March 18th 2014 8:00 am PT

Project Spark Goes to Open Beta on Xbox One

Our friends at Team Dakota have just announced that Project Spark is now in open beta on Xbox One. That means Xbox One owners can join the existing community of Project Spark players and creators without needing a beta code.

To get started, just search for “Project Spark” in the Xbox One store and install the game. Once the installation is complete, launch the game and start creating!

I’ll be joining Team Dakota’s live developer Twitch stream today at Noon PST. Join in on the fun by searching for “Project Spark” on the Xbox One Twitch App, or by clicking here. EDIT: Or just watch right here:

Watch live video from Project_Spark on

Note: In some cases, users that were already in the beta key queue may need to click the “Request Beta Key” button, then exit and relaunch the game to get in for the first time.



Gaming, Xbox One By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • ThisIsSparta

    I really wanna play this game but Microsoft is not releasing Xbox One to Baltic Stats never… not even 2014… How the hell then i can buy, pay and play this game???

    • EldritchWarlord

      Project Spark is free-to-play and will also be available for PC and Xbox 360.
      Since Xbox One is not region-locked you also have the option of importing.

      • ThisIsSparta

        Importing price is 600 euros… my country medium payment is 500 euros, most gets 400 euros.
        PC is too weak and i dont own Xbox 360 anymore.

        • StudioMultimédia Gon’Interacti

          unfortunatly MS have not much to do with your personnal economy, lack of internet skill and region specific law…

          • ThisIsSparta

            Its Microsoft who is sending consoles, not my country. Shops said that they can´t do nothing when Microsoft refuses to work with them. Even game developers has said that they not making games on Xbox One because Microsoft refuses to work and ignores everyone.

          • EldritchWarlord

            Many game developers have also said MS is a great partner to work with and be published by.
            I know it sucks for you but the Baltic isn’t as viable a market for games as a lot of other regions.

          • punchl

            Its shocking that you are complaining bout this, you do not know what Nigerian Gamers go through, every single gamer i know in Nigeria has an xbox one, yet we are not officially supported, do u even have an idea how frustrating that is?

          • DarkMaturus

            Find a reputable online source. It’s not region locked

          • Ash2X

            In some States the Laws are the Problem,don´t forget that,You also need reliable Buissnes Partners and a good infrastructure.
            The Baltic States have a population under 6,5 Million,don´t forget that.
            In September the Console is coming to 26 other Countries.Even some Neighbour-Countries of the Baltic States..You can´t expect that MS drops the Price because of a Countrys medium payment.It´s not like they earn 100-200€ for a console.You pay 500€ in every Country with Euros,And yes: Europeans pay more for every american and asian Product.

  • Cookies!

    Please have a sale on these games:
    1. Marvel vs. Capcom: Origins
    2. Megaman 9 and 10
    3. Halo Wars and Halo Spartan Assault (or do games with gold on these two, the same month)
    4. Strider (I know it just came out, I just don’t buy games full price)

    Also do this for games with gold (since we haven’t gotten any games from these genre):
    1. Fighting/Racing on Demand Game
    2. Fighting/Racing Arcade Game

    • savaman2002

      What does this have to do with Project Spark?

      • Cookies!

        Absolutely nothing

    • Does Not Equal

      I’m sure you could recreate any and all of those games within Project Spark.

      • Cookies!

  • Maritox

    Anyone knows if the 360 version will let you use Kinect?

  • Lucky13X

    It’s abut time. It really is not that bad. Don’t have for it though, but I appreciate having this tool.

  • digitallife

    I like the idea of this but the tutorial walkthrough thing is so massively boring you decide to skip it try to create a game go through that tutorial and can literally get stuck with no option of help anywhere. Would’ve been smarter to do this with pre-established templates you can redesign easily. I’ve seen some great games made with this but I can only imagine the amount of time it took that person to create something that basic.

  • punchl

    Can i create a fighting game using project spark?

    • DarkMaturus

      Yes yes yes

  • DarkMaturus

    I’m loving Project Spark!! Great job creators and everyone involved. There is sooooo much potential here :)