April 7th 2014 7:53 pm PT

More Details on the Upcoming Xbox One System Update

We’re still working on our next Xbox One system update and have been receiving some really great feedback from members with early access. Tonight, I wanted to let you know we’re pushing a few more features to the members previewing new system updates that you may be hearing about.  Here are a few details on those features.

  • Blu-ray player supports 50 Hz video output for content recorded at 50 Hz. We’ll also be updating the Blu-ray Player app in the coming days to round out these improvements.
  • Controller and headset adaptor firmware updates will reduce audio static and improve wireless connectivity.
  • Silent reboot after system updates and system update on demand now available. After this update, if your console is in Instant On mode, the update will happen automatically and return to standby upon completion. This means you won’t need to power on your console after an update moving forward. If you want to take future updates when available without waiting for your console to do it on its own, we’ve added this option under system settings. It will only show as available when there is an update to take.
System Update

We’re committed to delivering innovation through system updates, and on behalf of the Xbox team, I can’t say enough how integral fan feedback is to this process. Some features previewed won’t always make it to launch right away because we want to help ensure the best experience for our fans before pushing a new feature.
Also, these features may roll out over several days to this audience.

The engagement from our Xbox One community continues to be incredible, in large part thanks to the input and feedback from our fans. Select members far and wide that have been previewing system update features have been as generous with their time and input as we had hoped they would be. This feedback continues to help us make the future of Xbox One yours as much as ours.

So thank you to those who shared their thoughts with us and, hopefully, are having a little fun in the process.

We look forward to sharing news when our next Xbox One system update rolls out to the larger community.

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System Update, Xbox One By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Jorge Garza

    It is amazing how they are upgrading the console. Imagine Xbox One in three years… This a true next generation console, not just a new Xbox with more power. Xbox on!

    • Riddick Snipes

      More power??

  • Juan

    Is this going to fix the problem that I have with my headset adapter that I’m using for my Turtle Beach X32 that makes me sound horrible in the parties? I really hope so.

  • Todd

    I’m still hoping for popup support of party, friends and social features. Social interaction is clumsy.

    • Kino

      friend notification pop-ups are coming. You have the option of it notifying when any friend comes online, or a favourite, or no pop ups. The preview update has this.

  • scrapplejoe

    I am a beta tester…. The audio problems with my $79 xb1 headset have been fixed… in fact, the headset audio is much better as well. Titanfall really shines with it now.

    And yes, pop-up notifications are working as well.

    • Parker Hardy

      Any way i could get an invite to the program. Would really enjoy helping out with the testing. GT: socioty

  • thekeelo_g

    It’s extremely low priority, but I’d love a system sleep timer. Now that I use my One for my cable, it’d be great to be able to set a timer to turn everything off, instead of just my TV. Plus, it’d move that much closer to letting me completely ditch my remote.

    • Riddick Snipes

      Excellent idea!

      • thekeelo_g

        I couldn’t decide if this would be greeted with praise or condemnation to just use the remote. Never can tell with these things.

    • http://www.kevin-fell.co.uk/ Kevin Fell

      Maybe the Kinect could be used to turn everything off once you doze off or leave the room for a lengthy period of time. The sleep timer only kicks in on my 360 because I couldn’t stay awake whilst playing and refused to go to bed, if it could vibrate the controller to keep me awake when it could see I was dozing off that would work wonders for me :-)

      • ImTheMetalLord

        Maybe find a way to throw some cold water on you. LOL

      • thekeelo_g

        I somehow don’t think announcing that now the Kinect is actively watching you so it can turn off when it sees you’ve fallen asleep would go over terribly well.

        My problem is that I like to go to sleep to South Park on Hulu+, and it keeps playing the next episode regardless of whether the TV is on or not (Netflix stops when the TV turns off or after three episodes). If I leave the Xbox to turn itself off, with Hulu+ it won’t, or with Netflix there’s a hour dead zone with everything on, but nothing happening, which is murder on my aging TV.

        Like I said, it’s not a big deal to just set a sleep time on the TV and leave the Xbox to do its thing. As long as “Xbox On” is set to not turn the TV on and off, it’s not an issue. A sleep timer would just let me skip that middle step of figuring out where the remote is and setting the TV’s sleep timer, plus it’d save the One some running time, which can only help.

        Plus, a sleep timer, in addition to the rumored DVR controls, would let me send my poor, 80% broken Harmony remote to its final rest.


      I second this.

  • ElektroDragon

    And…. another update without external mass storage support. Hey MS, next time let us update the the darned hard drive like the competition has allowed for the past EIGHT YEARS. :)

    • pie

      They said they’re working on external storage–probably this summer.

  • oscar

    please let me choose any language in my region. I don’t want to be stuck in spanish forever and to be constantly changing regions in order to play the games in english.

  • Thiago Cardim

    And I hope this fixes the problems I’m having with the Blu-ray Disc drive for being a beta tester. It just won’t work.

    • Thiago Cardim

      Well, I just got my xbox updated and it still won’t read the discs.

      • Carnage Rules

        Did you try a hard reboot?

        • Parker Hardy

          Can you add me to the beta program. Would greatly appreciate it GT: socioty

        • Thiago Cardim

          I’ve tried every workaround. None has worked.

          @parker hardy

          I recommend you to not be part of any beta tests on Xbox one. This last one rendered my console useless and the engineers seem unable to get this issue fixed.

          • Stoney

            You’d like to think that being a Beta tester would grant you an improved support service. If they can’t fix it – replace it.

  • http://Www.mylifewithgaming.wordpress.com/ Mitchell Hall

    I hope I can find my receipt for my Xbox One :/ my disc drive is failing ! What’s even crazier is that I’m having problems with my ps4 disc drive as well . Talk about an unlucky streak..1

    • David719

      If you’re going through Microsoft support, you may not need the receipt. Register the system with the serial number and I think you’re good to go.

      • http://Www.mylifewithgaming.wordpress.com/ Mitchell Hall

        Yeah I’m pretty sure I have to send it in if I did that though right? I got an extended warranty at future shop when I bought it in day one as part of a deal so supposedly they will just exchange it for a brand new one.

        • David719

          Yea you’d have to send it in. Futureshop may have it in their records somewhere, but you most likely will need the receipt for that.

          • http://Www.mylifewithgaming.wordpress.com/ Mitchell Hall

            Yeah for sure. Ah well looks like I’m going receipt hunting in my house tomorrow haha.

        • Stoney

          I thought you could go straight to MS if it’s a hardware fault? Mine was
          from Amazon, but I got a failed drive after a month and replaced it
          direct with MS. I just used their support website.

    • evilfangs .

      What do you mean by your disc drive is failing? Have you been getting “unable to read disc, it may be dirty” etc…?

      • http://Www.mylifewithgaming.wordpress.com/ Mitchell Hall

        Nah.. the xbox doesn’t recognize that there’s even a disc in the machine. I have to eject and put it back in like 10 times before it picks up a disc

        • evilfangs .

          Do you get any message pop up when you enter the disc or try hit the play disc icon or where the icon would appear? Are you in the beta for updates? As I know a few people including me have been getting problems with discs not reading / working due to the beta update and they had to do hard reset to fix it.

          The hard reset has fixed my problem of discs not being read though.

          • http://Www.mylifewithgaming.wordpress.com/ Mitchell Hall

            I’m not part of the beta and no there’s no message because the xbox doesn’t even recognize that there’s a disc in the drive. On the dashboard it still says insert disc

          • evilfangs .

            Give it a kick lol. Hope you find your receipt otherwise you will have to allow Microsoft to fix it which might take a while.

          • http://Www.mylifewithgaming.wordpress.com/ Mitchell Hall

            Haha yeah for sure. As long as I have it back for watchdogs I’ll be happy. Been playing my 360 way more as of late

  • Carnage Rules

    Keep the updates coming, Microsoft

  • http://www.doblu.com/ Matt Paprocki

    Glad to see Blu-ray support given attention, but 3D Blu-ray remains at the peak of my want list.

  • colonel179

    You know Major Nelson, the specs of the Xbox One might not be as good as the PS4’s, but feature-wise, you are obliterating the PS4! I can’t believe that the PS4 doesn’t even have features that were already implemented in the PS3!.

    Very good job Xbox and MS for making the Xbox One better with constant (and MEANINGFUL) updates!. Hope Sony copied you this tactic for once!

    • http://soundcloud.com/ViRUSfromMARS Jaffa Cake King

      Hmmm i wouldn’t say obliterating. I’m using my PS4 about 10 times as much as the Xbox One. The fact that MS can’t implement something as basic as letting us see what achievements we have unlocked on the Xbox One from the 360 dashboard is a bit silly.

  • cubs223425

    Bring back the 360’s default profile feature, so I don’t have to log in manually every time I turn on the console. Mine is the only profile on my One, there’s no need for me to log in manually like that.

    • Carnage Rules

      Don’t tell me you have the Kinect unplugged

      • cubs223425

        I got the console Sunday night. I haven’t even taken the plastic off of the Kinect. I have to rearrange my room for the Kinect. However, I will only have it plugged in during times where I play Kinect Sports Rivals, so when I want to turn it on and play Titanfall, the Kinect won’t be plugged in, and I’ll have to manually sign in.

        • Carnage Rules

          Plug in the Kinect, that’s all I’m going to say about that

          • cubs223425


          • Carnage Rules

            Alright, one other question, are you a secret agent?

          • cubs223425

            1. No.
            2. That wasn’t “one other question,” it was the first question you asked.

          • Carnage Rules

            Well, I intended to form my first post as a question. I guess I worded it more like a statement, but it still works

          • Andrew Christie

            Then you don’t have any room to be complaining about it. It’s your own fault.

          • cubs223425

            That’s like saying no one can complain about how the console launched without a battery indicator, because those people chose to buy the console. Removal of basic functionality like that is moronic. If you don’t have a use for the Kinect, you shouldn’t have to plug it in for something so basic.

            No point in telling you that though, I’m sure you refuse to find any fault with the console.

          • Andrew Christie

            Trust me I think they should allow auto-sign in as well but I use the kinect and I get by fine. It recognizes me instantly even when I’m not in front of the tv. You on the other hand are complaining that its too hard to sign in when you’ve intentionally decided to make it harder for yourself.

            Relating this to the battery indicator doesn’t translate well because there wasn’t any kind of workaround for it. At least they have a workaround for auto-sign in.

            And for that matter, just plug the thing in. Whats the big deal?

          • cubs223425

            Point to a single of my posts where I used the words “too hard.” I never said that anything about it was difficult, it’s just inconvenient.

            As for why I don’t have it plugged in, there’s no real way for me ot use it. The distance from my bed (where I’m playing) to the TV (where the Kinect would be sitting) is very short, maybe 3-5 feet. I have to rearrange my room for when I get Rivals, so plugging it in for 1.5 days, jut to unplug it and move it tomorrow would have been dumb.

            Oh, and there’s the fact I flat-out will not trust any company with tech like that able to run at-will, regardless of what they claim it is capable of right now.

          • Andrew Christie

            Okay I’ll accept that as a valid point. Space can sometimes be an issue. But even if you’re not going to be actively playing a kinect game everyday, whats the harm of just leaving it there?You don’t need any additional space for it to just see your face. Why do you feel like you have to remove it all the time. Just leave it there and when you want to play with it just rearrange your space. It’s really a win/win so I’m not understanding the issue.

          • dibils

            exactly lol thats like unplugging the console and putting it away everytime you are done playing with it HAHA. i just dont get some people

            also you may enjoy the voice recognition, i sure as hell do for multiple things

          • cubs223425

            I really wouldn’t, because I don’t use my console for multiple things. I play games, that’s it. The desktop (located 3 feet from my Xbox) handles all of the media consumption.

          • ImTheMetalLord

            Distance don’t matter for voice commands.

            Trust? I sure hope you don’t have a laptop that came with a webcam attached. Or you don’t have a headset with a mic attached to a computer. Or you are not carrying around a smart phone.

            If you want to live off the grid then don’t buy technology at all.

          • cubs223425

            Except logging a person in isn’t based on voice commands. The Kinect looks for the person to log in.

            Oh, and I don’t own a laptop. I don’t own a webcam. In a week or two, I probably won’t own a mic plugged into my PC. I own a smartphone.

            However, the difference there is pretty big. I have the phone pointed at a ceiling most of the time, as it sits face-up on a table or a couch or my PC. It’s also in a pocket a lot. The Kinect is always facing where I sit. Just because I accept necessary evils in phones (because there are things you need a smartphone for that I do, like sending e-mails for school while not at home) does not mean that I should accept all forms of potential surveillance in my life.

          • Will Muscat

            I was able to play KSR with 5ft of space and played it fairly well, I also have a stand for my kinect so it sits on my tv so it fits nicely.

          • Jeremy Roberts

            Throw away your cell phone then tin foil hat wearing man.

          • Riddick Snipes

            Its not his fault. Y should he have to plug in the kinect just to auto sign in? Oh I know…….design flaw.

          • Andrew Christie

            Because it’s part of the console he bought and whether or not Microsoft made a design flaw, they intended for the system to be used with Kinect. The Xbox may not use auto-signin in the traditional sense but it does in fact, automatically sign you in when it sees your face. If you don’t wanna plug in the Kinect thats fine but don’t expect them to cater to you afterwards. The functionality is there.

          • Marcus Roof

            I’m using Kinect in a large room with projector but the Kinect is off to the side with the Xbox (all things in a component rack). Until they get an extension cord for the thing, it’ll never see me…It’s useless to me…So give me back my auto-log in and give it to me now. Forced Kinect remains the dumbest thing they did in this generation…

          • YOUDIEMOFO

            And one more way for you to “have” to use it…..

        • Sanpei

          I agree with you…If there is one profile, it should log in automatically even Kinect is unplugged…

          It’s nonsense…To me, it should log in automatically as last used profile..This is better…

    • Marcus Roof

      Agrees with cubs223425. I can’t tell you how stupid this is. The 360e logs you in automatically…I have my Kinect plugged in but I don’t use it. By the time my system is booted, I’m sitting down and the Kinect can’t see me anyway…Just log me in automatically the way the 360 did…So stupid…

  • ImTheMetalLord

    For those interested.

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    Full Game – LIMBO – $9.99 – 33% off – xbldb

    • dibils

      gears 3 for that price is ridiculous, if you havent played it buy it now!

      • KingNothing6805

        Agreed. I was thinking the same thing. Awesome game, and for 7 bux?

        These sales are getting great. It’s what is keeping my 360 still connected to the TV.

  • Mc Knights

    Hi Majornelson
    I miss the option to create own backgrounds. And I miss the avatars on screen. Why should I have an avater, when nobody can see it?
    And I’m waiting for Games with Gold on Xbox One so much :)
    For the rest: I like the way you take on Xbox One. Good Job!

  • Danny Hogan

    Can someone answer this question ….

    If Your a beta tester when the final version of a patch comes out ( The one for the actual public) Does the version the beta testers are using get updated to the final public version ??? or does it stay in the beta version

    • Fingleberries

      It will automatically update to the Public version.

  • spideynut71

    Hey Major,
    What about next-gen avatars? Will there be an update that allows us to make an X1 avatar, like in Kinect Sports Rivals?

    • ZappyKins

      That is a really neat idea!

  • Jared

    Hey ever body Target got A Deal for a xbox one deal with xbox live gold for one year Target USA Only not in Canada online only Target US with Titanfall With Xbox one and Xbox Live Gold Card one year gold fro $450USD This week only at Target online only so go go go now.

  • Gazza!!!

    I know I’m in the minority but I still want 3D Blu-ray support. My PS3 is only being used for that and taking up valuable space. On a side note Strike Suit Zero is out right now.

    • Robbie Boyd

      I’ve been asking for this also only reason my ps3 is still plugged in.

      • Alex Bellido Triana

        Mine also!

  • Robbie Boyd

    What about 3D blu ray support.

  • Throrin

    I’m happy to see these features and i also expect more to come.

    Anyway, i would like to ask something. I like the HMDI IN that xbox one has but it bothers me too much that there is no “passthrough” of the signal when the console is turned off. This is a big let down because there are moments that i want to just watch TV and not have my console running to do so. (eg. at nights before i sleep because i put a timer on the TV to turn off but the console stays on through the night)
    Thus i stopped using the HDMI IN on the console and i have the digital box connected directly to the TV.

    Is that a limitation on the hardware or on the software side? Is it possible to add a feature to auto-detect when a console is turned off and do a passthrough of the signal? (at least on “Instand on” mode of the console)

    • EldritchWarlord

      The solution to your problem is a $25 HDMI splitter.

  • beardyman3218

    Bring back trials for arcade and indie games, i also think that arcade and indie games should be separate like the 360 because if we want an indie game we have to go through the list of every game available on the platform, it would just make things easier for the user to know that if they want an indie game they go to indie if the want arcade they go to arcade. Plus i cannot see alot users dropping £16 for a game that they dont know much about.

  • slasaru

    3D bluray next, Major Nelson?

    • Alex Bellido Triana

      Yes please!

  • GsG UpAllNight

    Will the controller and headset adapter firmware update also improve the Polk 4 shot mic issue?

  • Andrew VanSpronsen

    Full DLNA support? Honestly, I am ready to give up and get rid of my Xbox One. Game titles are lacking and most disappointing of all it is a crippled entertainment device without full DLNA support.

    • evilfangs .

      They’re over 20 titles available for Xbox one, more then any generation of console before at launch. Full DLNA support will come just wait. However I feel that you just want an excuse to selling your console because you feel you made a mistake of buying the Xbox one so soon but your ego is too big to admit it.

      • Marcus Roof

        No. He wants his new fancy $500 machine to do what the 360 did years and years ago…No one understands why it doesn’t have this. It’s supposed to be a full media device to take over the living room. If I can’t even pop a flash drive in and play the simplest little .mp3, it’s kind of pathetic…

      • Andrew VanSpronsen

        Why do I have to wait? How can you pitch something as an next generation entertainment device and not have Full DLNA support? Not even have equivalent functionality compared to your last generation console. I have no ego…I bought the original Xbox very early on and the Xbox360 on day one. Very happy with both purchases…the devices were as advertised. XboxOne is so far disappointing…

        I prefer quality of titles vs quantity, I hope you are enjoying all the Lego games.

        • http://vladzaharia.com Vlad Zaharia

          Clearly you’ve never played Lego games because they’re amazing.

          Also, it has DLNA support, it’s a full DLNA renderer. Just because it’s not a controller like the 360 doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have “full DLNA support”. You can easily play something on it using Windows, or Windows Phone, or any DLNA controller like BubbleUPNP for Android.

          • Andrew VanSpronsen

            Yes, my kids love the Lego games We have many….though even my 12 year old is getting bored of them. Who still has a PC? and who has a PC near their TV? Maybe you have a small house? Either way I don’t have a Windows PC and using a phone isn’t an option because I take the phone with me which would make it hard for folks at home to stream content from my NAS device. I don’t want workarounds and extra hops on my network. I want what is supposed to be a next gen device to be at least as capable as the last gen device. Forgive me for being disappointed and not just accepting a substandard product.

    • Carnage Rules


      • Andrew VanSpronsen

        thanks for your thoughtful contribution to the discussion

      • John Smith

        Kind of a lame response to a reasonable request.

        • Carnage Rules

          ”play to” works great for me and game titles are lacking??? Titanfall, Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Killer Instinct, Peggle 2, PvZ. what planet are you on?

    • Markie Mark

      I momentarily became upset by these issues, but I’m more excited about Xbox One’s evolution, so my upset has become offset and cancelled out by this excitement. I feel that your going prematurely overboard when you say you’re “ready to give up and get rid of my Xbox One” – This is the kind of thought processes which surface from the hypothalamus with its various other simplistic functions that are all largely devoid of cognitive productivity. Sometimes my 3 year old displays similar behaviour when something doesn’t work. Why not let the hypothalamus chill in the background for awhile and make-way for the dawning of the Xbox One’s potential.

      • Andrew VanSpronsen

        That fixed my DLNA concerns…thanks for you help! You’ve helped me see the light. I should be happy with a product that fails to deliver basic functionality, that existed in a previous generation, of a device positioned as central to home entertainment because they may or may not get around to it. You are a marketer’s dream.

        • jheller

          Well xbox one has dlna.. Just not the browser as of yet. You can use your smartphone or tablet and send your movies to your Xbox using skifta. Plex is in development for xbox one which is one of the best dlna or video streaming services of your movie library…

          • Andrew VanSpronsen

            No thanks, I don’t want an extra device ( I have enough ) . Also, my smart phone is not always at home, I do leave the house. I want the $500 home entertainment hub I just purchased to perform the most basic and expected of functions; something even their previous gen console did.

          • jheller

            Well launch consoles always have things to add. Plex will take care of your problem once they add that app.

  • Zekrom kyuurem

    i wanna play homemade blu-ray, also i would love to put my music on the console in order to listen to it when im playing games like on the xbox 360

  • mavranos

    Voice messaging? Any word on if or when this feature will be active on Xbox One?

  • Aaron Herald

    1080i output please with sugar on top.

  • John Smith

    I sure was hoping for some Kinect improvements with this update. After 2 weeks, my family has had it using the Kinect to watch TV so now i have to disconnect the cable this weekend. Too bad, cause i really like it and don’t mind repeating commands as much as they do.

  • ElektroDragon

    PLEASE let me use my Xbox One as a MEDIA CENTER EXTENDER like my 360! It took me forever to find a good over the air tuner for my PC. I don’t subscribe to the cable or satellite ripoffs.

  • http://soundcloud.com/ViRUSfromMARS Jaffa Cake King

    I would like to be able to see what achievements I’ve unlocked regardless of whether I’m using the Xbox One or the 360 please.

  • King Mal

    How can I become a beta tester? I’ve had my Xbox One since December 18th, and I use it for EVERYTHING.. Would love to give feedback and test out future updates, Major.

  • Bill Lohrer

    Two words… LOCAL ACCOUNTS

  • CXK

    I’m in the preview program and it seems like there were more fixes than that. I won’t say which ones since I’m not supposed to…but I have two Xbox One’s and the one with the updates has a few more noticeable changes.

    • kvfive

      Why does it have to so secretive ?

      • John Smith

        Because secrets make it seem extra cool.

    • jheller

      I’ve applied for beta preview and my friend invited me still no update.. What do I need to do.. My gamer tag is BRYCE 360

  • RSix

    nice preview feature requests and discussions, cheers betas.

  • John Smith

    Good additions – sure wish my most wanted, “auto-boot full-screen to TV” had made the list. This might just allow me to keep my cable hooked up to the One.

  • Ted Ringas

    Gotta talk with the guys about 4k. there getting cheeper. we want 4k games or at least upscale. 4k upscalling bluray to please

  • jheller

    Can someone please invite me to the preview beta for the April update. I have been signed up for a while but still no update.. My gamer tag is BRYCE 360.. Thanks any help much appreciated

  • ZachAlden

    I’m really dying for 3D Blu Ray support. I have a new 3D projector in the living room and my only 3d capable player is my PS3 in the bedroom. It would be nice to not have to switch these back and forth. I know Boo Hoo…

  • EdwinCurrent

    When is there going to be better support for wireless SURROUND headsets? Why does a next gen system even have headsets with wires and why stereo? Everything should be wireless and surround.

  • Reed Falkena

    Right now the headset I am using has a very sensitive microphone. It is designed for mobile devices. I’ll settle for a way to manually adjust the microphone ON/OFF sensitivity on the firmware for the controller adapter.

  • disqus_alPvUBtCwD

    Audio is so much better with my Polk Headset now, still get a static sound every 10 or so minutes but it is no longer annoying me so I am happy.