April 8th 2014 5:01 am PT

Microsoft Studios Sale and This Week’s Deals with Gold

Here are this week’s games and add-on deals on the Xbox Games Store. Discounts are valid now through 14 April 2014.


Content Title Content Type Discount %
Resident Evil 5 Games on Demand 67%
Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen Games on Demand 63%
Devil May Cry HD Collection Games on Demand 67%
Remember Me Games on Demand 67%
Sleeping Dogs Games on Demand 38%
RIO Games on Demand 50%

The following Microsoft Studios discounts are valid for everyone on Xbox Live now through 14 April 2014.


Content Title Content Type Discount %
Castle Crashers  Arcade 67%
BattleBlock Theater  Arcade 67%
Charlie Murder  Arcade 70%
CastleStorm  Arcade 70%
Full House Poker  Arcade 70%
Perfect Dark  Arcade 70%
Fire Pro Wrestling  Arcade 70%
Iron Brigade  Arcade 70%
Wreckateer  Arcade 90%
Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet  Arcade 70%
Home Run Stars  Arcade 90%
Magic 2014 – Duels of the Planeswalkers  Arcade 50%
Gears of War 3 Games on Demand 67%
Gears of War 2 Games on Demand 67%
Gears of War Games on Demand 67%
Gears of War 3 Season Pass Add-On 67%
Alan Wake Games on Demand 75%
The Gunstringer Games on Demand 75%
Crackdown Games on Demand 67%
Halo Wars Games on Demand 67%
Halo Reach Games on Demand 67%

Please note: prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by region. Xbox 360 Deals with Gold are valid for Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

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  • Some guy

    MS forgot to add that Hitman Absolution is free for everyone right now, so much for game with gold.

    • José Netto

      Was going to post this… I do feel like I should get another game because of this :) …still, great news for everyone :)

      • Michael Burden

        Major Nelson posted that over a week ago on this very blog and it is on the Xbox 360 dashboard. Why should you be entitled to another game because you can’t keep up with the news?

        • José Netto

          You misunderstood the point… once the game is available for all members including Silver it no longer fits, IMO, games with GOLD programme… this being said, I think that, for whatever reason made them put the game free for all, Gold members (not just I, the Misinformed…), or better put, the PROGRAMME should get a replacement… but no harm would be done if they wouldn’t :) …free games are free games and ain’t gonna complain for that

          • Professor Oak

            Why should you get another free game if it was ACCIDENTLY free for everyone?

          • José Netto

            oh.. :) so I wasn’t misinformed for what Burden said but misinformed for that… eheheh

      • Some guy

        MS would never do something for its customers, they’ll just pretend it never happened.

        • Professor Oak

          Of course they will pretend it never happened, it was an accident.

  • plnkfloydian

    Ehen i goto the marketplace and click download to 360 it just losds a page with a picture of xbone nothing else. What gives

  • Kamikaze Watermelon

    Battleblock Theater is an excellent game. Glad to see it on sale

  • Harold Rivera

    You were to late they fixed already.

  • Professor Oak

    There should be a publisher sale every week. This one was really good

  • Luis Cajigas

    How come alan wake add ons didnt go on sale.

    • Some guy

      Because the publisher is greedy and hope to make money on the DLC.

    • Fernando Coli Viotto

      I have them and they don’t worth more than US$ 3 each,

  • Some guy

    Yep, they move a lot faster when it cost them money then when it’s for giving us new features.

  • José Netto

    I still got it free also with backup account at the time of my post…

  • http://people.ign.com/ltsjoemama ltsJoeMama

    Nothing for me this week. This is a real nice sale, though.

  • Vince

    Major you know what’s a better deal? Let us pick ANY five Xbox 360 games that was released on 2010 or older for $50. It would an added bonus if you can make retail stores offer this kind of deal as well.

  • Professor Oak

    Try asking support

  • plnkfloydian

    I picked up Saints Row 4 & Halo Reach I also already own gears 1,2 & 3 so again if anyones looking for a partner my gt: plnkfloydian

  • nahka revolveri

    there’s also a bunch of ubisoft games on sale. downloading ghost recon: future soldier at the moment for 9.99€.

    • Professor Oak

      What Ubisoft sale are you talking about?

      • nahka revolveri

        not sure… yesterday there was link to “sneak games” on dashboard. there was splinter cell blacklist and that took me to tom clancy game sale. also both rainbow six games were 9.99€

        • Nightm4r3z

          lol, that cost me £2.99 few mnths back from xbox stre

        • Nightm4r3z

          AND they have sleeping dogs for sale!….free a couple of months back, MS are taking the piss

  • James Hale Steele

    Nice Sale much better then psn’s sale this week.. bunch of crappy indie games keep it up ms!

  • Stephen Nowak

    Nice arcade sale!

    bought; Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, BattleBlock Theater.

    Come on Microsoft put hard corps uprising on sale next week and R-Type II

    • King

      I’m with you on Contra,been wanting that a while now.

  • King

    Dam,This is a pretty nice sale…. wish I had more memory on my hardrive :(
    down to my last 10gb out 250gb

    • Sigognac

      I understand, “King”. But just as a reminder: It is useful to remind that we can acquire a game, while downloading it weeks later.
      And that you could add a 32 Go USB drive to add some memory; up to two at the same time. There are slots at the front, but also at the rear (but tighter).
      Nb. It is also useful to see if there is not some movie rentals, HD videos or disk games installed, that could be erased, freeing more space.

      • King

        Yea,I’ve been doing what I can to salvage room, but I think it’s time for me to buy some more memory, the 32 Go USB sounds good.

    • Marius Slowmann

      Or you could delete a game that you do not play and redownload it later.

      • King

        Trust me I have, Deleted most of the games with Gold,old titles I haven’t played in a while, still running out of room :/ going to have to buy some more memory or a bigger HDD

  • Matt Reptar

    Why no Crackdown 2 on sale?