December 20th 2013 9:00 pm PT

Countdown to 2014 Daily Deal Day 5: Payday 2

Today’s Daily Deal is quite a steal: Lead your team through a series of increasingly complex heists in Payday 2 – half off for one day only!

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Payday 2 Games on Demand 50%

Click here to see what else is on sale this week, and be sure to check back tomorrow for another Daily Deal.

Deal, Xbox 360 By Jeff Rubenstein

  • kamone

    worst end of year promotion ever!!!

    • Ron Locke II

      there has to be a few curve balls in there go look at steam or other sales out there at least Microsoft is doing this for us, when the Xbox one get a libary of games they can put on sale, we all are going to say “boo” ether way everyone get by standers and i guess this is majors day..

      • kamone

        in previous years you had a lot more games each day…this year we have a so so game per day…i love my xbox..but the playstation is jsut looking better and better each day …

        • ImTheMetalLord

          In previous years they also didn’t run separate sales for the whole week and all we had to look forward to was the daily sales. This year we have laundry list for the entire week running alongside these daily sales AND next week we have another list to look forward to alongside the daily sales. I’m happy with all the gaming options I have.

          • Matrix_omega

            Previous years they DID have a sale running along with the dailies ..
            This one has been decent.
            I only got DLC for Castlevania HD though.
            Hoping the sale continues and gets better.

            Personally looking for Tales or Eternal Sonata or Shadow Complex. They are old so doubt that will happen.

          • Ron Locke II

            tales is only $15? well worth the buy right now at that price.. rest is pretty steep yes but i would pick it up for that.. i picked the game up for $30 way back again for $20 for a disc base.. I love the game. i dont think they would make tales on a deals..

          • I Keel Zohmbeez

            Sorry, but did you JUST join Live? They have always had a weekly sale running with the dailies lol..

      • billy middleton

        previous years we all got triple A and double A games and this year……bioshock infinite was the only triple A game.
        I have seen the games that’s coming up on sale and there is NOTHING good coming, its all lame arcade games and games that are being delisted by Christmas.
        sorry but the countdown to the new year is by far the WORST this time round.
        maybe next year we’ll have some better titles and maybe xbox one deals.

  • Jig

    I guess it’s fair enough considering it came out a couple of months ago but would have liked to have seen a few more offers!

  • Nexures

    whats next :D ???

  • David Drummond

    I have heard this is a really fun game, I might pick it up.

    • rogXue

      it’s fun if you have 4 people you know to play with. random co-op sucks and communication is key. Good game if you don’t go in guns blazing.

  • Karl Standen

    Whoopie, 1 game on sale that’s amazing and the DLC is on sale too…….. no wait it’s not LAME! I feel like MS don’t want a decent Payday themselves with these lackluster deals step your game up and I might spend some money :)

  • Silent_Killer01


  • E.Nich

    Today the deal is pretty lame, you should’ve toss one or two games more into it.

  • Liquidfx Xboxdude

    i rented this and played it about 5 min. not for me.

  • Jorge T Gonzalez

    Ok neeeeexxxxxtttt

  • Quaranj

    Just like watered down marinara, this sale is weak sauce.

    • billy middleton

      I pasted whats coming up and so far ……. there is NOTHING worth the cash.
      except bioshock infinite which was put back to the pre-sale price and et its still at a sale price in the usa
      usa = $14 ((£9.49))
      uk = £18 (($30))

      • ImTheMetalLord

        I’ll do the comment without the link:

        Bioshock Infinite is part of the weekly sales and will be that price till December 23rd.

      • マリオ

        This comment scared me. I have been putting of getting Infinite just in case there was something I wanted more, but I might as well just get it before I miss my chance.

  • ImTheMetalLord

    It’s so much fun see what the peanut gallery has to say about the deals that are being offered. I mean you can’t even pick this game up used for less than $25 and I can get a digital copy of it for less than $18? What’s there to complain about? So it isn’t your type of game. Big deal it’s still one heck of a bargain!

    I for one am going to pick this up at this price. I did the demo months ago and that it was a fun game. I used to play the PC version of Payday (one) and it’s really fun pulling off bank heist with 3 of your friends. You really need team work in order to be successful!

    • André

      Sorry to disagree with you, but if you can’t find that game for that price you’re not looking in the right place. Here is 19,99 euros, and i just have to open ebay to find new copies at 22 euros. So where is the fantastic deal in that? Not to mention that, unless you’re buying for the multiplayer (i guess it can be ffun) this game really sucks.

      • ImTheMetalLord

        I agree that you would be buying this for the multi.

  • billy middleton

    I live in the uk and yet each time I click on a link it takes me to the irish version of xbox.

  • Luke MaPi

    Another game on demand damn ! I prefer the deal on XBLA games. We can find the game on demand at less than deal, on second hand market

    • ImTheMetalLord

      Not this one for less than $25! This is a solid deal!

    • ImTheMetalLord

      You can’t find this game used for less than $25.

    • m1nh0ca

      I second that.

      But I avoid used games, as I like to support the developers. Anyway, retail prices are much better most of the time.

  • lexion4 .

    only one game??? and not even the only dlc on the market??? i really really hope tomorrow’s deals are much better……. :(

    • マリオ

      The best stuff is probably coming after Christmas,

  • AC130

    Microsoft need to be learned in the ways of spruking these deals are very meh compared to the steam sales.

    • André

      Is it really that hard to understand that Steam is not a console. Comparing to PS sales or Nintendo (if they have any) is one thing, but comparing Steam to console sales is a bit retarder.

      • AC130

        How so both use digital means of distribution and their sales are centered around digital content just like M$. Maybe some people still here struggle to comprehend that PC games can be optimised and run at custom settings all for a much cheaper price. I struggle to see how these games that do not get the level of support that PC games do still get charged double the price.

        • マリオ

          It’s a lot easier to pirate PC games though. Consoles are in most homes. Gaming PC’s aren’t. PC pricing has to be more enticing. If you are that into Steam sales why come here just to tell us that so often?

          • Bush

            xbox is just as easy to pirate man. steam is just much much better at sales. bioshock triple pack is only 13euro right now.

            the xbox sales only bring the prices down to what they should be for games that are over a year old.

          • AC130

            Exactly and that is without mentioning the sales that allow you to own a whole series of games for cheap. Each of these sales make me question why I would pick the limiting experience of consoles over PCs which offer everything and more. And no I am not PC master-race; I always console game but now it is becoming so meaningless that PC gaming is showing itself to be the best experience. It also is not all that expensive to get a decent rig.

          • Bush

            the xbox one not having backwards compatability for my online arcade collection killed my love for console gaming. digital is a waste of money on consoles imo. the 360 is past its sell by date now and they still charge full wack for digital games. everything in the 360s library should be 75% off without deals.

            at least i dont have to worry about it when i buy off steam,never have a problem running the oldest to newest games

            got all the tomb raiders, the complete collection for 10 euro the other week including the newest one. at this rate the steam box is going to destroy sony and microsofts consoles when it hits.

          • AC130

            So often??? Mentioned it once buddy and that is because it is so obviously better. As to gaming PCs they are in a lot more homes then you give credit for. I come here in the hopes for a decent sale, I cannot help you if you cannot accept other people’s opinions.

      • cubs223425

        That is, right until Microsoft started to push digital distribution. The simple fact of the matter is that Microsoft’s digital distribution is piss-poor at best (I shouldn’t have to spend $40 on Borderlands DLC ALONE when the GotY Edition is $20). These sales have been very small, and mostly mediocre, so far.

  • m1nh0ca

    Hmm… meh.

    Back to Bioshock.

  • ImTheMetalLord

    Ebay sucks….you know how many beat the heck up games I bought off of Ebay before I stop buying there at all. How many games I had to send back because they are listed as “Like New” then when I get the game it’s missing the instruction booklet and the case looks like someone sat on it and the disc will have some scratches as well.

    Keep wasting your money there all you want but I for one will never buy anything from there again.

    • André

      Loool really funny. I’ve got over 200 games bought in ebay and not a single one was not as described. You do know something called the “feedback system” and also the buyers protection don’t you?Enjoy this “great deal” then.

    • I Keel Zohmbeez

      ” I mean you can’t even pick this game up used for less than $25…” False. You do know there is a return policy where if you are not happy with the quality you can return it at no cost, right? lI have NEVER purchased something from ebay and been disappointed with the quality, b/c I only purchase from good rated sellers. Sounds like you purchased and didnt bother to check their ratings lol. More power to you tho if you prefer a digital copy for $18 instead of a physical copy for $12, I mean digital copies dont take up HD space or have to be downloaded back if you delete them… Oh wait…

    • Disturbed_Court_Jester

      lol exaggerate much? =[)

      • ImTheMetalLord

        No! Just describing the worse case scenario that happens more than I like. For a few bucks more I get a digital copy that I can play on my console today. Don’t have to wait for it to arrive in the mail hoping that it arrives in the shape that is described.

        • Disturbed_Court_Jester

          Maybe you’ve just been unlucky and digital isn’t all ways just a few bucks more, take any Halo or Call of duty game for example, they cost at least 3x more than what you can get them for on Ebay, but I know some people rather have digital copies which is fine.

  • santastd

    17.49$ in the US. 30.2$ in Sweden converted from SEK.
    Always the same thing…

    • Liquidfx Xboxdude

      its not good enough to worry about. its not horrible but yeah. don’t worry.

  • ryder4life22187

    How is this quite a steal for the day I just saw this at target for 19.99 for physical copy

  • Thomas Gilmore

    Bleck…. Another day, and just one mediocre game for sale. Hopefully next week will be better

  • ElektroDragon

    Yuck, horrible game. Glad I could rent it physical.

  • Reverend Hale

    Don’t buy it. It was released over 4 months ago. The PC has received dozens of updates, but the console versions are stuck with PC BETA code. Don’t count on it ever getting fixed.

    • Silas

      PS3 did get their update (about 2-3 weeks ago), but Overkill is “working with Microsoft” for the 360 patch.

      That being said, I’d say consoles are about three months overdue for patches at all. Overkill only released for consoles to have a little extra padding cash, apparently, as they’ve made little effort to keep the games up to date.

  • CoonDaddy


  • joevsyou

    same price as steam ~ *shocked*

    • Jared

      Steam had o on sale for the Flash Sales 55% $5 Cheaper then Xbox

  • Some Guy

    I’m not going to make my customary comment because I think everyone who’s reading this knows just how pathetic this “sale” is; doubly so today.

  • IN_YO_FACE_86

    At least I got Bioshock Infinite:)

  • Jared

    i am sill waiting for like GTAV Or SR4

  • Realmusik Recordz

    Mini guide has to return. Friend notification also please. Major nelson ….telll the designers to compare the 2 systems without thinking about the connect. It sucks to be in a game and have to bag out just to send a message to other friends. Also adding friends and seeing who you last played. The xb1 is not overated, but it just wasnt ready yet. With the 360 i know wats new from the time my game is on the dashboard. The xb1 on the other hand is more of a searching situation. Please hear me out microsoft

    • Realmusik Recordz

      These chages are not crucial but will improve the time between swtching from game to activity and etc..

  • DoGi

    Only PAYDAY 2?!?!?!? EPIC FAIL!!!
    Nothing important untill now this year countdown!

  • Pasajero82

    My Xbox Cry!!!

  • klint05

    Guess it’s not so bad having my account “risk blocked” for the last 2 weeks and not being able to buy anything with “deals” like this…

  • Nox

    and what is coming for tomorrow??

    • マリオ

      Too early to know. Wait a couple of hours.

      • wuzup916

        Mortal Kombat Arcade Edition – 75% off
        Street Fighter 3 Online Edition – 75% off
        Virtua Fighter Five Final Showdown – 75% off
        Soul Calibur 2 HD – 50% off

        • Nox

          are you serious? or joking?

          • E.Nich

            He’s serious. I expected Girl Fight and Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds in the fighting day sale. No luck in that matter though.

    • Pasajero82

      Payday 1!

      • マリオ


    • Antarael Dulacre

      Soul Calibur 2 HD

  • jalen venable

    Virtua fighter five final showdown for 3.74 and
    Soul Calibur 2 HD for 7:49

    • Pasajero82

      Street Fighter III: Online Edition and Mortal Kombat Arcade

    • マリオ

      I have all of these except SC2 HD. I think I’ll be getting it now. $20 was too much for a game with horrible netcode. Especially since GoD versions of SCIV and SCV are $15 each.

      • jalen venable

        Exactly. 20 dollars is a bit much for a re-release of an older game.
        I just picked up Street Fighter and Virtua Fighter myself

        • MoocaHero

          Honestly, the only day I got anything worthwhile was Day 1. Outside of that, I have no interest in ancient fighting games.Especially since the only people who play them online are the ones who have been playing them for far too long,

      • Bennijin

        After only a month? Almost like it isn’t selling.

        I’ve been playing it for the past few days
        after winning a code in a contest and the online is utterly ABYSMAL but
        the offline experience is as solid as ever.

        One word of warning
        though, the PAL version is the one they’ve ported while the Soulcalibur
        community prefer the American NTSC version because of reasons.

        • マリオ

          It hasn’t been selling. XD

    • André

      Now there is a good deal. Can’t go wrong with MK for 3 bucks. As for the rest, not really a fan, and i already have the 3 original versions of SC so don’t think theres is much point in getting it

  • Juan Jose Northia Martinez

    Actual report: day 1: win, day 2: meh, day 3: fail, day 4: meh and day 5: fail……. what’s next: win??????? (I hope it’s well)

  • Darian

    who ever is waiting for SR4 they all ready had it half off along with some dlc

  • Joseph McNally

    Bought MK Arcade for $2.50.
    Hard to pass up (plus, it brings up all sorts of childhood memories).

  • H0RIZ0N

    Well at least the pricing is getting better. 2 years ago the game would’ve probably only been 33% off. XD

    • dark

      they’d be stupid if they never since xbox one came out this year

  • StudioMultimédia Gon’Interacti

    its a nice deal, fun game if you have friend that have it, if not, stay the hell away since this is the worst AI ever

  • Silas

    Hey, another game Steam’s had (better) sales on.

    Come on, Microsoft. Five years of paying for Live, and I still feel like you’re shitting on me and all your customers.

  • CoonDaddy

    Soul calibur is 10$

    sadly, what it should have costed in the first place!

    • マリオ

      $!5 would be right if the online wasn’t so bad.