March 25th 2014 9:17 am PT

New Entertainment Apps for Xbox One & Xbox 360

This week we’re rolling out new experiences on Xbox One and Xbox 360, perfect for fans of movies, baseball, and eSports.

Just in time for the Call of Duty Championship, presented by Xbox, the Major League Gaming app is now available for Xbox 360. Watch MLG’s premier competitions on your Xbox 360, Call of Duty’s Championship gets underway this Friday.

Major League Baseball’s season also throws out its first pitch of the season this weekend, and Premium subscribers with an Xbox Live Gold subscription will be able to enjoy the new app for Xbox One. Premium offers live, HD-quality video of every out-of-market regular season game in 2014, plus full archives for every game. Visit for complete details.

Movie fans have more choices than ever starting today on Xbox 360 as we add ENCORE PLAY and MOVIEPLEX PLAY from Starz our extensive list of entertainment apps. Additionally, EPIX is prepping an Xbox One app, and has just added Time Warner Authentication for its Xbox 360 app.

For more on these apps click on over to Xbox Wire.

Video, Xbox 360, Xbox One By Jeff Rubenstein

  • vai_levar_no_cu

    again, nothing for europe. as expected

  • bill

    Major, are UFC apps coming to Xbox One? If so when?

  • Kevin Fell

    Cross everything off your 360 todo list and add the following:

    * Expand Storage Space (Priority: High).

  • EldritchWarlord

    MLG might be cool but Twitch has been more than satisfying my need for esports.
    The video app I’m waiting for is HBO GO for Xbox One, do you know if that will be launching soon?

  • Mitchell Hall

    What I’m really looking forward to is the IGN app for xbox one! The ps4 has it already. I love catching up on the up at noon shows among a few others they have. Greg Miller is the man.

  • Xtowers

    Crunchyroll please.

    • Din Taylor

      Yeah it would great if it comes soon.

  • Maritox

    Skype for 360 please!!

  • evilfangs .

    The first new app we see on Xbox in months and it’s this? Where is our Sky player, Iplayer?

  • Jon Wroughton

    When will Xbox video be updated on Xbox one so I can watch my hundreds of films I have on my Windows pc hard drive, one box for everything yeah write great media center this is turning out to be

    • WixosTrix

      You can right-click the video file on your computer and stream them over DLNA to your XBO.

      • Jon Wroughton

        Thx Trix but when I’m using a media pc connected to everything and playing it all through my surround sound I don’t really want to be switching inputs on my tv every time I want to watch a film of episode, was nice and simple on the 360 but not now

        • WixosTrix

          No switching of inputs. Audio will play through the Music app and video through the Video. I’m sure (or hope) they’ll update it to be able to simply pull the metadata to the console, as yes, it was more convenient not having to interact with the device the media is stored on.

          • Jon Wroughton

            I ment switching inputs on my surround sound av receiver, I have everything hdmi’d through that into my tv, including pc, so to play media DNLA I’d have to play it then switch input to Xbox to view it, bit on the annoying side

          • Will Muscat

            So your PC is connected to the same TV/Surround as your X1?…. Why aren’t you just playing them on your pc?

  • WixosTrix

    Where is the HBO Go app? Game of Thrones starts in less than two weeks!

  • alains


  • Scot Mackay

    Any of this going to be any use to people in he UK or in short….anywhere except USA?

  • Michael Shelburne

    Why are all these apps coming to the 360 and not the One?

  • Chuck Yoder

    HBO Go is well past the “soon” moniker tossed around during launch. It’s late. When can we expect it?

    • Chris Lynch

      I couldn’t agree more!!! I hope HBO Go comes to Xbox One (and Windows 8.1 as well) SOON!!!

    • KingHippoz

      Need it ASAP!

  • Patrick Ryan

    Yay! More reasons I can’t put my 360 away…

  • maccswe

    What about plex? People are screaming for it!!

    • Grex

      This ^. Want a PLEX app now.

  • shinji

    I would love to see a CrunchyRoll app for XBox One. :)

    • Mr&Mrs Ninja

      Hope they a English “Dub” feature!

  • Michael Green

    Major League Cheater app YAY :rollseyes:

  • Guest

    Make it so us paying customers could hook up an external HDD instead of 50x 32GB memory chips. [High Priority] #Xbox360

  • X360

    Please bring back the Twitter App for xbox360.
    *Internet Explorer keeps crashing!

  • Kieran

    No offence to call duty but its the most boring thing to watch. Hopefully Microsoft will support their Esports scene going forward afterall they own Gears of War and Halo now and those games are for more fun to watch.

  • SMDoles

    I can’t believe that the ENCORE PLAY and MOVIEPLEX PLAY apps are only on the Xbox 360. It’s like, do I really need to get my 360 back out of the closet just to use these apps? I thought I bought the Xbox One to replace my 360. Why would you release new apps on the older system and not on the new one at all? If you’re going to be adding things to the 360 you need to make sure they’re on the One as well. This just doesn’t make sense to me. :-/

  • Avalanchian

    Better have the NHL Gamecenter app ready for next season on XB1.

  • Tyrone Crosby

    I don’t really care about sports apps so much besides from NFL, WWE, and UFC that’s all the sports I need, I want HBO GO to come to Xbox One, that’s it really any other apps that I have to sign up for or pay to use I don’t want it I have enough as it is. When free games gonna start rolling out for the Xbox One? hopefully next month if no one really brought a game then it should be free.

  • Chris Simmons

    Yay!! Useless boring apps.

    When will Microsoft realise that there is a whole world of customers outside the US. AU has bugger all. The XB1 seems like a forgotten product here.