February 7th 2014 9:38 am PT

Take a Tour of Kinect Sports Rivals Island

Kinect Sports Rivals is getting is rapidly approaching, launching Spring 2014. While the focus of the game is in using Xbox One’s Kinect to bring you directly into a variety of sports activities, it also happens to be quite a good looking game.

In this new video, I introduce you to Louise O’Connor, Rare’s art director, who’ll take you on a guided tour of the Kinect Sports Rivals island. Learn the ins-and-outs of the challenges and hazards the island possesses, and get a leg-up on the competition.

Don’t forget, the Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason International Champions global wake racing contest is taking place all February long.

Trailer, Video, Xbox One By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Angry Consumer

    Now tell me about my Pinatas.

    • Does Not Equal

      You hit them until candy comes out.

  • Toxxity

    It would be nice to be able to purchase each sport as an individual game (for a lower price), similar to what Kinect Sports did on the Xbox 360 later after release. I know I would really enjoy the bowling and MAYBE the tennis, but after playing the demo, the jet ski game play wasn’t very appealing and I don’t see myself getting a lot of replay value out of rock climbing. It’s hard to pull the trigger on a $60 game when I would want it for only 1 or 2 of the activities included.

    • usrev

      wait for the price to drop then? it won’t take long. most games are $40 only a few months after release. Killzone, Knack, Forza, Dead rising 3 have all been $40 at one point or another, and AC4 ,BF4, and CoD have already been dropped to $50 at many places when on sale. and this is before the big competition is out.

  • HGamer

    This should be a launch title. You shipped an upgraded kinect to us, but didn’t give us a decent kinect game to experience how powerful the new kinect is.

    • Arcona

      you could at least from day 1 play the jet ski section of the game. though it feels very awkward to control so im not a fan

      • StudioMultimédia Gon’Interacti

        this is how i feel too. it feel stupid for adult. its ok for kid

    • Maurice Wilburn

      You would rather them send an unfinished product?

      • Some guy

        That’s what they already did?
        The One requires a ton of update to be on par with a basic blue ray player or the 360.
        Killer instinct was rushed to have 2 characters.
        Dead Rising 3 was so rushed the the framerate was terrible.
        Forza rushed out with almost no content.
        Then there’s Panzer Dragon and LocoCycle.

        • Maurice Wilburn

          Regardless of whether that is true I doubt people would say any of those things are good.

          • Some guy

            Just saying they don’t really have a problem with rushed titles.
            Like Sonic 2006.

  • Major FoxHoundR – what the fox

    xbox one is the best with the best games ever. I can’t wait to play Kinect Sports Rivals.


      OMG……. I know, First their was Lococycle and now Kinect Sports Rivals…OMG..OMG…OMG…….

      • Allan


  • Todd Wegman

    I am hoping this game helps justify the Kinect and the $100 extra fee for the xbox one. I want a game that truly translates my movements and a game that truly tracks my movements and is based on skill. I love playing real tennis and would love a game where I can place the ball exactly where I want it to go- apply the spin I want to apply. I have high hopes for this game- I hope the extra developmental time will be worth it. The jet ski demo is ok- works fine for me…

  • Arcona

    Tried playing it a few times but just cant get into it, the method of controlling it just isn’t fun. feels like a chore. though it is pretty and there’s a lack of jet ski games. If it could be played with a controller it would probably be quite fun. Wish Rare would work on a new Banjo title.

    • Daryl Aiken

      I am thinking (hoping) the gesture control will be much better when the game comes out.

    • Jan Václavík

      I am sure the great sales and warm reception of the last Banjo game totally guarantee more Banjo games in the future. Along with another Kameo, Perfect Dark and Grabbed by the Ghoulies…

      • slasaru

        Last Banjo had amazing graphics and style, but why they decided to go with these carts and planes. That suck

  • ElektroDragon

    I want a game that lets me manipulate menus like in Minority Report. We will we have to wait for Kinect 7 before we achieve that level of accuracy? The new Kinect still detects teddy bears as people, and still glitches out with certain hand movements. Sigh.

    • slasaru

      Minority report had special gloves.
      If you use such with even kinect 1, it would be the same accuracy.
      I do not understand why MS do not understand it ))
      You could make swords, boxing gloves, etc etc with some color or other thpe markers and sell them with games

  • Nathanzz

    I tried to take the tour, but this nine foot cable keeps me from going very far. Major, any word on whether extensions will ever be supported?

  • Barry Csonka

    I will never forgive Microsoft for turning one of the greatest game studios to ever grace this earth, into a Kinect garbage and avatar hat factory.

    • roozbeh, again

      One factor of many.
      Rare was already done for before Kinect. (Perfect Dark zero being the perfect example)

      • Dylan

        They were owned by Microsoft before PDZ was released, so that doesn’t change his point by not forgiving Microsoft.

        • roozbeh, again

          “for turning one of the greatest game studios to ever grace this earth, into a Kinect garbage and avatar hat factory.”

    • gamer04

      people never stop to think of what life is like for a programmer, working with new technology and in a different way than your typical video game is refreshing. Most of the original rare team is long gone anyways. Personally i’d much rather see them doing new things with technology than pushing another old platforming game out again.

      • Barry Csonka

        Kinect sports and avatar clothes really count as new things? A Wii Sports clone 5 years after the motion control fad ended isn’t exactly pushing many boundaries.

        • gamer04

          All motion control tech has a different development process and programmed pretty differently, Even though they all use motion of some kind for input.

          • Barry Csonka

            Obviously. The problem is nobody wants to play motion controlled games. It was a fad. Dead in the water before Kinect 1.0 even came out. Those people have now moved on to playing facebook games and Flappy Bird.

          • gamer04

            It’s very possible you aren’t the target market. My kids and I really like the motion control games and apps though.

          • Barry Csonka

            If you really want to spend $500 so that you can hop around like a chimpanzee in front of your tv, that’s your business.

          • gamer04

            Lol I just enjoy a wide variety of gaming experiences.

          • Riddick Snipes


          • llortretsam

            So you don’t want to stand in front of your TV and pretend like your Mickey Mouse from Fantasia?

          • Barry Csonka

            I’ll pass :)

    • Some guy

      Platforming is dead and that’s all there is to it.
      Let’s say they do make a new Banjo, it’s 100x better then Tooie, looks stunning and everything.
      Who will buy it? there’s about half of the players that only play shooters, the rest is split between figthing games, racing games, shooters(because they can play something else) and niche games(that includes platforming).
      Alice Madness Return, De Blob 2, Epic Mickey, Nuts&bolt all had pretty bad sales.
      That mean if MS ever let them do a Banjo, it’s going to be a budget game, fans will hate it for being less polished then other games.

      • Barry Csonka

        That’s only true on the 360. It’s alive and well everywhere else. LittleBigPlanet is now one of Sonys flagship games after being new IP just a couple years ago, and they’re always the top selling games on Nintendo systems. That’s a case of MS not knowing their own audience though, and just throwing money at something till they eventually hit on one that works.

        Kinect games aren’t exactly setting sales charts on fire. Here’s an experiment, turn on your 360 or Xbone right now. Go to your friends list. Look at how many people are playing Kinect controlled games. Answer: 0

        • Michael Burden

          I’d rather play a Kinect game than a platformer, and my friends list agrees.

          • Barry Csonka

            How many of you bought Fable: Pony Rider? None.

          • Michael Burden

            If you are referring to Fable: The Journey, then you once again would be wrong. Also enjoyed the game as a good change of pace.

          • Barry Csonka

            I’d like to see a photo of you holding your copy, don’t forget the date ;)

          • David Sherlock

            I bought it. Wish I didn’t.

        • Some guy

          I guess you’re right, LBP is the best selling platformer of this generation, but it’s also the only one to sell past 1 mil on ps3.
          Can’t argue on Nintendo though, their games always sell like hot bread.
          But yea MS is just throwing money away left and right instead of building on IP they already own.(though, every new IP of the 360 sold pretty pad outside Gears)

    • Riddick Snipes

      Always forgive, just never forget.

  • Danny Hogan

    Wont be buying as you need a massive living room to do any kinect movement

    • Nexures

      not really

      • Liquidfx Xboxdude

        yeah, because there isn’t any game worth playing yet where you have to get up. in fact, you could just put your kinect 2.0 up for sale on ebay. i swear someone will actually buy it faster than they would an x1. no logic required.

        • Nexures

          “there isnt any game worth playing” oh i wonder why? maybe because a console HAS BEEN OUT FOR 3 MONTHS?

          • llortretsam

            I like how you didn’t quote the word “yet” to try to make it look like he is saying something he’s not…

          • Nexures

            i like how your comprehending skills are equal to a 5 yr old

          • llortretsam

            I like how your grammar skills are equal to a 5 year old.

    • StudioMultimédia Gon’Interacti

      test the demo, it doesn’T require any specific large room size. That is not the reason why i won’t be buying it !

  • Sanpei


  • Brian Ghattas

    Don’t know why casual video games are talked about here often. Casuals know nothing about this blog.

  • Georgey_Peorgey

    I would love to play this game with a controller. I know everyone is tired of people whining about Kinect but… the demo was atrocious. My character would start convulsing half the time making the game unplayable. Too bad.

  • DavidinCT

    I would use my Kinect for Xbox one IF the cable was long enough… Come on MS release a cable to extend the Xbox one Kinect please ????

  • Too Coup

    I expect they’ll sell the different events seperately at some point, like they did with Kinect Sports?

    Bowling is all I need.