February 19th 2014 5:57 pm PT

Xbox 360 Ultimate Games Sale Day 3

The Xbox 360 Ultimate Game Sale continues – save 50-93% on the following titles are on sale now through tomorrow only (20 February 2014). Click the links below to see local pricing and add items to your Xbox 360 download queue:


Content Title Content Type Discount %
FIFA 14 Games on Demand 50%
Dead Island: Riptide Games on Demand 50%
Skyrim Games on Demand 67%
Left 4 Dead Games on Demand 75%
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Games on Demand 67%
Darksiders Games on Demand 75%
Bejeweled 3 Arcade 93%

In addition, some titles are on sale all week long – click here for that list.

Make sure to visit again tomorrow to find the next group of sale items, and follow Major Nelson on Twitter to stay most up to date. See you then!

Arcade, Marketplace, Xbox 360 Games On Demand By Jeff Rubenstein

  • Toni Turunen

    Tomb Raider is coming tomorrow….

    • Rhys Stedman

      And prototype 2

  • Cookiehead

    Does anyone know what the next deals are yet?

    • Ryan Davis

      Check back tonight around 7:00 PST

      • Cookiehead

        I know, but yesterday somebody posted the next day deals in the comments several hours early.

  • RadiusK

    Nice deal on Skyrim for just €9,89. Too bad the DLC’s respectively €18,99 €18,99 and €4,79, so it would make more sense to just go to an arbitrary web shop and order the Legendary Edition for €29,- instead. Contains all the DLC and probably even comes with a map.

    BUT, on the other hand… Disk swapping. Oh the dilemma.

    • Some Person

      There’s no disc swapping in Skyrim. The game comes on one DVD and the DLC gets installed as DRM-free content.

    • itsjustme

      Agreed on the Legendary edition. I KNOW I’m gonna spend 200+ hours on Skyrim. $9.89 USD is great for the vanilla game. But with the time I’m going to invest, I say go with Legendary. If you get it today, you’re at their mercy as to when the DLC will be on sale. They’re offering Skyrim at a reasonable price in hopes that that you’ll spend ~$45 USD on DLC because you just can’t wait any longer for a DLC sale.

  • Davi Mourão

    How about SSX? That would be great.

    • King

      I found it for 9 bucks at walmart lol…which is crazy most retail stores never drop below $20

    • ryder4life22187

      They already had SSX on sale a month or two ago for $5 bucks.

      • Davi Mourão

        Skyrim and Dishonored were on sale not long ago too, so maybe there’s a chance.

  • マリオ

    Kind of bummed that I missed out on Bastion. I thought it was one of the week long deals so I hesitated. I waited for that game for forever. At this rate that’s probably a premonition. Every single time it’s on sale I miss it. It’s been on sale at least 4 times. How can my luck be this damn bad?

    • Benjamin

      Bummer, maybe it’ll come around again then. I immediately grabbed it, same situation here, wanting it for a while.

  • マリオ

    by Jeff Rubenstein.

  • Eduardo Aceves

    I traded in my Skyrim CD at Blockbuster (yes, it still exists here in Mexico), got double what it costs if I get it digital with this offer. Very nice deal.
    I got Skyrim, Batman Arkhaam Asylum and Dante’s inferno for what BB gave me for Skyrim :)

    • マリオ

      That sounds like something I would do.

  • wuzup916

    Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD – $4.94 – 67% off
    The Walking Dead: Season Two – $0.99 – 80% off
    Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons – $4.04 – 73% off
    Tomb Raider – $13.49 – 55% off
    The Darkness II – $7.49 – 75% off
    PROTOTYPE 2 – $9.99 – 75% off
    Viking – $3.74 – 75% off

    • Cookiehead

      Damn. Some good stuff but I already have the ones I’m interested in. Btw, I recommend street fighter to everybody.

      • Some guy

        Why buy that one when Ultra sequel 4 is coming soon?

        • Cookiehead

          Because its a great game with tons of content for only ten bucks. Not everyone is gonna want to upgrade and this is a great deal for people who are curious about the game or want to get into it. Ten bucks now and if they want, $15 five months from now for the upgrade. Ten bucks is pretty awesome to have the game now and then just upgrade in 5 months rather than wait 7 months without the game and. It it for $40 when be only difference will be costumes. Besides, if you own this you can upgrade it in five months if you want but te disc version doesn’t come out until August an will be more expensive.

          • Some guy

            Make sense.
            Never played a SF game before as I hate fighters pants on head controls.
            Unless in that one you don’t need to do multiple quarter circles for every moves?

    • マリオ

      Nothing here for me. Viking is cool, but dated.

      TR is as awesome is it ever was. Really heavy on MP achievements though. I don’t know many people who even play it online.

      I play SSF4AE all the time. It’s going to be updated to USF4 several months from now and that will cost you $15 for a digital upgrade. There is going to be a disc version of USF4 for $40 with all of the costume DLC for free on disc. If you pre-order it you get the new character alt costumes for free as well.

      I don’t like Tony Hawk anything.

      Brothers has horrible controls.

      Prototype as a series is ugly to look at. I don’t see there ever being a 3rd game in the series.

      The first Darkness game is great. I don’t hear too many positive things about the sequel. If anyone has anything to share about it, please do so.

    • wuzup916

      Edit – Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City – $9.99 – 75% off

      • マリオ

        Another horribly executed game.

    • LordofThieves

      Just got Walking Dead Season Two about a week or so ago. I think the universe is conspiring against me. Oh well, it was worth the full price anyway.

      • マリオ

        I refuse to buy episode one of any Tell Tale game for full price. They eventually give them away for free or sell them for a buck.

        I will make an exception for the Borderlands game though.

    • Paul Mount

      Thank you for posting this

      • LordofThieves


        ^Ought to be helpful in the future.

        Sorry for the weird text format. Apparently comments that have sites in the body need to be moderated.

        • Paul Mount

          thank you!, although it seems is “xbldb” and not xblbd just the last 2 characters not being in order.
          making this the correct link:


          But thanks a lot!

  • didyabringyagrogalong

    Darkness 2 I picked that up for $5 at EB Games and that was the Limited Edition too

  • Jhon Jones

    I’ve been told by a friend that Ultimate Sales would last for two weeks. Does anyone confirm this info ?

    • Sigognac

      According to the informations on this site, the actual sales should last until february 25; the sale being announced for a week. We could doubt it would last longer. Obviously, we would appreciate, but nothing indicates it actually.