March 31st 2014 9:00 am PT

Xbox Live Gold Members Get Hitman: Absolution and Deadlight Free in April

April’s set of free games for Xbox Live Gold Members will be Hitman: Absolution and Deadlight.

Starting Tuesday (April 1st) Hitman: Absolution (Normally US $19.99) will be free for Xbox Live Gold members through April 15th.

Then on April 16th, Xbox Live Gold Members can download Deadlight (Normally US $14.99) for free through April 30th.

The “Games With Gold” program gives Xbox LIVE Gold Members 2 free games to keep each month. A new title will be available the 1st and 16th of each month.

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Games with Gold, Xbox 360 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Kazaam

    Deadlight is a realy good game, I can recommend it. A bit sad, I payed 4€ for it at a dod.

  • Rodrigo DeAraujo

    Really liking it this month. Two games that had been on my wishlist for a really long time.

  • Jason Lafitte

    I would rather arkham city.

  • José Netto

    What game will other countries have where Ht:Absolution isn’t available?

  • stamps79

    I never picked up Deadlight, but loved the demo. I was side tracked from other titles at the time, this is awesome to hear it’s going to be free. I already finished Hitman Abolution, but good for anyone else who hasn’t got around to playing it.

  • Moises Munoz

    Oh God damn it 2 games that I already have ahahaha, oh well, these a great games guys, play them well. I totally recommend them.

  • Jason Lafitte

    This would be a much better program if you gave us 5-6 titles, and allowed us to pick from one or two a month. you could have a variety, like a Kinect game, a few xbla games, some full retail games.

    • Mike P.

      I know. I’m still unsure why they haven’t been giving away Xbox 360’s and Xbox Ones for free either.

      • ShadowNextGen

        Do you mean the consoles themselves?

      • Burnt Offering

        They did give away a bunch of X1s. I received an email and got a free X1 at launch and a code for Forza 5 from the MS store. No promotion or sweepstakes entered, just a “thanks” from MS.

  • Flawless

    this is a lose-lose for some people like me who whether its a 5 year old game or newer we already have it every month LOL.

    • Matt

      What exactly do you lose? It’s free

  • trekx

    Awesome !!! Two Great games that i dont already own !!!!

    • William Montgomery

      Those are the best months, aren’t they?

      Two great games, but I’ll look forward to May as I already own both of them :D

  • Deftallica

    Need a larger hard drive for all these games, lol.

    • Mitch Barnett

      delete some then!

  • Bennett

    Looks like Hitman should be region-free, too (unlike Sleeping Dogs)! :D

  • Justin L Gehrtz

    I’m pretty happy thus far with my XB1 but the lack of games on the arcade/inde side of things is laughable.

    • Deftallica

      Agreed. So far, we have a golf game, Crimson Dragon and Peggle 2, right? For a console that’s about 5 months in to its lifespan I would figure it would have more.

      • Mike P.

        Quite a few more than that, and also not sure if you’re being sarcastic.

        • GNARrow Minded

          No im pretty sure he is accurate!

        • Deftallica

          No, not sarcasm at all. I’ve had my One for about a month and the store isn’t organized too well so I missed a few. Though a couple of them, such as Angry Birds, I mistook for being full-fledged titles that could be bought in a retail store.

      • EldritchWarlord

        Angry Birds Star Wars, Crimson Dragon, Killer Instinct, LocoCycle, Powerstar Golf, Peggle 2, Max: Curse of Brotherhood, Halo: Spartan Assault, and Strider are available now. Kinect Sports Rivals, Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut, Trials Fusion, and Child of Light will be releasing in April.

        • Justin L Gehrtz

          Angry birds is or was a full priced title, Halo has lots of bugs, Crimson Dragon got low to mid range reviews, LocoCycle got bad reviews, Powerstar bad reviews. But on the other hand KI, Max, Strider and Peggle 2 are pretty awesome. Out of the games in April all I really care about is Trials. So out of 7 games (dont count Angry Birds for that price) currently released half are worth owning.

          • William Montgomery

            I’ve never heard anyone say anything bad about Powerstar Golf. If you like golf games, it’s great. Other than that the only complaint I ever saw on reviews was it wasn’t “next-gen” enough or didn’t bring anything new.

            What was the last golf game that did either of those things?

          • Michael Burden

            My only complaint about the game is lack of online multiplayer. Other than that it is a solid and fun game.

          • William Montgomery

            Isn’t it asynchronous MP? If I do remember correctly, then I don’t see the harm in that. It’s not like your actions would affect your opponents anyways, so asynchronous works well.

          • ShadowNextGen

            Angry Birds was $40 when it launched but I think it has dropped in price, although it needs to drop even more. Lococycle is a game that is decent fun but nothing fantastic. Powerstar Golf is a tremendous amount of fun as it is like Hot Shots Golf and I even beat some of Major Nelson’s records. :)

            Crimson Dragon is nothing special and Halo: Spartan Assault is pretty fun for what it is. Killer Instinct, Max, Strider and Peggle 2 are indeed pretty awesome and I am also looking forward to Trials.

            Saying only half are worth owning is misleading though. None of them are bad, it is just some of them aren’t great.

          • Justin L Gehrtz

            True enough but why dole out hard earned cash for titles that “aren’t great”?

          • EldritchWarlord

            I’m not endorsing these games, just saying they exist. Deftallica seemed to think there are only three downloadable only Xbox One games.
            As far as I know the only major bugs in Spartan Assault are cross-platform synchronization related by the way, the game itself is solid.

          • Deftallica

            Haha, I missed one or two. ;) The store isn’t organized terribly well so I guess I hadn’t looked hard enough.

  • Mike

    I already bought Deadlight when it was on sale a few months back. Hitman is nice though. I have been looking forward to that.

    • Xenmic

      How’s the gameplay and length on Deadlight?

      • GNARrow Minded

        Gameplay looks like a old nintendo game like shoot many robots..

      • E.Nich

        Length is about 4~5 hours to 100% it.

      • Mike

        It’s pretty fun if you enjoy platformers. It is a black and white game, and you have to run around doing parkour in a zombie apocalypse.

        And sorry, I didn’t receive the notifcation until now.

  • Jay

    Thanks. Great looking games. I look forward to getting into them.

  • GNARrow Minded

    Just so you all know.. you can download this usually around 9pm Eastern Time the night before(tonight).

    • Thee Gooch

      I did not know this! Not that I’m in rush as I just started the Bioshock series, but it’s good to get it early and know that I won’t miss getting it for free.

  • Weslunatic HostGAYtor

    I’m really excited for Hitman. For the game and for his shaved head. I know I’ll have a lot of fun with this game, ehehehehehe.

  • vai_levar_no_cu

    hm, not bad. was looking at Deadlight the other day… Hitman, will try it out

    • William Montgomery

      Deadlight was a good game. Not incredibly long, but a satisfying game nonetheless.

  • Jason Williams

    someday I am going to play one of these free games. In the meantime, Titanfall!

    • Thee Gooch

      That is always the risk when you have been long time user or just happen to buy up the good older titles.. I’ve had the xbox for only 2 years, so I have played very many games. That make GwG worth more to me than to someone who has a lot of games already .

      • Jason Williams

        No you miss my point – I have only played two of the games with gold – Halo and Gears but I just don’t have time to play any of the rest of these because Titanfall is amazing! Most fun I’ve had since Mech Assault in 2003/2004.

  • Lem0nadeee

    Nooo, I already have them :(

  • William Montgomery

    First month that I have both! Oh well, I can get rid of my physical copy of Hitman to a friend then.

    • GNARrow Minded

      Your friend is gettin digital copy too might as well take it to Gamestop.. gwg hasnt affected if they still sell it..

      • William Montgomery

        He’s a loser with a 4GB X360 ;)

  • マリオ

    I’ll take Hitman. I already have Deadlight. I need to get around to beating it. haha

  • Chupon

    Hitman isn’t available as a GoD in JP region. What would those players receive?

  • Thee Gooch

    I’m on the 360 so I don’t care that XBO gets:P. But I’m glad to see Hitman which I haven’t played since the original PC game came out.

    I just started the Bioshock series, then I’m playing Halo Reach, and then Hitman or Dishonored. so many games, so little time!

    • Matt

      Man I love Dishonored! I think that will be a game with gold in the summer

  • Mikael Soltaniha

    I have Hitman on PC. It’s TOTALLY worth it. Okay, this is getting better lol haven’t tried Deadlight. Excited.

  • Michael Košut

    That’s what I am talking about! GREAT! (I have both of them already but still…… KEEP GOING THIS WAY MS!) What a great day today. Phil and now this. Wow.

  • pie

    yes! great month!

  • Viic18

    In the month of May you could put in games with gold Saints Row The Third and state of decay please :))

    • Legion

      I second Saints Row the Third


    I also have to say that Deadlight is a game that I’ve been wanting to get my hands on for the longest. They had it on sale at one time. I got something else instead and regret that I passed on it but now it will be free. That’s just awesome! Thank you again Xbox!

    • GNARrow Minded

      Are all of you teens? Anyone who wanted to play Hitman already did on ps2 when it was half way good..

      • David719

        I’ve enjoyed all of the Hitman games to date. Hoping for a next gen one

      • James Jiao

        Yes… attack people because they like something you don’t and being an arrogant closeminded prick. You definitely smell like a teen.

      • Matt

        Hitman Absolution’s great, albeit a little different to the older games but still great

  • Kevin Fell

    Good selection. I already have both of these which is just as well given the lack of hard drive space on the 360.

    • Xenmic

      I heard there’s been talks of allowing an external HD on the X1, hopefully the same will be allowed on the 360 if it ever happens.

      • X360

        Hopefully they send an update to x360 to allow at least 500GB (.not sure if 1TB would be supported)

    • Thee Gooch

      I’m using just half of it 250gb drive. how much are you using and how big is your internal hard drive?

      • ImTheMetalLord

        I can’t even store all my games on my 250gb hard drive and my TWO 32gb Flash drives. I’ve had to delete many games until I can pick up some more flash drives to store the other games on. REALLY SUX

        • James Jiao

          I can see that could be an issue for households with less than ideal Internet connection. Otherwise you could just delete the games you aren’t playing atm and redownload them when you do. Anyway, I feel you man.

          • ImTheMetalLord

            Which is what I’m doing now and it’s a real pain in the arse. And what will happen when they stop supporting the 360….I need to make sure I have enough back up flash drives.

  • José Netto

    Still waiting for info on what the 1st game will be where Hitman:Absolution isn’t available… anyone knows?

    • Xenmic

      Hitman Absolution and Deadlight were both released World Wide so I think they’ll both be available for everyone. But I could be wrong.

      • José Netto

        Strangely enough, this Hitman is the only of them (Hitman series) that’s not on mrktplace here :s …only know of Viking that’s also unavailable over here… so, probably gonna get one of those alternative games… was hoping that someone around here might know which are the games for those regions…

        • Marcos Santos

          on the game is available to purchase, the problem is, that when you try to buy it, says free, but ask you for an payment method… idk if I add one, Microsoft take 19.99

          • José Netto

            the game is NOT available in Portugal (pt-PT) and, unfortunately, once again bad image for Microsoft around here… what kind of company as big as MS has the GwG collection al figured out ’til June or whatever was written around the web, that “Phil Spencer felt good about the great line up they’ve arranged” and fails to manage confirmation of availability on all countries, either for the main game or alternate ones… unacceptable

          • Marcos Santos

            is now available

    • Wh1plash96

      “Starting Tuesday (April 1st) Hitman: Absolution (Normally US $19.99) will be free for Xbox Live Gold members through April 15th.”

      • José Netto


  • Death Dealer

    Happy with Hitman, thanks!
    Already have Deadlight, but I can recommend it, even though it’s short.

  • killpeek

    April Fool´s day?

  • fLekkZ

    What are the Store Deals for tomorrow?

  • James

    Hmmm… First CIV:R now Hitman:A, both were a ” Holiday Deal” back in December which I got both. and now they are with GwG. That sucks! It was only $14.00 but I would have saved that money and not purchased them had I known they were part of GwG. Basically I paid $14.00 to have early access for two of the Games with Gold. LAME!

    • GNARrow Minded

      They got ya! All of these GWG have been in a sale recently..

      • James

        Yup.. MS suckered me on those two games. It seems the ones that are 50% or more off have a good chance at being in the GWG. Oh well, my X1 should arrive today and I won’t be bothered about 360 deals anymore.

        • fLekkZ

          “If” Xbox One get deals, they are probably worse. But i feel sorry for you.

      • Xhawk27

        Like most of PSN+ games have been on sale too.

    • Thee Gooch

      It’s always a risk that an older game you buy might one day be offered for free. I’ve been buying up games since the XBO came out and people started selling their 360 games for cheap .

      Anyway, before you buy a game, ask yourself ‘ will I be mad if they give it away in a month or two?’

  • Sknots

    Damn and i just got Deadlight on Decembers sale, well i highly recommend it, its reaaaaally good, the story is great, gameplay is cool, visuals are outstanding and music is majestic

    • Sknots

      Only complain: its too short and no replay value

    • GNARrow Minded

      And that just detoured every real gamer!

      • Sknots

        Huh? :p

  • GNARrow Minded

    Well if you participate in their seasonal sales you are gonna be disappointed.. thats all they have did witg GWG is previous games that were on sale! Every single one.. why i wont buy digital copies that are on sale.. gonna get it free eventually..

  • Vanstrom

    Disappointed that I’ve had all of the full games (games available 1st-16th) except Civilization, which I didn’t like. It’s been nearly a year and all these games I already have. As for the arcade, not sure if I should download them because none of them so far have really pulled me in, except maybe Magic 2013 back in September(?). Anyways, recommend Hitman to all of you, easily one of my favorite and most fun games.

    • Xhawk27

      Do you complain about that other service when it gets average games.

      • Vanstrom


    • Wh1plash96

      So, you have had 18 free games and yours to keep and you still complain?

      • Vanstrom

        No, what I meant is that before they became free I already had them, so apart from Civiliazation, I haven’t gotten anything from this. I wish there were a couple choices to choose from so that wouldn’t happen.

  • Xhawk27

    Finally XBL gold beats PSN+. Hitman: Absolution is newer than Batman: Arkham City.

    • OldSocialist

      To be fair, it’s already been on PS Plus, last August. Still, good game if you’re into stealth shooters, and with Gold you own it permanently.

    • Guest

      Depends on your region and game preference.
      North America PS+ gets Batman AC, Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, and Stealth Inc. this month. Europe gets Sly Cooper Thieves in Time, Hotline Miami and PES 2014.

  • Ross Kemp

    Does anybody know what has happened to the XBL version of Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate – Deluxe Edition .
    Pretty sure it should of been out on March 25th .
    Any info , greatly appreciated .

    • fLekkZ

      I think Batman is 25th April, i read it somewhere. Waiting for that aswell.

    • Gazza!!!

      Out tomorrow, demo live now.

      • Ross Kemp

        Thanks .
        I just noticed the post about it too .

    • Guest

      it’s been put up on Arcade collection just a few moments :)

  • Christopher Waling

    Nothing of interest, try again MS

  • Blackbeard

    Eh. I got Hitman when it was on sale back during Christmas. Never played dead light though.

  • Costas

    Good games.
    Much better MS.
    I already have hitman but still..
    Keep it up.

  • Maximum Gamer

    Wooow Finally 2great games !

  • Chad_7Eleven

    Nice – hopefully a good sign for tomorrow’s weekly Xbox Live Sale Announcement.

    ‘Cough’, Spartan Assault on X1 for Free. ‘Cough’ Cough’.

  • Some guy

    Can’t please everyone, either we get good old games that everyone already have or modern broken games that nobody want.(Can’t be good selling games because that’s a terrible way to make money)
    Sadly it can’t be Blood money because it’s not on most marketplaces but at least the rumors about GwG being Ride to hell is false.

    • Thee Gooch

      who everyone? I don’t have either of these games. Blood money got bad reviews , so I hope that it doesn’t show up on GwG

      • Matt

        Blood money is the best Hitman IMO, don’t listen to reviews

  • skunk73

    DAMN IT,i already own these fecking games.

  • Killz

    Have Hitman but not Deadlight :) (Bring on the 16th!)

  • Salus

    Lets hope this is an april fools joke

  • Strong Style Samurai

    Thank You, now I’m beginning to wish had got a Playstation instead of an Xbox

    • SabzilaTV

      Dont wish, get a job and buy one to have both.

      • He’s only allowed to have 1 console at a time. Says his mommy.

    • OldSchoolHeel

      Ignore this everyone else, just talking to a friend. I’m loving my PS4. I’m. It gonna get into it here, but there’s so many little things I love about it, that it’s pretty surprising.

    • Digiadam

      I also have a PS4…..and the offerings from Sony are nowhere as good as Microsofts. You don’t OWN the games… RENT them from Sony. No PS PLUS you lose the ability to play them. At least Microsoft doesn’t do that BS…..and properly so.

      Not trying to start a flame war……just stating the truth here so others can get their facts straight.

      Both consoles are great……just wish the PS4 didn’t look like a eraser. LOL!!!!!

  • Thee Gooch

    Yes, please go.