April 1st 2014 8:07 am PT

Arcade: Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe EditionContent: Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition
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Dash Text: Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate – Deluxe Edition amplifies the 2.5-D game with new maps, enemy encounters, difficulty levels, batsuits, and enhanced visuals. A companion game to Batman: Arkham Origins, players can continue the storyline of the console version and discover more details of the Dark Knight’s past. Featuring stealth gameplay, free-flow combat, and Batman’s famed arsenal of gadgets, the genuine Arkham experience is reproduced in a deep, action packed side-scrolling adventure.

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Arcade, Marketplace By Jeff Rubenstein

  • Lucky13X

    Is this some kind of APRIL FOOL’s joke?


    • roozbeh, again

      Best joke ever…

      • Massamo


  • Elan Gabriel

    The sad thing is that if it were an Xbox One release, it would not have a playable demo… *sigh*

  • Liquidfx Xboxdude

    stay away from this game. i had it on vita.

    • ElektroDragon

      You’re right, it was pretty horrendous. But I’m curious to see if they’ve actually improved it somehow.

      • Liquidfx Xboxdude

        LOL i didn’t think about it that way.

  • ElektroDragon

    The real joke is the $20 price tag and 400 gamerscore when on PS3 you’ll likely be able to get it for less (Plus discount) and it has a Platinum (equiv. of 1000 GS).

    Wait, no… the real joke is the lack of space I have on my 360 to download this game even if it weren’t for the above.

    • https://live.xbox.com/MyXbox/Profile?gamertag=DarkGin87 Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

      Pro tip – Delete content you aint going to use for atleast 6 month….

  • lassenwolf

    Hitman for gold free out already for dl on west coast if it doesnt show up on dashboard just search it

    • マリオ

      It was already FREE late yesterday evening.

      • lassenwolf

        ok then why reply

        • Does Not Equal

          He’s pointing out that you’re late to the party.

        • ImTheMetalLord

          Because the goal is to make yourself look smarter (sarcasm for those that need help) and some people find the only way to do that is to put others down.

  • http://Www.mylifewithgaming.wordpress.com/ Mitchell Hall

    This reminds me.. I never did finish arkham origins on my 360. I really enjoyed that game. I forget what game came out and made me stop playing it.. gotta get back and beat it now ! As soon as I finish infamous second son that is.

  • マリオ

    Been waiting for this.

    • マリオ

      And for $20 I’m going to keep on waiting.

      • Moises Munoz

        Hahaahh, yeah same here.

  • m1nh0ca

    So… $20 became the new standard price for Arcade games, right?

  • Ross Kemp

    Oh dear , it is indeed a stinker.
    Hopefully I can deter others from wasting £15.99 on this drivel .

    • Gazza!!!

      Thanks for the heads up, will give the trial a go but I’m not looking forward to it, especially at that price.

      • Ross Kemp

        By all means , always try for yourself and form your own opinion .
        I guess I have been spoilt by the Batman Trilogy of games on the 360 .

        • Gazza!!!

          Well, you are right. Its a shockingly bad game regardless of the quality of the previous batman games.

  • Ross Kemp

    No , the joke is definitely the £15.99/$20.00 price tag on this stinker .
    I have bought it much to my dismay .

  • Parker Hardy

    Would someone mind inviting me to the early system update program i would love to help MS with some problems!!!! GT: socioty

    • Andy Mason

      Me too!! I wouldn’t mind joining…I wouldn’t mind if someone made a weather channel app either…*sigh* another thread, perhaps…

  • Andy Mason

    What exactly is in the new 360 update? Like, what kind of new stuff? Any fixes for the freeze-ups I’ve been having with GTAV (They scare me…I think I’m going to break my xbox when that happens!!)

    • http://www.youtube.com/SabzilaTV SabzilaTV

      Oh yeah updates are so scary so make sure ur lights are on lol

      • Andy Mason

        tee hee but no its when my xbox just doesn’t respond, and i have to go press the power button…i always think I’m breaking it when i do that…am I just being stupid, or….?

    • ImTheMetalLord

      Updates had everything to do with Xbox Video and Xbox Music.

    • Colin McGregor

      GTAV crashing is Rockstar not MS.

  • http://www.youtube.com/SabzilaTV SabzilaTV

    AU$26.95 for an arcade game, i dont think so.

    • chris

      Exactly. Sucks how the prices have changed, the use to be similar to the American prices.

  • Kazaam

    NOPE, to expensive, nice try MS ;)
    I´ll wait for a price-drop.

    • roozbeh, again

      MS? What do they have to do with the price of this?

      • Kazaam

        I allways thought MS would make the price for its own console.
        Am i wrong, sry. But that doesn´t change that the price is to much. I personaly would buy it for 5€.

        • roozbeh, again

          Publishers and developers decide the price, MS only takes a cut of that money.

          Anyway, as a Batman fan I’m forced to get this, but it is absolutely not worth the asking price.

    • MrRadiolips

      Same price on Steam.

  • Justin Stewart

    This game should have a price tag of $9.99 or less who agrees? Of course I know it would still warrant a pass because it’s like they phoned in this game.

  • Kelly Felhaber

    Sorry but I have to agree with others here. The price tag is a little too much for an arcade game.

    • ImTheMetalLord

      I agree as well. Tried the demo and not impressed enough to give it a 20 spot here in America. If it was 10 I would have bought it in an instance. Just to many other choices for games out there. Like Skydive for instance looks interesting for a 7 spot.

  • evilfangs .

    I see we got another new app. MLB.TV, just what the UK needed. Forget about Sky player and iplayer give us American apps like NFL and MLB, maybe even Canadian hockey apps.

  • digitallife

    Points at game and laughs..How much? Points and laughs….no thanks!

    • Mr&Mrs Ninja


    • Riddick Snipes

      Wow. That’s the same thing I did!

  • usrev

    wasn’t this a mobile or handheld game and didn’t it fail? why is it $20?

    • ImTheMetalLord

      yes and yes and who the hell knows why.

      I heard it’s the same price on steam as well.

    • Some guy

      Maybe they’re testing how much money they can make the first few weeks then they will put it on “sale” at the right price and get more sales, then a price drop then an other sale to get the final buyers.
      Well, that’s what I’d do if I wanted more money then happy customers.

      • usrev

        the problem with that logic is they take FOREVER to drop prices on xbox.

    • IN_YO_FACE_86

      To be beat people out of their money.lol

  • Black_Power_Bauer

    Why do they moderate the comments here, its not like a single site on the net where you don’t get smashed will make a difference

  • Mr&Mrs Ninja

    Fun game but not worth 20 bucks

  • Mr&Mrs Ninja

    Mr Ninja: They could have at least put it on Xbox 1

  • GmailIsDown

    microsoft really should make a handheld

    • ImTheMetalLord

      They do of sorts. It’s called Windows 8 Phone.

      • GmailIsDown

        yeah but almost no decent game is on it. and even microsoft stopped publishing xbox live enabled games on it a year ago.