March 11th 2014 12:28 am PT

Titanfall Now Available on Xbox One

TitanfallContent: Titanfall

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Titanfall is the first next-gen shooter that combines pure adrenaline, wall-running, double-jumping action with powerful, fast-paced titan warfare to set the new bar for online multiplayer gameplay. Delivering blistering fast, fluid combat that gives you the freedom to fight your way as elite, assault pilots or agile, heavily armored titans. Rethink fundamental combat and movement with new abilities to change tactics on the fly, attacking or escaping depending on the situation. Heart-pounding multiplayer action combined with dramatic, cinematic moments lets you enjoy the fiction and characters of the universe without having to leave your favorite game online multiplayer mode. Online multiplayer matches featuring both human/AI allies and enemies create an experience like none other.


Titanfall, Xbox One By Jeff Rubenstein

  • Benjamin Noah

    Is anyone else having screen tearing issues with Titanfall, or is my Xbox One console defective? Thanks.

    • deadbox102

      I haven’t experienced this.

    • Ash2X

      Jepp – it got a small Tearing-Problem.Not as bad as some other games,but it exists.

    • alex

      got them too, but they are visible when you jumpstart from a high point

  • Ash2X



    Titanfall Xbox one bundle on sale at MS store for $399. I don’t if this sale is a good sign or a bad sign, but I have never seen an $100 off sale for a next gen console that hasn’t been out long and this is with a brand new $60 on top of it..

    • Dylan

      Can I get a link to that? That’s a pretty good deal and I want to check it out.

      • WARLORD

        His info is old. I just googled the sale I think its over it was a one day sale with a promo code.

        • Dylan

          Oh okay. Thanks anyway.

  • Ben Wood

    What a rip-off on digital pricing in the UK – £54.99 ($92) which is £5 than they charge in the MS Store for a physical copy. Absolutely disgusting pricing

    • JVCode

      I was going digital for this, but the price has changed my mind. I’ll buy from Argos for £42 (should have kept my pre-order with amazon for £37!) when they open at 9am. £54.99 is disgusting, considering the americans get this game for $59.99 which exchanges to £36.

      • Nick King

        I tried to post this twice yesterday but my comments obviously weren’t allowed.

        Digital download from Canadian Xbox Store $59.99 (approx. £32.50)
        Digital download from UK Xbox Store £54.99

        No chance especially as it was £37.00 on Amazon yesterday, has gone up to £41 today though.

        • Rupert Oldcorn

          Agreed, I found that absolutely shocking, I reckon this’ll be the last game that I buy at launch digitally better off waiting for the price drops / sales (like Ryse).
          Only benefit was I saved £4 from where I bought my gift cards and I at least get Xbox Live Rewards credits and a rebate on my purchase … still not enough of a saving.

          • Nick King

            I’d like for someone to come out and explain the pricing for different regions and why digital is so much more expensive. I’ve read they are looking at digital pricing but just looking isn’t helping, they need to take action immediately. How can they expect people to pay an extra £20 in some instances for a digital version that you can’t even sell on at a later date and your only real advantage is you can play the game without inserting a disc? Pricing needs to be competitive and realistic.

          • MetalG

            I’ll do one better. they are charging €69.99 in Ireland for a digital copy….. €69.99 = £58.50 = $97.21
            Seriously thinking buying the xb1 was a mistake. The OS is a mess. Voice control with kintect doesn’t work in Ireland yet. We’re getting over charged for everything. Still no games for gold.

          • Fingleberries

            €69.99 is such a rip-off compared to the other main regions: $59.99 < £54.99 < €69.99
            It's almost as if they don't want users to go Digital this generation. Honestly, why pay so far over the odds?
            If it's an effort to protect the Brick and Mortar stores, then there's no great point.
            It would be cheaper to buy the physical disc from Amazon US or UK and save €20+ in the process. Even going with Amazon DE would save ~€15.

          • Nick King

            Still deleting comments it seems (I’ve lost 4 posts in 2 days), the rip-off pricing is obviously something you don’t want people talking about!

          • Socal71

            Still no games with gold? What did you expect? In order for xbone to have games with gold, you first need titles that are 4 years old and worthless… they’ve got th e worthless part ready. .. now you have to wait 3 more years.

    • montysan

      Was going to buy it today, but that price is a joke. I’m into the idea of digital games, but not like this. I’m just not going to buy it unless the digital is cheaper. If that takes too long to sort out, which I’m guessing it will because otherwise they’ll annoy the people that did buy it at £55, then I also might not pick it up as part of the fun is being there at launch. All other digital games have been around £35 which is very sensible pricing, so this is just a disaster. Not hopeful about my future of the Xbox One with these prices. Also, new console owners will get a cheaper console and this game for free…. nice way of ‘rewarding’ the people who’ve put up with a product that wasn’t sold as advertised and have had to put up with serious bugs and basics like audio not working correctly.

  • Sanpei

    PC version is better and cheaper..That’s a disadvantage for XO…It may affect the sale numbers of console and XO version of game..We’ll see

  • Angelo Braga

    In Brazil it’s something around U$ 106,00. Incredible how ridiculous it’s the price here, and now, besides Microsoft clains that Xbox One are region free we can’t buy anything from US store with paypal anymore because they just block our accounts with an crazy PBR9002 error.

    The funny part is that Thief is something around U$ 50,00 here. Same price on US, very different here, maybe they really think that we are really that stupid.

  • Michel Simmons

    Any ppl thinking of buying this or the Titanfall X1 bundle should buy it from newegg they sell it no taxes with free shipping. (I’m still apprehensive about buying a X1 right now as I just don’t see any current value over my 360.)

  • Oc6oph

    Tired of playing titianfall due to it having bots. Would be nice if patch would come to remove bots and increase player count. I wouldn’t buy again.