January 29th 2014 6:15 am PT

Arcade: Rekoil: Liberator

Rekoil: LiberatorContent: Rekoil: Liberator
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Dash Text: Frag your enemies back to the stone age! Set in a world devastated by an unrelenting pandemic, Rekoil is a fast action & highly balanced arena shooter that allows players to frag each other to oblivion. With 7 different game modes, 10 maps, & 40 different weapons, Rekoil is the action FPS refined to its purest form ensuring the fun is maximized & the best player with the greatest skills & most points wins. Whether you enjoy run & gun, or prefer a tactical setup, play the way you want to play.

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Arcade, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Fred

    So hard to stand out with another fps on the 360.
    What are people’s opinions on this?

    • Neil Dyson

      It’s nice to try out another developer’s mechanics that’s for sure. COD can be tiresome and since next gen it’s split so many friends on how good Ghosts is. I got 6 headshots in a row tonight which was fun.

  • jalen venable

    is there any chance we could find out what the next 2 Games with Gold will be?
    The suspense is killing me haha

    • Smasher605

      same here i wanan know as well, but i am hoping 1 of them GwG will have world at war, since i haven’t got it yet, but it be nice to have at less 1 call of duty game free so everyone can play it hehe but that just my opinion but i wonder the same, and i hope we dont wait till the end of the month for the next 2.

      • Dave Shay

        The next 2 games are: Kinectimals – 1st Feb and Sonic 06 16th Feb.

        • jalen venable


        • Smasher605

          dude sonic 06 isn’t on demand

          • Dave Shay

            It will be by the 16th ;)

          • Smasher605

            well that game kinda was bad from the start, since i hear a lot of reviews about it due to a lot of glitches and stuff.

  • Alejandro Martinez Gomez

    @offtopic @majornelson is there any chance for a whole Borderlands 2 add-ons sale in the future weeks?

  • fundcappy

    Don’t think I can see myself ever buying a game spelled “Rekoil”

    • ElektroDragon

      Dagnabbit, you filthy letterist!

  • Lucky13X

    1st Post!… oh wait… no I’m not.

  • http://www.filmdump.com/ Anthony Smith

    Apparently the PC version is an incredibly broken mess of a game. Jim Sterling has chucked a few videos up showing massive input lag, frame rate stutters to the point of it being a slideshow and a weird thing where you have a second untextured gun on the screen. Also, it is literally a Call of Duty multiplayer clone and nothing else.

  • Mishima

    € 14,99 for a 654 MB game. Not in a million years.

    • Nox

      on pc is 2.4GB lol

      • Neil Dyson

        There’s a lot more in the PC version as it’s moddable – something which has not transpired to the Xbox version. In fact, there are a few more things missing that were wanted ‘in’ that aren’t there yet.

    • Nick Peck


  • Magnus Lindberg

    Hi Larry!
    Is there any way you can protect purchases on Xbox live by password because my
    6 year old son bought Zoo tycoon without my knowledge and approval. It´s ok for him to
    play games online on my Xbox live profile as long he doesn´t buy games. I pay a monthly fee every month. I have not seen any kind of security regarding this issue.
    best regards

  • wuzup916

    I learnt from CS:GO, I’m not buying another online only PC port to the 360 and have it end up with zero support

    • Neil Dyson

      You clearly don’t know Jason Brice very well if you think there will be no support. He just forwarded a matchmaking issue in an email to 505 via my Skype IM with him ;)

      • wuzup916

        Nice for him, lets see how much support 505 give you when the sales are bad on the 360 and it won’t be worth it to support it. Do you see the ratings so far? this game is gonna be dead on the 360 within a month, I can’t talk about the PC version tho

        • Neil Dyson

          How many AAA games have been released as a work in progress or buggy servers? We all pay top dollar for them and have to work through them until fixed. I see no difference here. The problem lies with comparing a new game such as this to the likes of COD. Rekoil is likely no worse than COD’s 1st online effort in reality.

          • wuzup916

            I guess major is getting paid by 505 because my comment i wrote yesterday got deleted.. no swears, no cursing. i guess someone don’t want me to speak my mind..

  • SFOpatronangel

    Where is Dustforce?

  • m1nh0ca

    An online only game for X360 at the end of its cycle? Seriously?

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVr5Cc2ovbA Rostrum of Dead

    We are tired of shooting games.

    • Does Not Equal

      Solution: Don’t download and play it.

  • Joey

    Was Dead Island confirmed, or was that just announced by an unofficial source? I’ve seen a couple people say it, but so far it seems more like a rumor. I’ve heard nothing from Major Nelson or Microsoft that would make it official.

    • starmaker69

      i am 95 percent sure Dead Island i got a very close source that confirmed it.. i have cousin that works for MS, that has confirmed to me that its the game, also a familiar arcade game is are second half game, my cousin says Peggle is is possible the second half game, but.. he is not 100% sure its Peggle, could be another game we are familiar with, but so far my leads is Peggle for 2nd half. but as i said peggle is not 100%, just the part a familiar arcade game is 2nd half game

      • starmaker69

        if it changes its due to this spoiler.

  • Magnus Lindberg

    Hi. Yes, it was on my profile and my gamertag. The platform is Xbox 360. Why not make a passkey for purchases on the 360 as well. So much safer.