to work on, its not like the graphics are amazing I reckon it be out in the spring

  • usrev

    just shows legos are fun for all ages. minecraft is digital lego for adults.

    • Gazza!!!

      I prefer lego, tried the game and it was boring to me.

    • Nathaniel Larkin

      Obviously you haven’t been playing minecraft for a while if your comparing it to Legos. The game is made out of blocks, so what? That’s the only similarity. I bet if there weren’t Legos there would still be minecraft.

  • Guest

    Man, I read it as “That’s a lot of bollocks”. I need some rest…

  • Steve

    I read that the Xbox One version is supposed to sell for $59, if thats true they won’t sell that many copies this gen. It won’t surprise me though Angry Birds is listed at $49

    • ElektroDragon

      I’d be OK with $59 as long as NO MICROTRANSACTIONS.

    • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

      that’s can’t be right. The only reason imo they make it this price is IF it on disk from day one with a bunch of content not in any other version.
      The people who will likely buy it on X1 are people who already bought it on the 360 there won’t be a lot of new people to the game that start with the X1 version of it

  • Anonymous


  • iRobotGaming


  • Sgt.Scuttlebutt

    Hi Major and Jeff, love the work you guys do for the community, you do a great job balancing community expectations with your corporate responsibilities. Just wondering if there’s a way to get alerts or emails sent when there are sales like this. I would have snapped these up for my kids but didn’t check your blog for a couple of days and missed out. Any recommendations for how we’re best to keep on top of these kinds of specials? Cheers.

  • avi

    mother of god…
    that’s impressive.
    but where’s the x1 version? i’m waiting on that.

  • jammin500

    i am by no means a PC gamer, but this is not a game that needs a “Power Rig” is it, just play it on PC, its free. Why on earth you would pay for this is beyond me.. I refuse to buy anything off live, its mark-up is so so high its not even funny.

  • Marcus Roof

    interesting…i would liken it to legos, which is exactly why i’m not interested. ya know, ’cause i’m not 5 anymore…