March 25th 2014 10:18 am PT

Project Spark + Linkin Park

Last week, our friends at Team Dakota opened up the free Project Spark beta to all Xbox One owners. This week, the team is excited to share a collaboration with Linkin Park; the band’s new video “Guilty all the Same” is being released today as a fully remixable gameplay experience in Project Spark. Take a look at the video:

Now that you’ve seen what Linkin Park and Team Dakota have created, you can utilize Project Spark’s audio remix station to make a new music video, music game, or whatever else you’d like.

Learn more about Project Spark at or search for “Project Spark” in the Xbox Games Store.

Xbox One By Jeff Rubenstein

  • ungeheier

    Sweet! I can remix this and put some GOOD music on it!

  • Adam Wheeler


  • John Smith

    I remember Linkin Park from the 90’s when they were pretty good – but then went all sideways. So they’re still around?

    • Pete

      Wow, you must have been a big fan of the unsigned lads that eventually became Linkin Park and released their debut album in October 2000. I’m curious what they sounded like before that then, when they were still pretty good ;-)

  • coip

    This is a really cool idea. The first remixable, fully interactive music video game! The visuals are very impressive too. Shows a lot of potential for user-created games in Project Spark. This is one of the coolest games I’ve ever played.

  • pie

    I thought ‘Linkin Park’ was calling itself ‘One Direction’ now?

    • Mr&Mrs Ninja


  • Jeff Rubenstein


  • Mr&Mrs Ninja

    This is so COOL! Hope more artists do this in the future. Maybe Chance the rapper he’s weird like that…

  • Mr&Mrs Ninja

    I concur

  • Death Dealer

    Looks awesome!

  • infinitecognizance

    What happened to this band? Wow, that song is lame. I gave up after Meteora.

  • ImTheMetalLord

    Project Linkin Spark

  • Lucky13X

    So does the music stop or change like the Rayman Legends level that has a rock theme to it?