January 15th 2014 6:00 am PT

Xbox One “Titanfall” Limited Edition Wireless Controller

Today we’re announcing the Xbox One “Titanfall” Limited Edition Wireless Controller.  This unique controller was a collaborative effort with the Xbox design team and the Respawn art department. According to Joel Emslie, Lead Artist at Respawn Entertainment, the goal was “to create a controller that feels as if it is a piece of military spec hardware transported from the universe of Titanfall and into players hands.”

The Xbox One Titanfall Limited Edition Wireless Controller will be available worldwide in time for the launch of Titanfall on March 11, 2014 in North America and beginning March 13, 2014 in Europe for ERP USD $64.99.
The controller is currently available for pre-order in the US at the Microsoft Store.

Here are some high resoluton images of the controller as well as the packaging.

Head over to Xbox Wire for the official press release

PLUS: I have two controllers to give away. How can you win one of these beauties?

Simple: leave a comment below (don’t @ reply me on Twitter) and tell me what are you most looking forward to about Titanfall?

Good luck 

The rules: Deadline to enter is 6:00 pm ET on Thursday January 23rd. Two randomly selected winner will be notified by e-mail or Twitter. One entry per person. Winners will receive their prize a few days before Titanfall ships on March 11th.

Read this if you have questions about the Disqus commenting system. Contest is open to all regions where Xbox One is available.

Note: If you do not have an e-mail address or Twitter name associated with your Disqus login, you must include your Twitter information in your comment to be eligible. Any winner who does not respond to my notification within 72 hours will forfeit the prize. For faster notification, follow me on Twitter where I can DM you if you won. 
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Xbox One By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Captain Planet

    They gameplay is what I am looking foward to.

    Twitter: @ Manny1250

  • Charles Hawk

    I can’t wait. Time for a multiplayer game. It will show that we don’t always need a campaign mode. Most looking forward to the reaction from everyone that plays a multiplayer only console game.

    Twitter: @charlesnhawk

  • Cody Bishop

    Wallrunning and double jumping. Mario + Assassin’s Creed + FPS = Titanfall

  • BourgDotOrg

    The competitive awesomeness and all around next-gen FPS concept has me just as excited as I was for the Xbox Won console! Thanks Zachary Berg

  • RobCampbell

    I’m looking forward to the speed and freedom of movement Titanfall is going to offer and the epic moments that will entail. Definitely going to be the game of 2014. My Xbox is going to get very tired of me saying “Xbox record that.” :)

    Twitter: @robcampbell

  • Matthew Butler

    I’m hoping that this will be the experience that Microsoft have promised at E3, ya know, all games running at 60FPS in 1080p

  • Dio Agiron

    I want to RUN AND GUN vanish the CAMPERS hopefully @ DIO250ISF

  • Nick Hoppe

    Im excited for a brand new take on fhe modern day shooter. Adding the Titans is a great step forward and helps the game feel more futuristic.

  • http://musingbox.com/ Michał W. Sterzycki

    I’m most looking forward to the wall-running.

  • Gerry Gonzalez

    I can’t wait to pull one of my buddies out of their Titan and fling them like a rag doll!

  • William Griffin

    I look forward to the on the fly mix of wall running FPS and titan based game play

  • Matt

    Hmm, of everything I’ve read about Titanfall, I think I’m most excited about the article that talked about how it earned an M rating from the ESRB, for “being able to blow your opponents into little meaty bits”. Something to that effect.

    Love the look of that controller! ;)

  • NDArkie89

    I’m looking forward to experiencing the hybrid of FPS & parkour action as well as finally enjoying the creation from the developmental core that was the true Infinity Ward

  • hopesfall

    I most look forward to getting that same feeling I got when I played COD4 by the trailer and alpha so far soo good that and I took 2 days off of work to stay home and play

  • sigtauez

    Looking forward to the Heavy Gear style of mech fighting.

  • Kris Rozniak

    I am looking forward to something new and different. FPS human characters mixed with Titans should be a blast not just another COD clone.

  • Arthur Kelly III

    What am i looking forward to? Something thats actually worth playing that isn’t a last gen port. :p


    Huge mechs with parkour gameplay oh yeah bring in the titanfall baby

  • James Dalire

    I’m looking forward to using the titans in combat. It’s not everyday you get to play a mobile mech, especially one that can jump kick! Aside from that the mobility of the foot soldiers who can wall run and double jump! This is going to be a fast pace game and I’m so excited to “jump in” there!

  • unbreakable84

    Im looking forward to seeing how well the cloud integration works in the game.

  • Eric Jones

    I’m most looking forward to the mix between free running, jet packing, and some sweet guns.

  • Jesse

    I’m just really looking forward to a new take on an FPS game. The idea of being able to play on foot or in a titan as you see fit excites me.

  • Joseph Brumleve

    I’m looking forward to the amazing graphics!!

  • Matt Honan

    Looking forward to some run and gunning with the titans.

  • Marcos Junior

    I’m most looking forward to taking down Titans as a pilot!

  • Bob Noah

    I am excited to see a game that was specifically designed for the XBox One. The videos and previews look amazing! I can’t wait for the release.

  • Phil Harris

    I’m most looking forward to being able to pilot the different titans in Titanfall. The ones that have been announced are great sounding.

  • gavingreenwalt

    Having a game to play on my Xbox One.

  • Dean Davis

    I’m looking forward to a FPS I can actually enjoy again. Stopped playing COD: Ghosts after about 2 hours. Boring! Need something new and different.

  • Brandon Kendrick

    I’m most looking forward to battling my friends in the Titans!

    Twitter: @bkendrick86

  • elpollomaniaco

    I’m looking forward to wall-run across the maps, jumping, dashing. In a game where it’s nearly impossible to camp, because the enemy can approach from any direction. That will be great. And if that doesn’t work, I’ll just call my Titan-Bro to blow up this nasty, little… ah, you know what I mean! ;)
    Sometimes I miss these features in BF4…

  • Bryan Williams

    I’m looking forward to massive game play and big Titans to run down my opponents with!

  • WarrenXBOX

    Although everything about this game looks incredible, i’m most looking forward to stomping around in a Titan! Can’t wait for this game – seems to have taken the best bits from previous games in this genre and then put a whole new spin on it! :)

  • Jared Velardo

    As an Alpha tester im looking forward to everything. Respawn did an excellent job, and it plays brilliantly on the xbox one.

  • Nick M

    I’m looking forward to skating around the maps in my Titan, running over Pilots as if they were ants! My twitter handle is @skortchurr

  • kftgr

    I’m most looking forward to stomping around (and on unsuspecting players) with the Titans.

  • Jayson Hadley

    As a father of 3, looking forward to playing a new type of FPS with my kids. We have 3 Xbox Ones. Time to battle against or with eachother. Will be lots of fun. Played the Alpha…it was amazing. This new controller would only hype my kids up even more. Thank you for this oppurtunity. Twitter: @JaysonHadley

  • Sean Glorioso

    Looking forward to bashing some Titans.

  • Red Moonshine

    looking forward to every thing about the game the titans look so cool the wall running = tons of fun :)
    I got in to the alpha and wow titanfall will be the game to play this year. #i hope i win #xboxoneftw #larry hryb for president :)

  • lilmacki

    The number one thing I’m looking forward to is the fact that it is Co-op. The graphics look absolutely amazing and being able to use a titan is amazing! Can’t wait!

  • David Van Gorp

    Getting to run around with my iron giant being my bodyguard while I can still attack on foot.

  • Giancarlo C.

    I’m looking forward to the wall running and getting behind the wheel of a Titan!

  • anthony

    I’m looking forward to try the campaign multiplayer and see how it will work and hope that it successes and becomes a new standard in only play.

  • Datsyuk13

    The vertical aspect of Titanfall is going to change first person shooters as we know it. Running and gunning (my favourite) will be very different now. KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE SKY!

  • Lowndzy

    The vertical aspect of Titanfall is going to change first person shooters as we know it. Running and gunning (my favourite) will be very different now. KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE SKY!

  • Freewee!

    The amazing graphics and the fact that it’s such a unique shooter

  • peterpenguin

    I’m looking forward to teaming up with my friends and working together along an immersive storyline.
    We’ve not had a great team multiplayer experience since the last ghost recon came out.

  • Dan

    Cool controller. Would love to win it. @TheDanCoyne Titanfall looks awesome and I can’t wait for the multiplayer all the time!

  • MNAT21

    SNATIT!!! all the 720p 60fps goodness <3

  • Hector Landrua

    what are you most looking forward to about Titanfall? Im most looking forward to playing with my friends having a good time, and if
    the game will be used competitively woo!!