February 12th 2014 8:34 am PT

World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition Now Available

Rekoil: LiberatorContent: World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition
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Dash Text: AAA team-based online tank warfare comes to Xbox 360 with the custom built version of the global phenomenon dedicated to armored warfare in the mid-20th century. Command some of history’s most powerful tanks and experience intense combat where the excitement of battle is enhanced by working together with your tank platoon to win the fight, downloadable and free-to-play to Xbox Live Gold members.

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Marketplace, Xbox 360 By Jeff Rubenstein

  • Lucky13X

    It is a great game from Beta, but there is such a long slog to get to the tanks you want and having to keep tanks in inventory to unlock up to the tank you want is annoying. It’s the hook that’s used to get you to spend money on garage space.

    • Lucky13X

      Why the down vote? My comment is not inaccurate.

      • ImTheMetalLord

        Because there is always someone that autonomously wants to put others down. Makes them feel big.

  • evilfangs .

    “Free to play to Xbox gold members” Surely there is a massive flaw in that statement, sadly I can’t quite work it out.

    • A. J.

      How is it any different from “free to play as long as you have high-speed internet”, “buy one, get one free”, or “free long distance calling”? If you already pay for Xbox live gold, then this game has been added for free.

      Also, I don’t hear anyone calling the free games for PSN subscribers or Games for Gold flawed since you do have to pay something for them.

      • ikari_paul

        M$ can always count on people like you to come to their rescue… huh?!

        you can twist the facts as you like, but the only place where F2P games are behind a paywall (without counting isp costs into this, obviously) is the xbox.

        and noone as talking about the PS+ here. so stop using the same arguments. You guys make it sound bad that you get Metro, Bioshoch Infinite, Battlefield 3 for 50$/year… when you guys pay Live Gold for years and have a Netflix sub…

        less. please

        • A. J.

          Actually, I talked about general internet games, telephone service, general sales lingo (BOGO), PSN, and XBL. I don’t think I was really singled out PS+, did I? In fact, my argument was that both PS+ and Games for Gold are good.

          Since you are so quick to get defensive, it sounds like you are a troll. Re-read my first post and you won’t find any insults to any of the services, including PS+. But since I mentioned it, you jumped to the rescue. Or are we at the point where if someone compares a Sony service to a Microsoft one, it is an insult to Sony?

          M$ can always count on people like you to come and bash them, huh? They announce an addition that is free for current subscribers, and they get bashed for it.

          • ikari_paul

            1st part is just dismissing the problem, saying that you have to pay for your broadband, so F2P is paying. You’re conveniently avoiding the fact that, everywhere else, you just need to pay for your internet, but playing the game is free; whereas here you have to pay your internet + live gold. that’s the problem when talking about F2P games on Xbox, you have to pay a sub to play them. You twisted the facts conveniently and are now playing innocent. fact is, there are no F2P games on Xbox, so they should not call them F2P, since all F2P games are locked behind a sub here

            and no, not a troll, but also not a mindless loyalist like some, that glance over stuff conveniently, or lump together services that are pretty different, whenever that suits their arguments. you cant compare PS+ to F2P, ans say “its the same, you pay for them, so why not F2P”. its not the same business model. heck, even live gold and PS+ are not the same business model (rent/new games vs keep/old games)

          • A. J.

            The original post by evilfangs implied that requiring XBL Gold means that the game isn’t free to play. A good definition I found for Free to play is

            Free to play (F2P) refers to a business model for online games in which the game designers do not charge the user or player in order to join the game. Instead, they hope to bring in revenue from advertisements or in-game sales, such as payment for upgrades, special abilities, special items, and expansion packs.

            In this case, the developers for World of Tanks does not charge any money for you to play the game and the game fits this definition just fine.

            So while many of the things you say are true, they ignored the point. Regardless of whether you think it is a rip-off or not, it is F2P. And unless I misinterpreted the OP, that was the point of this thread.

      • WARLORD

        The free game for PSN subscribers and Gold are labeled free With subscription not free to play…. With free to play you don’t need a subscription on PSN to play. Xbox One/360 Has (Almost) everything’s behind the paywall. With Sony, Nintendo, and just about all other electronic devices that have apps there’s no paywall… Thats inclincluding free to play game’s.

        • A. J.

          The original comment was

          “Free to play to Xbox gold members” Surely there is a massive flaw in that statement, sadly I can’t quite work it out.

          I was arguing that there is no flaw in that statement. Your comment was based more around which is the better deal.

          Googling “free to play” shows many definitions for the term. A common one is

          Free to play (F2P) refers to a business model for online games in which the game designers do not charge the user or player in order to join the game. Instead, they hope to bring in revenue from advertisements or in-game sales, such as payment for upgrades, special abilities, special items, and expansion packs.

          The game developer for World of Tanks does not charge to play the game. And just as most F2P games have outside requirements such as internet connectivity, specific hardware, and specific OS’s, World of Tanks on the 360 requires Xbox Live Gold.

          So while you do bring up some very good points, you are ignoring the fact that World of Tanks on the Xbox 360 does indeed fit the common definitions for Free to Play.

          • WARLORD

            “World of Tanks on the Xbox 360 does indeed fit the common definitions for Free to Play”. Yes and no does the game cast money to play no. Do you have to pay MS for gold to download the games and play it yes. If it was true free to play it would available to silver accounts. True free to play game’s only requires internet access..

          • A. J.

            I’m curious where you got that information. So by that definition, no games are free to play on the PS3 or PS4 either. Games for both consoles require specific hardware and software platform. Also, most free to play games on Steam aren’t free to play either since they require Windows, which isn’t free.

            I understand what you are saying, but you can’t just tweak a definition to make it convenient. Yes, there are more barriers associated with F2P games on the Xbox 360 than on other platforms, but they are still free to play.

            A better thing for you to say would be “Yes it is technically free to play, but I think it is a rip off to require XBL Gold for this.”

          • WARLORD

            LOL OMG of course you need hardware to play a game….

            All I’m saying is typical free to play game’s are not behind a paywall.. Microsoft didn’t even label it just free to play “downloadable and free-to-play to Xbox Live Gold members”

          • WARLORD

            LOL if we use that logic you need a home with electricity, a tv or monitor, internet, a electronic devices capable of playing the game, what ever money you spend on microtransactions, and if the electronic devices is an Xbox one/360 a subscription to Gold. O and don’t forget food and water so you can live to play the game.

          • A. J.

            Correct, if you we use that logic. That logic was your logic.

            True free to play game’s only requires internet access.

            Actually, my logic is that since the developer doesn’t charge for the main game and intends to make money off of adds or in-game microtransactions, then it is F2P.

            In fact, I don’t think that internet access is even a requirement for F2P, since that model could work for non-videogames. A movie theatre near me uses almost the same model. Tickets are $.50 (close to free) and they hope to actually make money off of food and beverage sales. Over the air television is similar also. All of their revenue is made from ads, and no internet is required.

            How about you provide a full definition for true Free to Play? I provided one above, and it still seems to work.

          • WARLORD

            I get what you mean i really do. The fact is Free to play game’s aren’t really that free but at least there cheaper with out MS.

          • A. J.

            Then we are in agreement.

            Personally, it doesn’t bother me since I plan on having Live as long as I use an Xbox. But I know that there are others that don’t need to play online multiplayer and requiring Live for things like this and Netflix are obnoxious. So there is argument for whether or not it is “milking” or a “rip-off”, but I’ll leave that to others.

            Currently Sony, Nintendo, and Steam don’t charge for it while Microsoft does. That is a fact and I’m not dumb enough to argue against it.

            Have a nice weekend.

    • Lucky13X

      You can play a good portion of the game, FREE though.

  • Barbara Frary

    How come I can no longer use my credit on my xbox live account from the web. I buy it from the web and it says that I have no payment options. However I know I have money in my microsoft account. This used to work. It seems microsoft is discouraging use of prepaid cards and wants a credit card on file.

    • ikari_paul

      from the browser, i think you can only pay with your VISA option now. If you want to use the account credit, you need to purchase from the xbox dashboard. and yeah, they also tricked me into purchasing stuff with my CC last sales, before i realized this

      yes, “stupid” and “illogical” are the words youre looking for (but im sure there are plenty of people defending this… just because its MS ).

      • Mike P.

        This is actually 100% untrue. Stop trying to spread and spew bullshit for the sake of it. You have to choose to use the credit.

        • Barbara Frary

          I cannot download this game because I don’t have a credit card enabled.

          I removed my credit card because it wouldn’t give me the option of paying for games on the web even though i had money in my microsoft account. I originally thought it was because I didn’t have enough money, but when I got a $50 gift card for christmas and it wouldn’t let me buy something for $5 I discovered this. I had to charge at least 1 thing to my credit card that I didn’t have to because of this. Yes, you have to choose it, but when you are not given a choice and not told how to use the money in your account it is easy to select the credit card.

          BTW, this used to work before the change over to local currency

    • roozbeh, again

      For god sakes, they made it even more limited?!

  • ImTheMetalLord

    I enjoyed the beta quite much but it never did hook me to where I didn’t want to play something else.

    • ImTheMetalLord

      I will add this it has improved a lot. I gave it a go yesterday and rather enjoyed myself. Still not as addicting as playing GTAV but not bad.

  • QBRT55

    Where is my Xbox One Version?!?!?

    I see my 500 dollar purchase was for Peggle and Battlefield 4….

    Oh yeah, right… and a 10 year old shitbox of a voice recognition system meant to tide us over until project Cortana is finished in 2016.


    • todd Wright

      quit b*tching

      • QBRT55

        Hey… I am waiting on a large number of awesome games that will be coming out… but I want some love for the One.

      • Liquidfx Xboxdude

        ummm…he has that right. the game sux though so i don’t know why he would even want it.

    • B00ME

      Right, there’s no Ryse, DR3, Killer Instinct, Forza 5 to play. And within a month PvsZ:Garden Warfare and TitanFall will be releasing.

      • GmailIsDown

        don’t forget Thief will be released within 12 days!

  • trickbfc1988

    I am enjoying this game I have been playing it since the start of the beta and it has improved alot since then, I also got an email with a free code to use from xbox today to get premium for a week for free which was very cool it makes the grinding for the higher tanks slightly easier.

    • ImTheMetalLord

      It actually has improved immensely since day one on Beta and I enjoyed it a lot yesterday.

      • trickbfc1988

        It has the only thing that is getting annoying about it is the matchmaking with unbalanced tier tanks for example someone can join a game as a tier 2 tank and be matched up against 1or 2 tier 8 tanks which is really unfair other than that its an enjoyable game

  • Jorge Garza

    Is not “free-to-play” if you have to pay for Xbox Live Gold membership.

    • KesMonkey

      It’s not free to play if you had to pay for your console.
      It’s not free to play if you had to pay for your TV.
      It’s not free to play if you have to pay for electricity.
      It’s not free to play if you have to pay for an internet connection.

      Do you feel silly yet?

      • Lucky13X

        I understand where the original poster is coming from, but your post is better KesMonkey.

  • Gazza!!!

    Where is my email with the premium code? I played the beta and it bored me to death but seeing as I’m not buying any games until march, that’s a drought of 3 months if I ignore lococycle, I wanted to sink some time into it (which I have briefly and it isn’t as bad as before).

  • Anubis316

    a platoon/lobby of 3???? are you serious? a giant tank game and I can only play with 2 friends? so dumb! but the game it’s self is good

    • DToyz

      totally agree. platoon of 3 is a joke. they may change it in future updates. its a bit like titan fall. 6v6. great if ya names “billy nomates”

  • Lucky13X

    It’s funny I should have been playing this since Jan 31 since was in the beta, but the amount of people that were on yesterday made the wait for everyone to join worth it. Here’s hoping it stays that way and does not taper off like Happy Wars or the other free MMOs.



    • Gazza!!!

      It took me a while to see it, like the Magic Eye books years ago but nice tank.

  • Jhon Jones

    Hey, the initial update really really really sucks. A few gigabytes need to be downloaded before you can play the game.

    I’m wondering why the initial update content was not included in the game download so I can play it right after I download it.

    It’s very frustating have to wait this huge amount of data to be downloaded. I don’t have even the option to put the download in my download queue so I can use the console for anything else.

    If I decide to go to the dashboard, I have to stop the download. That really sucks.

    How can I spend my money in this game if the first experience is terrible ?

    The initial update just takes very long time to way. Unfortunately I skipped this one. Sorry.

    • ImTheMetalLord

      Patience it’s worth it. Turn on the TV or go do the dishes or something while it takes care of business.

    • X360

      Idk what you’re complaining about… This Game is Awesome!!!
      Minus the 1-Time Download.