January 21st 2014 4:39 pm PT

Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle Now Available

ACLHDDead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle puts you in control of Spec Ops Commander Adam Kane on a mission that challenges everything he believes – to capture the missing President of the United States while battling the zombie apocalypse. This side story features a new mission, new weapons, new vehicle, and more.

Find Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle now on the Xbox One Store (“Xbox, Bing, Dead Rising 3 add-ons”)

Note: you’ll need Dead Rising 3 to enjoy Operation Broken Eagle. Download it here if you don’t have it already.

For more on Operation Broken Eagle and details of Dead Rising 3’s title update, click over to Xbox Wire.

Game Add-on, Xbox One By Jeff Rubenstein

  • Winter soldier

    This looks like fun, looking forward to getting back into some DR3

  • Mitchell Hall

    As much fun as I have playing Dead rising 3, and I do have a ton of fun playing it… that Damn countdown clock just ruins it for me. I hate that if I go off and do some side stuff and collectibles hunting for a day I use up a bunch of my precious hours needed to beat the game. My understanding was that the only way there was a time limit was while you’re playing nightmare mode. It really sucks cuz I only have about 3 days left and I only just met up with that big group of illegals. Who sent me out to do some things. I just took care of the psycho doctor. I’m a big collector and looter in games and so the time thing is really messing with my style of play. But all in all the game kicks butt!

    • joevsyou

      should be option turn it off after you beat it once

    • Does Not Equal

      That’s how the Dead Rising series has always gone. You have to juggle freeroaming, your main mission, and side missions. I remember that a couple people came up with ways to clear the first Dead Rising without missing a mission, but you had to follow their directions exactly (and, of course, not mess up). I guess it’s to add replayability (choosing which missions) and realism (dire situations in real time).

      • Mitchell Hall

        Oh no I know I’m fully aware how the last two Dead risings played.. I just didn’t like it at all. I’m something of a completionist when I game so those restraints never appealed to me. My understanding was that this time they only had the timer for nightmare mode for the people who enjoy the timer.. but it ended up not being the case. It sucks. Even if they removed the timer after you beat the game to let you go back and finish everything like someone else just said but they didn’t even do that. It sucks. Mostly because I really do enjoy this game. I’ve had a ton of fun with it so far but I’ll probably end up getting the crappy ending because I still have so much to do.

        • Does Not Equal

          I think you almost have to max out your character after multiple playthroughs before trying to do it all in one shot. That’s a bit more commitment than I’ve ever wanted to give to a Dead Rising game.

          • Mitchell Hall

            Haha.. agreed. It’s a decent game but not that good lol.

          • Nick Peck

            Same with “The Last of Us”. I love how you beat it once and get like 4 trophies, but have to beat it like 3 times to get most of them completed. I don’t beat my games more than once as a 2nd play through is never as fun for me. So yah, I might just get through DR3 once and that will be about it for me.

          • Does Not Equal

            The game has to really grab me to warrant an immediate second play. A few are worth another run, just later (e.g. Mass Effect series).

        • Stefan Gabbert

          If you are full aware how the last two dead risings worked and you didn`t like the concept, why did you buy the 3rd? This is the sense of the game…being under time pressure. Because of people like you the games get more mainstream and more casual. DR3 is the best example. I loved the other 2 games because you have to do many playthroughs to see everything. Here I only did one and saw everything.

          • ElektroDragon

            He bought it, like I did, because SEVERAL interviews with devs and previews said only NIGHTMARE mode would have a time limit. So we were deceived. If I knew it had a time limit, I may not have even bought an Xbox One to begin with.

          • Mitchell Hall

            LOL because of people like me eh? Dude go lay down I’ve been gaming since you were still in your father’s nut sack. You’re a moron. I got the third one because if you were following the run up to the release of this game you would know the developers said multiple times that the timer was taken out of the main story, and that it was kept in only on nightmare mode for the people who did like the initial first 2 games.. of whom there weren’t very many so don’t kid yourself. Too funny. What a douchebag

          • Nick Peck

            Learn how to read and comprehend what he was saying. The dev’s DID SAY that the timer would be in nightmare mode and not in the regular gameplay mode.

            I don’t care for the timer either and was annoyed to find it in the normal mode. It’s not a huge deal, and I’m sure the timer may be slower in this mode vs. the nightmare one, but the Capcom guys did say it wouldn’t be there.

            Mitchell isn’t making that up and is the only reason I purchased the game as I don’t like being forced to play through a game like the previous ones. I don’t think there is anything wrong with games like that, I just don’t personally like them is all.

        • ElektroDragon

          I fully agree with you. Developers played bait and switch by saying multiple times in interviews that only Nightmare would have a time limit. LIARS!

          • Dylan

            Wait. There’s a time limit? I thought they took that out and used that as a selling point.

    • evilfangs .

      You have plenty of time to do anything and everything including finishing the main story.

      I collected every collectible and did every side mission, and messed about and still had over 2 days left when I completed the game.

    • IvanCD(MaidenLOKO)

      If you don’t trigger the last mission, that one which requires you to chase the Henlock plane, the time will not pass and you have time to find collectibles and other stuffs. But I agree with you, this can be frustrating depending on your gaming style.

    • LOD-squa

      I actually don’t understand how people can’t do stuff. I managed to do all of the side missions, get to level 50, kill all of the psycho’s and still had plenty of time left. I have only done one playthrough(except for nightmare mode) and got the best ending in the game.

  • ae69ae

    So… when is the party chat update coming? Party chat is so annoying and slow.

    • Does Not Equal

      There’s party chat in DR3?

      • Nate Welles

        Are you broken?

        • Superman64

          He does this all of the time. Any time someone gets off topic of a post here…it upsets him and he makes some snarky little comment. He’s quite a miserable person from what I have seen.

  • Senses Failed

    Pro tip: don’t advertise your dlc as having “a” mission, could put people off.
    You’re welcome

  • joevsyou

    thanks xbox! 13gb forced download even if you don’t want the dlc…

    • Winter soldier

      It’s capcom you should be blaming not xbox

      • joevsyou

        ms system, they can say “no”

        • Nick Peck

          And if it was on every other system, it would be the same. It’s the dev’s decision to do that.

      • NerdRage

        its never microsofts fault, no matter what, right?

    • usrev

      the bigger issue is it was a 13gb download and the total patch was smaller than 13gb… they had to copy over the game files for whatever reason instead of just downloading what you needed.

      • Speedkiller

        the download has the content for the rest of the addons coming out that is why its so big.and when you buy the addon your downloading the code to turn them on.

  • Jamie Hall

    Guys.. I had an idea for a new brand campaign and voice command for Xbox One…

    Lets me know what you think :)

    I had an idea for a new brand campaign for Xbox One. I’ve expressed how it might work here with an example script for a TV Advert. Comments welcome… don’t flame me please :) just playing around with an idea I thought was cool.


    The campaign would revolve around a new strapline “Let’s Play” – a flexible vehicle that lends itself to many applications. What’s great about this though, is that it gets to the core of the Xbox brand – the simple joy of using your free time on entertainment and gaming… all of which, essentially, are forms of play. The device could also be extended to a new voice command: “Xbox, Let’s Play.”

    This command would turn on the console, the user’s TV and drop them straight back at the last experience they were using. A neat way to give life to the proposition.

    Creative would acknowledge the debates of the last year in smart ways – playing to the intelligence and web-savvy of the core gamer part of the audience, without being obtuse to the other sectors.

    The campaign would seek to underline Xbox’s game-focus, while making the benefit of new features like Kinect and snap mode more obvious at a top level.


    Items marked are intended as creative direction / notes. Voiceover would be in native tongue of the country where the ad is being shown.

    “There’s long been a great debate about where games begin and entertainment, or art, ends.”

    “At Xbox, we’ve always believed that great entertainment, and great games, are play.”

    “And that when great games combine with all the entertainment you love, the way you play changes.”

    “That’s why we built powerful new technology into Xbox One.”

    Only Xbox One lets you mix and match all your entertainment.”

    “Skype while you watch the game”

    “Keep up with twitter during your favourite show”

    “…and play your favourite music while experience the biggest next generation game titles.”

    “Only Xbox One – the next generation console version of TitanFall. 2014’s most anticipated game”

    “…And Only Xbox One includes a Kinect Camera in every box, so you can get right back to your last game, tv show, app or movie…”

    “…Simply by saying…>

    “Xbox, Let’s Play.”

    • JustAnotherGamer

      That’s $3 worth mate.

      • Jamie Hall

        Thanks. Do you want my paypal so you can deposit it? :)

  • JustAnotherGamer

    XB1M13!!!!!! Where’s my money Microsoft!!? Payola! PAYOLA!! Hahahaha! Oh man, oh man. You guys just can’t catch a break.

    Here’s some advice though, stop with the shady stuff, focus on games and eventually the dirt that you’ve accumulated over the last few years will wash off. Stay classy Major!

    • Nick Peck

      Guess what moron, sony does it, EA does it… umm every company with an online presence does it. Grow up.

      • JustAnotherGamer

        Typical SonyToo™ response. Dude, I have news for you… if Sony did it as well, that doesn’t make it right. Don’t be stupid. Use your head.

  • slider2nl

    When does the Xbox One comes to the Netherlands ?????

    • Currentlyme

      When microsoft is confident they’ve beaten Sony in the US?

      As long as Sony is destroying them on their home turf, I doubt you’ll ever see a bone in the Netherlands. Can’t you just head to France or Germany to get one? Every store has them, no one is buying them, but at least they’re in stock.

      • Nick Peck

        A million systems difference, if that is not being “destroyed” lol. I love how you guys over exaggerate. You can’t count a system out for at least several years in. They will remain very close in sales, sometimes one will sell more than the other and vice versa.

      • IvanCD(MaidenLOKO)

        I believe both systems are head to head in US. PlayStation is selling more, it is cheaper and it is available in more regions than X1, where is the surprise?. But, try to find on internet how much MS microsoft does for each console, and you’ll find out that even selling less they’re making more money than Sony. So, get a life and realize that both consoles are selling well, which, in the end of the day, is a good thing for us gamers.

        • usrev

          in the US alone ps4 is about even, the difference is the ps4 is still selling out within minutes of going in stock and xbone is instock pretty much around the country.

          even then, the EU battleground is lost for MS. except maybe the UK which is about even.

          China is a wild card though, who knows maybe china will be the next big console market for MS.

          • IvanCD(MaidenLOKO)

            To be honest, I don’t care which one is selling more, once I get the games I want to play I’m good. I hope both consoles succeed though.

            The only thing I know is that these consoles are in the market for just two months and, suddenly everyone is specialist in saying that x1 is a fail or it is beeing destroyed by ps4, despite the fact ms is making more money.

            Since begnning everything around x1 sucks and ps4 is golden. This is getting old, you know.

        • Bush

          i read somewhere only yesterday that xbox is actually out in more countries/regions than the playstation. i thought it was the other way round myself.

      • Mishima

        It’s pointless to import one. The Xbone one marketplace don’t even work here.

        • slasaru

          You can use marketplace from any region as of now.
          But xbox one smartglass is not available though

      • slasaru

        And what’s the big plan for US? They have a million consoles on the shelves that no one else wants to buy – see the news, and at the same time people in Holland, Russia and others do not have xbox

    • JustAnotherGamer

      At this rate, I think tier 2 countries can expect a boner sometime in 2018

    • Arie Kaagman

      Those are my thoughts exactly!

  • nego

    No CO-OP? No thx Capcom …

    • nego

      Why negative votes? It’s true this new episodes don’t support co-op, and MS need be clear on that, at less say that in the description of the DLC on the Marketplace ….

  • Speedkiller

    finished this in less then a hr…. should of been longer

  • Daryl Aiken

    I am thinking about picking up the season pass. Many people get the season pass?

    I’m loving this game.

    • Speedkiller

      9.99 * 4 is more then the season pass so yes its worth it

  • Arie Kaagman

    I love this game! I will buy it immediately … Oh wait … The XBOX ONE is not yet available in the Netherlands … Thanks anyway for this news. Perhaps the next post is all about the launch in my country. Then again, maybe not! THANK YOU!

    • DerpieDutch

      Go PS4. Its a shame its sold out in our country and there is a 3 month waiting list but still better than being ignored bij MS. And look at PS+ this month. Just wow.

      • Arie Kaagman

        Yeah, PS+ is very impressive! Not sure about an PS4. I love my 360, I love the Xbox exclusives. But being ignored really sucks. 14th of august 2013 came the news of the delay in 8 regions. Since then no news about that at all…

  • Sanpei

    Update system should be fixed…13GB is way too much !

  • Senses Failed

    So another week goes by with no mention of when to expect the next xbox update, so the buggy OS continues to send me to dashboard while gaming.. Meanwhile we are now hearing the definitive version of tomb raider runs at 60fps on ps4, but only 30fps on the xbox one. Wake up Microsoft!

    • Sanpei

      Tomb Raider news is a bomb !…Really…30 fps vs 60 fps ?? People will pay $100 more and play a game with half frame rate ?? Ridiculous…
      Nobody should try to make excuses for this…


      So stop the B1TCHING, sell your xbox one, and get a ps4……I find money speaks louder than words when it come to trying to get a company to do something…

    • slasaru

      Its not 60 vs 30, its 30-45 vs 45-60, the real average difference is 10-12 fps.
      Sony never gets the promised 60 fps even in exclusives. Look, Killzone runs at 45 fps and they call it “60”, LOL


    Same here i sold my xbox one last week end. I already had a ps4 and found myself using it more along with my last gen 360. They dropped the ball with the xbox one….

    • Sanpei

      I did not buy Xbox One…Bought a PS4 and i am very happy with that..
      Also, i am very happy with my Xbox360…

      When MS drop its price to 250-300$ , then i’ll buy a XO…Until then, i ll be playing my games at 1080p/60fps…Also i have lots of free PS games because of my $30 PSN+ membership…This should be the way MS needs to follow..Otherwise, we’ll have another Wii-U example

  • Ross Kemp

    Early days . Anyway , goodluck with your PS4 and don’t let the door hit your backside on the way out .