February 3rd 2014 9:52 pm PT

New Community-Designed Xbox One Gamerpics Now Available

Just before the launch of Xbox One, we invited you to design a Gamerpic to share with the greater Xbox community. Today, we’re pleased to announce that these Gamerpics are now available for everyone to use on Xbox One.

Xbox One Gamerpic Contest WinnerXbox One Gamerpic Contest WinnerXbox One Gamerpic Contest WinnerXbox One Gamerpic Contest WinnerXbox One Gamerpic Contest WinnerXbox One Gamerpic Contest Winner

To swap out your Gamerpic, simply select “Set gamerpic” from your Xbox One profile.

For those of you especially enamored with one of these new Gamerpics, we’ve created a gallery where you can download your fave for use as wallpaper, on Twitter, forums, or anywhere else you want to have the best-looking avatar on the internet.

Xbox One Gamerpic Contest WinnerXbox One Gamerpic Contest WinnerXbox One Gamerpic Contest WinnerXbox One Gamerpic Contest WinnerXbox One Gamerpic Contest WinnerXbox One Gamerpic Contest Winner

I’m calling El Mexorcist’s controller zombie.

Xbox One By Jeff Rubenstein

  • Moises Munoz

    Panda and cannibal burger are pretty cool.

  • lakeshow

    Like the new designs, but is there any word of more variety in pics of our personal avatars we can use? Right now it’s limited to just a few poses and no use of props which we could use on the 360 in comparison.

  • Steve Smith

    Why do I feel like the Xbox One is a downgrade from the 360 in almost every way?

    • Jun284

      Because you touch yourself at night.

      • Steve Smith

        I just got insulted by a dog.

    • Marcus Roof

      because other than graphics, snap (which is currently causes frame rate studder issues) and HDMI-in, it is…

  • Dennis Whipstock

    You are at a party at respawn, are you not? Who cares about gamerpics. Titianfall info plz. :-)

    • Evil Bunny Games

      100% agree! We did not buy Xbox One for gamerpics. We bought it because we want play games on it not watch some gamerpics on Xbox One. If I want look pictures I use my PC or phone or I go to museum or gallery. Xbox One is for games. So it’s time to bring us games!!!

      • evilfangs .

        The games are coming and it doesn’t hurt anyone to add in some more gamerpics.

        • Evil Bunny Games

          You do not get point? Do you? Again go and check what sort of promises Microsoft gave us. Did they keep those promises? NO! They are wasting time with gamerpics when they should fix the more important problems!

          • evilfangs .

            Fixes don’t just appear out of no where, Microsoft are a professional software company and aren’t just going to throw some willy nilly patch together to fix bugs in their console as fast as they can.

    • roozbeh, again

      Titian huh?
      Is that like some sort of tribe?

  • maroofisonfire

    If we could download all 300 or so of the original ones for other use, too, that’d be great. I love my lion one on the One, but I’d love to use it elsewhere, too.

  • FatMarshall

    Sweet! At least I don’t have to pay anything for these. It’d be nice if this standard was kept with all gamerpics for the future. I never thought it was very ethical to charge for gamerpics anyway, unless it was some kind of exclusive gamerpic pack, which was free anyway (i.e., Bungie Day pics).

  • Evil Bunny Games

    Gamerpics? Do we need gamerpics on Xbox One or do we need games and apps? What we do with these gamerpics? Do you really believe that most people coming home wrom work. Sit down on the couch. Switch Xbox one ON. And then they just sit there and looking his own gamerpic or viewing gamerpics gallery? :) :) :) DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE THAT? Because I have opposite info. They do not care about gamerpics, they want new games! Microsoft promised that there will be a lot of games. Now there has been 2 empty months. We have Xbox One and NO GAMES to play! All november games is history already for us. And we are waiting new games and new apps!

    • FatMarshall

      I’m sure the games are coming. There are already very strong rumors of a Halo 2: Anniversary being reality, not to mention Titanfall dropping next month. This time of year isn’t strong for any portion of the industry anyway, so I don’t see the point in specifically targeting Microsoft or the Xbox team.

      The only real concern I have is for the Xbox One’s software state. I’m hoping an update will be announced sooner than later so that the experience on the console will be as intended by the staff who created and developed it.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVr5Cc2ovbA Rostrum of Dead

    Miserable gamerpics

  • Senses Failed

    On the 24th of december i purchased halo spartan assault for the xbox one, it would constantly crash back to dashboard, i left the game alone and hoped for a fix, last night, 5 weeks later, i tried again. It crashed to dashboard after my 3rd mission..

    You give us gamerpics

    • Death Dealer

      It’s strange as I never encountered that problem with H:SA on the Xbox One. The one on the 360 is the one giving me problems as it hangs at the storage select screen. I’m glad I didn’t rebuy that one (as it should have been available with a discount just like it was with the Xbox One version).

    • IvanCD(MaidenLOKO)

      I suffered with the same issue of yours, but only in the first 2 or 3 days, after that the crashes suddenly stopped happening, to be honest these kind of crashes are very very rare events now, at least for me…

  • Guest

    very cool…

  • Arie Kaagman

    As a dutch guy, every time news like this arrives it fuels my anger a little bit… The One still isn’t available in The Netherlands. No word about a future launchingdate whatsoever. Latest conspiracy theory in my country: no delay because of the kinect localization (only around 400 words to translate) and no delay because of the number of available One’s (in Germany they are available in numerous stores). No delay at all, it is NEVER going to launch in the Netherlands: we just need to use Amazon to import the console from Germany. Because we Dutch people normally have no problem doing that, MS is using us as a big testcase…

    • Death Dealer

      It is going to launch in the Netherlands, but at a later date. Just import it, if you really want it now. I can confirm that there are no problems running anything and you can use stores from other countries with a Dutch PayPal account if you want to buy your games digitally. The warranty also still runs in the Netherlands if there are any problems with the unit (if that’s what people are afraid of when importing it).
      I think localization is starting to sound like a BS excuse more and more as well. MS should just announce a date at this point.

      • Arie Kaagman

        I wouldn’t pre-order something without a launchdate. Now I have a Day One pre-order (what’s in a name :p) without even knowing when it arrives. So I agree: announce the date please.

        • Death Dealer

          I can agree with that up to a point. But rest assured that if you put your locale on the UK (or Germany/France/any other of the available ones), there is no problem using their content as it is still tied to your account and console when you change that locale to the Netherlands later on when it becomes available. I verified this by cycling mine through the available countries. Something purchased is still marked as purchased in another store unless it has a different version, which happens a lot in Germany for example with their censorships.
          The primary things missing will be the KPN or Ziggo applications for tuning TV until the release does happen. Netflix you can download from the UK store and it works in the Netherlands as well.

          • Arie Kaagman

            Thnx for the heads up :) Only thing stopping me from doing this is the free game MS promised, because of the inconvenience. I guess I’ll wait for the Titanfall reviews. If they are any good, I probably can’t wait any longer ;)

          • Death Dealer

            Unfortunately, I don’t think those free games (FIFA14 e.g.) will still be given anymore when the Xbox One does launch in the Netherlands as the limited supply of the printed codes has most certainly run out and the current consoles are no longer Day One editions with which they were shipped .
            I’m still waiting on official confirmation on this and maybe Major Nelson could give us an answer what will happen for the launch in secondary countries?

  • Arik Cotton

    They should do what PS4 is doing with their gamerpics. Have the ability to use your profile pic from Facebook. Or even use your Twitter pic. That would be even better, that is, if the XBO is going to be able to be connected through your FB or Twitter accounts like PS4 has.

    • Marcus Roof

      why thumb this down? he/she (no idea what Arik is) is right…Xbox One has ZERO social networking integration. It is pathetic that this wasn’t a launch feature. We’ve known about it for years now…EVERYTHING has social network integration now…”such and such just unlocked whatever it is on bla bla bla game”…It’s advertising for the platform. Many find such notifications annoying but at least give people the option…

      The ability to import friends from Facebook etc and chat with them over the xbox…Outlook.com has this…

      You could “snap” IE and pull up FB or Twitter there and try that, but I doubt it’d work well or that anyone will do that if it even works at all…

  • Gazza!!!

    Loco cycle 50% off on the x1. Nice gamer pics by the way.

    • Death Dealer

      GTA4 and its DLC are also reduced and so is GTA V.

    • evilfangs .

      50% sounds good but I still wouldn’t buy it for £7.99, I’ll wait till it’s under £5 or free.

  • Barry Csonka

    You should have a gamerpic designed that looks like a cancerous tumor. You could call it Kinect.

  • Dein Vater

    why dont you let us unlock cool game-related gamerpic with achievements in certain games?

  • IvanCD(MaidenLOKO)

    nice pics…but I still prefer the owl…

  • evilfangs .

    These aren’t available on my Xbox one.

  • joevsyou

    looks cool, just curious when MS will start to sell them…

  • DaeJim

    Can’t seem to find them on my Xbox One.. do I need to download it first?

  • melo7

    Major will there eventually be gamerpics for game franchises like Halo,gta,etc?

    • Revered

      Eventually of course. It’s just a matter of when. The One needs to step up with it’s market place and downloadables.

  • Revered

    These are KINDA lame. Just a darker taste over here. They’re still not available. I would want to download others, or even carry over my 360 ones. Xbox One needs to get on it’s feet with it’s market place.

  • Michelle Posadas

    I’m not seeing them.

  • Marcus Roof

    They’re all fine and very professional but they all remind me of Adobe stock photo art or something…lifeless…I identify with none of them…I don’t want to be an angry panda, or a sandwich or a lizard…and so on…

  • Anubis316

    LIES these are not available on the Xbone

  • ƦeνoƖυtioɳ(=´ω`=)

    restart you xbox if you do not see them

  • David Do0M

    This is the second time in the last month that they have claimed that these gamerpics “are now available on the Xbox One.” You told the same lie twice lol. Nice.

  • Bryan K

    I just checked and couldn’t find these gamerpics. I did a full restart and nothing changed.

  • Michael Shelburne

    Some of these are pretty cool. I would like to go back to the old style of gamer pics though…I wish my Bungie gamer pics and the rest of them could have came over to the Xone.

  • Looty

    I wouldn’t mind an update to the red bow tie cat.

  • http://about.me/daylondeon Deacon

    fyi those asking where they are. they were initially available on the 3rd but now they are not. guess they got pulled.

    • David Do0M

      I have been checking everyday, since they were first claimed to be available weeks ago. They have never been available in my area, not even on the 3rd. I reside in the United States.

      • http://about.me/daylondeon Deacon

        well they were available for me. they appeared before the Xbox One centric ones. i selected a few to try out on the 3rd. but today they are not available. i suppose they’re working through some bugs or legal issues.

  • Jeff Rubenstein

    For those of you not seeing the new gamerpics, they are rolling out to everyone gradually over the next week. Everyone in should see them by next Monday night.

    Sorry for any inconvenience.

  • Lucky13X

    I did not win. But since mine was in paint and a stick figure, did not expect to. I want that burger eating itself. I hope this is available on my dashboard when I get home.

  • Bryan K

    Looks like they finally showed up this morning for me. I still don’t understand reasoning being for a gradual release. Shouldn’t you just be able to release these new gamerpics to everyone at once? Why do you need to trickle them out to people? Doesn’t make sense. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll never get an answer to that.

    I went with the Thor gamerpic.

  • pulseimpact

    they are all hipster garbage :(

  • Christian Cintron

    I still can’t see them on my console

  • Danny Hogan

    none of these are on my console im confused !?!?

  • Pinbot Fembot

    None of these are on my console either. Hope they show up soon, I want that dinosaur!

  • R.j. Simmers

    There is not enough gamer pictures, should be an enormous selection and should be able to customize….. They all look so childish :(