March 4th 2014 6:00 am PT

Xbox One March System Update Rolling Out Today

The March system update for Xbox One is starting to roll out today, addressing some of the biggest feedback you’ve shared with us.

This significant update includes improved matchmaking, party chat and friends features that will make gaming on Xbox One an experience like no other. This update means next week you’ll be able to enjoy Titanfall on the best multiplayer service on the planet, using a new headset or the one you already own, while live broadcasting your games on Twitch (when the updated Twitch app arrives next week.)

Take a look at some of these new features in action:

How do you get the new update? For the vast majority of Xbox One owners who use “Instant On” (the low power state that allows you to instantly power up your console by saying “Xbox On”), the console automatically checks for updates when customers turn it off. This means that once we’ve made the March update available (late tonight, Pacific Time), the next time you turn your console off it will take the update during off-peak hours in your local time. Ultimately, you’ll see it sometime in the next day or two.

For more information on this system update, click over to Xbox Wire. Here is a longer list of the features you’ll see in this update:

Improved Multiplayer & Party chat

  • Cross title party chat
  • Party chat on by default
  • Easier multiplayer invites
  • Easier multiplayer joining
  • Ability to see what the people in your party are doing

Improved Friends List + Profile

  • Improved friends list utility & speed of access
  • Ability to see people you recently played games with
  • See when friends are broadcasting, including live broadcast thumbnails in activity feed
  • Get to a friend’s profile faster using type-ahead suggestions
  • Contextual app menu actions on friends list and activity feed items
  • Enabled more multiplayer (join and invite) actions on user profiles
  • 54 new contest-winning gamerpics

Twitch TV live streaming support

  • Broadcast gameplay on Twitch.TV through Xbox LIVE (When the updated Twitch app ships next week.)
  • Voice support for starting and ending broadcast

Bringing out social in home

  • See favorite friends currently online
  • See friends broadcasting gameplay

Miscellaneous shell improvements

  • View Game Clips while in snap mode
  • Protect user settings with passkey

Browser improvements

  • Control Bing and Google maps with gesture and controller
  • Quick search when highlighting a term on a page
  • When searching from Bing search on the console, direct link to Internet Explorer in order to see additional web results.

New Devices – Driver and Firmware updates

  • Firmware update to the Xbox One controller to support the Xbox One stereo headset adapter
  • Support for 1st and 3rd party headsets
  • Driver updates for the Xbox One Media Remote

SmartGlass Improvements

  • Push notification to your device for Xbox Live messages
  • Quickly see what a friend is doing including presence and recent
  • Enhanced viewing of personal and a friend’s game progress and clips
  • Ability to close snap from SmartGlass

Live TV

  • 50Hz fix – users can set the Live TV app to display at 50Hz for full or fill modes
  • Volume up/down adjustments – user can tailor the number of volume increments when using “volume up” or “volume down” commands
  • IR blasting of power & volume to TVs/AVRs in all regions
  • AVR setup maps to include model number for most sound bars or AVRs when setting up TV

Improved  Audio output support

  • SPDIF (optical out) now supports 5.1 Dolby Digital – enabling devices such as sound bars with only Optical In to be able to receive 5.1 Dolby Digital from console over optical
  • HDMI output now supports stereo uncompressed, 5.1 uncompressed, 7.1 uncompressed or 5.1 Dolby Digital live or 5.1 DTS 

Edit: Updated the list

System Update, Xbox One By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • fwdkiller

    So glad i bought a ps4 and a pc ,xbox is a mess it shouldn’t be this hard to get a update lol btw im in the preview where my final update with twitch streaming .your a joke microsoft.

    • kvfive

      The amount of XB1’s on eBay says it all really, disappointing :-(

      • evilfangs .

        8,658 results for Xbox one on Ebay.
        19,402 results for PS4.

        • kvfive

          Why did you mention the PS4 ? I didn’t !

          • jheller

            the only reason ps4 are selling so much is because the are in 35 more territories than xbox and people buy them to flip them to make a profit.

          • Clayton Borges

            exactly ppl buy them to make a profit since it can’t be found anywhere… while xbox stays on store shelves ;)

          • evilfangs .

            Because you where making out like everyone who brought a X1 wasn’t happy with it and decided to sell it on ebay.

    • EldritchWarlord

      Hopefully Sony’s history of console bricking updates won’t repeat itself. In my experience Xbox updates are as easy as turning on the system and consistently improve functionality.
      Are you asking about where the ability to stream to Twitch from Xbox One is (it’s hard to tell because of your horrible grammar)? That functionality will come in an update to the Twitch app, Microsoft has already done their part.

    • Kravex

      “So glad i bought a ps4 and a pc”

      May I suggest a PS4 or PC forum for you to post in then?

    • jheller

      lol then why are you here on a xbox site.. fkn trolls….

      • Speedkiller

        maybe he has both like i do so being on here and on a sony site is ok….

  • beardyman3218

    Does the twitch app stream to a chosen twitch account or does it create one of its own with your gamertag as many of my friends already have twitch accounts? And can we select what bitrate or even just a quality setting to stream in?

  • Jaffa Cake King

    I have to say i’m really finding the whole Xbox One UI very convoluted and messy, even after the update. How on earth MS have managed to come up with such an awful UI design after having such a good one on the 360 is baffling. I miss the guide popping up where you can easily access your friends and achievements, i don’t like going back to the home screen all the time. I want my achievements in a list not in huge side scrolling boxes and i also want my 360 to provide me with the information of what achievements i have unlocked on my Xbox One. It’s like the whole thing was put together without any real thought or any idea of what gamers want. Oh and please can we get rid of the message telling me my Kinect isn’t plugged in? I know it’s not plugged in because that’s the way i want it. The thing that annoys me the most though is that i’ve overpaid for an underpowered console.

    • Realmusik Recordz

      I agree.

    • Jason Owens


  • Jade Steed

    When are they gonna support live tv for canada? That’s the main reason I bought it..

    They should of told canadian purchasers that the live tv won’t work in Canada…

  • Steve Belisle

    Nice to see some improvements… And Yeah for all the sound improvements but still can’t wait to see the 3D playback on blu-ray. And please, we need a better Skype apps… the app is terrible…

    Also, I still to understand how one company can release a new system supposedly more powerful and with more features when it’S released with less features than a previous systems.

  • Jade Steed

    Still no live tv for canada…

    Only half the system works for canadian users…

    • Clayton Borges

      you bought it you should have known

  • Jade Steed

    When are they gonna fix live tv not working in Canada?

    They should of told canadian purchasers that this option doesn’t work..

    • Speedkiller

      what live tv? you content your cable box to the xbox one. and there is your live tv…

      • Jade Steed

        When you go to settings tv devices the cable boxes don’t show up if your region is set to canada. So it won’t even see it. Plus there’s no xbox one guide for canada users it shows up as blank.

        • Speedkiller

          o did not know that sorry

  • ekucera00

    Anyone know if this now pops up a notification when friends come online? I just don’t understand why this simple feature was omitted. I understand that on the 360 it could have been annoying because we didn’t have “favorite” friends vs random acquaintances. But with the new Favorites we should get notifications when those friends come online. And to take it one step further… Create a “quiet” mode that lets you silence notifications for a few hours. This isn’t rocket science. these concepts have been around for years.

  • ekucera00

    Achievements should be a snap app!

  • ekucera00

    Also… I cannot seem to time the “Hold for notifications”… It either dashboards… or gives me the power context menu. lame.

  • beardyman3218

    Does anybody know how much titanfall will be for digital download in the UK?

  • Palindrome 101

    This is all good for Microsoft’s favorites, the online gamers, but nothing here for me. No biggie, but I would like to know if a couple of the features I want most are on the Microsoft agenda, a default profile auto log in without Kinect and the option to set a particular game (disc or HD) to auto start on power up (from the energy saver complete off state). I am playing my 360 more than ever now, but if these two simple features were added I would definitely put the batteries back in the X1 controller.

    • Jaffa Cake King

      I totally agree with the auto sign in without Kinect. It’s almost as if they’re trying to annoy you for not having the Kinect plugged in.


    after the update i lost my save cod file

  • jheller

    yeah its called artificial inflation. console shortgages increases demand causing people to think the console is better because they are hard to get. the funny thing is there are plenty of them in japan but aren’t selling very well. why is that? Both consoles and companies have there pros and cons. but really all the playstation 4 is a little bit better version then the ps3. That’s why many gamers who owned a ps4 whithin a month or so after purchase sells them realizing games are more important than resolution. Which now sony doesn’t have that anymore as well. Name one title that runs 1080p 60fps native on ps4. Xbox has a few. Forza 5 being one of them. Killzone was thought too but was a lie….. Its even on there case. Sony is opting to make 1080p games for the sake of pr and suffer on there fps. I would rather have a game at 900p 60fps then a 1080p 30fps. I mean knack has framedrops as low as 14fps on ps4 is this really a superior console. On paper maybe yes. IN real world probably not as much as you might think. Now that developers are utilizing the xbox one better the are achieving the same thing. So resolution is not what makes games great … Gameplay is. Eye Candy is nice that’s why Ryse is the best looking game available on console but the gameplay sucks. Titanfall is not the prettiest game out there but has some of the best multiplayer fps I have ever experienced and that’s what makes a game. So hopefully I wont get attacked by all the Sony Pony Ninjas out there.

    • Speedkiller

      what was the point of this? there was no point in posting your hate for a system.


      Name one title that runs 1080p 60fps native on ps4? how about 9 i can find Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Resogun, NBA 2K14, KIllzone MP, Flower, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls,
      Call of Duty: Ghosts, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes,and Wolfenstein: The New Order

  • KaosTheory

    Xbox has already froze up and I just updated maybe an hour ago. Nice update.

    • KaosTheory

      when using Snap that also takes an eternity to load while a game is running. This thing is slower than molasses. I should also be able to start a party chat of my own without beating around the bush. It wants to invite people. I start a party chat because I don’t want to always hear these gremlins talking in game. That way when friends come online they can just join the party chat. It’s not like it was before. Why is the Xbox One in a digressive state? The 360 was close to perfect. Maybe work with that team because the features you are trying to implement should have been DAY ONE. Not months later because you felt like pushing out a 20% completed console that Nintendo would frown upon.

      • Realmusik Recordz

        I agree. Its like microsoft hit the reset button on the final stage with out finishing the game. They started completely over.

    • Jaffa Cake King

      My Xbox has also froze a couple of times on the home screen since i installed the update. Never had that problem before.

  • Larry P

    Guys recent players do not show up how can I fix this ?

  • Gscept

    When will we get the external hard drive support? My Xbox one only has 20gb left. I hope I can plug in my 2tb WD 3.0 drive

    • Jason Owens

      i wish thay had keeped how the hard drives were like in the 360 :( were ya could take them out when ya wanted to and get more if ya wanted i love that about my 360 it gave me freedom to have all the games i wanted not just have one hard drive thats stuck in there for good :(

  • Rolando Lopez

    Wow 76% complete…connection interrupted…try again…5 min l8r…5% complete…WTF? It just starts all over again, nothing but fails…

  • Alex Brown

    Congratulations MS for sorting a handful of the issues… Here’s some more things for you to work on:

    – HDD media support – A VLC player app would be amazing as it would eliminate pretty much all issues with incompatible codecs etc.

    – Play voice through speakers and headset and ability to record game chat with DVR (and twitch for that matter)

    – This is the thing i want more than anything. Bring back a 360 style guide in some form or another!!! Shouldn’t have to go via home page for messages, friends, acheivements etc – takes far too long!! The guide button should bring up a guide over the top and if you then press Y or something you go home. The guide could even be snappable, as long as it was one button to snap/unsnap.

    – Sort buggy issues with tempremental mics, games crashing/failing to start.

    – A controller battery low notification.

    – More freedom in upload studio (for example an ability to put 2 or 4 clips together, not just 3 or 5)

    – Hurry up and bring out apps that 360 has such as iplayer and sky player!! The fact that I have to turn off my “all in one” media system and return to my 8 year old games console to view a large chunk of the media I watch is ridiculous.

    • Jason Owens

      thay should have took the best parts of the 360 in the 1st place and updated them with the new xbox one. not just try to go buck wild with something new that not alot did not want !!! the 360 sold very well for a reason theres was not alot of bs that went with it only thing that was all taht bad was the over heating part and that was fixed and the red ring of death and thay fixed that too. i love my 360 i just wish the xbox one was more like it things are harder on the xbox one im glad there trying to fix things but xbox one still dont hold a candle to the 360.

  • Tyrone Crosby

    This march update doesn’t seem to be working for me, I be trying to invite a gamer to a ranked match in Killer Instinct but it doesn’t work at all.. The volume is still low I can barely hear what the person that I’m playing with is saying. Microsoft need to make where gamers who have hearing problems or trouble hearing should be able to turn the volume up louder for them then it normally is. Where is HBO Go app at, bring back The thing where you can watch movies with friends at the same time using Netflix or other videos apps where our avatars would be in a movie theater I miss that.

  • Ross Kemp

    Please make Titanfall pre load .

    That is all .

  • Jason Owens

    the 360 was a better all in one then the xbox one thats whats funny LOL

  • Ceph Raiden

    ^ This, I was in preview program and since the 1403 update went public me and friends have had party chat issues nightly. Great work just before titanfall