December 16th 2013 9:00 am PT

Countdown to 2014 Deals start Tuesday

Celebrate the Countdown to 2014 with of deals on games, add-ons, avatars and more from the Xbox Game Store. Sign in to the Xbox LIVE or stop back here every day to see what new deals we have for you – but remember these special discounts won’t last more than a day. There will be a new deal every day between now and 2014. To kick things off, we’ve got the following Borderlands 2 content on sale starting tomorrow ONLY.
Click the links below to see local pricing and add items to your Xbox 360 download queue:

Content Title Content Type Discount %
Borderlands 2 Games on Demand 75%
Vault Hunter Upgrade 2 Add-on 50%
Psycho Pack Add-on 50%
Headhunter 1 Bloody Harvest  Add-on 50%
Borderlands 2 Season Pass Add-on 33%
Terraria  (On sale Wed.)
Arcade 67%

This is just the start!  Follow me on Twitter 

where I’ll be posting the latest deal for each day so you won’t miss a thing.In addition to the daily deals,
we’ve also got the following special offers that will also go on sale andbe available at the below discount until December 23, 2013.

Content Title Content Type Discount %
FIFA 14 Europe, Middle East, Africa Games on Demand 50%
FIFA 14 Rest of the World Games on Demand 33%
NHL 14 Games on Demand 33%
Bioshock Infinite Games on Demand 65%
Madagascar 3 Games on Demand 50%
Rise Of The Guardians Games on Demand 66%
Spider-Man: Edge of Time Games on Demand 67%
Spider-Man: Friend or Foe Games on Demand 67%
Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Games on Demand 67%
Spider-Man: Web of Shadows  Games on Demand 67%
X-Men: Destiny Games on Demand 68%
X-Men: Origins Wolverine Games on Demand 67%
X-Men: Origins Wolverine Weapon X Games on Demand 90%
X-Men: The Official Game Games on Demand 67%
UMVC3 Games on Demand 83%
Value Pack Add-On 75%
Ancient Warrior Pack Add-On 75%
Viewtiful Strange Pack Add-On 75%
Weapon Expert Pack Add-On 75%
Animal Pack Add-On 75%
Villain Pack Add-On 75%
New Age of Heroes Pack Add-On 75%
Femme Fatale Pack Add-On 75%
Brawler Pack Add-On 75%
The Evil Twin Pack Add-On 75%
The Rising Dead Pack Add-On 75%
Additional Character: Shuma-Gorath  Add-On 75%
Additional Character: Jill  Add-On 75%
Costume Pack Add-On 75%
MVC2 Arcade 75%
Deadpool Games on Demand 60%
X-MEN Arcade 50%
Marlow Briggs Arcade 25%
Castle of Illusion Arcade 50%
Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD Arcade 50%
Guardians of Middle-earth Arcade 67%
Simpsons Arcade 50%
Doodle Jump Arcade 80%
Wreckateer Arcade 90%
Mini Ninjas Adventures Arcade 90%
Freefall Racers Arcade 90%
Fruit Ninja Kinect Arcade 90%

Update: Terraria will be on sale Wednesday. 

Marketplace, Xbox 360, Xbox 360 Games On Demand By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Jared

    Terraria (On sale Wed.)

    • Does Not Equal

      That is what it says, yes.

  • ryder4life22187

    Seems like MS are copying Sony. Last time PSN had Call of Juarez gunslinger on sale then XBLA has the sale in the next week. Same again with PSN getting BL2 for free and now MS are doing a sale on BL2 and Terraria

    • Osei TheTalent Tyson

      You’re an idiot

    • xionone

      MS doesn’t have anything to do with the sales. The game makers/publishers offer the sales and MS/Sony advertises them.

      • HGamer

        M$ and $ony must have a say in it. Otherwise, many games should go on sale on both platform at the same time.

        • xionone

          There are games that go on sale at the same time on both, but sales are usually targeted for the version of the game that has sold the least. That’s up to the publisher.

    • The Dukenator

      BL2 was free due to PS+. Nothing to do with sales.

  • マリオ

    Seems like some of you don’t get that there will be different games on sale Wed and each subsequent day after that until we reach 2014. This list is only a portion of everything that’s going to be offered.

  • Volitar Prime

    Will I be able to buy these from the web site (using the links above) with the credit I already have on my account (mostly from converted points)?

    • MrT26

      Nope, you’ll have to use your console, since Microsoft don’t care about people who don’t give them their credit card details for safekeeping…

      • Brian Eyekon Koehler

        just apply for a prepaid debit card that is all you need you dont need an actual credit card

  • Fuzunga

    Looks like the Borderlands stuff is on sale already.

  • Jun284

    I missed out on the Diablo 3 sale last time. Anyone think it’ll come back?

    • Korahn

      The price will eventually go down overall. I don’t think it was too much off during the sale. I’d like to grab it too, but I’m holding out for the next gen console version which supposedly comes with the expansion.

  • joevsyou

    thats nice, NOTHING for xbox one…

    • viirix

      What exactly were you expecting? Super amazing sales for a console that literally just came out less then a month ago…stop being so douchey

    • avi

      well…the x1 did literally just come out.
      you can’t honestly be expecting good deals for the games on it at this early stage.

    • Roberto Merino

      Well if you want a new system and buy games at discounted price, go buy an Ouya.

  • Korahn

    Semi tempted to grab Deadpool (even though it’s repetitive, but even at $20 it seems overpriced. Though I’ll likely grab Terraria for my kid. He loved playing the demo.

  • GmailIsDown

    Bioshock Infinite at $13.99 is really a steal. will sell my scratched up disc i bought from gamefly and go discless instead.

    • Dylan

      Get the season pass too, Buried at Sea is great.

    • MrT26

      It’s twice that price in the UK :( £17.49, just over $28

      • AC130

        Same in AU I am hoping it is because they forgot to hold sale.

        • MyCodenameIsIan

          At $13.99 you’d have a sale, at £17.49 not so much.

  • JohnTheRenegade

    This is all well and good, but where are the Xbox One deals? I haven’t touched my 360 since I bought XB1.

    • Ralstonator

      In your dreams, that’s where. You’re kidding yourself if you think brand new next gen games are going to have sale prices like this any time soon, especially on Live.

      • Chris Grub

        Really? The other platform already has games on sale.

    • shanafan

      Sorry to hear about that. I have been enjoying both consoles since Nov 22nd. Playing through AC: Brotherhood on 360, and launch games on Xbox One. Guess I am just being a gamer ;)

  • Jorge García

    This like the four time that Borderlands 2 goes on sale

    • MrT26

      I think Krieg has been on sale before, but the other two DLCs haven’t, so that’s new. The game is probably on sale to compete against it being free on PS+ (Dec in NA, Jan in EU/PAL).

  • bryan_0906

    Will these require Xbox Gold?

    • HGamer

      These festival special discounts usually don’t.

      • AC130

        Never do only DoTW does that.

    • Anonymous

      Of course, when do they ever do something for free members?

      • disqus_HbyBQA8UJN

        When they do free weekends for silver members. Which is quite a bit. Apart from that why should you expect anything from them when you don’t pay for the service?

        • HGamer

          Not just the free online weekends. There have been many special deals in the past that don’t require gold. It’s in fact pretty common.

  • Flawless

    Xmen games/Spiderman games/BL2 and UMVC3 are the new sales to be recycled every other month jeez. at least UMVC3 and dlc is getting delisted on the 1st so thatll be the end of that but imma grab it for 5.09 glad i held off before.

  • BPBigDaddy

    UMvC3 is a fantastic deal. Probably will pick it up and the 2 additional characters. Other deals are extremely weak. No one wants Spiderman or X-men. Seen those deals for months, and they are terrible. On a whim I bought Dimensions cause I heard it was fun. Terrible. Deadpool as well. And Bioshock has been on sale once a month for like 3 months. Seriously, who wants Madagascar and Rise of the Guardians?

    • Play Shadowrun

      My son wants Rise of the Guardians, and for $6 I will have to get it for him. I agree that 10 bucks is too much for the Spiderman games, they should be 5 or less, even though I thought Dimensions was nice change of pace for the average Spiderman game. Bioshock has been on sale, but not for no 13 bucks, that a new awesome deal as is the UMvC3 is of course. I would bet that anyone with some extra cash and didn’t already have them would enjoy lots of these games for these prices.

    • Roberto Merino

      Deadpool was fine, i rented it and i really enjoyed it more than i thought it would

  • Enigma777

    Still waiting for the Citadel ME3 DLC to go on sale…

    • vivalajam26

      To be honest man I was as well. Then I bit the bullet and bought it. Total worth however much it is.

  • Does Not Equal

    Taken from the update you’re responding to:
    “In addition to the daily deals, we’ve also got the following special offers that will also go on sale and be available at the below discount until December 23, 2013.”

  • vivalajam26

    I’d love to see Poker Night 2 and Alan Wake on sale here.

    • Virualboy

      poker nights 2 free on psn plus

      • Virualboy

        down vote still makes it free. and shows your not a gamer but a system owner

      • vivalajam26

        Well I don’t play my PS3 enough to justify spending £40 a year for a service I won’t use.

  • Stewart Evardson

    So in the UK the games go down to the price they should originally be at. Not such an amazing sale.

    • Karl Standen

      Borderlands 2 at £12.49 when it’s way over priced at £49.99 isn’t such a great deal but I still bought it as I don’t see it going for anything less. Damn you MS you really make it difficult for digital only people like me to justify the over inflated prices :( AC4 Black Flag when its on the store will no doubt be £49.99 when you can buy it physically for far less. Way to go!

      • Stewart Evardson

        £50 is such a ridiculous price for games to be on the marketplace when so many costs are cut out from the distribution.

        I agree £12.50 isn’t a bad price but I’m not going to feel like I have missed out by not buying it today like I would if it were the same as the US price.

      • tabicat

        “Digital only” people deserve what they get, IMHO, because they are the reason the prices are so high. If all of you refused to buy it because the prices are too high, then the prices would be lowered. I never buy GoD games because a used copy of the game is always cheaper.

        • Karl Standen

          Some people don’t like buying preowned stuff as you get quicker load times, faster access to your games and your games don’t get scratched or damaged, also you aren’t supporting the developer at all at least with digital you are supporting them financially in some way. I think people who buy preowned hurt the Industry way more than us digital only people IMHO.

          • Stewart Evardson

            Don’t forget that some people only pay full price for new games because they know they can trade it in later, without that option would they be buying so many games at release?

      • Virualboy

        borderland 2 free on psn plus

      • Paul

        In uk you can get Borderlands 2 pre owned for £12,99 from game and this is there normal price not a sale. On black Friday I got Men in black for £4.99 from the market place in Game it was £15 now that a deal

  • Mik3t

    No xbox one deals?

    • Riddick Snipes

      No Dolby digital.

      • Mik3t


        • Riddick Snipes

          Its not. Actually.

          • Roberto Merino

            Who cares about lossy compressed Dolby Digital when it supports uncompressed lossless PCM?

          • Michael Burden

            Those of us who have a receiver which uses optical with Dolby Digital that works just fine and have no desire to plunk down good money on a new receiver – that’s who.

          • Riddick Snipes

            A man with a brain. Thankyou and your post saved me from replying to bobby boy.

  • Gazza!!!

    Switched my 360 on after using the X1 for some weeks and the dashboard takes sooooooo long to load things.

  • AC130

    Wow Spiderman games again not even cheaper then the last few dozen times they were on sale. Hoping to see some better sales then today’s one.

  • malixoxo

    would love to see burnout (kinect) and tomb raider :)

  • malixoxo

    any news/update on whats on special sale tomorrow (12/18/13) ?
    Today it is Borderlands, but whats next?

    • Karl Standen

      My guess would be recycled old on sale games that no one cares about and maybe remember me 50% off :)

    • gladbecker82

      it will be terraria, it says on sale wednesday. bit disappointing.if its just a single arcade game

  • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

    nothing for me today but I did pick up the free Giraffe hat for my avatar

  • m1nh0ca

    Personally, I’d like to see discounts on:

    – Duck Tales (Castle of Illusion is there… I know it’s from Sega, while the other one is from Capcom… but both are stuff from Disney)
    – Skullgirls (as it will be delisted as well)
    – Brothers: tale of two sons
    – A.R.E.S.
    – Foul Play
    – Double Dragon Neon
    – Giana Sisters
    – Alien Spidy- Pinball FX 2 tables

    Yes, I am much more for XBLA games than for Games on Demand or DLCs…

    • Death Dealer

      Just FYI, Skullgirls will be relisted with the new publiser, but it is uncertain whether it will be online compatible with the current one published by Konami.

      • m1nh0ca

        Thanks for the info… I didn’t know this :-)

    • Fred

      Definitely in for Giana Sisters should it go on sale.

  • roozbeh, again

    You still can’t buy anything on the website. It’s been this way ever since you removed Microsoft points.

    Major, could you please give us some news about it. Is it even coming back?

    • SB

      that’s weird, I’ve bought stuff from the site since they removed MS points without any issues

      • Michael

        You cannot use your MS Credit in $ or €. If you use a credit card it works just fine.

        • Mostly_Angry

          …works fine for me. Just click the link that asks if you want to use your existing balance. (I don’t have one – just used it via PC the other day.)

          • Liquidfx Xboxdude

            i couldn’t figure out how to redeem points on the website now. i click on the link and it sends me to windows webpage. anyone else getting that?

  • Gustavo Larsen

    When we have Deals for Xbox One?

  • Roujin

    Bioshock Infinite for $13.99 CAD is a VERY good deal. It was cheaper by about 20 cents a month ago on PSN if you have a Plus Membership, but as I own Bioshock on Xbox 360 it didn’t seem to make sense for me to play a sequel on another platform with a controller that feels completely different. Glad I waited…most Xbox Live sales are “meh” but there’s often a really good deal among the average ones, and this Bioshock Infinite discount is certainly one of those.

    • cubs223425

      Ehh, it’s $18 at GameStop used right now, and I have a Buy 2, Get 1 free coupon, so I’d be on the fence about getting it for $14 online vs. free if I bought 2 other games. I’ll probably just end up skipping it though, since I can’t get through BioShock 2 without wanting to hit myself over the head with a 2×4.

  • Ian Smith

    NHL 14 is $40!! Quick, everyone wait for it to be $10.

    • Liquidfx Xboxdude

      its $15 on psn right now.

  • cubs223425

    Yeah…because I just freaking bought Borderlands 2 GotY for $40 on Monday of last week. $30 or so here now, thanks, buttheads.

    • Josh

      I hate it when that happens. By the way, Borderlands 2 is $7.49, not $30. And I was bummed because after I paid for it for Xbox 360, I learned I could have gotten it on my (new) PS3, as part of PSN, for *free* right now. So I (kinda, sorta) feel your pain.

      • cubs223425

        It’s $7.50 for the base game, but I bought the GotY Edition on purpose (wanted the DLC). I wanted the DLC, which woudl put the price at $27.58. Of course, the GotY Edition also came with the $10 Mechromancer Pack, the $5 Psycho Pack, the $5 Creature Slaughter Dome, the $5 Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack, and the $5 Collector’s Edition Pack, which would all total up to $57.58, so I guess I can’t complain about the value too much, even if a good bit of it is fluff I didn’t care too much for.

  • Land007

    Kinect Arcade Games are 1 dollar… that’s a great deal!!! ;)

    • Josh

      yeah, I bought (all?) five: Doodle Jump, Wreckateer, Mini Ninja Adventures, Freefall Racers, and Fruit Nina Kinekt. Fun!

  • Chad_7Eleven

    Is fifa 360 only? Or x1 also

    • mcmax3000

      360 only.

  • Aidan

    How come all these Marvel related games are on sale, but Marvel vs Capcom origins isn’t? Could this be a daily sale at some point? I’d like to scoop that up for cheap before it’s delisted, along with Skullgirls.
    Also, I know it’s a long shot, but isn’t it time Rez HD got a sale?

    • Michael Burden

      There has been no word that Marvel vs Capcom Origins is to be de-listed. The only two titles mentioned are MVC2 and MVC3 that will be de-listed. Since Origins is the newer of the titles, its licensing agreement still has time on it.

  • Dude Love

    I read all the comments, but I wonder if anyone has actually clicked on the BL2 link to discover the game is not $13, but rather it’s listed for $7.49?

    • Flawless

      its Bioshock theyre referring too.

    • Josh

      Borderlands 2 is $7.49 and Bioshock Infinity is $13.99. I bought both.

  • Winter soldier

    How come borderlands 2 is $7 on the US site but it’s $20 on the Australian they have only taken it down 50%

  • Luke MaPi

    I have pick up The Simpsons, Mickey mouse (wonderfull), Mini Ninja (poor) and Freefall racer (very interesting price). This deal has been very good.

    I’m waiting for an 50% loss for Ducktales, Bang Bang Racing and WRC Powerslide

    • malixoxo

      Ducktales will be on sale, but not the other ones you wanted

      • Luke MaPi

        why not the others two ?

        • malixoxo

          short answer: on sale will be more or less only the highlights of 2013 such as state of decay, minecraft same other xbla remakes..
          on demand b4, cod ghost, tomb raider, ac4, gta5, zoo tycoon, lego marvel, the bureau… an their addons

          on some other unknown offers

    • AC130

      Powerslide is pretty meh.

    • Fred

      If powerslide goes on I’m definitely in, but I wonder if there is any online community left?

  • Brian Eyekon Koehler

    Actually Marvel didnt want to renew it that is why and besides the online play is dead in both of those titles anyway.

  • Melting Granite

    I have Borderlands 2, and never bought any of the extra stuff.

    I have a question: There are so many different add-ons and expansions to this game, it is confusing.

    My question: if I buy ALL of these discounted items (Season Pass, Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2, Psycho Pack, Headhunter), will I be buying any duplicates?

    And are there even OTHER packs that have things not included in these packs (for example, the Borderlands 2: Add-on Content Pack).

    Thanks for any insight!

    • E.Nich

      The pass only has 5 items: – Tiny Tina -Captain Scarlett – Sir Hammerlock – Mr Torgue -Ultimate vault hunter upgrade pack 1
      So you if you have the pass, you only need the rest.

  • Toastwithbutter

    FEZ and Spelunky are discounted, 75% each

  • Shane Battle

    what a rip off, $40 for Deadpool in Australia when its only $20 for you yanks GTFO. charging double the price for digital games is HIGHWAY ROBBERY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Riddick Snipes

      Disgraceful. I just posted a few titles and their prices a moment ago.

  • XP1

    Use xbldb. It is superior to some silly slashed number.

  • smilesmile

    on the link for FIFA 14 Europe, Middle East, Africa it says bad request , how come?

    • Death Dealer

      Bad link, which he still hasn’t fixed. The second one gets you to the same destination though with your local reduction applied.

  • Kevin Fell

    I wouldn’t worry. You can get the game of the year edition for £12.99 from shopto dot net delivered.

  • Does Not Equal

    Thanks for sharing.

  • eAbyss

    This is part of why they should have kept MSP. Now they can’t just advertise the prices anymore because everyone’s price is different due to local currency. It was a stupid decision to change. Everyone with a couple of brain cells to rub together was able to figure out the conversion so there was no real need to change except to make things more confusing.