February 3rd 2014 7:03 am PT

What Do You Wanna Know About Titanfall?

Here’s much of what we know about Titanfall thus far: Release date. Multiple Titans. There’ll be a beta.

Oh, and it’ll be awesome.

So what else do you want to know? We’ll be seeing the fine folks of Respawn Entertainment this week, and we’d be happy to ask them… whatever you want us to ask them! Fire off a question in the comments below, and if we select your question to be asked, you’ll be entered into a random drawing to win a hot Xbox One Titanfall Limited Edition Wireless Controller.

PROTIP: We’ll be looking for interesting, nuanced questions; something a little more in depth than “How many ______ will be in the final game?” We’ll all find out details like that when they’re ready to announce them.

Thanks in advance, and we’ll post the answers as soon as we’re able to!

Titanfall, Xbox One By Jeff Rubenstein

  • Virtuous Lumox

    I usually only play the single-player and co-op campaigns in first-person shooters. Since Titanfall is multiplayer only (with story elements), what have you done to compel a gamer like myself (one who values story/narrative and cooperative adventure over competition and K/D ratio) to keep coming back for more?

  • Jay Machalani

    What are the major differences between the 360, PC and XO versions of the game?

  • DubiousPig

    How are you going to explain to my partner why I no longer have tine to spend with her once Titanfall releases?

  • Sunil Kumar Singh

    If i a’nt or can’t connected to other players by any connection how I’m gonna play this multi-player online game

  • Muhsin Bayram

    How many DLCs Titanfall will have?

  • Muhsin Bayram

    Why didn’t you add a single player mode?

  • Muhsin Bayram

    We know that Xbox 360 controller on PC will support Titanfall. But is there any chance to use DirectInput gamepads for Titanfall’s PC version?

  • Ben Doust

    Are there unlockable classes/weapons in the game? And if so how have you ensured that people will not be able to just grind through bot players racking up experience points to unlock the best equipment?

  • Andrew Griffiths

    As a predominantly single player gamer, I’m worried that Titanfall wont offer much for me. It looks great, but I’m driven by story – is there going to be much for me to get my teeth into?

  • Richard Worrall

    Titanfall looks to give multiplayer gaming a narrative structure that’s usually typical of single player games. How have you handled the unpredictability of multiplayer (such as players dropping in and out) to make this meaningful?

  • zaid diaz

    Any Chance of WindowsPhone Port??

  • 0l4

    Since there’s no “solo mode” to add some background history to the game, so will we have any sort of way to know the how did we got to this(“titans of war”), also who was first the titan or the fall?

  • Zack Aller

    As most of your team are experienced developers, but this is a new company, how did you choose which platform to develop for? Was it more about which platform could get your new IP more coverage, the engine you are using (I understand Source), the best compensation from any deals made, or which platform you felt more comfortable/experienced with?

    Also, I understand the “story” of the game will be told through the multiplayer. How did this come about? Did the world building come about naturally and you decided to add it into the game, or did the idea of having a multiplayer story start at the beginning of development.

    Thank you for reading! (and hopefully responding!)

  • ali jawad

    Is it possible to play with my friends who are on XBox 360 while I’m playing the PC version?

  • Andrew Potts

    Since there is no single player mode, did you start making this game before Microsoft reversed their “always online” stance? And did their reversal change anything last minute in the game?

  • Fredrik Sigeman

    How will Titanfall entice gamers new to the genre, and how will it keep us interested in the long run?

  • Gary Terrell Greene

    We’re there any ideals, concepts, or characters from popular culture that inspired the developer’s designs of the Titans?

  • JDoutt

    Are we going to be able to upgrade our Mechs now or in the future?

  • rcoots218

    what made you decide join the story line with the online multiplayer and not have a single player story mode?

  • DanTan

    What was the primary inspiration for the game?

  • Glenmore Vinoya

    How many players will be able to play in a match and will they only come from specific platform, i.e. Xbox one only, or will they gather all players from all platforms?

  • http://www.Bl4ckSh33p.de/ Bl4ckSh33p

    Will it be possible to use the Xbox One Controller for the PC Version or will only Xbox 360 Controllers work?

  • ShaunKL

    Does Titanfall’s story have a conclusion or is it open-ended?

  • Iulian Boghiu

    We already know that many reviewers predicted Titanfall to be the next step for the first-person shooter genre. Also IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey declared the game “Microsoft’s killer app”, so it is clear that it is a big win for the 3 target Microsoft platforms. My question, considering this, is : What will be the big differentiator between The XONE version and the other two; how will Titanfall uniquely take advantage of the particularities of this next generation platform, while keeping the same experience across all the targets? More to the point, why will I want to pick an Xbox One version of Titanfall (to go with my custom controller, that is:) )


    Visual differences aside, were sacrifices made to the Xbox One version of the game so as to allow the Xbox 360 version to be as identical as possible to it.
    In other words, was something dropped from both games due to the Xbox 360 not being able to match or even work that “thing” so, it was removed from both.

  • Noel Gomes

    What happens if everyone on the map decides to call in their Titan at the same time?

  • The Snarky Catfish


  • Colman Lloyd

    Any memorable glitches you encountered during development you care to share with us?

  • sebastianboehm

    will there be a singleplayer version? for ps4? if not, will there be a singleplayer version for my 360?

  • David Wixom

    When brainstorming ideas of what to develop, what other ideas were thrown around aside from Titanfall?

  • Rug

    Will there be skill based matchmaking for multiplayer, unlike CoD that dumps me in with randomly skilled people?

  • Rug

    Will Titanfall take advantage of Smart Match on Xbox One?

  • Shamshad Khan

    will there be any companion app of Titanfall for WindowsPhone ?

  • Srđan Čolaković

    How can you convince us that Titanfall is going to stand out from the FPS crowd?

  • MasterGammer

    How many total maps?
    How many ways to die?
    Will there be any future development on TitanFall, if so what can we expect?
    Any kind of special modes? (all titans/horde/rainbow bullets that make your opponents expel flowers instead of blood)

    :) Looking forward to it’s release (: