March 3rd 2014 3:32 pm PT

Join us tonight for our first ever Xbox One Twitch Broadcast

Watch live video from majornelson on TwitchTV

Today at 11p ET/8p PT I’ll be testing out the new “Xbox Broadcast” function via the Twitch app that will be will be available for all Xbox One owners next week.  You can watch the stream above, or over at my Twitch channel where you can hop in the chat. I’ll be answering questions about how broadcasting works on Xbox One as we play PvZ: Garden Warfare.

Update: Thanks to everyone that dropped by the stream and chat. The archive stream  is now embedded above.


Xbox One By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Bl4ckSh33p

    Will streaming work with DSL 16K? (16 Mbit down, 1,7Mbit upstream)

    • Trentelshark

      It is going to depend on how much control the end-user has over the bitstream. I’m on 25/2 cable and was able to customize OBS to the point where I could stream at just sub 720p without saturating my upload (video + sound was approximately 1.7Mbps sustained). I haven’t seen details on how this is handled on the XB1. Assuming we have some control over the quality settings, I’d recommend checking out the Open Broadcast Software webiste at the time for an idea of what quality can be accomplished with what settings.

  • jheller

    lol its live streaming your game play or uploading your gameplay too. Its a nice way to interact with your friends. If you don’t get it you are probably a ps4 owner… sorry

  • jheller

    I really doubt there will be strain on the servers consider they have over 300000 dedicated to there disposal :)

  • Mr&Mrs Ninja

    That was great. Now I know why twitch is so popular.

  • Mr&Mrs Ninja

    I really just watch a few minutes to see if I want to purchase the game i’m watching.

  • jheller

    strangers how about your friends…

  • jheller

    good streams like talking to other gamers about the games you like and share ideas via live stream with your friends seams pretty awesome to me. plus you can show people how epic you are via twitch