December 18th 2013 5:24 am PT

San Juan, Puerto Rico Xbox Event

This Friday December 20th at 6pm, I’ll be at the Microsoft Store at the Plaza Las Americas in San Juan, Puerto Rico for my final Xbox event of the year.  On site, we’ll have the Killer Instinct cabinet (with the Mad Catz Killer Instinct Arcade FightSticks) for you to play, as well as FIFA, Peggle 2 and more Xbox One titles. Prizes? Yup…we’ll have some of those as well including a chance for you to win an Xbox One during the event. I am also bringing a small number of consoles for purchase – so if you want to get your hands on an Xbox One for Christmas you may want to stop by.

See you Friday!

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Events By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Syneidesis

    “On site, we’ll have the Killir Instinct cabinet (with the Mad Catz Killer Instinct Arcade FightSticks) for you to play”

    “Killer”, not “Killir” :)

    • Does Not Equal

      It’s a pretty safe bet that was a typo, seeing as the second usage of the word is spelled correctly.

  • andrew salvat

    wow this is cool thanks you guys you are the best am from PR and no other company pay any attention to Puerto Rico at all

    • Maritox

      Yeah its cool, actually they should name it as a country, looks like if Puerto Rico its another state of the USA.

      • andrew salvat

        yes PR is part of USA for as long a can remember the history go all away to the colony is alot of history in PR

      • andrew salvat

        thas the reason we have trope all over the world as a army,navy,marines and all the other and am proud of all of them.

  • Kinectamaniac

    Okay, I want to know why my Kinect stopped receiving power this morning. MS, didn’t you learn your lesson the first time with malfunctioning consoles? I’ve been on the phone with customer service, they want me to ship them my Kinect, so they can send me another.

    This is unacceptable. I can’t believe this.

    MS once again releasing a console with defects.

    I’m thinking about just contacting Amazon and getting a full refund…cause I am NOT gonna go thru another game console lifetime of malfunctioning consoles!!!

    • Kinectamaniac

      And I’d sure like to know why I’m receiving down votes…after spending 500 dollars for a console that isn’t functioning properly.

      After the red ring of death fiasco on the 360, you’d think that MS would have tried a bit harder to make sure there wouldn’t be any malfunctions with the Xbox One.

      The ONLY people that should be receiving any down votes is MS…for once again releasing a malfunctioning console.

      I now have a useless Kinect paperweight that I was required to purchase with the console…why?

      • Guest

        You’re off-topic and maybe you should realize that this isn’t One Stop Xbox Support and you’d be better off posting such things on the Xbox Support Forums.

        • Kinectamaniac

          If my console was functioning properly, I wouldn’t have needed to go “off topic”. So you can thank MS for my “off topic” comment.

          • Does Not Equal

            Or you could contact Xbox Support instead of posting on a blog that has never given detailed technical solutions before.

      • Anonymous

        Because people here will cry over anything negative said about Mirco$oft.

    • ikari_paul

      thats the risks early adopters have to accept. heck, thats the risks of buying advanced tech.
      that said, send them the kinect. its not like you really need that piece of c*** anyway

      • Kinectamaniac

        I understand what you are saying…new tech brings new problems. However, my issue is with my Kinect 2.0 not receiving power from my console. So, getting power from Point A to Point B should definitely not be considered a “new tech” issue.

    • AJ

      It’s under warranty… Send it in and get a new one.

      • Kinectamaniac

        Yeah…I’m attempting that…however, it’s now been over 24 hours since I spoke with customer service, and I’m still awaiting my repair order email, so I can ship back my Kinect 2.0.

        So now, it looks like customer service is now lacking…since they can’t even get my repair order email to me.

        What the heck is going on there MS?!?!?! Does ANYONE there know how to properly do their job?

      • Kinectamaniac

        I’m attempting to…but after over 24 hours after speaking with Xbox customer service, I’m STILL awaiting my repair order email.

        I received my console on November 22nd…so they have until Dec 21st to get that repair order email to me, or else I’m shipping it back to Amazon for a full refund.

        I’ve said before, I’ve been gaming since PONG. I helped bring, from the very beginning, the video game industry into what it has blown up into today.

        I really hate what the video game industry has turned in to…companies that don’t care if they have 100% properly functioning consoles, games being rushed to shelves so the majority of them are released full of bugs and glitches.

        Video gaming is just not the same anymore….it’s gone from “making the gamer happy, first”….to “making the companies happy, first.”

        If I don’t have that repair order within 48 hours, I’ll probably say goodbye to the video gaming industry for good…cause they no longer care about the gamers or the quality of the products, hardware and software, released.

        And the to MANY that will downvote this…it’s YOUR fault the video game business has become what it is…cause YOU keep defending and tolerating the stuff.

    • RossageSausage

      “I am NOT gonna go thru another game console lifetime of malfunctioning consoles!!!”

      Good luck on that LOL. Send it in and stop being melodramatic.

    • István Cs. Bartos

      Your name is Kinectamaniac defo a troll

  • ikari_paul

    for a second thought you were announcing digital versions of the 2 boardgames (san juan, puerto rico) on the x1 :)
    amazing games to play with friends around a table, there are pretty decent digital versions on the ipad too

  • Danny Hogan

    When is microsoft going to fix the blu ray app audio and video out of sync bug that loads of people have got because the patch that was released didnt fix the problem !

    • Jessie Bristol

      I personally have not had that issue. Played Prometheus, Alien, and Aliens Blu-Rays and did not have a audio syncing issue. Could it be due to the method of which people have sound systems connected.

      I just have a Turtle Beach Headset connected to a DSS (Dolby Surround Sound) Processor that is then connected through a Digital Optical cable to the back of the Xbox One.

    • István Cs. Bartos

      mkv – hdmi cable = enjoy

  • xboxgamer969

    Xbox Juan!!!!!

  • RossageSausage

    Keeping you busy Major – keep up the hard work!