January 12th 2014 6:45 pm PT

Unlocking and using the SUAV in BF4

A few tips on how to unlock (and use) the SUAV in Battlefield 4

Gaming, Xbox One By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • The Truth Must Be Said

    1st blood

  • deadbox102

    Haven’t played this game since Christmas. May give it another try.

    • Rus74

      Same here, got to level 25 and stopped after the annoying bugs and glitches got the better of my patience.

  • fwdkiller

    Haven’t played since launch day fix party invite or make a option to join game.

    • Lucky13X

      You’re missing out.

      • fwdkiller

        Why would i miss out.

  • Moises Munoz

    Yo’ Where’s the update for the upcoming deals and sales stuff?

  • Nox

    are the weekly deals over?

    • Lucky13X

      No, they are not. 2K and another publisher are having massive sales, up to 75% off. You just need to check the dashboard.

      • Nox

        are the deals for 2 weeks or 1 week?

  • Lucky13X

    Thanks for the video Larry.

    I just got BF4 for XB1 this past Sat after having it for a while for the 360. Your videos with E & Stepto on Upload influenced me a lot to purchase the game. That and my boss kept pestering me to challenge him online.

  • trickbfc1988

    Bf4 is awesome I just want dice to fix the majority of the bugs on the game and I used that bomber on a different map several times and I couldn’t get a kill with that thing I just got constant hit markers lol I might try again sometime

  • Adrian Walters

    GREAT THANKS Larry, here is where Xbox One DVR comes into play.Great Video

  • Swat

    Considering your K/D is 0.50 (you die A LOT), don’t give us any tips.

    • DanielThibodeaux

      .48kdr and 418 SPM. Amazing!

    • Senses Failed

      Battlefield isn’t about k/d, it’s about teamwork

      • evilfangs .

        Yes BF4 is about KD, you’re wasting tickets dying constantly like a wet fish. Teamwork means jack all if you’re dying 20 time in a game and wasting all them respawn tickets.

        • Nick Peck

          Not really. If you have teamwork going on you are keeping things capped which is regaining resources. Sometimes trying to cap a point you can die a ton of times. If you die a lot but have a ton of caps and protects, you are doing your job.

        • WARLORD

          KD tickets only matter in team deathmatch…. Witch is not the core mod of the game..

          • evilfangs .

            Maybe it was BF3 only or a user created server but when I played conquest we had respawn trickets.

          • WARLORD

            Each teams starts with a set amount of flags and tickets, and the objective is to capture and hold the other flags as long as possible. The team with the least flags bleeds tickets at a faster rate. Holding the flags is the key to the game. That takes teamwork not lone wolfing to get the best K/D..

          • evilfangs .

            Maybe it wasn’t conquest I was thinking about then as it wasn’t flags but kind of bombs.

        • ikari_paul

          But if your not reviving teammates, not conquering stuff, and are just going for your selfish KDR, the other team grabs more than half of the flags and your precious tickets vanish…. How does that help the team?

      • Swat

        So you’re saying someone who is dying A LOT is helping the team? Yeah…okay, whatever.

        • ikari_paul

          If hes repairing vehicles, reviving people, its important for the team

          Just dying, and not helping, is useless, though

    • ikari_paul

      usually i end up in the Top5 every match, and my K/D is around 0,6

      This isnt the s**** COD, where people only care about themselves. In BF, you have to play as team in order to win, even if that means dying a lot.

      your attitude is what is wrong with a lot of the community.

      • Swat

        Score board means nothing since you can get to the top spot with zero kills by other means of points (giving ammo, medic packs, repairs, ect)

        • ikari_paul

          Theoretically, yeah… But i doubt you manage to score 10k points by giving ammo and reviving. That said, a true bf player cares about teamplay, and thus its only fair that he gets to the top, considering he did help his team a lot, while KDR babies stay in the bottom half. Only fair

          Just Caring about your KDR doesnt help anything in this game. If you feel this way, leave and go to COD, youre the cancer of this community


      Spoken like a true COD fanboy …

      • Swat

        Funny, I’ve yet to play a CoD game. Feel free to look me up, GT HT Swat

        • WARLORD

          lol I said “Spoken like” Many people have not played COD and have the same attitude..

  • Spazicle

    Too bad Battlefield 4 is utterly broken.

    • Swat

      Only on the X 360 as it wasn’t made for old generation consoles.

      • ikari_paul

        Maybe your just lucky, but the game is broken on all platforms.

        There are enough people out there reporting problems on x1, ps4, pc…

  • Kieran

    I played Battlefield 4 last night and i have to say it is improved lot. No more waiting for servers. I just use Quick match and i am in.

    The only gamemode i noticed that had bugs was Conquest. The Audio is broken. And the game can often lag badly at times


      The server does seem to be better but there is still the problem of loosing your saved game, witch I have lost 3 times and I have had my mp stats reset a few time to.

    • NerdRage

      larry the lamb approves this

  • Daryl Aiken

    Great video. I may have to pick this game up.