February 18th 2014 6:01 am PT

This Week’s Xbox Live Store Deals

Here are this week’s games and add-on deals on the Xbox Games Store. Discounts are valid now through 24 February 2014. These are in addition to the Xbox 360 Ultimate Game Sale, which is going on now.

Xbox One

Content Title Content Type Price Drop
(varies by region)
Ryse: Son of Rome Xbox One game 33%


Xbox 360


Content Title Content Type Discount %
Ridge Racer Unbounded Games on Demand 75%
Ridge Racer Unbounded Royal Purple Exclusive Skin Add-on 75%
Ridge Racer DLC 1: RIDGE RACER 1 Machine & The Hearse Pack Add-on 75%
Ridge Racer DLC 2: RIDGE RACER Type 4 Machine & El Mariachi Pack Add-on 75%
Ridge Racer DLC 3: RIDGE RACER 7 Machine & The Gallows Pack Add-on 75%
Ridge Racer DLC 4: Day One Edition Pack Add-on 75%
Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi  Games on Demand 67%
Family Guy: Back To The Multiverse Games on Demand 75%
NASCAR Inside Line Games on Demand 75%
Persona 4 Arena Games on Demand 67%
Angry Birds: Star Wars Games on Demand 50%

Please note: prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by region. Xbox 360 Deals of the Week are for Xbox Live Gold members.

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  • Liquidfx Xboxdude

    pretty good deals it seems. would be for me anyway if i didn’t have all of those games. family guy is actually not bad if you don’t mind repetition, which i like sometimes.

    • Gazza!!!

      Family guy was ok. Very old school but worth a play through if you are fan of the show.

  • Liquidfx Xboxdude

    family guy, nascar and person 4 arena are awesome, well for the most part. ok prices though family guy and persona could be a little cheaper. too bad xbox doesn’t have the persona series. i am just now getting into them.

  • Ed Harrison

    I’m still seeing Ryse at £49.99 in the UK – is the discount US only?

    • Rupert Oldcorn

      Agreed, I asked xboxuk that on twitter but got no reply, hope we get it discounted, I’m trying to buy digital only but it’s a bit pricey :)

    • Gazza!!!

      It will be £34.99 in the uk when it finally updates.

    • Scott Sabatini

      No.. its still $59.99 in the US

  • Gazza!!!

    Will be picking up Ryse which I hope will keep me busy until titanfall arrives. Would love to pick up some 360 games but my backlog is huge and my time limited these days so I will pass. Great deals all round imo.

    • http://Www.mylifewithgaming.wordpress.com/ Mitchell Hall

      Don’t forget thief next week for xb1 ! I think it looks great! Also lots of good 360 games coming out in march along with titanfall for the one. I’m really excited for the south park rpg. It looks really well made.

      • Gazza!!!

        March will be a busy month for me. With titanfall, south park and dark souls 2. Passing on thief tho. Bored of stealthy games like that these days.

        • http://Www.mylifewithgaming.wordpress.com/ Mitchell Hall

          Yeah I’m on the fence about dark souls.. I couldn’t get into the first one. I’ll probably end up grabbing it though.. ugh square Enix just released specs… Once again thief is running at 1080p on ps4 and 900p on xbox one.. not as big as the other games but still so annoying !

        • BlinkFandango

          Don’t forget PvZ: Garden Warfare!

  • chrisbaker3

    Still showing up at $59.99 in the US.

  • eAbyss

    Another blah sale. Unless you have a X1.

    • Elan Gabriel

      What’s with the negativity ? They are running this weekly sale + started a special week long sale … It’s a very “saley” week, considering it’s not a holiday. What’s to “blah” about ?

      • EldritchWarlord

        President’s Day was this week in the US, so it is a holiday.
        I don’t know if that’s the reason for the sales though.

        • ImTheMetalLord

          Presidents Day was only one day and not a full week and it was YESTERDAY. Shhhhesh some people.

          • EldritchWarlord

            All US holidays are a single day.
            And yes, it was yesterday. That was also the day the sales started.
            Perhaps you didn’t notice but Elan Gabriel thought it was odd to have such sales in a non-holiday week and I was simply saying that President’s Day was this week (was is a past tense form of is btw, in this context it indicates that the holiday took place in the past during this week).

            Who might these “some people” you’re exacerbated about be? The sort of people who are visibly angered by imaginary mistakes perhaps?

          • ImTheMetalLord

            Sales started today my friend.

          • ImTheMetalLord

            Oh and Xbox has a sale that starts EVERY Tuesday.

          • EldritchWarlord

            The “Xbox 360 Ultimate Games Sale” began yesterday.

  • Jorge Garza

    Everything was cheaper with Microsoft Points…

    • http://socialsteak.com/ Stephen Robinson

      You had to use more money in the first place to buy anything with MSP. Plus next-fen games are more expensive across the board. So no, this has nothing to do with MS points.

      • http://Www.mylifewithgaming.wordpress.com/ Mitchell Hall

        Next gen games are the exact same price as previous gen games..

      • m1nh0ca

        Sorry, dude, but we didn’t have to use more money. Maybe you were using…

        If you researched, you could buy, for example, the equivalent to $30 for $20 (or even less). As MSP were “virtual” money, the sellers could set the price the way they wanted.

        Besides, outside the US the prices were the same / almost the same and other countries were not ripped off so much as now.

        • ImTheMetalLord

          AND if you research you can find gift cards that are cheaper than the face value. For instance I picked up 4 $50.00 gift cards for $30 each around the holidays.

    • m1nh0ca

      Yeah, I miss them as well…

    • BlinkFandango

      I’ve been saying that for years, but everyone wanted currency, well now you have it and it’s harder to find decent deals.

    • ImTheMetalLord

      Everything in the world was cheaper last year too. Bread, Milk ETC….Please think before you type.

      • Jorge Garza

        Dafuq? That´s not the point at all. Xbox Live Games on Demand and Xbox Live Arcades (on 360) are more expensive because the currency system. Now every country use their currency, but before that, all the Arcade games were the same amount on every country, now you have more expensive prices outside the US.

        Please THINK and READ before you type.

        • ImTheMetalLord

          Much more concise post this time then the broad statement you made before. Still the fact remains that you can guy gift cards for less than face value (at least here in the US) and still save yourself some money. Read my post below.

          • Jorge Garza

            Right, but you could also do that before the currency system with the Microsoft Points cards. However, I haven´t seen gift cards going for less than the face value where I live.

            I guess you are on the same situation now and before because you are on the US and the US leads the prices, but ask people in every other part of the world (Me personally, in Mexico) and they will agree that the currency conversion is BS.

          • Rupert Oldcorn

            Well at a minimum you can buy gift cards digitally from amazon for less than full price (£48.50 for a £50 card) but I didn’t spot the offers that ImTheMetalLord found … I’ll have to keep my eyes open for them.

        • José Netto

          that’s actually not true ’cause, then, you were supposed to only be able to buy ms points that would work on your region and, regarding the prices you had to pay for them, there was the same issue… now, this way made it possible to see it clearly as in how far off and overpriced are the MS currency convertions on non-USA marketplaces… outrageous m8… as always…

          • http://matthewkenealy.wordpress.com/ Matthew Kenealy

            Yeah. People outside the US had no idea how much more we paid for things.

  • https://live.xbox.com/MyXbox/Profile?gamertag=DarkGin87 Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

    I like Ryse shame the season pass wasn’t slightly on sale too though

    • Kravex

      Hopefully they’ll release the next DLC soon, I’m beginning to forget I even brought the season pass.

  • Kevin Rovira

    Still showing up at 59,99$ in Canada…why?!

    • BlinkFandango

      It’s the same in the US, they haven’t discounted it yet (at least online, haven’t checked my console yet).

  • https://www.facebook.com/janko.haluska dolnodon

    what a pity, that again Europe is locked out of the Xbox 360 sale, except Persona 4 Arena (no, thank you), and Angry Birds Star Wars for 15 euros ($20.5 USD) – you must be joking. I want to see one gamer who buys this, when the game is for free (or almost free) on Android.

  • BuBBeR

    Ryse is still at U$ 59,99…

  • Lucky13X

    I already own the Day One edition of Ryse. Great game but wish I had paid $40 for retail disc version.

  • Steve

    Ryse is still $60

  • ImTheMetalLord

    WOW Ridge Racer Unbound and all the DLC’s for less than $10. I’m all over that. These are the some guys that did Flatout for fans of that racing game.

  • CXK

    I’m liking the Ryse sale, please keep it up with putting digital versions of Xbox One games on sale. I buy only digital this generation but still love a deal. I also feel that buying digital saves you guys some cash on production, shipping and retail’s percentage. (Hopefully the price is fixed soon)

  • xxwusaxx

    We wait for a Price update from ryse :/

  • Kravex

    Would’ve purchased Ryse if I didn’t already have a physical copy.

  • http://www.majornelson.com Major Nelson

    Looks like the sale price for Ryse is not showing up for some folks. The team is aware and working on it.

    • xxwusaxx

      The Same price for EU?

    • Gazza!!!

      Sale price is showing but not what we were told yesterday it would be in the UK!

  • StudioMultimédia Gon’Interacti

    good to see digital game price adjustment, keep it up. As we approach the release of nice game like thief and titanfall, help us grab a few day-on game =)

  • Ryan Davis

    Hoping for Banjo and the rest of the ME3 DLC. Make it happen, Microsoft!

  • KingNothing6805

    Finally changed to 39.99 for me and I just bought it. Thanks Major!

  • OBI10

    Stil $999 in Mexico.

    • Javier Ramírez Rodríguez

      Cierto, ¿O de plano no aplicará a nuestro país? Saludos

  • Stefan Beddoe

    It’s £37.59 in uk we were told £34.99 will 100% buy it at £34.99, 0% at £37.59. 33% for uk should be £33.50

    • Rupert Oldcorn

      Agreed, I’m bored with being jipped by bad currency conversion, £34.99 is a fair price. Anyone got a Euro figure yet?

      • Gazza!!!

        Mike Ybarra the studio manager at Xbox tweeted yesterday confirmation that the price would be £34.99. I wish they would get the facts right as I purchased £35 of codes to get it.

    • kevgallacher

      It’s £33.59

  • Sledg

    Thanks for fixing the price for Ryse! I’m really looking forward to this game. I wish the Lego games were a bit cheaper s well (digital)

  • Pete

    Great to see an Xbox One title discounted although in the UK the sale price is £37.59 which is still more expensive than the disc from Amazon at £37.24, if only by pennies.

    I really would like to go all digital this generation, and have so far, but if I’m forgoing the ability to lend or trade games I’m absolutely not going to be paying more than retail for the privilege.

    Oh and remember that comment about not raising the price of games this generation? Well the norm for 360 was £39.99 (about $66), for Xbox One it now seems to be £49.99-£54.99 so you’ve missed it by a smidge.

    For the benefits of comparison across the pond the standard digital editions of Battlefield 4 and Black Flag are £54.99, that’s just shy of $92!

    • Rupert Oldcorn

      Yeah that was a big shock to the system, I bought BF4 and ACIV at expensive digital prices but nothing else that is out that has looked worth that price, instead been picking up all the 360 bargains. And Ryse being ‘reduced’ to what I consider starting 360 price is not a good deal.

    • Ed Harrison

      Great point about last summer’s “prices won’t go up for next gen”. I thought I must have imagined this when I saw games like Need for Speed at £54.99.
      To be fair, the MS games seem better – I picked up DR3 for “just” £44.99 (before they put the price up £5), but I still feel like we’re being encouraged to buy physical disks even though I’d prefer to go digital.

    • kevgallacher

      Em… I see Ryse @ £33.59 from Xbox One Store.

  • Christian Armstrong

    How is the people in the UK now paying the same as the US were paying BEFORE it was reduced supposed to get us in to buy digital games. I really want to go all digital with my games but there’s no way I am when I can buy the physical copy for roughly £10 cheaper than the digital one from pretty much anywhere. I’ve ordered Thief from an online retailer for £33.95, how much are you gonna charge for the digital version? Bet I would not get any change from £50 if not £55. Come on guys sort this out, I know the UK is only a small country so you are not as bothered about it as a territory and there’s the thinking of “well they’ve always been charged more” but making a bit of a fanfare of reducing the price of a game by 33% and then only reducing it by about £7 compared to the ORIGINAL digital retail price is a bit of a joke.

    • kevgallacher

      Did you add on 20% VAT when you did the calculation.
      US prices are quoted without tax when you add that on, you find the prices aren’t that far off. (I am assuming exchange rate of £1.6/$1)
      $59.99 + 20% = $71.98 (=£44.99 – exactly the same as UK price)
      $39.99 + 20% = $47.98 (=£29.99)
      Ryse was £44.99 and is reduced to £33.59
      I would say those prices are close enough, certainly nothing to complain about. The exchange rate fluctuates so that extra couple of pounds cover it along with additional shipping costs, and the price of doing business in UK
      Thief for £33.95 is an amazing price (where from?) but online retailers can avoid tax by having their offices in Jersey that is why they can offer these cheaper prices. The standard price for new games in shops in the UK is £39.99 – £44.99, I would not realistically expect the digital versions prices to be cheaper than this unless they were on special offer. I do agree that the 3rd party publishers like Activision, Ubisoft and EA are charging way too much though, £55 is a joke when you can get the game elsewhere for under £40.

      • Christian Armstrong

        You make a fair point that with tax the us price is between £43 and £44 and when the xbox one first came out the £45 price plan which they layed out seemed fairly reasonable but a week later all the first party games were increased in price by £5 for no apparent reason. As for the ryse price, I think the second price drop which was added today (£33.59) is a fantastic price it was the price drop yesterday (£37.80 or what ever it was) which annoyed me as this would be roughly £9 more than others would be paying. Lets just hope they give the £33.59 price to rayman when it arrives here on Friday :D

  • Kalisto

    Update; UK price has dropped again to £33.59… Me happy! Thanks for the discount!

  • Craig

    Thanks for the sale! If this is the trend, I’ll buy 50% more games, and go all digital…

  • Derek

    Ridge Racer Unbounded price is wrong on the console…it’s showing up as $7.49, not $4.99 (CDN).

  • Sledg

    Ryse bought! Please continue digital discounts.

    • Sledg

      I’m not sure why the reviews for this game were low. I’m really enjoying it so far.

  • OBI10

    Still $999 in Mexico. Anyway… i have played it rented…

  • Oniros

    What the hell?! Radiant Silvergun appeared on sale as of less than 24 hours ago and now it’s not on sale anymore?

  • MeuLeu

    Thk for the deal on numeric game in Xbox One !!!! i already have Ryse (Day One) but if you continue in that way for numeric game is good !!

  • Parazels

    Thank you, Microsoft, for Driver San Francisko! This game is very dynamic and interesting! And it cost me nothing!

  • Edragonxx

    Ryse SON of Rome Xbox Live Store price is £35. But ONLINE SHOPS like UK graingergames selling same game for £25. So which one I will buy? From Xbox Live Store for £35 or from Graingergames £25?