March 4th 2014 6:00 am PT

Project Spark Beta Comes to Xbox One Today

Beginning today, Team Dakota has expanded the Project Spark Beta Program onto Xbox One. That means Xbox One owners can join the existing community of designers to create and share new worlds or jump into other community creations to to play or remix their creations. Take a look:

With the beta coming to the console for the first time, we posed a few questions to the Project Spark team:

What does the Xbox One version of the Project Spark beta bring to the program?

The Xbox One version of Project Spark adds Performance Capture support with Kinect. Record your own animations and voice Make your custom moves, record voice over and customize your creations before you share them with the community across Xbox One and Windows 8. The Xbox One version also allows players to play their creations on their big screen at home. You can easily save your creation to the cloud and seamlessly play or create on either Windows 8 or Xbox One. Additionally, Project Spark automatically translates standard controls from Windows 8 mouse and keyboard to Xbox One controller and vice versa.

What’s a good starting point for new Project Spark creators?

Users can dive right into what the community has made, use Crossroads which lets them play as they create their own adventure, or play the interactive tutorials and learn how to make an adventure from scratch while building one.

What are some of the best creations you’ve seen in the beta so far?

The community has blown us away with their creations in the few months that Project Spark has been in Windows 8 beta. Some of our favorites are a wall jumper titles ‘Blaze Jumper,’ a visually stunning artistic showcase titled ‘Colour,’ and ‘Pinball Raid!’

How do folks sign up for the Project Spark beta?

It is simple! Go to and enter your email. You will be notified when your beta admittance is ready and you can install Project Spark and begin to create and play!

Xbox One By James Pfaff (litheon), Blogger

  • MrHawkeye1996

    Yes!!!! :D So Excited!

  • Brenny Bren

    Great, I can’t wait to see the things users will be creating in this game.

  • Vanquish

    The code that I saved isn’t working right now

    • Brenny Bren

      Beta starts today, but probably doesn’t start right now. I say it will prob be ready at 12:00PM PST when Team Dakota is streaming the game

      • Vanquish


    • Pete

      Have you got it working yet? Just in case… it’s not a download code it’s an activation code on the Project Spark website. You need to link it to your Gamertag.

      The game/app itself is an open download, just “Xbox Bing Project Spark” on your Xbox One.

  • Kevin Dempsey

    They might send you a new one

  • Kino

    I hope they send my code again today, because I had cleared my inbox a few weeks ago

  • Kevin Dempsey

    just let yall know if you want the edge early for project spark they have spark tokens up on the marketplace right now, just go to add ons and scroll all the way right and you will see them

  • Brendon Maldonado

    If we are currently in the PC Beta, do we still need to put in our email, or will we get an email automatically?

    • Blastergamer

      i think if you already redeemed the code on your XBL account on Windows 8, you should have access on Xbox One with the same account.

  • dibils

    i already have the beta on PC, how do i transfer that over to Xbox One? hopefully i wont need to dig up the code which came for the PC version

  • JevonG

    On twitter @mlescault (Community Manager @Proj_Spark)said Xbox One keys would be sent out on Thursday.

  • SG RiverDan

    I am also already in on the PC beta. How do I get it on the X1?

    • Mik3t

      As long as you have added the key you got for the pc version it will know you redeemed it, just download the app from the store when its available

      • dibils

        so project spark isnt available on the X1 store yet but it will be later today?

  • Mik3t

    Ive been in the pc beta but have been waiting for the xbox one version.

  • DrToker

    Here are a couple of keys. They are redeemable on the PC but should also get you access to the Xbox beta.



    • Lee

      Thank you, now downloading to the Xbox One :)

  • ElektroDragon

    Awesome, a reason to turn on my Xbox One again.

  • Alex Bellido Triana

    I have a code for the PC beta but I don’t own a PC, what should I do?

  • Xenokai

    I signed up months ago, it said to hang onto the key if i wanted the xbox one beta. key doesnt seem to work. I hope i get a xbox one key for this.

    • Pete

      How are you using the key?

      It’s not a download code, despite looking like one, you just download the beta directly (Xbox Bing Project Spark).

      The key then needs to be linked to your gamertag on the Project Spark website to be able to play it. (I’d post the link but then this post would fall into the pit of moderation)

      • Xenokai

        I figured it out earlier but thanks

  • Evil Bunny Games

    You do not need a key for Xbox One version. All you need to do is go to Xbox Store, search Project Spark and BUY/download button.

    • Evil Bunny Games

      Just in case if you have problem to find Project Spark, but because links are not allowed here so I added space there between domain name.
      store. xbox. com /Xbox-One/Games/Project-Spark/4c48886c-2de2-48b8-8ec3-4f87424b2ff5

    • Pete

      You don’t need a key to download it but you do need a key to play it!

      If you have previously activated the Windows 8 beta you should be okay otherwise when the game loads it automatically requests a key for your gamertag, it suggested a 2 day eta for mine to turn up.

      Fortunately I still had my key from the Windows 8 beta that I never got around to activating (Windows 8.1 upgrade issues). I went to the Spark website activated the key, restarted the Xbox One beta and then it let me straight in.

  • Guest

    Just in case if you have problem to find Project Spark, links are not allowed here so i put there some space there.
    store. xbox. com /Xbox-One/Games/Project-Spark/4c48886c-2de2-48b8-8ec3-4f87424b2ff5

    • dibils

      thanks :) i wish major would have put that link in his post

  • digitallife

    Still asking for a beta key even though you get the download free from the system and when I enter my email and the captcha code on the site it says error.

  • Gazza!!!

    Had no problem finding the beta. Just used the kinect voice command Xbox bing project spark, downloaded and started playing.

    • Digiadam

      I did the same thing.

  • Digiadam

    Kinda a bad way to go here. You excite us to download the game then we have to wait a few MORE days just for a code…….

    Not cool at all.

    • Kino

      you were able to sign up for the beta a loooong time ago. You would have gotten a key for the Windows 8 beta, and that key would have been compatible with the Xbox One

      • Digiadam

        I did sign up a LOOOONG time ago thank you very much. Just never got anything back from them.

        Please try to be more polite in the future.

  • Xenokai

    I got my beta working!

  • fastharryDOTcom

    Just went to the website and they had access to the ONE beta from the store…

  • the artist

    I love Project Spark, another winner for X1

  • Strychnine

    Dear Maj. Nelson. Can we please get media extender for our XboxOne? I streamed cable T.V. without the use of a cable box to my Xbox360. I can’t hook my 360 into my XboxOne because I had to move it to make room for my XboxOne. Please help.

    • Digiadam

      Very unlikely to happen.

      Microsoft has given up on any MCE device.

      • Strychnine

        If my XboxOne is supposed to be the “hub” of my multimedia entertainment, then it should have it. Period. I’m not trying to flame you or anything, but I feel that it’s a gross error on behalf of Xbox not to have something that was so innovative from the previous gen. It’s like not having a hard drive in the next version of Xbox. IMHO.

        • Digiadam

          Oh I agree but we are only consumers….what would we know.


  • Mr&Mrs Ninja

    Just say “XBOX BING!”… then say “PROJECT SPARK BETA” and then download.