March 28th 2014 1:28 pm PT

Here’s How to Watch this Weekend’s Call of Duty Championships

The 2014 Call of Duty Championships, presented by Xbox, are on NOW. With teams from around the world battling it out for their share of $1 million in prize money, the competition is sure to be fierce. Here’s how you can follow the action live:

  • Catch opening-round qualifiers action today and tomorrow on and the MLG app on Xbox Live. Rounds start at 9am Pacific.
  • Watch the championship finals on Xbox Live, Sunday at 3pm PT/6pm ET on both Xbox One and Xbox 360.

In between matches, learn about the teams in the competition over on Xbox Wire, or join in the conversation on Twitter using the #XboxCoD hashtag.

Call of Duty, Events By Jeff Rubenstein

  • ElvisWolf

    Ugh…no interest in watching these idiot savant mouth-breathers play COD…let alone waste any memory on an app to do it.

    • ImTheMetalLord

      Apps take up such an insignificant space that this shouldn’t be an issue although I do understand your lack of interest. MLG is real and crazy if you ask me but these kids are making a living at gaming which is interesting if only for that fact.

    • Bewafa

      Hahaha!!! I love it! I have no interest either

  • ImTheMetalLord

    Sorry but I’d rather play a game I like then to watch I game I don’t like.

  • todd Wright

    no thanks

  • ryder4life22187

    so i just found out brazil and korea got banjo tooie and what did we get dungeon defenders. Anyone hear what aprils gwg list is gonna be or we gonna get another 2 games that I couldn’t or didn’t know existed.

    • maxy

      Rumours say Saints Row 2 and Terraria

      • ryder4life22187

        hope not that would be a major step back

        • maxy

          Nah mate these games are so great for this month!

  • Mitchell Hall

    So much negativity.. I’m looking forward to watching ! I always love watching the finals of big gaming tournaments. It’s pretty cool watching these guys who actually dedicate their lives to a game get to play for such a huge prize. Thanks major nelson!

    • maxy

      Me too mate! Haters gonna hate!

      • Mitchell Hall

        Good stuff man! It’d be cool if it had a little comment section below the stream for everyone watching.

        • maxy

          Yeah agreed mate! That would be so cool!,but it would be full of ignorant guys.

          • Guest

            M$ really needs to fix their marketing and management skills.. so far w/ the lack of support coming from the x1 team everybody is switching over to PS4

          • maxy

            This thing you said it doesn’t have to do anything with my sentence so please hit your head to the wall to get back and read my sentence again.

          • IvanCD(MaidenLOKO)

            Oh really?define lack of support? lack of “free games” is that all?Are you blind? MS is largely supporting XB1, how many features they already fixed/add and how many more are coming with future updates. And about new games? PS4 did not even get close of XB1 launch titles…all that PS4 is doing is porting last gen games/indies and making people think there will be lot of new games on the plataform…wait for E3…

            Furthermore, define who is everybody? A lot of people on my friend list got the Xbox One and are pretty happy with the console…

    • Bewafa

      Wait! What’s the prize??

      • Mitchell Hall

        Hey sorry just saw this now.. million dollar prize ! Crazy I know!

  • Mr&Mrs Ninja

    I don’t think RESPAWN cares. COD had to lower prices just to help move the millions….AND MILLIONS! ….of copies it didn’t sell. I work at Walmart and we’ve had over 200 copies (including Hardened and the Camera version). The only people buying them now are like under 16. Can’t wait until Titanfall does the same thing. I love to see other pros play TF.

  • tie67

    Can anyone answer me question,I like playing hardcore death match only on ghosts….so I got the onslaught maps but have yet to play them as there not in normal map rotation.I feel cheated I got the maps and want to play them in the mode I want……if people can’t afford them then why does the people who can have to be penalised…..I just wanna play new maps in hardcore team death match is that to much to ask……won’t bother with anymore dlc maps till this problem is sorted

  • luisvideogames

    I think I’m the only one here watching COD Champs. Anyways…

    OpTic lost, unfortunately 3rd place again, that’s the problem they have. Hardcore owning all the way, then at 3rd place they decide to play with their feet. Hope MLG Anaheim is better for them, now that their team is better and there is hopefully no more players getting dropped. If only they didn’t choke the blitz. I really hope the #boysinblue (EnVyUs) beat coLapse. Seriously ACHES is a cocky ugly annoying guy. All around OpTic played very well. Like I said, let’s see if they can reclaim themselves in Anaheim. #GREENWALL foreverrr

  • maxy

    Hey everyone the first game with gold for April is Hitman Absolution if you want proof google xbox live games with gold april and you will see some articles. Personally I got sad that it is a game with gold because I already purchased it on the release day and payed lots of money for the deluxe edition.However im so happy that people who don’t own it they will get it! not as some other people who thinking about themselves.

  • Mitchell Hall

    Sorry I just totally disagree. I don’t think it’s possible to “lose what gaming is all about” because gaming can mean any number of different things to any person. Being a gamer to you could mean putting hundreds of hours into rpg style games while gaming to another person can mean just enjoying playing games like Mario with their family. Gaming to the people this article is about means being the absolute best in the world at the first person shooter call of duty. Honestly the fact that you think these guys aren’t great gamers and that you think anyone can play this game as much as them and become professional just shows how little you know about it… I promise you just because someone plays call of duty all the time does not mean they can become pro. There is a lot of work involved. You have to have superb hand eye coordination, and since you play as a team you have to know your teammates perfectly. There are lots of maps, these guys study them down to the smallest detail. Trust me.. just like anyone who becomes pro at anything…. it’s not something just anyone can do… but that being said if it’s not your thing that’s cool too I just wanted you let you know that these guys are extremely talented… not just people who play cod too much.