February 20th 2014 9:00 am PT

Invitation to Preview the Next Xbox One Update

The team is working hard to deliver some exciting updates in March that will make Xbox One even better. But in order to ensure our customers have the best experience on Xbox One and Xbox Live, we need the help of our passionate community.

Beginning today, Xbox is inviting select Xbox Live members to preview new features coming to Xbox One in a March system update and future system updates as they become available, asking them to provide valuable feedback before the updates are implemented worldwide. Selected participants will receive a message over Xbox Live with a code to register. The next system update will begin rolling out next week to those who will preview the new features. Once registered, participants will be able to test the early features included in the update and provide feedback on a private forum and can opt out of future waves.

Like Marc Whitten announced last week, the updates coming in March will significantly improve the multiplayer and party experiences on Xbox One. We’re counting on our fans to share their input as we’re putting the final touches on the new features that we plan to deliver in early March.

Thanks for helping make Xbox One even better. We look forward to hearing your feedback on the system updates whether you are participating in the preview or not. We love to hear from you.

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Xbox One By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Archangel_MCXVI

    Major Nelson I received the 1st email, then shortly after I received another email stating that they sent the emails early and not to worry I would still be receiving a code. I still have not received anything when will I be getting it?

    • Archangel_MCXVI

      ok just got my code you guys may be getting them soon

  • YoGabbaWrex

    I’ve been to the preview forums seeking help and much like customer support no one is able to really help me with this issue, is there a moderator on here ??

  • Matthew Anderson

    I received a code, typed it in. All I got was a black screen saying “loading. Please wait.” The anticipation is killing me. Did it freeze?

    • Archangel_MCXVI

      quit the app and reload it same happen to me

      • Marc Storey

        How do u quit app still stuck on loading after 30 mins

        • Archangel_MCXVI

          go to home screen hit the start button over the app and go to quit and the reload it

  • bellend

    i got a code!!! brap, cheers Microsoft and Xbox division, READY FOR TITANFALL

  • Elan Gabriel

    My wife got the code, but has no use for it (She loves the Xbox, but a beta test is not her cup of tea) – can I use it with my Gamertag on our console, or is it for a specific Gamertag ?

    • Speedkiller

      if you use the code it will be for all gt on that system so even if she dont want to be part of it and you use it she will be. as the update changes the systems os

      • Elan Gabriel

        That, I know. The reason I want to use her code on my GT is so I could use the forums for feedback. I just want to know if it OK to do before doing that…

  • Shawn Nitchman

    I got a code but because I’m 17 I can’t use the app.

  • Daniel Jassé

    Not working for me although i have a code got the now loading screen im assuming nothing is live yet

    • Fabian Mateus

      The same thing happen to me. I ended up hard resetting my XB1 by holding down the nexus button on the console for 10 seconds till it turned off. I waited a few minutes before turning it back on. Once I did, I went back to the registration/preview app (This app downloads automatically when you enter the code you received from Xbox Live) and it loaded right up and it took me through a series of questions. Hope this helps. :)

      • Kravex

        You don’t need to be so drastic,

        In the game or app, press the Xbox button.
        Verify that the big application tile is highlighted, and then press the Menu button.
        Select Quit.

  • http://Site.com Gedalya

    Eh, not interested. It’s bad enough to have the Xbox One make me re-install all games and content when it’s disconnected from internet. I don’t think I want to add any more downers to an already downer machine. I’ve had it since launch, and have found my 360 to be more useful than ever.

  • Fabrizzio Domingos

    Thanks for giving me the beta, i will make everything to make the best console of the world, even be better =)

    Thansk xbox team for recognize one of millions of your best fans, and i full support xbox services, i all MS services, if you have another beta test avaible, please, choose me again…

    Thank you again all you guys =)

  • Larry P

    I’m happy with Xbox one, but don’t expect a lot from the march update…


    Got my code…loading please wait…for the registration…seems to just be hanging.

  • SG RiverDan

    I think I’m hung up on “Loading. Please wait…”
    Can I restart my X1?

    • Fabian Mateus

      I answered this below. See if that works for you…

  • Dung Tuan Phung

    Well just got second code in message for some odd reason, already got code yesterday and registered lol.

    • https://twitter.com/Ganon255 Ganon255

      If you want to give it away, hit me up! Thank you!

    • Kev Curtis

      If you have a spare code I’d be glad to grab one. :)

    • Dung Tuan Phung

      Sorry guys gave it to my girlfriends brother :(

  • Kevin Rovira

    Didn’t receive any code…hope i’ll get one since I was in every Xbox 360 beta before! If someone got one and don’t want it just let me know ;)

  • MasonG1994

    never get selected,why!!!!!!!

  • Alex Brown

    “Xbox One owners taking part in the system update beta program will not be able to use party features with other users who are not previewing the March system update, Microsoft says.” If we sign up for this beta test do we lose the ability to join parties and therefore join games with friends that aren’t signed up for the beta?? Pretty messed up if that is the case? or is it going to be possible to switch between beta “mode” and normal “mode”?

    • Dung Tuan Phung

      Its two different party systems I’m guessing, since why be able to join the original if you are on a beta version of another? Its like a person playing a demo of a multiplayer game be matched up with person with the actual game or vice versa. Or its just a privacy thing.

  • Kev Curtis

    If anyone has a spare code I’d love to get involved. Took part in many a beta on Xbox 360. Hook me up :)

  • alex

    got my message a couple of hours ago..so dont get your hopes down yet

  • lll NaS lll

    Got the message with the code last night, can’t wait!

  • evilfangs .

    Got my code today, I’m not that bothered about testing this new update, I’m already a beta tester for the whole console since November.

    • Tomell Fxckn Day

      Think I can have your code then?

  • Olli Pjoned

    New Hardware System Updates included? Especially optical out 5.1 7.1?

  • Stewart Mcvittie

    Hi I received a message earlier with a code to preview Xbox one updates but I accidentally deleted the message is there any chance I could receive another code so I can participate? Thanks

    • Jeffro

      Mine didn’t get deleted, it simply disappeared. I wrote down the code, tried it, and it didn’t work. I went back to check the email again to make sure I wrote down the code correctly, and it was gone. :(

  • MacPh1sto

    So are the messages with the download codes for the beta still going out yet or have they all been sent by now? I was in all the 360 betas so I’d like to be a part of this one too.

  • Tomell Fxckn Day

    If anyone doesn’t want to use their code due to “NOT PLAYING WITH YOUR FRIENDS IF YOU OPT IN” Ill take it ^_^

  • Dung Tuan Phung

    Just checked app again and it says my console has been registered and I can unregister anytime if I don’t want to test anymore betas from now on. Now the wait for the beta update to roll out.

    • fwdkiller

      I got same message…

  • Kev Curtis

    Done so many Xbox Preview betas in the past and really enjoyed it and hopefully gave some meaningful feedback in the forums. No Xbox One code arrived for me yet though. Slightly disappointing, I think a signup system would of been better than just picking random people some who probably won’t help with meaningful feedback or choose to not use their code or participate. If anyone has a spare Xbox One preview code please feel free go send it to me @ [email protected] Cheers!


    Got an invite last night to register. Just checked today and I was accepted. So I am assuming invitations are still ongoing…

  • The Yankee

    10+ years on Xbox live…I’ve tested every Beta update along some game Beta’s as well…can’t understand why I haven’t been selected….#foreversad

  • i7z AdAm

    Did i miss something i got an invite to register 2 days ago i did so then checked today it says i have been accepted for update previews but i havent had a download or been told how to access the private forum ??

    • Ricky

      Glad I’m not the only one wondering the same thing. I got nothin’ so far!

      • i7z AdAm

        Idk if you found it yet but if not go to xbox site, support, xbox forums its on the right under featured self explanatory from there mate

    • Dung Tuan Phung

      It tells you how to access the forums in the blog if you read it, it links to it. & in the blog it says update rolls out in the upcoming week.

      • i7z AdAm

        What blog !! I got a msg with the code downloaded signed up got told i am registerd an thats it i wernt told how to get to on to any certain blogs or forums!

        • Dung Tuan Phung

          You’re currently commenting on the blog… this is Major Nelsons blog yah know.

          • i7z AdAm

            I know but you said the blog maybe if you said this blog it might have made sense like i said though nvm i found it !

      • i7z AdAm

        Nvm i found it on xbox site

  • i7z AdAm

    Me 2 i miss them features an also been able to watch movies or listen to music through a usb stick since theres no way to copy music to the xbox

    • Dung Tuan Phung

      Why use that space up? Plug hdmi from laptop to Xbox and play through that.

      • i7z AdAm

        Cause i have a pc not laptop an its downstairs also theres only 2 hdmi ports 1 for my sky box the other 4 tv i have xbox music 2 but alot of music i listen 2 wouldnt ever be on there so the only way would be like 360 plug in usb view pics watch movies listen to music very simple

  • RatMazz

    Saw a post saying there was already a test request on the Beta forum about the 50Hz issue, can anyone confirm?

    • fwdkiller

      Yes but we won’t know til wednesday.

  • x2i

    Not that i’m a little disappointed from not having an invite yet since being in almost every single 360 beta (there is still time)… but I would just like to ask, two of my friends have had invites, one who’s been a gold member for a little longer than me but with a huge gamerscore and one who barely has any and hasn’t had a paid day of gold ever. Neither of them own Xbox Ones – they both use MY CONSOLE?

    Why do they get theirs early yet i’m sitting here waiting still and I’m going to be the one doing the beta testing for it – not them? Think the sign up process needs to be brought back because then only people with legit interest will be getting in.

    • fwdkiller

      If they there gt is still on your console just use on there code and download app then relog in to your account and sign up it works for others, i tested with another gametag and it works.

      • x2i

        Thanks I’ll give it a try, they redeemed their code on their GT’s but on my Xbox One so hopefully I should get the beta on my console regardless – just would have been nice to know why they got in but not me – either way will they not get referrals?

        And does a referral make you eligible for future beta’s like it says in the description do you know?

        • fwdkiller

          No not really but after u sign up u will get beta until u opt out of it.

  • Tatum

    Cant get a code and I actually want one. People on ebay are selling them that dont want them! ISad

  • Tomell Fxckn Day

    Someone needs to post to them that the community demands a sign-up for the beta…I’m sure they’ll do it.

  • sjp77

    Got my code, registered and been accepted and put 3 friends gamertags forward for the trial. Just waiting for the first wave of updates to roll out. Can’t wait to see what they have done ;)

    • Tomell Fxckn Day

      can you put my GT: (Very Nerdy) to be invited?

  • fwdkiller

    I wonder will they ever fix netflix streaming quality?.

    • Speedkiller

      that is not a xbox issue that is the netflix app issue so netflix has to fix that not Microsoft

      • Dung Tuan Phung

        Not a Netflix issue its your internet provider bottlenecking video streaming.

        • fwdkiller

          Lol no its not netflix works great on x360 and smart tv. Dude u know nothing i have a 100mb connection so thats not a problem.

          • digitallife

            Yes but how fast is your router…a 100mb connection means nothing if it’s being choked going through a router.

          • fwdkiller

            I have a dlink gameing router with gigabit ports i know i hit 98 down and 60 up . Pc netflix works great, so does ps4 , then why is it xbox is screwed up so pixilated.

          • Dung Tuan Phung

            I have a Asus RT-AC-68U that craps on that so called “gaming router”, I understand the 98 down but 60 up? LOL..

          • Dung Tuan Phung

            An executive for Netflix came out and said straight up that broadband providers are bottlenecking the bandwidth, that’s why Netflix and Comcast just made a deal, you sure know nothing but numbers.

  • John F

    I recieved the message & got my code, BUT, Call me dumb but where do u enter the code? I don’t see any preview app anywhere, am I the only idiot who can’t figure this out!

    • fwdkiller

      Just say xbox use a code or go to games and find use a code .

  • Omar Barrera

    Hi Major. Is it possible to recover the invitation code that was sent to me? I accidentally deleted the message before I could use it? My GT is howler72…Thanks!

  • RSix

    you can send the ivite like always to RSixCookie. thx. we need more real testers.

  • MArkus

    Would like to participate is there a possibility someone can send an invitation to gt moo2102

  • digitallife

    I guess i was expecting to get picked for this since I volunteered for the 360 ones…not so much…

  • x2i

    Still no invite – perhaps from now I should stop letting my friends use MY XBOX ONE – since they get an invite for a console they don’t even have. Not bitter at all lol.

  • Xenokai

    Any chance someone can refer me? I really wanna help preview this -_-

    • fwdkiller

      I refered you already.

      • COol 360 GAMEr

        Me too please :)

        • fwdkiller

          Ok ill try in a bit..

          • COol 360 GAMEr

            Would be nice

      • Xenokai


      • Antonio Hill

        if u can refer me i’d appreciate it don’t know why i didn’t get access I been a community ambassador for the longest ill hook u up in return with something thanks GT AyeYoTone

      • Michael Morgan

        will you refer me?

  • Tatum

    says im registered now what do i do im confused?

  • Tony Viveiros

    Any chances someone can refer me as well? I love beta testing and would be thrilled to be a part of it.

  • Speedkiller

    i would love to test this out i love beta testing lol

  • Justice Manha

    I’d love a referral too! GT: Justic6

  • 8 core CPU Samsung power!

    “Xbox One digital games “Region-Lock”, it was activated last month and the firm also deleted game licenses from gamertag”
    Thank you Larry, didn’t want my Fifa14 download anyway,
    I know you guys said it was region free when it was launched, guess it’s ok
    to quietly change this and make the xbox more tv focused now?
    So should I buy an PS4 for region free and actually a 1080p gaming machine?

    • Dung Tuan Phung

      Calm down you never understood the facts about “Region Free” in first place. Disc based games are region free while digital has always been locked to specific country. Its same as Nintendo and your precious Sony. Its like using USD in Japan without exchanging it into their currency.

  • fwdkiller

    I just recieve email from xbox live saying that the update is comeing soon .

  • Ricbug

    Any chance someone can refer me ? I participated all Xbox Preview Program in the past on Xbox 360