February 26th 2014 6:07 am PT


Rekoil: LiberatorContent: PAC-MAN MUSEUM
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Dash Text: Pac-Man Museum is now on Xbox Live! Pac-Man Museum includes 9 classic Pac-Man arcade games, including the original Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man games that spread Pac-Man Fever around the world in the 1980s. PAC-MAN stars in a nostalgia-packed collection of the greatest PAC-MAN games of all time. PAC-MAN MUSEUM will include classic PAC-MAN titles as well as newer releases, allowing gamers to play through the evolution of PAC-MAN from his humble beginnings from 1980 through current hits like PAC-MAN Championship Edition and PAC-MAN Battle Royale. To celebrate debut of “PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures”, the characters from the cartoon have burst into PAC-MAN MUSEUM! Head to the Pac-Room to check out more than 70 characters and items! Challenge your friends and the best players in the world on your favorite PAC-MAN games with worldwide leaderboards. PAC-Mania lives! Whether it’s your first time playing or you are a Pac-Man expert, catch up on your Pac-Man history! It’s fever time

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Arcade, Marketplace By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • DavidinCT

    No Jr. Pac man ? One of the best and challenging PAC games ever. I actually own the full size original Ms Pac man coin OP machine, so if I want to play MS or JR pac I can swap boards….I have 5 arcade machines in my home office…

    Nice but, I will stick with the original….

    • Does Not Equal

      That wasn’t an official Pac-Man game, and was made without permission from Namco, so it’s no surprise they’d leave it out.

      • BigBernard

        That’s fascinating.

  • James Dj Nme Hoyle

    MORE pacman on xbla!?!? Really?

  • IntenSePinda

    O.M.G. €20 !?

    • Gazza!!!

      £16.99 in uk! Guess this will be DOTW next month.

  • http://www.doblu.com/ Matt Paprocki

    Totally would have paid $20 for this at retail, but on XBLA? Not a chance.

  • deadbox102

    I have to agree. $20 is a bit much.

  • ElektroDragon

    This is the worst demo on the planet. Look, either time limit the demo or lock out most of the games. But what the hell is the point in doing BOTH?! You only get to try the one game everyone has already (Championship Edition) and then you can’t even complete a full round or play more than 3 minutes. So why not just leave all the games unlocked with the time limit? The demo is absolutely USELESS, don’t waste your time. I am boycotting the game based on the stupidity of the demo limitations alone.

    • Brian Kvalheim

      Demo is fine here. I will buy 2 copies to cover yours.

      • evilfangs .

        Better buy 3 copies then because that demo is stupid.

      • vai_levar_no_cu

        buy another one. im out too

      • Liquidfx Xboxdude

        go ahead and buy about 10,000 more while your at it.

      • Ross Kemp

        Buy me a copy too please , and delete it……..as I can not smash it .

  • http://twitter.com/dat_gap_doe KaosTheory

    They must have ran out of ideas for games. Nothing really enticing about the XBLA games, especially not the cost, but hey you get MS PAC MAN FREEEEEEE…. Meh.

  • StudioMultimédia Gon’Interacti

    pac-man is a nice classic. I think it’s the game i’ve played on the most device

  • vai_levar_no_cu

    i think Namco overvalues PacMan’s importance and pricepoint. This is insane. Good for pacman fans, maybe

  • AD3N

    such a rip off.

    protip, you can play this game free lots of places, google is your friend.

    • KesMonkey

      If a game is worth playing, it’s worth paying for. Piracy has no justification. None.

      • evilfangs .

        You can play the game for free on websites like miniclip.

  • Brian Ghattas

    It’s an easy 400 points for Pac-Man fans.

  • Hugoku

    DotW material.

  • usrev

    this is ridiculous

  • Liquidfx Xboxdude


  • digitallife

    Damnnnn can we get some love on your new system? I mean jeez…the 360 sdk is only like 2.4 gb couldn’t we at least sideload it on the one to play some of our digital games we’ve bought from the 360 marketplace since it seems demos and marketplace games cant get on the system fast enough.

    • Michael Burden

      LMAO that you think it is that easy. The One and 360 CPUs use a completely different architecture that goes down to the instruction set used to communicate with the rest of the hardware. You can’t just load the 360 dev kit onto the One as it would not run for the same reason the 360 games won’t – it wasn’t written for an x86/CISC system (360 uses a PPC/RISC system). And there is NO difference between the coding for digital/arcade games than the disc retail versions – they are coded for the specific system they were written to run on regardless of the media on which it was delivered. Just because it is a digital download does not mean it will work universally on all systems, it will only work on the system for which it was designed and written.

      • digitallife

        Actually it’s quite simple to do..how about you sit down with the SDK and learn it before you speak. Changing drivers for chipsets isnt that complicated nor is rewriting the handlers for the new cpu and ram systems. Ironically others including myself can run the original first sdk from the original xbox on the 360 because again if we can rewrite it so can MS.

        • Michael Burden

          If it were easy, Microsoft would have already done it. As someone who has worked extensively with RISC systems (Sun, Silicon Graphics, and Apple) I can assure you this is NOT as easy a task as you seem to think. Emulation is the only way and emulating 360 titles on the One would not be an easy task at all, and performance would suffer.

          Just look at the emulation on the 360 – not all games were supported, they had to do them in batches with similar programming, and some were glitchy or had performance issues. Also the gap in power between those processors was much greater than the difference between the 360 and the One. Finally, I’ll use Apple as my final example here. WHen they switched from PPC to Intel, they used emulation known as Rosetta which works fine for most applications. However you try to run a game or other processor/GPU intensive that was originally written for the PowerPC format, it would either not run or have severe performance issues. It also has been my experience that RISC systems emulate CISC systems better than CISC systems can emulate RISC functions.

          Furthermore, the SDK for the 360 would NOT run on the One, due to the difference in architecture as well as the OS. You might be able to recompile it, but I stand behind my other points. You might get it to work, but yoiu would not get it to work WELL without a major undertaking. You are being naive if you think otherwise.

          • Nightm4r3z

            If it were As Easy as that Microsoft STILL Wouldn’t have done it…well for free anyways, probably charge you SOMEWHERE down the line for it…Greedy Pigs

      • Riddick Snipes

        So I guess what he is saying is the one should have been designed and written to enable xbla games.

  • skunk73

    for $27,no thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ross Kemp

      Who ever priced it at that , must of been on Pac’s power pills .

      • Riddick Snipes

        Whoever priced it can go and get pucked.

  • Realmusik Recordz

    off topic…i got the update and i wanted to let microsoft know about my thoughts. I went to the xbox private forum..but i couldnt find out where to leave the message so i will just say i gotta say here. I like the update.. i think its the right path. Only minor problem to me is on the friendlist. I think the Green light that shows your friends online should be bigger…it should stand out. To me its to small….its hard to tell from glance of who is online. Also, the party system is still a bit hard to get to. I think the party option should be where the friendslist is at to. Becuase if you think about it… the 360 had like a couple of ways to party…it will only be right if you put the party button there also.

    Notifications for your favorite friends should be added as well.

    the next project should be wallpaper and themes for the dashboard. maybe let us use our real pictures and bring back the avatar store and avatar. These thing made the xbox live……. allowing use to be animated was so cool to me.

    • Nightm4r3z

      You do realise the BETA Program Is Closed to you and ONLY others who have it? Says it all in the Contract But thanks for letting me know the Update I Eagerly await is Still Gonna Be Shit…Thanks Alot

      • Burnt Offering

        This wasn’t a closed BETA, or even a BETA at all. There were no “contracts” or NDAs. This was simply a preview that was offered to those that wanted it. You can even get a download code for the preview in the Xbox forums to send to friends. But this was never the update to have expected to much from. It is just a fix for some of the issues with friend lists so that Titanfall sells wouldn’t suffer on it’s launch.

        • Nightm4r3z

          Oh OK, I thought it was one them BETA Updates (Sorry), the LEAST they could’ve done was put friends notifications on…and run Titanfall at 1080 not 720… :(

  • Some guy

    Not buying at that price.
    If they add Pac Man World though, I would probably buy it.

  • Beano

    Any Pac-Man game that doesn’t let you speed him up to match the old boosted consoles is not worth anything.

  • Matt Wolf

    Completely off topic: Anybody have any idea what March’s Games For Gold are gonna be? I know at least 3 months of them have been leaked weeks prior to their announcements. And I actually enjoy the freebies.

    • Socal71

      I’ll take a guess and say they will be old games most of us own and no one really cares about… I’d like to be wrong, but ms never disappoints at being disappointing.

      • Matt Wolf

        Jesus. This place is like the literal opposite of “Beggars Can’t be Choosers”…
        Well, there’s no begging going on, but still. Free stuff is free stuff.

        • Socal71

          Great, I’ll krap in a box and give it to you for free… There is a reason the ps4 has only sold 5.2 million units… they cant make more fast enough. And there is is a reason xb one’s are in stock everywhere… no one wants them….

          • ImTheMetalLord

            Fanboy Troll…having fun?

          • Nightm4r3z

            I’m a “Xbox fanboy” if you will…HOWEVER I bought the Xb1 and am VERY disappointed, they’re releasing all these New update…ones that have been around from near the beginning on the 360, I mean COME…No friends online notifications? No Game Invites? SLOOOOOOOOOW Dashboard Navigation..I Know it’s early days yet but COME ON !!

          • ImTheMetalLord

            Legitimate gripes. Not like “I’ll **** in a box and give it to you…PS4 is wonderful”

          • Nightm4r3z

            I may just go buy a ps4 too, that way I can play the PS whilst MS spend the next few months sorting this S***box one out…

          • Will Muscat

            Yet X1 is selling more software…. funny how that works right?

          • evilfangs .

            That’s because X1 has the better exclusives out but it won’t be long till PS4 has the better exclusives out every year.

          • Disturbed_Court_Jester

            No, Xbox is leading in software sells yes, but that’s Xbox One and Xbox 360 sells number combined.

        • Liquidfx Xboxdude

          i have a p00p sandwhich i just made this morning. you can have it the wonderful price of free sir. free stuff is free stuff as you would say.

          • IN_YO_FACE_86

            Then make sure you mail me 2.

        • Superman64

          Not free when you are paying for a subscription.

      • roozbeh, again

        2014 onwards have been pretty good. I thoroughly have enjoyed Sleeping Dogs and Dead Island.

    • Ross Kemp

      Strongly rumoured to bevBatman Arkham Asylum for the first one .
      I can’t see it myself , as the free games usually have lots of DLC ( which I suppose is why the game goes free , in the hope we buy the DLC ) , and I am
      Not sure Asylum has DLC ??

      • ryder4life22187

        yes it has the challenge map packs

    • ImTheMetalLord

      So I found a webpage and according to them it is rumored that the two games are going to be Batman Arkham Asylum and Ninja Gaiden 2. To check it out for yourself go to nerdiots dot com and do a search for games with gold.March Seems promising.

      • Matt Wolf

        We’ll see. I had gotten a prepaid code for Arkham City recently anyway… Would be hella convenient.

      • Some guy

        I can’t see how giving away NG2 is going to end well. It’s really old and hardcore.

        • ImTheMetalLord

          History has shown they don’t normally give away 2 AAA games in one month. Most times the second one of the month is an Arcade game so I doubt it but just offering info.

    • Gazza!!!

      Civilisation Revolution is one of them.

  • renslo689

    what is with all the high prices for xbox arcade lately?

    • Michael S.

      Making up for the lack of Xbox One sales I would imagine lol

  • Dave Hurt

    They can puck off with that price for sure!

    • KesMonkey

      Well played, sir. :D

      • Mr&Mrs Ninja


  • Liquidfx Xboxdude

    for a little more I could get an the game in the original arcade cabinet.

  • Wombat

    I bought this compilation instantly for Battle Royale, however I’m disappointed that this game is being played with borders! Seriously Namco Bandai, is optimizing too much to ask? Considering the €20,- price tag, I think this is a pretty lame and lazy move.

    So Namco Bandai, PLEASE add an option for displaying Battle Royale in FULL SCREEN, instead of a windowed/bordered display.

    • Mr&Mrs Ninja

      Yea that sucks! But it seems to be huge trend with classic games.

    • Michael S.

      Microsoft sets the price for developers mate.

      • gerblanski

        No, they just have guidelines, publishers set the price.

  • http://virtualgamemuseum.webs.com/ Louis

    Too expensive for old classic games, real shame….

  • Mr&Mrs Ninja

    Should be free with gold.

  • Guest


  • Michael S.

    LOL. This game is how old? 30? 35 years old? Nah, thanks MS but I am too busy playing Outlast right now…. ;)